Apple Pickn' Days in Cosby

Apple Pickn' Days in Cosby

Apple pie bake-off and art & craft show is used as fund raiser for local hospice program.

Cosby, TN (PRWEB) September 1, 2005

Treasures Of AppalachiaÂ’s 3rd Annual Apple PicknÂ’ Days Art & Craft Gathering will be held on Friday and Saturday, September 9th and 10th on the grounds of HollowayÂ’s County Home at 3892 Hwy 321 in Cosby.

Again this year, the highlight of the event will be an Apple Pie Baking contest. Proceeds from sales of the apple pies and crafter registrations will benefit Smoky Mountain HospiceÂ’s indigent fund, which allows SMHH&H to help patients and their families with the financial needs that often come with a terminal illness. The Smoky Mountain Hospice program currently serves 110 patients in 13 East Tennessee counties.

The contest will be judged this year by Newport Plain TalkÂ’s Co-publisher David Popiel, Carver Apple HouseÂ’s Stacey Carver, and Jeramy Hux of The Mountain Side. Registration forms are available at Treasures of Appalachia in Cosby, Carvers Apple House in Cosby, Smoky Mountain Home Health & Hospice in Newport, The Mountain Side outfitters shop downtown Newport, the Chamber of Commerce office in Newport, and the Newport Stokley Memorial Library.

Judging for the Apple Pie contest will begin at 11:00 am on Friday Sept 9th. All entry forms must be received no later than Wednesday. See the entry form for full rules and details.

Prizes this year are provided by an anonymous donor: 1st prize will be a $75.00 Food City gift card, 2nd prize is a $50.00 Food City gift card, 3rd prize is a $25.00 Food City gift card. All entrants will receive a certificate of appreciation for their participation.

The BBQ Garden and Café will again be offering their mouth-watering barbecue dishes on site. Be sure to come hungry – but save some room for pie!

Holloway’s Country Home, known world wide for its high quality, hand sewn quilts as well as an extensive line of fabrics and supplies for quilters, is operated by Maria Holloway. You may reach Holloway’s at (423) 487-3866 9:00 – 5:00 Mon thru Sat

Treasures of Appalachia, Inc. is a non-profit Art & Fine Craft Gallery that offers the works of 40 Cocke County artisans. Everything in the store is locally made and hand crafted. They also host their Art & Craft Gatherings that are open to all artists, crafters, performers and food vendors. You may reach the gallery at (423) 487-3111 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM every day except Sunday. Or you may contact Len and Varena Landrum at (423) 487-5448 or Doug & Marie Bittinger at (423) 623-9692 or log onto their web site.

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Cardell Finds Success with Airrosti's Approach to Occupational Injuries

Cardell Finds Success with Airrosti's Approach to Occupational Injuries

The Airrosti Center, a nationally recognized sports medicine company enters the corporate world to treat occupational injuries.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) January 13, 2006

To give their company a competitive edge in the market-place, reduce time lost due to injuries, and provide the most state-of-the-art occupational recovery care to their employees, Cardell Cabinetry has entered into an agreement with the Airrosti Center.

"I was amazed at the results and how the employees responded immediately to the treatment. Airrosti focuses on the source of the problem, giving instant relief of pain and immediate recovery of strength and mobility. Airrosti's treatment plan has definitely made a great impact on our occupational program because of the the rapid healing response time being cut in half compared to a normal physical therapy regimen." Rose Dabney, Occupational Claims Administrator.

Airrosti is perhaps the best-kept secret in sports and occupational therapy. With their recent entry into the corporate safety and wellness market, Airrosti insiders speculate that they will save employers 50% to 70% of their annual worker’s compensation cost. Perhaps more importantly, Airrosti services promise to get employees back to work significantly faster, healthier, and happier. This is a welcomed assurance to employers who have been at the mercy of an increasingly costly occupational medicine and physical therapy system.

Airrosti’s Rapid Recovery Rehab is a highly specific hands-on assessment, diagnosis, and treatment that corrects a wide variety of injuries such as: lower back, hips, sprained ankles, knees, shoulders, wrists, pulled muscles, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, post-surgical recovery, etc. The center treats several nationally recognized professional athletes including Priest Holmes, Chris Mihm, Mark Brunell, Laura Wilkinson, Rocket Ismail, Steve McKinney and many others. In fact, Airrosti specialists are often called out of town to fix athletes over-night, who otherwise would miss 4-8 weeks of their season.

For more information on Airrosti and their Rapid Recovery Rehab visit their web site at www. airrosti. com or call their scheduling office at (800) 404-6050.


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Episencial All Natural Skincare for Babies, Kids and Planet Now on Shelves at Target

Episencial All Natural Skincare for Babies, Kids and Planet Now on Shelves at Target

Authentically green and actively healthy skincare for babies a kids goes mainstream with mega-retailer Target now carrying Episencial featuring artwork from "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." The first company to deliver clinically effective, newborn-safe skincare designed to support the essential immune functions of the skin, Episencial formulas are made exclusively from all natural ingredients and loaded with organics. Manufactured under solar power and packaged in recycled and sustainable materials, Episencial is leading the chemical-free charge in personal care products for kids at affordable prices where families shop every day.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 4, 2010

Episencial proudly announces that its actively healthy skin care products for babies, kids and planet (http://www. episencial. com) are now available at more than 450 Target stores around the country. Families with green values can find the chemical free, immune boosting formulas featuring the beloved artwork of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" from The World of Eric Carle by visiting Target. com or from Episencial's store locator (http://episencial. com/customer-service/store-locator/) at http://bit. ly/EpisencialAtTarget (http://bit. ly/EpisencialAtTarget)].

Episencial is the first company to deliver clinically effective, newborn-safe products designed to support the essential immune functions of the skin. Made exclusively from all natural ingredients and loaded with organics, Episencial is leading the chemical-free charge in personal care products for kids. The Episencial skin care system offers parents a complete range of products based upon formulas relied on by leading spas and clinics for more than 30 years.

"Episencial products are meaningful, affordable and conveniently available which is a departure from the norm in the natural health and beauty category, " said Kim Walls, skin care clinician and CEO of Episencial (http://episencial. com/kim-walls-ms/). "Skincare benefits the body beyond beauty and today's parents want to know their dollars make a difference for both their families' health and that of the planet. "

Often, parenthood brings with it a renewed connection to the environment. The marketplace is filled with products eager to oblige this new sense of purpose in an effort to increase sales. Unfortunately most of the choices available fall short of consumer expectations of effective, all natural formulas and honestly green manufacturing practices. Moving beyond the "greenwashed" (http://episencial. com/customer-service/faqs/) approach typical of mainstream natural products, Episencial manufactures in the U. S. using solar power and recycled and sustainable packaging.

Parents can choose Episencial (http://episencial. com/shop-now/) with confidence; without compromising on quality, their commitment to the environmental or their budget. Prices for Episencial products range from $5.99 to $14.99, well below the average prices of high quality, natural personal care products for children. Featuring the favorite fruits from The Very Hungry Caterpillar, the complete Episencial skin care system includes:

Nurturing Balm - Relief and protection for diaper area and sensitive places (The Caterpillar)

Protective Face Balm SPF 6 - All over relief for chapped skin & lips (Apple)

Soothing Cream - Relief for eczema, itches and bothered skin (Pear).

Sweet Dreams Bubble Bath - Long-lasting bubbly gel concentrate (Plum)

Better Body Butter - Silky soft hydrating lotion (Strawberry)

Playful Foaming Wash - Ultra pure hydrating hair and body cleanser (Orange)

Sunny Sunscreen SPF 35 - Water resistant sun protection for face and body (The Sun)

Actively Healthy Skincare Tips from Kim Walls, MS (http://episencial. com/skincare-education/):

As we are still in the grips of cold and flu season, frequent hand washing remains our best weapon against illness. But frequent hand washings - and popular antibacterial cleansers - have unintended results. Here are some of Kim's insights for truly healthy hands using the power of probiotics:

 Yes, to keep germs at bay it is important to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face.  However, the reality is, while reducing the germ load on your hands, harsh soaps and hard water can strip the skin of its natural protection.  Combined with cold weather, dry air both indoors and out, and the skin on your hands becomes vulnerable to damage from chapping and cracking.  This damaged skin (located on the most exposed parts of the body…your hands) can compromise the body's barrier to germs - defeating the purpose of washing your hands in the first place!  Applying a probiotic cream, such as Episencial Soothing Cream, ideally while hands are still damp from hand washing, not only moisturizes but supports the natural ecosystem of beneficial bacteria on your skin that help protect the body. About Episencial (http://www. episencial. com):

With Episencial products you can begin to instill green values from day one. Sharing these fun and inviting products -- and the care and consideration that goes into making them - with children can serve as a building block for making actively healthy choices for themselves and the planet. Episencial was founded by Kim Walls, M. S., a second-generation skin care expert from the Epicuren family, who couldn't find skin care products for her babies that met her standards for quality and care for the environment - so, she created her own with the help of several moms and dads. Episencial now proudly offers two distinct all natural skin care lines: Epicuren Baby featuring exclusive imagery from renowned artist Anne Geddes and the new Episencial skin care system with artwork from The World of Eric Carle.

Sales of Episencial products benefit the company's philanthropic partner Healthy Child, Healthy World and its mission to protect children from harmful chemicals.

About Target (http://www. target. com):

Minneapolis-based Target Corporation serves guests at 1,740 stores in 49 states nationwide and at Target. com. Target is committed to providing a fun and convenient shopping experience with access to unique and highly differentiated products at affordable prices. Since 1946, the corporation has given 5 percent of its income through community grants and programs like Take Charge of Education. Today, that giving equals more than $3 million a week.


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Search for the Holy Grail of Natural Language Processing

Search for the Holy Grail of Natural Language Processing

This Natural Language Selection Engine uses a radically new method to deliver contents on the fly. It uses Natural language Selection methodologies to decipher what the user wants from the given input and deliver content.

(PRWEB) December 29, 2004

"Understanding" language means, amongst other things, knowing what concepts a word or phrase stands for and knowing how to link those concepts together in a meaningful way. It's ironic that natural language, the symbol system that is easiest for humans to learn and use, is hardest for a computer to master.

This quotation from the Microsoft website offers a glimpse of the complexities involved in designing one of the most complex tasks using a computer.

After many years of research on Natural Language processing and the development of a search engine using elements of Natural Language Processing, Targetwoman is poised to offer Athena.

This briefly means that you can generate hundreds or even thousands of pages of rich content about a topic, triggered by your input. In the demo section, you will find information on human health and medicine. Nothing dramatic - you would say. But then consider this: For any medically related term, you have a page written on the fly - all from a tiny database.

The bottomline is here is something which mimics the human ability to decipher a given phrase and provide lucid relevant content.

You will find indepth details here: http://athena. targetwoman. com/ (http://athena. targetwoman. com/)

Try this Beta version to learn about its uses as an Expert Knowledge Base or a part of a highly targeted relevant delivery engine.


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Iatria Day Spas To Sponsor Alltel PavilionÂ’s Fleetwood Mac Concert

Iatria Day Spas To Sponsor Alltel PavilionÂ’s Fleetwood Mac Concert

Erika Mangrum, President of Iatria Day Spas, has announced that the firm will sponsor the upcoming Fleetwood Mac concert scheduled for May 22nd at Alltel Pavilion.

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) May 20, 2004

Erika Mangrum, President of Iatria Day Spas, has announced that the firm will sponsor the upcoming Fleetwood Mac concert scheduled for May 22nd at Alltel Pavilion. With the sponsorship, Iatria Day Spas will supply gift certificates for giveaways and will have the opportunity to conduct Enter-to-Win contests in the VIP club during the show.

The Alltel Pavilion is an outdoor concert venue offering reserved stadium seating, festival lawn seating, and VIP club. With a six month summer season May through October, the Pavilion offers a broad range of talent including, R&B, country, hard rock, and more.

“We are delighted to work with Alltel Pavilion to make the summer more enjoyable for residents of the Triangle,” said Mangrum.

Erika Mangrum is the President of Iatria Day Spas and Health Center, which specializes in such services as massage, facials, manicures, pedicures, body treatments, waxing, tinting, laser hair removal, chiropractic (Angela Baylis, DC and Jason Davidson DC), facial plastic surgery, (Dr. Adam Stein) Intense Pulse Light Skin Rejuvenation, and spa day packages. The company, which is in the process of developing a franchise model to become the first medically oriented day spa on the East Coast to franchise, has two locations in North Raleigh on Creedmoor Rd. and at Wakefield Crossings. For more information call (919) 870-1975 or on the Internet at www. iatria. com.


MMI Associates, Inc.

122 Ravenna Way, Suite 100

Cary, NC 27513

(919) 461-3831 • (919) 462-8289 (fax)

Patty@mmimarketing. com

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SpaBeautySchools. com: Beauty Professionals Get Satisfaction

SpaBeautySchools. com: Beauty Professionals Get Satisfaction

Beauty pros place career high on their list of things to be thankful for.

Staten Island (PRWEB) November 14, 2007

This Thanksgiving season, SpaBeautySchools. com (http://www. spabeautyschools. com/clickcount. php? id=6612005&goto=http%3A//www. spabeautyschools. com) spotlights beauty professionals who insist they've got a lot to be thankful for. The site offers in-depth articles that spotlight spa and beauty professionals, career resources, and an interactive search that helps potential students locate beauty and spa schools by zip code and program.

"My true love is working behind the chair in the salon," Luke O'Connor, owner of LuKaRo Salon in Beverly Hills, CA, and consultant/spokesperson for the ThermaSilk hair care line told a SpaBeautySchools. com reporter in the article "In the Hair Stylist's Chair." (http://www. spabeautyschools. com/clickcount. php? id=11235747&goto=http%3A%2F%2Fbeauty. spabeautyschools. com%2Fcontent%2Farticle%2Fin-the-hair-stylists-chair-continuing-his-familys-hair-styling-legacy%2F705%2F) "It's incredibly gratifying to see instant results in an hour."

After all, boosting clients' self-image is a powerful perk in the beauty industry. Jamie Kociela, a hair designer in Missouri, elaborates in "Cutting to the Chase at Hair Design Schools," (http://www. spabeautyschools. com/clickcount. php? id=11235748&goto=http%3A//beauty. spabeautyschools. com/content/article/cutting-to-the-chase-at-hair-design-schools/803/249/) "I just love having a tired soccer mom come in to me and walk out feeling like a million bucks."

Of course, the job is not an easy one, says Diane Da Costa, 15-year veteran of hair design and stylist to the stars. "I was just telling someone how much work this is and how the hustle is so crazy," she says. "And then the next words that came out of my mouth were, 'I love it.'" Da Costa shares more about her road to fame within the cosmetology industry in SpaBeautySchools. com's "From Styling Dolls to Styling Stars." (http://www. spabeautyschools. com/clickcount. php? id=11235749&goto=http%3A//beauty. spabeautyschools. com/content/article/diane-da-costa-hair-design-diva-from-styling-dolls-to-styling-stars/706/)

At SpaBeautySchools. com (http://www. spabeautyschools. com/clickcount. php? id=6612005&goto=http%3A//www. spabeautyschools. com), the emphasis is on teaching aspiring beauty professionals that they have plenty to be thankful for, too:

A job-seeker's market: Since 1999, the total number of salon professionals is up 24 percent, the number of workstations is up 9 percent, and the number of new hires is up 37 percent. (National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences 2003 Cosmetology Job Demand Survey)

Industry-wide growth: The jump from 9,865 spas in the U. S. at the end of 2003 to 14,615 spas as of July 2007 represents a total growth in spa locations of 48% from 2003 to present. (International Spa Association)

Calling the shots: About 48 percent of all cosmetologists are self-employed; many even own their own salon. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Healthy earnings potential: In 2006, $9.4 billion of revenue was generated by the U. S. spa industry. (International Spa Association)

More than 1.5 million surfers utilize The CollegeBound Network's resource sites each month, which include CollegeBound. net, CollegeSurfing. com, HolisticJunction. com, SpaBeautySchools. com, TopCareerSchools. com, Top10ComputerSchools. com, and others.

Since 1987, The CollegeBound Network (CBN) has worked with America's leading colleges, universities, and career schools in connecting learners with educational opportunities. CBN specializes in recruitment lead generation solutions for 800 educational institutions and 3,000 campuses, using its content-rich portals.


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Fieldglass Publishes Essential Report for Evaluating Contingent Workforce Management Technology

Fieldglass Publishes Essential Report for Evaluating Contingent Workforce Management Technology

New white paper emphasizes continuing importance of technical due diligence for Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 16, 2006

Fieldglass, a leading provider of contingent workforce management (http://www. fieldglass. com) solutions, today published the white paper “Evaluating Software as a Service for Contingent Workforce Management (http://www. fieldglass. com)”. This white paper emphasizes the role of technical due diligence during the evaluation process and provides guidance on what questions to ask software solution providers in order to assess the quality of the underlying technical infrastructure.

During the evaluation process, many Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors emphasize the non-technical benefits of their solutions. Because the buyer of contingent workforce management (http://www. fieldglass. com) solutions is most often a Procurement or Human Resource professional, many vendors avoid deep technical explorations by highlighting the SaaS delivery model which does not require customers to install or host software internally. This fact combined with attractive service level agreements is enough to turn most buyers from the technology clue trail. But knowing what makes the solution tick, technologically speaking, provides the best insight into whether or not a software vendor will actually be able to deliver on their SLA. In the new white paper “Evaluating Software as a Service for Contingent Workforce Management (http://www. fieldglass. com/forms/wp_saas_request2.htm),” Fieldglass explores some of the issues that should be considered in a technical evaluation of SaaS solutions.

“When vendors aren’t able to meet service level agreements the cause is most often inadequate technology infrastructures,” said Sean Chou, Chief Technology Officer, Fieldglass, Inc. “Even though it requires more work on the part of the buyers, the buyers should invest the time to compare vendor-to-vendor infrastructure and hosting services before they make an investment decision.”

In the white paper, Fieldglass encourages buyers to keep their business objectives foremost during the evaluation process. Rather than simply listening to the services promised, buyers should ask vendors directly how the underlying technology will support the achievement of business objectives and the SLA. The white paper also offers these tips for accurately evaluating a software solution:

Apply reasonable technical due diligence when choosing a solution Evaluate the infrastructure based on business objectives Look for “elegant” software solutions Look for multitenant architectures Keep auditing and compliance requirements in mind

To learn more about evaluating SaaS vendors for contingent workforce management (http://www. fieldglass. com), read “Evaluating Software as a Service for Contingent Workforce Management (http://www. fieldglass. com/forms/wp_saas_request2.htm).” For more information about Fieldglass, visit their website at www. fieldglass. com.

About Fieldglass

Fieldglass, a leading provider of contingent workforce management solutions, combines technology innovation with industry expertise to provide business solutions for such industries as financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and telecommunications. Fieldglass' solutions are based on its award-winning InSite application, designed to optimize an organization's contingent labor procurement and management process. For more information about Fieldglass, and its solutions and services, visit www. fieldglass. com.

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company listed above.

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Tech Company Fuels Expansion By Going Wireless

Tech Company Fuels Expansion By Going Wireless

A tech company defies a tough economy and fuels growth by going wireless. A new VoIP telephone system and wireless headsets allow employees to respond to customer requests faster and more effectively than ever.

Prescott, AZ (PRWEB) February 24, 2010

Eric Brandjes, Director of Manufacturing of Advanced Microscopy Group (http://www. amgmicro. com/) (AMG), is in the middle of the company's impressive expansion. A new 25,000 square foot office/warehouse in Washington state and additional off-site employees to support a new class of distribution for the company's industry-leading line of integrated fluorescence microscopes keep his plate pretty full these days. No recession here!

"Our mantra throughout this transition has been communicate, communicate, communicate," says Brandjes. "We're more spread out at our new headquarters, we have new employees in remote offices and a new class of customer that needs training and support. A big part of our being able to pull this off has been the new VoIP telephone system and the wireless telephone headsets (http://www. headsetsdirect. com/plantronics/plxc. html) our people use."

The VoIP telephone system (Voice over Internet Protocol) replaces wires and switches with the internet. Now, every employee is as close as an extension number, whether they're down the hall or across the country.

The company believes this creates a more seamless customer experience. A customer can be anything from a college biology lab to a top scientific, health care or safety research facility. If a customer needs to place an order, ask a technical question or check order status, they call one phone number. The AMG people who respond might be in New York City, Washington state or somewhere in between, but the customer would never know it.

Telephone headsets (http://www. headsetsdirect. com/plantronics/plxh. html) also play a role. Again, Brandjes, "We're basically an engineering and manufacturing company, so we generally look to technology to help solve problems. We've been believers in telephone headsets almost since we started the company 15 years ago. With the new phone system we have encouraged a broader range of employees to use wireless headsets, and it hasn't taken much encouragement.

For AMG's Technical Support people such as Joshua Tewell, whose job it is to find answers for customers, his wireless headset makes everything he does "about 15% easier." Sometimes he's digging through a database on his computer, other times he's down the hall conferring with a product expert or out in the warehouse checking on a part. "I couldn't do what I do without my headset. I can go where I need to go and do what I need to do to resolve the issue with the customer on the phone." adds Tewell.

Paula Delasandro, a member of the AMG Global Sales team, also appreciates her wireless headset, but it wasn't always the case: "I discovered headsets in 1998, and back then, they were a 'ball and chain' for a job like this. The wireless headset I use now is the best I've had. I'm hands-free and I can walk over to a microscope and trouble-shoot with a customer or field sales rep. Nine times out of ten I can do what I need to do on the call without a callback."

Throughout their entire transition Brandjes acknowledges the important role Headsets Direct has played. Headsets Direct, Inc., is a stocking distributor for Plantronics telephone headsets (http://www. headsetsdirect. com/plantronics/plantronics_headsets. html). Brandjes, "They recommended multiple headsets for each of the positions we needed to equip and worked with us to make sure everyone had the right headset, right down to wearing style and settings. They're knowledge and support have been indispensable."

Innovative companies are finding ways to grow and compete in some surprising places. Can telephone headsets (http://www. headsetsdirect. com/plantronics/plxh. html) enhance the customer experience and improve productivity? Can a vendor like Headsets Direct be a leverage point to help a company expand? In the case of high-flyer AMG, the answer is yes!

Information regarding AMG and their EVOS Fluorescence Microscopes is available at http://www. amgmicro. com (http://www. amgmicro. com).

Information regarding wireless telephone headsets and accessories and Headsets Direct, Inc., is available at http://www. headsetsdirect. com (http://www. headsetsdirect. com).


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Every Day is Halloween: Children are now Eating their Body Weight in Sugar Every Year

Every Day is Halloween: Children are now Eating their Body Weight in Sugar Every Year

"Halloween is not unique," claims the author of a new book, Sugarettes, "children are consuming large quantities of sugar every day, and that sugar consumption is contributing to the epidemic of obesity and diabetes we see in this population."

Denver (PRWEB) October 20, 2008

Dr. Scott Olson ND, the author of a new book, Sugarettes, suggests that parents need to pay attention to the amount of sugar that their children are eating every day, and not just on Halloween.

The major source of sugar in children's diet is no surprise: soda and fruit juice. A new study in the journal, Pediatrics, reports that children are consuming between 10 and 15 percent of their total calories from fruit juice or soda. Youths, aged six to eighteen, drink an average of 30 oz of soda or fruit juice every day, while children between the ages of two and five are typically drinking 15.5 oz of sugary drinks a day.

When soda and fruit juice consumption are added to all the other sugars in a child's diet, they typically consume between 1/4 and 1/2 pound of sugar every day - adding up to a staggering 100 to 150 pounds of sugar every year.

"Sugar is so enticing," says Dr. Scott in his book Sugarettes, "we often don't appreciate just how powerful of an addiction sugar is and how much harm comes from that addiction."

While the medical community is all but silent on the harm that results from a high amount of sugar in children's diets, new research is beginning to reveal links between large amounts of sugar consumption and obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Research suggests that as high as 65 percent of adults and 20 percent of children in developed countries are now considered overweight. Shockingly, over one-half of overweight children also have at least one risk factor for cardiovascular disease, including hypertension, hyperlipidemia, or insulin resistance.

According to the World Health Organization, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease account for somewhere between 15 and 30 million deaths a year worldwide. Avoiding sugar would be a boon to the health of both children and adults and save millions of dollars worth of medical care.

Sugarettes is available on Amazon and other media outlets.


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Mepcomfort. com Shows Appreciation to Loyal Customers with Gift Certificates and Free Gifts

Mepcomfort. com Shows Appreciation to Loyal Customers with Gift Certificates and Free Gifts

Mepcomfort. com (www. mepcomfort. com) is a website specializing entirely in Mephisto shoes. A spokesperson for Mepcomfort says "We did this because over the last 4 years we have built up a customer base of over fourteen thousand loyal customers and we felt this was the ideal way to give something back to those fantastic supporters."

(PRWEB) December 15, 2004

Mepcomfort. com (www. mepcomfort. com) is a website specializing entirely in Mephisto shoes. Mephisto shoes are designed to introduce your whole body to a new comfort level that greatly benefits your health and well-being, with such spectacular features as shock absorbing foot-beds, air jet systems that keep the foot cool and dry, anatomic arch supports as well as a soft contact heel area that protects and cushions the heel and the articulations. The ease of the Mephisto speed lacing system makes wearing these shoes a breeze, while the removable insoles, fresh ventilation technology and Gore Tex linings, promote a feeling of healthy freshness in each and every step. Mephisto shoes are an absolute must have for those people who are continually on their feet whether at work or at play.

Mephisto shoes are overwhelmingly popular among business people for casual office wear, avid walkers, boaters, hunters, golfers and those who enjoy the outdoors. Mephisto also offers beautifully styled sandals, as well their Mobils collection for those who have problematic feet. The Mobils collection features an engulfing ""soft padding"" cushion system. In addition these sandals and shoes have removable anatomic footbeds for added flexibility of use and well suited to protect the feet from pinching and rubbing. In 2001, Mephisto received the PLUS Award for design excellence in the Men’s Comfort category by the American magazine “Footwear Plus.”

Nola Traut, Marketing Director for Mepcomfort says "To show our appreciation for our valued 18,500 Mephisto customers, we have given them a $25.00 gift certificate to spend on any order over $200.00. This offer includes any style and color available from Mepcomfort. com. We are confident that our customers will enjoy the new styles and comfort that Mephisto has to offer, as well as being able to purchase their old favorites - and with a $25.00 discount, it's an offer that seems too good to refuse! Additionally, with the holidays fast approaching, we at Mepcomfort. com have offered our customers a chance to win free gifts such as Revo sunglass, T-shirts, shoe care products and much more, just for placing their orders with us."

"We did this because over the last 4 years we have built up a customer base of over eighteen thousand loyal customers and we felt this was the ideal way to give something back to those fantastic supporters."

"Recently we also re-designed the look of Mepcomfort. com by using our customer's input and suggestions for making our sites more user-friendly. We placed a high value on simplicity, and ease of finding information."

"Certainly new customers can call us on 1-866-95-BRANDS (952-7263) (in the US) and 1-678-498-4088 (for international dialers), before the holiday weekend and obtain their gift certificate. They can also test out our new customer support chat line, available under company information on our website."

Background information:

Mepcomfort. com is one of the premier Mephisto shoe sites on the web, that offers you the opportunity to surround yourself with out of this world comfort, the likes of which you have never experienced.

At Mepcomfort. com, we offer our customers the experience of shopping from the comfort of their own homes, with the largest independent retailer of Mephisto shoes that can be found in the Southeast. Not only are we the largest independent retailer, but we also have on hand, top-notch salespeople with in-depth knowledge of Mephisto shoes.

Mepcomfort. com offers customers a unique interactive chat system, where they can chat with live support as they browse. Alternatively they can also leave questions on chat that will be answered offline via email.

Website address: http://www. mepcomfort. com (http://www. mepcomfort. com)

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Rationalist's New Book Presents Daily Musings About God and Religion

Rationalist's New Book Presents Daily Musings About God and Religion

365 Days to Recovery from Religion by Richard Cooper is a collection of reflections about faith, death, the afterlife, reason and reality.

Ventor, NJ (PRWEB) December 12, 2007

365 Days to Recovery from Religion by Richard Cooper is an open-at-any-page dialogue about belief and atheism.

Why do human beings believe in God? That's one of the provocative questions retired physician and committed atheist Richard Cooper ponders in his chronicle of observations and opinions, 365 Days to Recovery from Religion. Written in a conversational and personal tone for inquirers of all persuasions, Cooper questions sacred cows like heaven and hell, creationism, and more. Using humor to discuss a serious subject, Cooper urges readers to use reason to examine what they believe--and why.

Wise and witty, 365 Days to Recovery from Religion is exercise for the brain. Open-minded readers, believers and nonbelievers alike, are sure to find something thought-provoking on each and every page.

For more information or to request a free review copy, members of the press can contact the author at johngalt1@comcast. net. 365 Days to Recovery from Religion is available for sale online at Amazon. com, BookSurge. com, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the Author

Retired physician Richard Cooper has also been a teacher, author/lecturer, managed care consultant and health care executive and entrepreneur. He currently lives in Ventnor, N. J.

About BookSurge

BookSurge Publishing is a DBA of On-Demand Publishing LLC, a subsidiary of Amazon. com Inc., (NASDAQ AMZN). BookSurge is a pioneer in self-publishing and print-on-demand services. Offering unique publishing opportunities and access for authors, BookSurge boasts an unprecedented number of authors whose work has resulted in book deals with traditional publishers as well as successful authorpreneurs who enhance or build a business from their professional expertise.


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Allsup Outlines Quick-Processing Methods for Social Security Disability Claims

Allsup Outlines Quick-Processing Methods for Social Security Disability Claims

Key initiatives expedite disability claims process, reaffirm need for qualified SSDI representation

Belleville, IL (Vocus) April 30, 2010

Combating the backlog of nearly 700,000 claims now waiting for a hearing before the Social Security Administration (SSA), the federal agency has launched a number of initiatives to expedite Social Security Disability Insurance benefits to thousands of individuals, according to Allsup, a nationwide provider of Social Security disability representation and Medicare plan selection services.

“Several initiatives are designed to help those people whose medical conditions clearly meet Social Security’s standards to receive their SSDI benefits more quickly,” said Mike Stein, assistant vice president of claims. “When combined with expert SSDI representation such as Allsup, applicants deemed eligible can find their claims accelerated through the process to receive much-needed financial assistance more quickly.”

Several initiatives can be traced back to 2007, when SSA Commissioner Michael J. Astrue introduced the SSA’s plan to eliminate the backlog of hearing requests by 2013 and prevent its recurrence. Fast-track programs include Quick Disability Determination (QDD), Compassionate Allowances and terminal illness (TERI) cases.

“Allsup professionals work hard to identify and fast-track the most vulnerable claimants, helping them to benefit from these SSA initiatives,” Mr. Stein said. “While a narrow segment of SSDI applicants qualify, the impact for individuals and their families cannot be understated.”

Below Allsup outlines several SSA fast-track initiatives that streamline review of SSDI applications.

Quick Disability Determinations

The Quick Disability Determination (QDD) process is designed to analyze data in an SSDI claimant’s file in order to identify those cases that can be fast-tracked for approval of benefits. The SSA announced plans to extend the Quick Disability Determination (QDD) process to all state Disability Determination Services (DDS) nationwide in 2007.

In QDD cases, the SSA relies on a predictive model to electronically determine claims where there is a “high potential that the claimant is disabled and where evidence of the person’s allegations can be quickly and easily obtained.”1 This model relies on scoring criteria to identify cases that qualify for consideration.

“The SSA’s goal with QDD is to find those cases that clearly qualify for benefits and process them through to a favorable decision within 20 days of receipt at the state DDS office,” Mr. Stein said. The SSA has reported that about 3 percent of all applications waiting for an initial decision are targeted for QDD processing.2 Typical cases flagged for QDD processing include those involving end-stage renal disease and some forms of cancer.

Successful processing under this model can occur only if a designated QDD examiner can confirm that available medical evidence in the claimant’s case file is sufficient to determine chronic physical or mental disability as of the alleged onset date. In addition, QDD decisions are based exclusively on available medical and non-medical evidence in the case file.

Compassionate Allowances

The Compassionate Allowances initiative speeds SSDI applications for individuals whose disabilities are so severe that they clearly meet established medical criteria. The original initiative was introduced in October 2008 and targeted 25 rare diseases and 25 cancers. The list recently was expanded to include 38 more conditions. These conditions range from adult brain disorders to rare diseases that predominantly affect children.

Unlike QDD, which employs scoring criteria to rank the severity of the disability, Compassionate Allowances affords qualifying claimants expedited review of disability applications based on confirmation of a qualifying diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is confirmed based on minimal objective medical information, the claim is approved in a matter of days—

Instead of months or even years.3

Terminal Illness (TERI) Cases

The requirements for disability benefits for a person with a terminal illness are the same as the requirements for a person with a non-terminal illness—but the processing time is faster. Cases deemed “TERI” merit special handling, with carefully prescribed protocols for appointment setting, labeling and flagging of TERI cases, tracking and continuous monitoring of timing to ensure processing without delay.

Applicants with an untreatable impairment must present a credible claim (from the individual, friend, family member, doctor or other medical source). Qualifying claims may include diagnosis, such as ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) or AIDS, or a statement that the claimant is receiving in-patient hospice care. Additional qualifying conditions include a bone marrow transplant, any malignant cancer that is metastatic (stage IV), and small cell or oat cell lung cancer, among others.4

Military Service Casualty Cases: Wounded Warriors Program

If a military service member is seriously injured or disabled while on active duty on or after Oct. 1, 2001, the SSA expedites the processing of disability claims regardless of where their disability occurred. To qualify for disability benefits, service members must be unable to do substantial work because of their medical condition, and the medical condition(s) must have lasted or is anticipated to last at least one year, or expected to result in death. To assist in case evaluation, service members frequently undergo a qualifying medical exam or medical test.

SSA and DDS staffs are instructed to process these claims as TERI cases. As with terminal illness cases, special protocols apply; cases are flagged for special processing, and rigorous mailing protocols followed to ensure expeditious review. In addition, field office staff pays careful attention to identifying the permanent address of the claimant, since military service members may be in transit and addresses may not match the address specified on the initial application.5

Presumptive Disability and Blindness Cases

Presumptive disability is granted when a claimant is applying for the first time based on disability or blindness. Presumptive disability cases must meet all non-medical factors of eligibility, and the severity of the condition must be sufficiently acute to merit a high likelihood of determination of disability. This program permits qualifying claimants to begin receiving payments before a final decision is made on their application.6 This program dates back to the 1970s.

Qualifying presumptive disability impairments include amputation of two limbs; amputation of a leg at the hip; allegations of total blindness; allegation of total deafness; allegation of a cerebral vascular accident (stroke) more than three months in the past and continued difficulty using hands, arms or walking. Additional qualifying impairments range from allegation of muscular dystrophy, muscular atrophy, and cerebral palsy, among others. Presumptive disability payments begin during the month the claimant becomes disabled or blind, and continue for up to six months while the claim is awaiting a final decision (assuming the claimant is found to be disabled and meets all other eligibility criteria).

According to the SSA, more than 3.3 million applications are anticipated in FY 2010, which is about 700,000 more than in FY 2008, adding to the workload for disability examiners nationwide.

This surge of disability claims highlights the importance of expert SSDI representation, especially for those individuals whose disabilities clearly qualify them for one of these fast-track programs, according to Mr. Stein.

“Allsup experts carefully monitor these programs and quickly identify those individuals who are likely to qualify through a fast-track initiative,” Mr. Stein said. “The benefits are significant for those who qualify, so it’s important to ensure you have someone on your side providing you with guidance should your claim fall under one of these programs.”

For more information, contact the Disability Evaluation Center at (800) 279-4357 or visit http://www. Allsup. com.


Allsup is a nationwide provider of Social Security disability, Medicare and workers’ compensation services for individuals, employers and insurance carriers. Founded in 1984, Allsup employs more than 600 professionals who deliver specialized services supporting people with disabilities and seniors so they may lead lives that are as financially secure and as healthy as possible. The company is based in Belleville, Ill., near St. Louis.

1 – “Commissioner Astrue Extends Social Security’s Quick Disability Determination Nationwide,” Sept. 5, 2007.

2 – Program Operations Manual Systems (POMS), Quick Disability Determination (QDD)

3 – “Social Security Adds 38 New Compassionate Allowance Conditions,” Feb. 11, 2010

4 – POMS, Identifying Terminal Illness (TERI) Cases

5 – POMS, Emergency and Expedited Procedures Related to Military Service Casualty Cases

6 – Social Security Handbook, Presumptive Blindness or Presumptive Disability Payments


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Emerson Network Power Launches High-Efficiency 24 Watt External AC-DC Power Adapters

Emerson Network Power Launches High-Efficiency 24 Watt External AC-DC Power Adapters

Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson and the global leader in enabling Business-Critical Continuity™, today launched its new high-efficiency external power adapter, the AD2412N3L (AD24). The 24 watt AD24 power adapter is the latest addition to Emerson Network Power's rapidly-expanding portfolio of AC-DC power solutions.

Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) March 11, 2009

Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson and the global leader in enabling Business-Critical Continuity™, today launched its new high-efficiency external power adapter, the AD2412N3L (AD24). The 24 watt AD24 power adapter is the latest addition to Emerson Network Power's rapidly-expanding portfolio of AC-DC power solutions. The external adapter provides a flexible power solution with a compact form-factor for a wide variety of portable and desktop applications including instrumentation, telecommunications, test and measurement systems and computer peripherals.

The AD24 freestanding AC-DC power adapter produces a fully regulated 12 volt output and features a universal 90-264 Vac input, enabling the product's use anywhere in the world. The adapter, which is available with a 3-pin (type C14) IEC320 AC input receptacle with a safety-ground leakage current maximum of 250 µA, delivers DC output via a fixed cable fitted with a standard 2.5 mm (5.5 mm O. D.) barrel plug.

The adapter is designed to ensure high levels of efficiency (82 percent typical) and features switching regulators for switched-mode operation to comply with Energy Star and Blue Angel requirements. To increase operating flexibility, the AD24 power adapter can operate at full load in a wide range of ambient temperatures without de-rating - from -5˚C to +50˚C - compared to typical adapters. The adapter also features a built-in EMI filter and meets rigorous EN55022-B and FCC part 15 Level B EMC standards for conducted noise.

The AD24's automatic recovery features protect the adapter against overvoltage and overpower conditions. The adapter also meets K.21 surge certification and has a high calculated MTBF of 850,000 full-load hours at 25˚C ambient. In addition, the product has achieved a best-in-class safety approval profile, including UL/CSA 60950-1, TUV EN/IEC60950-1, CE Mark LVD & EMC and CCC certification.

Emerson Network Power's AD24 power adapters are available for immediate delivery. Standard lead-time is stock to eight weeks and pricing starts at US$14.95 in OEM quantities. For more information, visit http://www. powerconversion. com/products/websheet/402/AD24 (http://www. powerconversion. com/products/websheet/402/AD24).

About Emerson Network Power

Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson, is the global leader in enabling Business-Critical Continuity™ from grid to chip for telecommunication networks, data centers, health care and industrial facilities. Emerson Network Power provides innovative solutions and expertise in areas including AC and DC power and precision cooling systems, embedded computing and power, integrated racks and enclosures, power switching and controls, monitoring, and connectivity. All solutions are supported globally by local Emerson Network Power service technicians. For more information on Emerson Network Power's embedded power products and services for original equipment manufacturers and system integrators visit www. PowerConversion. com. Learn more about Emerson Network Power products and services at www. EmersonNetworkPower. com.

About Emerson

Emerson, based in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), is a global leader in bringing technology and engineering together to create innovative solutions for customers through its network power, process management, industrial automation, climate technologies, and appliance and tools businesses. Sales in fiscal 2008 were $24.8 billion. For more information, visit www. Emerson. com.


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McLaren Software Previews the Approval of Engineering Work Packs via Microsoft Outlook at EMC Momentum Athens

McLaren Software Previews the Approval of Engineering Work Packs via Microsoft Outlook at EMC Momentum Athens

McLaren Software, leaders in asset documentation and change process applications will be demonstrating the latest release of Enterprise Engineer and previewing McLaren Task Services for Outlook at the EMC Momentum Conference in Athens, Greece.

Glasgow, Scotland (PRWEB) November 5, 2009

McLaren Software, leaders in asset documentation and change process applications will be demonstrating the latest release of Enterprise Engineer and previewing McLaren Task Services for Outlook at the EMC Momentum Conference in Athens, Greece.

McLaren Task Services for Outlook has been designed to widen the number of users able to participate in a formal engineering approval process adding greater integrity and validation to both project or asset documentation. In-built predefined business rules and electronic signatures ensure all actions and comments are captured automatically providing visibility into the approval task via Enterprise Engineer reports.

Approval tasks appear in the Outlook inbox and the user is guided through approval processes by an intuitive McLaren ribbon bar. Without leaving Outlook the user is able to view and approve, delegate for approval and comment on multiple documents within the approval pack including engineering (CAD) Drawings.

The approval package and all associated documentation remain under the control of Enterprise Engineer and are held in the supporting ECM repository ensuring the security of the documentation. Built in viewing technology allows users to view a range of document formats without launching the original authoring application.

Representatives from Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam will be presenting how they have extended their investment in Documentum by deploying Enterprise Engineer for the management of all their terminal real estate drawings and associated project documentation. Schiphol's use of Enterprise Engineer has allowed them to formalise and improve their communication with third party contractors resulting in faster engineering project execution and reduced rework costs.

About McLaren Software - The Asset Documentation Integrity company

McLaren Software develops enterprise scale Asset Document Management and Change Control applications. Enterprise Engineer forms a key component of any Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) software strategy.

Enterprise Engineer incorporates industry best practice processes designed for Owner Operators and Engineering Prime Contractors in asset intensive industries, including Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, Life Sciences, Transportation, Natural Resources, Process Manufacturing, and Healthcare. McLaren applications are proven to reduce operational costs, lower the risk of non-compliance, improve efficiency and accelerate engineering project execution by ensuring the reliability and integrity of asset and project documentation.

Enterprise Engineer enables users to effortlessly adhere to consistent business processes while benefitting from enhanced collaboration and productivity gains. User adoption is accelerated by integrations with common desktop applications including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Autodesk AutoCAD, and Bentley Systems Microstation. McLaren Software develops enterprise scale engineering documentation and business process applications. Enterprise Engineer leverages enterprise content management (ECM) and collaboration technologies from EMC, IBM, Microsoft and Autodesk.

Headquartered Glasgow Scotland and Houston Texas McLaren has offices in Dusseldorf Germany and partners in North America, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, South East Asia and Australia.

Website:- www. mclarensoftware. com


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Can a Box of Crayons Replace a Governor’s Passion?

Can a Box of Crayons Replace a Governor’s Passion?

A single local New Jersey mom and a box of crayons set out to carry on Governor Codey’s dream for improving mental health.

Freehold, NJ (PRWEB) January 10, 2006

As outgoing Acting Governor Codey formally delivers his second State of the State address today, he reaffirms his biggest accomplishments were in the area of mental health and he just wishes he had more time to continue his work.

Janet Werner, single mother of a young teen boy, successful trainer and consultant to New Jersey’s pharmaceutical executives, former co-founder of the Leadership Alignment Spa, and recent mental health consumer herself, has simple wisdom tools and solutions to carry on the Governor’s dream.

“Mary Jo Codey and her husband are heroes of mine. Her decision to go public with her personal journey has inspired me to do the same,” shares Ms. Werner. “On the very day he signed his mental health legislation into law, I was detained inside the adult care mental heath ward, and witnessed first hand the reasons why the Governor feels so strongly about improving the conditions there.”

Ms. Werner has, in over a decade of ground level experience, developed simple yet well researched tools and resources that address not only the needs of anyone enduring excessive stress but also the extreme instances that lead to a diagnosis of mental illness.

1 in 5 Americans will experience some form of mental illness in their lifetime. Many will end up in state mental institutions with depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorders and many others.

“How we understand and treat metal illness has a long way to go to bring respect, honor and dignity to these consumers,” Ms. Werner continues. “The institutions are still in need of help, as Acting Governor Codey and his wife have so diligently brought to the public’s attention. I don’t want to see that legacy fade away. More is needed. Much more.”

While the Acting Governor made surprise inspections this past summer and spent a voluntary night on the ward at Graystone, Ms. Werner was in for 11 nights under involuntary ‘incarceration’ at Bergen Regional Medical Center.

She witnessed the power that the individual patient intelligence has in assisting their own recovery, if they are given the chance to express themselves with their own story and treated with a personalized dignity and respect.

Ms. Werner noticed that by providing everyday simple items like crayons and paper, playing cards and fun videos to watch, performing a morning session of yoga and Tai Chi moves, she personally was able to brighten the mood of the entire ward permanently during her ‘stay’.

All these simple tools, alone almost insignificant, combined to relieve and reduce the stress significantly. The patients noticed it and so did the staff. And the cost? Pennies on the dollar.

Steven Feldstein of Feldstein Financial Group, LLC in Chester New Jersey, a noted advisor to individual and institutional investors calls Ms. Werner a true visionary of our times. Just 9 days prior to her misdiagnosed internment, he introduced her to his private Business Roundtable investors club citing, "her compassion, courage and conviction make her someone we all should hope to emulate. Her story and the powerful simplicity of her tools are transformational.”

She herself has only recently been able to regain her sense of self-worth and composure after her ordeal at Bergen Regional. One can only imagine what it is like to be sane inside an institution for the insane.

To continue the work she performed while in the institution and to extend the Governor and Mrs. Codey’s legacy, she is asking for donations of crayons, drawing pads, sweat pants and jackets, board games, playing cards and small stuffed animals. (For a complete list go to http://www. HarkNews. com (http://www. HarkNews. com)).

Ms. Werner is passionate in bringing awareness to the need for new original and innovative low cost solutions to assist the mental health community in New Jersey and the nation. Her program ‘Rethinking How We Think About Mental Health(sm)” is intended to do just that. She invites the Acting Governor and Ms. Codey, the Governor Elect and other state and local officials, including leaders from the Division of Mental Health Services, to join with her in carrying on what the Acting Governor began 14 months ago.


Mike Hayden

Integrated Excellence, Inc.


Pressinfo @ integrated-excellence. com


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November Diva Toolbox Radio: Viva la Value Hosts Author and Budget Meal Expert

November Diva Toolbox Radio: Viva la Value Hosts Author and Budget Meal Expert

Online Radio Show Airs Nov. 3 at 3 p. m. ET

Livonia, Mich. (Vocus) November 1, 2010

RedPlum, a leading provider of deals and savings on brands consumers want most, announced today that Diva Toolbox Radio: Viva la Value, featuring Lisa Reynolds, RedPlum’s Mom Saver-in-chief, will host its next show on Wednesday, Nov. 3 at 3 p. m. ET on Diva Toolbox Radio, an online radio show. During this month’s show, Reynolds will be joined by Darla Jaros, author of “The Kitchen Assistant,” who will discuss inexpensive, healthy meal ideas as well as Thanksgiving meals and appetizers on a budget. Reynolds will also be joined by Kate Arcieri, a lifestyle expert, and Editorial Director at redplum. com.

Jaros has a mission to bring timeless information back to generations that were raised on fast food and show them how easy it is to make meals with “staples” that are not only healthy, but easy on the wallet. She has always made most of her meals from scratch, which she discovered was much easier on her grocery budget and healthier than buying the smaller packages of ready-made foods, especially while raising three children as a single parent on one income.

A few tips Jaros will offer:

How to structure a meal plan around dinner, set a grocery amount and how to shop with a list; How to store fresh produce, berries and fruits while they’re plentiful and inexpensive, without canning; How to pick staple foods to keep on-hand in the kitchen to make a something-out-of-nothing meals between paychecks; How to make easy, healthy side dishes, delicious desserts, or tasty appetizers for your holiday meal and still stay within your budget; and Tried and true kitchen tips and techniques to make your holiday cooking experience a successful one.

Viva la Value helps listeners achieve a value lifestyle that’s easy and enjoyable through practical savings tips, coupons and coupon codes. Shows are archived on the site for later access. For more information, please visit http://www. divatoolbox. com/diva-toolbox-radio-/hosts/1988-lisa-reynolds-viva-la-value. html or http://www. redplum. com/vivalavalue.

Reynolds is a busy working mom who lives and breathes the savings-oriented lifestyle she talks about on her radio show. When she’s not at work, Reynolds is cheering for her sons at football games, hosting dinner gatherings with friends and family, and actively participating in her church community. She is also an avid cook with a philosophy of keeping it simple – less than five ingredients or meals in less than 30 minutes. She lives with her husband and two sons in Northville, Michigan. Reynolds is frequently quoted in newspaper, magazine and blog articles, and has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Forbes, Family Circle, 24/7 Moms Blog and more.

Media Contact:

Mary Broaddus

Director, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications



# # #

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Canonical Announces General Availability of Systems Management and Monitoring Tool

Canonical Announces General Availability of Systems Management and Monitoring Tool

Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, announced today the general availability of Canonical Landscape, the systems management and monitoring tool for Ubuntu. Ubuntu users are invited to register for a free trial.

LONDON (PRWEB) March 5, 2008

Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, announced today the general availability of Canonical Landscape, the systems management and monitoring tool for Ubuntu.

Available for its commercial support customers and as a standalone commercial service, Landscape will provide the growing number of businesses deploying multiple instances of Ubuntu on servers and desktops the means to more easily manage and maintain their systems. Landscape significantly reduces the cost of ownership and maximizes the efficiency of resources for any Ubuntu deployment.

"We are committed to making Ubuntu the right choice for business," said Mark Shuttleworth, founder of the Ubuntu project. "I am delighted that the feedback from the beta programme indicates that Landscape meets that commitment. We challenged the development team to build a tool that was simple to use but powerful for support customers and they delivered. I expect Landscape to drive many more large-scale Ubuntu deployments."

"We have been very impressed by what we have seen in Landscape," said Fredrik Jonsson of ASCI Sweden AB, a participant in the beta programme. "Ubuntu already has an impressive reputation for ease of use, and the growing ecosystem of packages available makes it a great choice for businesses today. Landscape looks like the ideal tool for both managing and monitoring business-scale deployments."

About Landscape

Landscape provides users with a hosted web interface on which all machines are registered. From this single interface, packages and security updates are deployed to the entire network of servers and/or desktops with a single click. Additionally a wealth of monitoring data is provided graphically to the administrator showing process and resource use as well as flagging any available security fixes for the system.

System Management Features:

Manage many machines at once: All operations in Landscape can be applied to one or more machines with the same ease. Group machines: Not all machines need to form a single group, machines can be split into multiple groups for different requirements but all can be administered through a single interface. Manage packages across the network: Landscape allows the user to see a package inventory for each computer and allow administrators to install, upgrade, or remove packages from one or more computers. Integrate custom repositories: For users maintaining their own repository -- even internally -- Landscape can report on and manage the packages in it. Manage users easily: System users may all be managed from a central interface, and may have actions delivered to be performed in one or more systems in a comfortable way. Handle security updates efficiently: Landscape highlights those package upgrades with security fixes (with links to detailed information) ensuring any vulnerabilities are dealt with as quickly as possible. Support disconnected users: Users who disconnect from the network can be handled asynchronously with updates provided when they next get online. System Monitoring Features:

Understand system resource usage quickly: Landscape constantly monitors the system's health and performance, and graphs that data in ways that enable a user to quickly pinpoint bottlenecks or other problem areas. Manage processes centrally: A simple web interface displays all the recently active processes running across all systems and enables users to search and manage those centrally. Maintain a detailed hardware inventory: Landscape removes the complexity from hardware inventory by showing complete and easy to understand hardware information for all your systems. Simplify security audits: Auditing and security are simplified with Landscape's detailed history logs that display actions performed by all administrators, even if they were performed locally on the machines themselves without using Landscape. Access full package information: The convenient web interface allows browsing of all packages installed, available, and available for upgrading, on all registered machines, including security notices. Enhanced Support Experience:

Streamline exchange of information with the Canonical support team: Canonical support experts receive read-only information on hardware and configurations that will allow them to more rapidly diagnose and resolve tickets. Access the integrated support portal: Administrators can log, view and track support cases right in Landscape, thus providing all management needs in a single convenient location. Pricing and Availability

Ubuntu users are invited to register for a free trial at www. canonical. com/landscape/register (http://www. canonical. com/landscape/register). Trials will be restricted to users who register five or more machines on the system. The free trial lasts for 60 days. Landscape is available as a stand-alone option without commercial support from Canonical priced at $150 per node with discounting available on larger volumes.

It is possible to get the goodness of Landscape even if commercial support is not immediately required. Users can apply for details at: www. canonical. com/landscape/register (http://www. canonical. com/landscape/register).

About Canonical Ltd and Ubuntu

Canonical Ltd, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, is a global organization headquartered in Europe committed to the development, distribution and support of open source software products and communities. World-class 24x7 commercial support for Ubuntu is available through Canonical's global support team and partners. Since its launch in October 2004, Ubuntu has become one of the most highly regarded Linux distributions with millions of users around the world. Ubuntu will always be free to download, free to use and free to distribute to others. With these goals in mind, Ubuntu aims to be the most widely used Linux system, and is the centre of a global open source software ecosystem. For more information visit www. canonical. com or www. ubuntu. com.

Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu and their associated logos are all registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd.


Bill Baker

Baker Communications Group


Wbaker @ bakercg. com


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ESP Recognized as New and Innovative

ESP Recognized as New and Innovative

MyRapidMD™ Corp, a developer of meaningful personal mobile content recognized at Disney's Health and Fitness Expo. Privately held MyRapidMD's Emergency Service Profile (ESP) mobile software application was singled out by Expo announcer Mr. Rudy Novotony as the most innovative product and service at the show. In the only Expo floor interview Mr. Novotony referred to MyRapidMD's ESP as a way for cell phone owners to help themselves in their time of need.

Marina Del Rey, CA (PRWEB) September 7, 2007

MyRapidMD™ Corp - www. myrapidmd. com (http://www. myrapidmd. com), a developer of meaningful personal mobile content recognized at Disney's Health and Fitness Expo.

Privately held MyRapidMD's Emergency Service Profile (ESP (http://www. myrapidmd. com/benefits/)) mobile software application was singled out by Expo announcer Mr. Rudy Novotony as the most innovative product and service at the show. In the only Expo floor interview Mr. Novotony referred to MyRapidMD's ESP as a way for cell phone owners to help themselves in their time of need.

"This is one of the most innovative products we have seen in the short life of Disney's Health and Fitness Expo and we are grateful they chose our event to launch such a wonderful service" commented Mr. Novotony.

"With over 25,000 people attending the two day event and our first product release we are extremely pleased with the interest and response" said Mr. Mark White founder and President.

From the perspective of first responders, Mr. Bill Keddy, Chairman of the MyRapidMD Emergency Services Advisory board - Advisory Board Members (http://www. myrapidmd. com/advisory/) - went on to say; "The turn out and interest expressed by the Emergency Services and the health care community in ESP for cell phones was extremely positive, and all comments focused on the practical nature of ESP as an efficient and effective tool to assist first responders in the field."

The ongoing benefit of something as simple as ESP on your cell phone does not stop with the proper emergency medical and contact information. ESP allows time and money to be saved as a result of a more accurate and informed diagnosis of the patient and assessment of the emergency scene. The wrong medications and diagnosis can result in extra time and tests in the hospital, all things that can be avoided with the right information at the right time.

"The amount of times people come into the ER without any knowledge of who they are or their medical or personal contact information is quite simply shocking and unnecessary. And even if they are accompanied by someone, a lot of the time that someone does not know the medical and or contact details of the person they are with" said Mr. Travis Gilmore ER nurse and MyRapidMD advisory board member.

MyRapidMD will be attending the American Diabetes Association Expo in New York City on September 29, 2007 followed by the EMS national convention in Orlando Florida the week of October 11-13, 2007.

"Does your phone have ESP?"™

MyRapidMD's ESP is a proprietary software application designed specifically for cell phones and smart phones. The ESP application provides a concise Emergency Service Profile based on an internationally recognized victim assessment procedure used by first responders. MyRapidMD has formatted this procedure into a mobile software application that also attaches a photo of the cell phone owner to confirm the identity in emergency/accident situations. ESP can easily be retrieved and displayed by first responders on the victim's cell phone at the emergency scene or accident. Developed in concert with Firemen, Paramedics, Emergency Room Nurses and other first responders, MyRapidMD's ESP mobile software application assists first responders at the emergency/accident scene in the assessment and treatment of victims. MyRapidMD's ESP turns the cell phone into an efficient and effective emergency information tool for receiving ER personnel while the patient/victim is in transit to the ER.


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2006 Inderscience Journals Catalogue Now Available

2006 Inderscience Journals Catalogue Now Available

The new journals catalogue from Inderscience Enterprises Limited is available.

(PRWEB) November 8, 2005

The new 2006 Inderscience Journals Catalogue gives details of 170 peer-reviewed journals, along with pricing information and an order form, in the following subjects:

Engineering, Computing/ICT and Technology; Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development; Management and Business Administration; Healthcare, Sport and Leisure.

Within these areas, Inderscience have excellent profiles in design, product development and manufacturing; materials, failure preventive technology and reliability; modelling, simulation and intelligent systems; signal analysis, imaging and systems engineering; computing, internet technology and web engineering, and computer applications, etc.

Inderscience offers flexible subscription plans and packages, plus pay-per-view.

Inderscience have also started up a free quarterly newsletter called HIGHLIGHTS.

The Inderscience philosophy is to map new frontiers in emerging and developing management and technology areas in research, industry and governance, and to link with centres of excellence worldwide to provide authoritative coverage and references in focused and specialist fields.

Inderscience has been publishing high-quality, double-blind peer reviewed professional international journals for more than 25 years.


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Government Whistleblowers, Trauma Recovery Expert and Roseanne Barr to Speak Out Against Torture and Mind Control

Government Whistleblowers, Trauma Recovery Expert and Roseanne Barr to Speak Out Against Torture and Mind Control

Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips will be joined by Dr. Colin Ross (an expert on clinically diagnosing and treating trauma based personality disorders) and TV legend Roseanne Barr at a speaking event in Los Angeles on June 5th.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 11, 2009

As the issue of torturing individuals held in detention facilities plays out in the news media, two of the most successful whistleblowers are speaking out on how CIA programs such as MK-ULTRA actually involved torturing U. S. citizens, our allies citizens and how these heinous atrocities were allowed to continue under the 1947 National Security Act.

Cathy O'Brien was a White House/Pentagon level MK-ULTRA mind control victim, who claims torture was used on her to fragment her personality to make her forget secrets and criminal covert operations she had been forced to participate in over a thirty year period. "Many of the same criminals in control of the government today were in control of me," Cathy says. "And they are acutely aware that torture and trauma causes humankind to forget."

Cathy adds, "Now that torture is finally a predominant political issue, the reality of how it's actually being used continues to be kept from the public by those in control of the government and corporate media. Those who control information control knowledge, which in turn controls the thoughts, perceptions, opinions, and actions of those they inform."

What about the argument that torture is justified as a means to extract information? Cathy says, "Considering today's technological advancements, pharmaceuticals, computerization, and classified mind manipulating weaponry, it's clear to see that torture is not only archaic, but is actually a diversionary issue from more prevalent forms of mass mind manipulation being used on the human population."

Cathy was rescued in 1988 by Mark Phillips, a U. S. Intelligence insider knowledgeable on CIA mind-control techniques who acted after he was told by a Chinese Intelligence officer that Cathy and her then eight-year-old daughter, Kelly, were mind-controlled slaves of the U. S. government. Mark says that the super secret technology used on Cathy, Kelly and others is an, "evolved system of remote human physical and psychological manipulation that has only recently been officially recognized by accredited mental health physicians for what it is - absolute mind control."

Cathy and Mark circumvented the news media's blackout on their case with the greatest true life love story of extraction and recovery from the CIA 's mind control project ever told.

You can hear their story along with a discussion on the issue of torture at an event called "CIA Mind Control: Out Of Darkness, Into the Light" which will be held on Friday June 5th, 2009 in Los Angeles. The event begins at 7PM at Hollywood United Methodist Church located at 6817 Franklin Avenue (at Highland Ave.). For more info call 805-653-1588 or visit GoodKarmaPR. com (http://www. goodkarmapr. com/press%20releases8/press%20releases8.htm). A portion of the proceeds go to Children of the Night, a non profit that rescues children from the ravages of prostitution and domination of pimps.

Joining Cathy and Mark will be Dr. Colin Ross, a globally recognized expert on trauma related disorders and author of "The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists." Dr. Ross provides proof, based on 15,000 pages of documents obtained from the CIA through the Freedom of Information Act, that there have been pervasive, systematic violations of human rights by American psychiatrists over the last 65 years. As well, he proves that the Manchurian Candidate "super spy" is fact, not fiction. He describes CIA documented experiments by psychiatrists to create amnesia, new identities, hypnotic access codes, and implanting new memories in the minds of experimental subjects.

Also scheduled to appear is comedian Roseanne Barr. In addition to being a champion for the rights of abused children everywhere, she was treated by Dr. Colin Ross for DID recovery.

About The Speakers and Organizers...

Cathy O'Brien is a fully rehabilitated US Government White House/Pentagon level mind control survivor whose testimony for the US Congressional Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Oversight was censored for so-called "Reasons of National Security". Upon the advice of an attorney in 1995, this testimony was released en masse in book form, aptly entitled TRANCE Formation of America, to bring truth to light and survive whistle blowing on US Government tortures. Despite media censorship and death threats and attempts, these proven, documented facts have now reached over 48 countries, been licensed and translated into 8 languages, and are in major universities worldwide such as the Oxford Law Library. More on Cathy O'Brien... (http://www. trance-formation. com/aboutcathy. htm)

Mark Phillips is a native of Nashville, Tennessee. For nearly 30 years he was a highly successful marketing and advertising executive for two airlines and a medical equipment manufacturing company. While he lacks the published academic credentials as a scholar, professional writer, or mental health physician he is recognized internationally by mental health and law enforcement professionals as a credible authority on the secret science concerning external control of the mind. Throughout his career he also held a DoD issued Top Secret Security clearance as he was exposed to various classified behavioral modification projects. Mark was required to sign an oath of secrecy. To this day he's restricted by sedition laws from revealing certain specific still classified details that directly relates to his employment. More on Mark Phillips... (http://www. trance-formation. com/aboutmark. htm)

Roseanne Barr's creation and portrayal of Roseanne Conner on ABC's Roseanne has been hailed as "the most ground breaking kitchen-sink sitcom since All in the Family, (Entertainment Weekly)" adding, "She's the funniest disturber of peace that we have." In 1998, she hosted her own talk show, The Roseanne Show, for two seasons. Currently, she speaks truth to power at her website and blog RoseanneWorld. com and can be heard Wednesdays at 5PM PT on Pacifica Radio's KPFK 90.7FM. She also has a Sunday radio show at KCAARadio. com and a program on FreeSpeech TV called Tipping Point. She is proud to work with organizations such as ACORN and Children of the Night.

Dr. Colin Ross is an internationally renowned clinician, researcher, author and lecturer in the field of traumatic stress and trauma related disorders. He's the founder and president of the Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma and is the Executive Medical Director of three trauma programs located in Dallas, Texas - Grand Rapids, Michigan - and Torrance, California. Dr. Ross has written extensively on the subject of dissociation and trauma. His latest books include The Trauma Model: A Solution to the Problem of Comorbidity in Psychiatry and Schizophrenia: Innovations in Diagnosis and Treatment. He is a member of the American Psychiatric Associations and the Int'l Society for the Study of Traumatic Stress, and is currently a consultant on the hit Showtime series United States of Tara (1st season).

Children of the Night is a private, non-profit, tax-exempt organization founded in 1979 that is dedicated to assisting children between the ages of 11 and 17 who are forced to prostitute on the streets for food to eat and a place to sleep. Since 1979 Children of the Night has rescued girls and boys from prostitution and the domination of vicious pimps. This much needed organization provides all programs with the support of private donations.

Good Karma PR is a small public relations firm dedicated to helping promote the works of those individuals and organizations that are doing something good for the world. Good Karma PR has worked with; Roseanne Barr, Cynthia McKinney For President, Ed Asner, John Trudell, Dr. Steven Jones, William Rodriguez, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Clifford Carnicom and Dr. Gwen Scott ND. They've also helped launch films such as America: Freedom to Fascism, Washington You're Fired and The Elephant in the Room.

Views expressed in this Press Release are not necessarily those of the United Methodist Church, or Children of the Night. This event is supported by We Are Change Los Angeles.


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RelaxDepot. com Brings The Dead Sea Into The American Home

RelaxDepot. com Brings The Dead Sea Into The American Home

Taking home spa relaxation to a whole new level.

Lakewood, NJ (PRWEB) March 31, 2006

RelaxDepot. com has been chosen to be the exclusive online retailer for the Ein Gedi Dead Sea Product line. Now you can bring home the ultimate spa experience. Ein Gedi products are based on extensive cosmetological and dermatological research utilizing the natural ingredients of Dead Sea minerals Magnesium, Calcium, Bromides, and Potassium, which are necessary ingredients for healthy skin and overall good health. These minerals are present in the Dead Sea in over ten times the concentration of ordinary sea water. Research is the focal point of the product line and is one of the keys to our success, combining natural time proven beauty therapies with advance formulation.

Our expanding of care products is created specifically to hydrate, nourish and restore the skin, hair and body vitality.

The Dead Sea has been celebrated as one of nature's miracles. Underneath its tranquil and relaxing waters lies an astounding treasure of life enhancing minerals. These minerals possess healing qualities which have a remarkably beneficial effect on the skin and hair. Since ancient times, millions of people from all over the world have visited the Dead Sea to relax and enjoy its dry hot weather, and to experience the healing, beautifying and rejuvenating powers of its mud and waters.

RelaxDepot. com is a web-based superstore that specializes in stress-free living, offering products and services that promote relaxation and rejuvenation. Additionally, RelaxDepot. com simplifies the gift giving process by suggesting products in a variety of hard-to-shop for categories such as seniors, business associates, teens, Moms-to-be and new Moms. Products range from anti-aging, home spa items, scented candles, skincare, bath and body, sleep aids, wellness, travel, yoga, books, DVD's, CD's as well as hundreds of other related goods and services.

They are also the online superstore for all brand name fragrances and perfumes that are retailed at the lowest prices anywhere on the web. For all comfort and pampering needs there is only one address, RelaxDepot. com. RelaxDepot. com has just launched FREE Overnight shipping for all orders over $99.

Visit us at www. RelaxDepot. com for an unbelievable relaxing experience.


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Interview with Jon Brooks Emerald Passport Director

Interview with Jon Brooks Emerald Passport Director

Jon Brooks is CEO and founder of http://prosperitymountain. biz He is a former Tech Support rep who found that working from home is more profitable, more enjoyable and less stressful than working for somebody else. Mr. Brooks says that he has found the best home based business opportunity for 2006 and to his knowledge for years to come.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) August 27, 2006

We sat down with Mr. Brooks to talk more about this unique business opportunity.

Q: Mr. Brooks can you tell us more about Emerald Passport?

A: Yes. Emerald Passport is a very professional, debt free company. Emerald Passport has created product that is founded under the principals of Personal Growth and Wealth Creation. They’ve created a cutting edge, modern day educational product designed to help people create long-term financial and personal success. The product, Passport to Prosperity, was under development for almost 2 years.

Q: What is the relationship between Emerald Passport and The Profit Masters Team?

A: Emerald Passport created a cutting edge Personal Growth and Wealth Education product and The Profit Masters Team created a fully automated marketing system that does all the presenting and selling for the distributor that chooses to use their services.

Q: Mr. Brooks, can you tell us what is so unique about this home-based business?

A: The unique thing about this business is that Emerald Passport and The Profit Masters Team have eliminated the two biggest challenges of starting a home-based business.

Q: Mr. Brooks can you please explain to us what those two biggest challenges in home-based business are?

A: Yes. There are hundreds of home-based business opportunities and almost all of them require some form of sales. Another challenge that people are faced with is choosing a company that will give them a compensation plan that does not require the need to build an organization of thousands to make money worth mentioning. That is a challenging task for a sales professional, not to mention the average individual without sales experience.

Q: How did Emerald Passport and The Profit Masters Team overcome these challenges?

A: Number One: they created a TOTALLY AUTOMATED SYSTEM that DOES ALL THE SELLING FOR THE USER. It presents the product and opportunity to interested prospects and invites them to a live call where THE TOP LEADERS IN THE INDUSTRY ARE ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS for the prospects, on the distributor’s behalf.

Number Two: the COMPENSATION PLAN of Emerald Passport is highly lucrative with a 75% PROFIT ON EVERY SALE. The distributor gets paid first, and then the company. For each sale that is made by The Profit Masters System, the qualified distributor enjoys a

Healthy commission of $1000 (qualifying only requires 2 training sales).

Q: What other benefits does Emerald Passport offer its members?

A: The best part of joining Emerald Passport and The Profit Masters Team is that “YOU ARE IN BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF, BUT NOT BY YOURSELF”. Distributors are provided with a fully automated marketing system, personal back office, ongoing professional training and support, plus PERSONAL TRAINING AND

SUPPORT ONE ON ONE from me. I am personally taking time to guide each and every person who joins me to help them achieve their financial success. With this revolutionary system, absolute beginners can start earning thousands of dollars weekly, starting immediately. Timing is critical for business success.

Q: Mr. Brooks, would you agree that the two most powerful industries are converging - “Internet and Education?”

A: Absolutely, Forbes magazine calls it “the biggest emerging trend of this decade” and has dubbed it "Webucation." Not only do members have the opportunity to generate lucrative profit, they also have access to a top quality educational product teaching them about wealth, investments, personal development and long term profitability. The Profit Masters Team and Emerald Passport allow members to grab their share of next billion-dollar industry. To read more about this industry and what marketing guru Peter Drucker has to say, visit this site: http://www. epibiz. com/forbes/ (http://www. epibiz. com/forbes/)

Q: Mr. Brooks, what are your final thoughts on this incredible home-based business opportunity?

A: If you are looking for a unique business where you do not have to start from scratch, but instead join a team and use proven marketing strategies, Emerald Passport is the perfect solution for you.

Q: Mr. Brooks, thank you for sharing this information with us.

A: It was my pleasure. Thank you for having me.

If you would like to learn more about this incredible business opportunity and how to join Jon Brooks and Emerald Passport, you can request a temporary access pass for free:

Http://prosperitymountain. biz (http://prosperitymountain. biz)

Personal note from Jon Brooks: “Join me and Emerald Passport and begin the journey of a profitable business venture.”

Prosperously yours,

Jon Brooks

Emerald Passport Director

Http://prosperitymountain. biz (http://prosperitymountain. biz)


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North Carolinians Cutting Back on Needed Medical Services During Down Economy, BCBSNC Survey Finds

North Carolinians Cutting Back on Needed Medical Services During Down Economy, BCBSNC Survey Finds

One in six North Carolinians cutting back on medical services. More than a third now buying fewer prescription medications. Progress on preventive health in North Carolina at risk.

Chapel Hill, N. C. (Vocus) October 21, 2009

One in six North Carolinians say they are cutting back on needed medical services, including physical exams and health screenings, because of economic concerns, according to a survey by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina.

The survey of North Carolina consumers, released today at BCBSNC's annual State of Preventive Health summit, indicates that some patients might be putting themselves at risk for future health problems.

"The recession and rising health care costs are having an impact on preventive health services - the very services that can help detect or prevent more serious and costly health problems down the road," said Don Bradley, MD, BCBSNC senior vice president and chief medical officer. "But there's never a good time to skip preventive health and healthy living."

BCBSNC's findings on the impact of the recession, increasing unemployment and rising health costs on consumer behavior are included in the company's 2009 State of Preventive Health report, available at www. betterhealthnc. com/sph09 (http://www. betterhealthnc. com/sph09). Key findings include:

 36 percent of North Carolinians say they are buying fewer prescription medications  31 percent are refilling medicines less quickly  18 percent are not going to the dentist  17 percent are not seeking regular physical exams because of economic concerns  17 percent are postponing medical tests or operations  The uninsured are considerably more likely to delay or do without medical services than those with coverage The survey is in line with other recent findings on preventive health in North Carolina. In a study released in early October, the Commonwealth Fund, a private foundation promoting a high-performing health system, dropped North Carolina's overall health ranking to 41st in the nation, down from 30th in 2007.

The BCBSNC survey asked North Carolinians about their spending on personal health care in the midst of today's down economy. With unemployment rising and health costs increasing as a result of such factors as an inefficient and fragmented health delivery system, unhealthy personal choices and a payment system that rewards quantity over quality, an increasing number of Americans are expressing frustration over health care. The BCBSNC survey captured behavior and spending changes among the 501 North Carolinians who participated.

Respondents without health insurance were considerably more likely to say they were delaying or doing without preventive health and other medical services.

Among the uninsured, who represented 12 percent of respondents, 47 percent were postponing health screenings and operations, compared with 13 percent of those with coverage. And 43 percent of the uninsured were not seeking regular physical exams, compared with 13 percent who have insurance.

"One of the most important takeaways from the survey is that preventive health should be given a high priority in health reform proposals," Bradley said. "Promoting health through prevention and healthy lifestyles is one of the best investments we can make in addressing costs and improving our system."

The BCBSNC survey, conducted by Durham-based market research firm W5 in April and May, was based on a randomly selected sample of North Carolinians. The margin of error for the total sample was plus or minus 4 percent.


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina is a leader in delivering innovative health care products, services and information to more than 3.7 million members, including approximately 900,000 served on behalf of other Blue Plans. For 76 years, the company has served its customers by offering health insurance at a competitive price and has served the people of North Carolina through support of community organizations, programs and events that promote good health. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Access BCBSNC online at www. bcbsnc. com].


Kimberley Colvin or Kyle Marshall

BCBSNC Media Line: 919-765-3005

Online Newsroom: www. bcbsnc. com/inside/newsroom. cfm (http://www. bcbsnc. com/inside/newsroom. cfm)


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Introducing Cardium™, a Premier Nutraceutical Designed to Help in the War on Congestive Heart Failure and Other Forms of Heart Disease Plus Many Types of Cancer

Introducing Cardium™, a Premier Nutraceutical Designed to Help in the War on Congestive Heart Failure and Other Forms of Heart Disease Plus Many Types of Cancer

NutraCAM officials announced today the release of Cardium™, a nutraceutical which contains a patented form of coenzyme Q10. CoQ10 has been shown to benefit people with congestive heart failure and other forms of heart disease, plus some types of cancer in various clinical studies. Cardium™, like all NutraCAM products, contains pure, European pharmaceutical grade compounds. These natural but pharmaceutically processed compounds are well researched and many are actually approved drugs in the EU (European Union).

Laguna Hills, CA (PRWEB) October 15, 2007

NutraCAM announced the official release today of Cardium™, a heart & circulatory system support nutraceutical that contains a generous supply of a patented form of co-enzyme Q10 that is 300% more bioavailable than other Q10s. Cardium™ also sports menaquinone-7, a Vitamin K2 compound that has been linked to the removal of calcium from blood vessels and other tissues, which is then shuttled to bones.

According to Larry Howard & Dr. Anthony Payne, co-authors of ''Health Benefits of Vitamin K2'' (Basic Health Publications), "…the form of vitamin K2 known as menaquinone-7 (MK-7) has proven effective in halting and reversing bone loss in both lab animals and humans. It has also proven effective in helping shuttle calcium out of hardened arteries for incorporation into bones or for excretion. Japan, in fact, has approved vitamin K2 as a treatment of osteoporosis. And in the European Union, world-renowned vitamin K2 researcher Dr. Cees Vermeer has shown through his clinical studies that MK-7 is a very effective intervention for addressing various heart and bone ailments. Vermeer's findings have been born out by studies published by scientists in many other countries." (Pages 71-72)

Like all NutraCAM supplements, Cardium™ was created using purified compounds made in massive state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing laboratories in Europe. And while most of the ingredients in NutraCAM products are classified as drugs in Europe, they are deemed heath food or dietary supplements here in the USA.

A website devoted solely to Cardium™ has been set up by NutraCAM: www. mycardium. com

"When it comes to addressing their health & fitness needs, consumers are primarily interested in products that are pure, safe, effective and competitively priced. This describes NutraCAM's Cardium™ and other products to a 'T'," said NutraCAM spokesperson Chara Howard. "NutraCAM does not and will not ever compromise when it comes to either quality or value. We invite health & value-conscious folks to check us out by going to our official website, www. NutraCAM. com]."


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