Bed & Breakfast Promotions and Sampling Programs Reap Immediate Results for Major Consumer Goods Companies

Bed & Breakfast Promotions and Sampling Programs Reap Immediate Results for Major Consumer Goods Companies

The bed & breakfast and country inn industry offers the perfect arena to sample consumer goods products and travel promotions.

Laguna Beach, CA (PRWEB) December 18, 2005

The bed & breakfast and country inn industry offers the perfect arena to sample consumer goods products and travel promotions. American Historic Inns, Inc., the leaders in promotions and sampling programs to bed & breakfasts, create customized travel promotions and sampling programs for major consumer goods companies including Sara Lee, Nestle, Tom's of Maine, Land O' Lakes and Coca-Cola.

Examples of themed promotions are as follows:

1. Travel Promotes Better Health: B&Bs Could Improve the Health of Your Customers.

Recent research shows that taking frequent vacations can prevent serious health conditions including heart disease for both men and women. Promoting healthy lifestyle, along with B&B vacations, breeds success for consumer promotions.

A study of 1,500 women by the Marshfield Clinic in Marshfield, Wis. found that women who take frequent vacations sleep better, are more satisfied in marriage, and are less likely to be tense or depressed. The same goes for men. A study of 12,338 middle aged men found that annual vacationers are less likely to develop heart disease and live longer.

Bed & breakfasts and country inns provide one-of-a-kind escapes for those in need of a break. The Madeleine of Santa Fe, New Mexico markets primarily to those seeking a romantic retreat or women looking for the spa experience of a lifetime. To accomplish this, they created the Absolute Nirvana Spa to provide a soothing sanctuary from the frantic and frenzied world.

The Silver Forest Inn in Bozeman, Montana offers a different sort of escape. They will help men & women design outdoor adventures to soothe the soul.

2. Adventure Travel and Bed & Breakfast Lodging.

Bed & breakfasts and country inns are increasingly offering travelers much more than just a comfortable bed and warm breakfast. Innkeepers are going the extra mile to promote area activities and itineraries, especially outdoor adventures.

Examples: Drummond's Ranch B&B - Cheyenne, Wyoming

Enjoy llama trekking through the Snowy Ranges or mountain biking in Medicine Bow National Forest. Visitors can even bring their horses and ride the numerous trails in the area.

Old Welches Inn - Welches, Oregon

Fly-fish the day away on the Salmon River, which runs through the inn's back yard.

Zion Farms - Rome, Georgia

Horseback ride, fish, hike and mountain bike on the farm's endless acreage.

3. Sampling: Innkeepers Create Buzz for Brands.

Innkeepers/owners of bed & breakfasts and country inns become brand evangelists for the products they sample. In fact, they look so forward to sampling products that they e-mail our offices regularly to remind us that they want more. This is where the power lies. Supermarket/retail samplings don't have near the impact. Nothing compares to the leisurely mood of a traveler enjoying and discovering their new surroundings and amenities.

Recently, AHI sampled Senseo coffee pod systems and coffee pods. Innkeepers were so excited about the product that they inspired guests to buy machines in retail outlets before they left to go home. Innkeepers reported that several of their customers bought them for their friends and family as well.

AHI's prescreened, carefully selected innkeepers always seem to go above and beyond merely sampling items in their inns. Additionally, inns provide a warm and inviting atmosphere that allows for travelers to enjoy products like never before.

4. Consumers Get Addicted to Free Night Program.

AHI's mission is to provide customized consumer promotion programs for consumer goods companies across the globe.

Consumers rave about the Bed & Breakfasts and Country Inns Free Night Program:

"I purchased 8 of these books (Buy-One-Night-Get-One-Night Free Country Inn guidebooks) in January and have already used them up. I am ordering 8 more. I've had great experiences. This year I've been to California, Philadelphia and San Antonio! The inns were fabulous!" --D. Valentine, Houston, Texas.

AHI received this quote from an enthusiastic customer who, like thousands of others, grasp the value of this promotion.

Build your promotion around our regular guidebook or mini-sized books. Mini-sized books can be delivered instantly on-pack or in-pack. Contact our promotions offices at (800) 397-4667 for more information.


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American Statistical Association Names 59 Fellows for 2007

American Statistical Association Names 59 Fellows for 2007

The 2007 ASA Fellows include US and International recipients, including 10 from the National Capital Area, six from California and four each from Indiana and Washington. A complete list of the honorees, by state, follows the body of the release.


The American Statistical Association (ASA), the nation's preeminent professional statistical society, today announced the election of 59 of its members as Fellows of the Association. The recipients received the honor in recognition of their outstanding professional contributions to and leadership in the field of statistical science. The Fellows will be presented at a ceremony on July 31 at the Association's 167th annual Joint Statistical Meetings in Salt Lake City.

"The ASA Fellows designation honors the extraordinary members of the statistics profession," said Mary Ellen Bock, ASA president. "The collective outstanding contributions of this year's Fellows from academia, government and industry have invigorated the statistics discipline in education, research, administration and service."

The 2007 Fellows come from 25 states and several countries around the globe. Ten Fellows are from the National Capital area; California had six honorees, and Washington and Indiana each have four Fellows. A list of the 2007 Fellows by state follows this release.

The designation of Fellow has been a superlative honor in ASA for more than 90 years. According to the association by-laws, each year the Committee on Fellows can elect no more than one-third of one percent of the total ASA membership as Fellows. Individuals are nominated for the honor by fellow members and must have an established reputation and made outstanding contributions in some aspect of statistical work to be selected.

The Committee on Fellows evaluates candidates' contributions to the advancements of statistics, giving due weight to publications, the positions held by the candidates in the organizations in which they are employed, activities within the Association, membership and attainments in other societies, and other professional activities. Selection committee members were Robert M. Bell, Chair; Demissie Alemayehu, Roderick Joseph Little, Roxy L. Peck, Bonnie K. Ray, Nozer D. Singpurwalla, John H. Thompson, Preston J. Waite, and Grace L. Yang.

About the American Statistical Association

The American Statistical Association (ASA), a scientific and educational society founded in Boston in 1839, is the second oldest continuously operating professional society in the United States. For more than 160 years, ASA has been providing its 18,000 members serving in academia, government, and industry and the public with up-to-date, useful information about statistics. The ASA has a proud tradition of service to statisticians, quantitative scientists, and users of statistics across a wealth of academic areas and applications. For additional information about the American Statistical Association, please visit the association's web site at http://www. amstat. org (http://www. amstat. org) or call 703.684.1221.

2007 American Statistical Association Fellows


Lester R. Curtin, Mathematical Statistician, National Center for Health Statistics, Hyattsville, Maryland

Mary W. Gray, Professor of Mathematics & Statistics, American University, Washington, DC

David R. Judkins, Senior Statistician, Westat, Inc., Rockville, Maryland

Elizabeth H. Margosches, Statistician, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC

Leyla K. Mohadjer, Vice President, Westat, Inc., Rockville, Maryland

Barry D. Nussbaum, Chief Statistician, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC

Allen L. Schirm, Assoc. Director and Senior Fellow, Mathematica Policy Research Inc, Washington, DC

Stuart Scott, Senior Mathematical Statistician, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Arlington, Virginia

Joanna H. Shih, Mathematical Statistician, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland

Kai Fun Yu, Branch Chief, Biometry and Mathematical Statistics Branch, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Bethesda, Maryland


David B. Allison, Professor of Biostatistics and Head of Section on Statistical Genetics, University of Alabama at Birmingham


Joseph M. Hilbe, Government and Healthcare Statistical Consultant and Adjunct, Arizona State University, Florence


John L. Adams, Senior Statistician, RAND, Santa Monica, California

David Draper, Professor and Chair of Statistics, University of California, Santa Cruz

Linda Gage, Senior Demographer, California Department of Finance, Sacramento

Jiming Jiang, Professor of Statistics, University of California, Davis

Michael I. Jordan, Professor of Statistics, Electrical Engineering, and Computer, UCAL Berkeley

Weng Kee Wong, Professor of Biostatistics, UCLA School of Public Health, Los Angeles


Michael J. Daniels, Associate Professor of Biostatistics and Statistics, University of Florida, Gainesville


JC Lu, Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta

Elizabeth Regina Zell, Mathematical Statistician, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Atlanta


Mohsen Pourahmadi, Professor of Statistics, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois


John J. Deely, Professor Emeritus of Statistics, University of Canterbury, West Lafayette, Indiana

Rebecca W. Doerge, Professor of Statistics and Agronomy, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

Chuanhai Liu, Professor of Statistics, University of Purdue, West Lafayette, Indiana

Walter W. Offen, Senior Research Fellow, Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, Indiana


Joseph B. Lang, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Iowa, Iowa City


Ming T. Tan, Professor and Division Head of Cancer Biostatistics, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore


Samuel Kou, John L. Loeb Associate Professor of Natural Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge

Katherine L. Monti, Senior Statistical Scientist and Director, Massachusetts Office, Rho, Inc., Newton


Mick P. Couper, Research Associate Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Zachary G. Stoumbos, Professor and Chair of Management Science and Information, Rutgers University Business School, New Providence, New Jersey

Cun-Hui Zhang, Professor of Statistics, Rutgers University, Piscataway, New Jersey

Ji Zhang, Vice President, Clinical Operations, International Clinical Development, Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceutical Research, Bridgewater, New Jersey


Nicolas W. Hengartner, Project Leader, Information Sciences Group, Los Alamos National Laboratory


Glenn Heller, Attending Biostatistician, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York

Edward Lakatos, President, BiostatHaven Inc., Croton-on-Hudson, New York

Ian W. McKeague, Professor of Biostatistics, Columbia University, New York, New York


David B. Dunson, Sr. Investigator, Nat'l Institute for Environmental Health Sciences, Research Triangle

Jacqueline M. Hughes-Oliver, Professor of Statistics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh

Russell D. Wolfinger, Director of Scientific Discovery and Genomics, SAS Institute, Cary, North Carolina


Sati Mazumdar, Professor of Biostatistics, Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh


Robert B. Lund, Professor of Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina

Elizabeth H. Slate, Professor of Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, and Epidemiology, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston


Way Kuo, University Distinguished Professor and Dean of Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Yu Shen, Professor of Biostatistics, University of Texas, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston


Jeffrey L. Solka, Principal Scientist, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgreen, Virginia


Scott S. Emerson, Professor of Biostatistics, University of Washington, Seattle

Ziding Feng, Member, Public Health Sciences Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle

Patrick J. Heagerty, Professor of Biostatistics, University of Washington, Seattle

Jonathan C. Wakefield, Professor of Statistics & Biostatistics, University of Washington, Seattle


Michael A. Newton, Professor of Statistics, Biostatistics, and Medical Informatics, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Odd O. Aalen, Professor of Biostatistics, University of Oslo, Norway

Charmaine B. Dean, Professor and Burnaby Mountain Research Chair of Statistics and Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia

Marc G. Genton, Professor of Statistics, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Therese A. Stukel, Vice President, Research and Senior Scientist, Institute Clinical Evaluative Sciences, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Antony Unwin, Professor for Computer-Oriented Statistics and Data Analysis, Augsburg University, Augsburg, Germany

Yannis Yatracos, Professor of Statistics, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Li-Xing Zhu, Professor of Statistics, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, China


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Reset Your Monthly Retirement Savings for 2005

Reset Your Monthly Retirement Savings for 2005

As the New Year begins, many retirement plans have increased their maximum contribution levels for 2005. Now is the time to reset monthly retirement savings to take advantage of increased tax breaks.

Woburn, MA (PRWEB) January 7, 2005

While December 31st is a day to reflect on the year gone by, January 1st is a time to look forward to 2005 to take full advantage of this year's increased tax breaks, according to Andrew Schwartz, CPA and founder of the MDTAXES Network of CPAÂ’s who specialize in providing tax and accounting services to health care professionals. In the monthly newsletter found on the website www. mdtaxes. com, Schwartz outlines increases in maximum contributions of the following retirement plans that are in effect for 2005:

• 401(k) and 403(b) Plans

This year, employees can contribute up to $14,000, or $1,166.67 per month, into a 401(k) or 403(b) plan through salary deferrals. Employees who were 50 or older by December 31st can contribute an extra $4,000 into their 401(k) or 403(b) plan this year, for a total of $18,000. To max out this pre-tax opportunity, employees should instruct their employer to withhold $1,500.00 each month from their paychecks.


Many smaller employers offer SIMPLE IRAs which work just like 401(k)s in that they are funded through salary deferrals. For 2005, the maximum contribution into for a SIMPLE is $10,000, or $833.33 per month. Anyone 50 or older by December 31st can sock away an additional $2,000 this year, for a total annual contribution of $12,000, or $1,000 per month.


If you're self-employed, you can contribute up to 20% of your net self-employment income into a SEP even if you are covered under a retirement plan though another employer. The maximum contribution for 2005 is $42,000, or $3,500 per month.

• Solo 401(k)'s

Solo 401(k)'s are an attractive alternative to many sole proprietors and business owners with no full time employees (those who work more than 1,000 hours per year) besides a spouse. If you don't have access to a 401(k) or 403(b) plan through another employer, the Solo 401(k) plan allows you to sock away much more money than a SEP IRA and also makes it easier to hit this year's maximum of $42,000. If you're 50 or older, your maximum contribution into a Solo 401(k) jumps to $46,000, or $3,833.33 per month.

• IRA's

Even if you're covered under a retirement plan at work, you and your spouse can each contribute up to $4,000, or $333.33 per month, into a traditional IRA or Roth IRA this year. Anyone 50 or older can contribute an extra $500, increasing the total allowable contribution to $4,500, or $375 per month.

Andrew Schwartz cautions that “Most people won't be able to max out these tax-advantaged retirement options unless they get on a budget and put away a set amount of money each month. Now's the time to reset your monthly retirement savings for 2005.”

Andrew D. Schwartz, CPA is the editor and a major contributor to www. mdtaxes. com, a website that provides income tax and financial planning information geared toward young healthcare professionals. Recently, Yahoo! Internet Life magazine chose mdtaxes. com as one of the seven essential sites for the savvy do-it-yourself taxpayer. Schwartz has also appeared on CNBC's Money Club to discuss the site. He is available for interviews.


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Teaching Proper Landing Technique Helps Prevent ACL Injuries in Women

Teaching Proper Landing Technique Helps Prevent ACL Injuries in Women

Study finds low intensity low volume plyometric program reduces risk of knee injury

(PRWEB) February 7, 2005

An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear is one of the most serious injuries in sport, generally requiring surgery and a long rehabilitation period. And it is a startling fact that women are more likely to suffer a non-contact ACL injury than their male counterparts. Finding a way to reduce these knee injuries in women is critical.

Past research suggests that the impact forces occurring during landings from a jump contribute to the incidence of injury. However, the training programs studied were unrealistic due to the large time demands with high intensity and high volume training.

In this study, published by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (November 2004), a specialized plyometric training program, significantly reduced the magnitude and rate of impact forces generated during landing, and thus, lessen the occurrence of ACL injuries in women.

Researchers from Boise State University and the University of Louisville found that a low volume, low intensity training program can improve landing mechanics in a manner conducive to injury prevention. Further, the 20-minute, 2-day per week program can easily be incorporated into a regular training program.

Twenty-eight women were randomly assigned into two groups. The treatment group performed the low intensity and low volume program for nine weeks, while the control group received no intervention.

Results showed significant reduction in peak vertical impact forces (reduced an average of 26.4%) and rate of force development (reduced by 27.3%) in the treatment group after nine weeks of training. No change occurred in the control group.

When landing from a jump, women generate higher impact forces over a shorter period of time than men. This predisposes women to a greater risk of ACL injury. By learning proper landing techniques, women are able to reduce the likelihood of non-contact ACL injuries.

Plyometrics are complex jumping and pivot training exercises. The NSCA recommends you work with a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®) or NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer® (NSCA-CPT®) with experience in plyometric training before starting a program. Strength and conditioning professionals can be found on the NSCA web site at www. nsca-lift. org/trainers (http://www. nsca-lift. org/trainers).

About the NSCA

The National Strength and Conditioning Association is the leading authority on strength and conditioning. For 27 years, the NSCA has bridged science and application to provide reliable, research-based, strength and conditioning information to its members and the general public. With nearly 30,000 members worldwide, the NSCA is the largest health and fitness association in the world. For more information on NSCA professional journals, cutting edge conferences, educational text and videos, or other services, visit www. nsca-lift. org.

NOTE: The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research is the official research journal of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and is available from Alliance Communication Group at 800-627-0932. For a complete copy of the research paper (Vol. 18, No. 4, page 703-707) or to speak with a leading strength and conditioning expert on the topic, you may contact the NSCA Public Relations Department at 800-815-6826.


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Baby Boomers Drive Success of Get in Shape for Women's 100% Growth for 4th Year in a Row

Baby Boomers Drive Success of Get in Shape for Women's 100% Growth for 4th Year in a Row

Next iteration of small group personal training franchise is a reflection of economic and consumer trends

Boston, MA (PRWEB) August 5, 2010

As unemployment reaches record levels, banks tighten their lending protocol and the economy continues to stall, most franchise categories have seen a dramatic drop in the last 2 years.* However, one franchise brand continues to expand, reaching a milestone this month of 4 consecutive years of 100% growth with total sales exceeding $7 million in the first 6 months of 2010.

Get In Shape For Women (GISFW) is a business model created in response to prevailing trends in the fitness industry including the growing demographic of women age 45 and older who have tried nearly every weight-loss option available. Baby Boomers are bypassing large gyms and expensive one-on-one personal training to work out in small groups that encompass all aspects of a successful fitness plan at a reasonable cost. The trend has led to a boom in the small fitness studio franchise industry.

Headquartered in Needham, MA, GISFW was founded in 2006 and has grown to include 45 open studios with 20 more in development for 2010, and 90 total territories sold to date throughout 9 states including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Connecticut, Wisconsin, California, Florida and Indiana.

One of the most important elements to consider when purchasing a franchise is the financial strength of the corporate brand. In 2009, total sales for GISFW were $7,615,000.00. In the first 6 months of 2010 alone, total sales have already reached $7,370,000.00. Perhaps the biggest indicator of GISFW's franchise success is that out of the 35 individual franchise owners, 21 own the rights to more than one territory. At $15,000, the GISFW franchise fee is one of the lowest in the industry with one of the highest rates of return considering their low equipment lease structure and franchise fees.

Founded by exercise physiologist Brian Cook, GISFW taps into the unique criteria of women who have the desire to achieve a healthy weight and fitness level, but lack the commitment needed. This is especially true for Baby Boomers who make up the majority of GISFW's client base. In a recent survey, 61% of women polled don't have the motivation to work out alone. But an equal number actually enjoys exercise when paired with a friend.** Those who utilize a personal trainer are 91% more likely to not only reach their weight loss and fitness goals, but maintain them.*** And the leading factors in choosing a fitness plan today are time and money.****

GISFW's business model answers these issues with 4 pillars unique to GISFW: Small groups limited to 4 women who all have their own individual work out plans but share a trainer; accountability to the women you train with creating an atmosphere of camaraderie; weight training and cardio training at every workout and personalized nutritional plans. Rates starting at $19 per session are less than half the industry standard.

*:  Frandata. com 

**:  Diamond Insurance Survey 

***: Bls. gov/Survey statistics

***: American Council on Exercise


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Piribo: Analgesics in Austria, New Publication Announcement

Piribo: Analgesics in Austria, New Publication Announcement

Piribo, the online destination for business intelligence for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, has now added a new report called “Analgesics in Austria”. http://www. piribo. com/publications/country/europe_west/austria/analgesics_austria. html

(PRWEB) August 24, 2006

Analgesics in Austria report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data (2000-2005), allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. It identifies the leading companies, the leading brands and offers strategic analysis of key factors influencing the market - be they new product developments, distribution or pricing issues. Forecasts to 2010 illustrate how the market is set to change.

Product coverage: adult analgesics, child-specific analgesics, systemic analgesics, topical analgesics

Data coverage: market sizes (historic and forecasts), company shares, brand shares

Why buy this report?

Get a detailed picture of the analgesics industry Pinpoint growth sectors and trends and identify factors driving change Understand the competitive environment, the market's major players and leading brands Use five-year forecasts to assess how the market is predicted to develop


1. Executive Summary

2. Operating Environment

3. Otc Healthcare Sales

4. Analgesics Sales

“Analgesics in Austria” is available from Piribo. For more information go to: http://www. piribo. com/publications/country/europe_west/austria/analgesics_austria. html (http://www. piribo. com/publications/country/europe_west/austria/analgesics_austria. html)

Piribo Product ID: EUR005

About Piribo.

Piribo (http://www. piribo. com (http://www. piribo. com)) is a UK-based independent online store supplying business information on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The website now carries over 3,800 English language titles including, market reports, studies and books and is the UK’s largest online biopharma information store. Subscribers receive a free monthly newsletter and email alerts on new titles in their areas of interest. The company was established in 2004.


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'Miracles For MSA' Proclaims March as Multiple System Atrophy Awareness Month

'Miracles For MSA' Proclaims March as Multiple System Atrophy Awareness Month

Patient support groups and advocates work to generate awareness and fundraising for Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) a rare, incurable brain disease.

Facebook, Worldwide (PRWEB) March 11, 2010

There is no Michael J. Fox. Nor a Muhammad Ali or a Lou Gehrig. But more than 1,000 fans—known on Facebook as Miracles For MSA—have proclaimed March as Multiple System Atrophy Awareness Month.

Passionate patients, caregivers, researchers, friends, and family members want everyone to know about this rare, incurable brain disease that combines many symptoms of Parkinson's Disease and ALS, with cerebellar ataxia and autonomic failure. Multiple System Atrophy also known as MSA, affects multiple systems of the body. It's a disease that's hard to diagnose. And it wreaks havoc on not only the patient but all of those who love the patient as well.

"Miracles For MSA," a Facebook page connecting those affected by MSA worldwide, stemmed from a similarly named charity event last March in Nashville, Tenn. It brought together Pittsburgh Steeler's Cornerback Fernando Bryant, a promising genomic research initiative, a Michigan life science startup, and Vanderbilt University Medical Center, to raise money for life-saving MSA research. The idea for MSA Awareness month was sparked by Bryant's former basketball coach, Bob Summers, on the Miracles for MSA Facebook page. Summers' wife suffers from MSA.

"MSA is so rare that many cases are wrongly diagnosed as Parkinson's or other diseases with similar symptoms," said Pam Bower, an active member of the Facebook page, who's mother-in-law was afflicted with MSA. "My hope with the MSA Awareness month is that the worldwide MSA community will feel more united and will be inspired to do more to raise the profile of this disease and to raise funds."

Other organizations have joined the effort to proclaim March as MSA Awareness month. A prominent organization supporting greater awareness is the Shy-Drager Syndrome (SDS) Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) Support Group. “By declaring March Multiple System Atrophy Awareness month, SDS/MSA organizers hope to take awareness and fundraising one step further, bringing this and other groups to the forefront of awareness collectively” stated Vera James, co-President of the SDS/MSA Support Group.

About Multiple System Atrophy

According to the National Institutes of Health, "Multiple system atrophy (MSA) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder characterized by symptoms of autonomic nervous system failure such as fainting spells and bladder control problems, combined with motor control symptoms such as tremor, rigidity, and loss of muscle coordination. MSA affects both men and women primarily in their 50s. The disease tends to advance rapidly over the course of nine to 10 years, with progressive loss of motor skills, eventual confinement to bed, and death. There is no remission from the disease. There is currently no cure." Multiple System Atrophy encompasses disorders previously known as Shy-Drager Syndrome, striatonigral degeneration and sporadic olivopontocerebellar atrophy. For more details about Multiple System Atrophy please see the National Institutes of Health MSA factsheet (http://www. ninds. nih. gov/disorders/msa/detail_msa. htm).

About the SDS/MSA Support Group

The SDS/MSA Support Group is a 501c3 nonprofit devoted to fostering an ongoing relationship between patients, caregivers, their family members, and medical professionals. The Support Group is one of the most sought-after resources for those dealing with the disease. Services and education offered by the group include an annual patient/caregiver national meeting, quarterly webinars, educational materials and a toll free hotline (1-866-737-5999) designed to offer much needed emotional support for patients and caregivers. For more information please contact Vera James at 1-866-737-5999 or visit the official SDS/MSA Support Group website (http://www. shy-drager. org/).

About “Miracles for MSA” on Facebook

Miracles for MSA is a social networking group on Facebook dedicated to uniting people affected by Multiple System Atrophy. The group enables patients, caregivers, family members and friends to join a community, discuss a range of topics about the rare disease and to advocate for disease awareness and research. To further generate awareness and education the group is creating a website that will be open to all MSA organizations worldwide, a resource for all MSA connections. The website, http://www. msaawareness. org (http://www. msaawareness. org), will be live mid-to-late-March. Join the "Miracles for MSA" Facebook page (http://www. facebook. com/pages/Miracles-for-MSA/138909258573). For more information about Miracles for MSA contact Bob Summers


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Hospital Construction Poised to Bolster Voorhees, NJ, Housing Market

Hospital Construction Poised to Bolster Voorhees, NJ, Housing Market

State-of-the-art hospital currently under construction in Voorhees, New Jersey, will spur positive growth in the Voorhees, NJ, real estate market, says local Real Estate expert Val Nunnenkamp.

Marlton, NJ (PRWEB) June 17, 2010

With the Virtua Health Replacement Hospital on schedule to open in 2011, the gradual reinvigoration of the Voorhees, NJ, real estate (http://www. valcansell. com/voorhees-nj-real-estate-s4631.html) market is also right on track, says Voorhees, NJ, Realtor (http://www. valcansell. com/voorhees-nj-realtor-s4632.html) Val Nunnenkamp of the Val Nunnenkamp Team. The new state-of-the-art hospital is being constructed on a 120-acre healthcare campus, with numerous facilities that include a regional outpatient center, medical office building, support services building, and a central energy plant, all using the latest in advanced, digital technology.

The hospital also incorporates green construction practices and natural elements, featuring rooftop gardens using a runoff water collection system for irrigation. In addition, there are people spaces designed for interactivity, like community meeting venues, health and wellness shops, and dining establishments, all integrated into a total healing environment.

Intended to replace the current Virtua Hospital that was built during the 1970's, this new hospital will create new jobs with the increase in the number of beds, as well as the growth of ambulatory services. Along with the landscaped campus grounds with its gardens and walking paths, the hospital lies on some wetlands that will be preserved in their natural state to ensure the area's eco-balance and enhance the beauty of the campus.

“What this all means is a great deal of future growth in Voorhees homes (http://www. valcansell. com/),” says Nunnenkamp, “as potential residents directly or indirectly involved with the hospital will flock to the surrounding neighborhoods and communities, looking for ideal Voorhees homes suitable for their needs. Our own office’s location is just up the street from the hospital." Nunnenkamp further states that positive effects of this large-scale construction project can already be seen in the Voorhees housing market.

With over 25 years in the real estate industry, Val Nunnenkamp has been a Chairman Diamond winner with Prudential Fox & Roach, REALTORS®, and ranked among the Top 100 Agents nationwide. Together with his skilled professionals that comprise the Val Nunnenkamp Team, they consistently seek new and innovative ways to better service clients through education, training, and networking.

Count on these experts to handle your next real estate transaction in Voorhees, NJ - visit their website at valcansell. com or get in touch directly with The Val Nunnenkamp Team (http://www. valcansell. com/company. php) today.

# # #

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Businesses in Trouble Due to Upcoming Federal Regulation

Businesses in Trouble Due to Upcoming Federal Regulation

The upcoming health-care reform could carry an unwanted surprise for businesses. Mandatory additional 1099 reporting may cause businesses without a CPA to raise their expenses.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) December 2, 2010

An upcoming federal regulation will launch a flurry of tax documents in an effort to ferret out unreported business income. This could cause major problems for small businesses that don’t currently have the staff to fill out the additional paper work. Some experts, including a Las Vegas CPA firm, say the law isn’t even likely to deliver on its purpose.

“We lobbied against this just because it’s a pain for our clients” said Jeff Breeden, a partner in Las Vegas accounting firm Stewart, Archibald & Barney. “If you have to focus on how you capture accounting information in a better way, it’s probably not a horrific thing. But it’s a ridiculous thing given the goal. I don’t think expanding (1099 reporting rules) to corporations is going to do a thing for the tax gap.”

Experts predict that small businesses who are taking advantage of local CPA firms will be in a much better position once the law takes place, which could be soon, as it is attached to the upcoming health-care reform.

To understand how the law will change accounting procedures, consider existing bookkeeping requirements. Under current law, businesses must send 1099 forms to any independent contractor from whom they purchase $600 in services in a year – the magazine who buys an article from a free-lance writer, for example, or the developer who retains a law firm.

The new law will expand 1099 reporting to tangible goods, and it will demand that businesses submit the forms to corporations with whom they do business. That means landscaping companies that buy more than $600 a year in gasoline for their trucks will have to file 1099s on those purchases. If you throw $600 worth of pizza parties for your workers annually, you’ll have to send forms in for the restaurant. If you buy office supplies from Costco, you’ll need to send the big-box chain 1099s detailing the purchases. Businesses will need to track and report purchases of flowers, gift baskets, office equipment, inventory and any other goods totaling at least $600 a year.

It’s easy to see how this could quickly become a nightmare for any small business who doesn’t already have a CPA firm handling their bookkeeping. And it looks like there is little chance for the law to be over-turned. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., suggested raising the $600 reporting floor to $5,000 and exempting companies with fewer than 25 employees, but it failed to pass in congress.

For additional information on how upcoming changes may affect businesses and individuals, contact Stewart, Archibald & Barney or visit http://www. las-vegas-cpas. com.

About Stewart, Archibald & Barney:

Stewart, Archibald & Barney, LLP was established by Gary Stewart in 1972. Since its inception, the firm has grown to employ over thirty-five people. As a well-respected firm in the community, they are continuously striving to help build a more financially prosperous Las Vegas.


Stewart, Archibald & Barney


Http://www. sabcpa. com

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Venous Disease Coalition Presents Research Awards to Top 3 Research Papers

Venous Disease Coalition Presents Research Awards to Top 3 Research Papers

The Venous Disease Coalition (VDC) presented the Coalition’s second annual VDC Research Awards at the Coalition's Annual Meeting in Alexandria, VA. The Best Research Award to honor the work of the top three research papers on venous disease published in 2009

Denver, CO (Vocus) October 6, 2010

The Venous Disease Coalition (VDC) presented the Coalition’s second annual Research Awards to the top three research papers on venous disease published in 2009 at the organization’s Seventh Annual Meeting in Alexandria, VA. The VDC Research Awards recognize important research relevant to the understanding and/or treatment of venous disease in three categories, Basic Science, Clinical outcomes and Implementation of quality improvement, or public awareness of the impact of venous disease

The Coalition seeks to identify exceptional contributions to venous disease research. These annual awards assist health care practitioners, medical journals, the media, and the public by featuring important new knowledge in the field of venous disease.

The VDC Research award in the category of Basic Science as presented to Peter J. Pappas, MD, Professor of Surgery and Director for New Jersey Medical School. He and his colleagues were recognized for their work on the research study Regulation of Matrix Contraction in Chronic Venous Disease, published in the European Journal of Vascular Surgery (14:203-13, 2009).

The study explored the role of TGF-beta(1) in venous ulcer healing and the signalling cascades regulating dermal fibroblast function.

The VDC Research Awards in the category of Research Related to Quality Improvement and Implementation of Best Practices was presented to Alpesh N. Amin, MD, Professor of Medicine for the University of California School of Medicine. He and his colleagues were recognized for their work on the research study Inpatient thromboprophylaxis use in U. S. hospitals: Adherence to the seventh American College of Chest Physician’s recommendations for at-risk medical and surgical patients published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine (2009 Oct;4(8):E15-21). This study assesses the real-world rate of appropriate inpatient VTE prophylaxis in hospitalized U. S. medical and surgical patients at risk of VTE, in accordance with the seventh American College of Chest Physicians, (ACCP) guidelines.

The VDC Research Award in the category of Clinical Outcomes Research was presented to Russell D. Hull, MBBS, MSc, Professor of Medicine at the University of Calgary. He and his colleagues were recognized for their work on the research study published in the American Journal of Medicine (2009 Aug;122(8):762-769.e3). This study compared long-term treatment at home with tinzaparin or usual care in terms of efficacy, safety, patients' treatment satisfaction, incidence of post-thrombotic syndrome, and associated venous leg ulcers.

About the Venous Disease Coalition

The Venous Disease Coalition (VDC) (http://www. venousdiseasecoalition. org) promotes the urgent need to make venous thromboembolism or “VTE” a major U. S. public health priority. The VDC is an alliance of leading health professional societies and patient advocacy groups that have united around a common goal: to improve the survival rates and quality of life for individuals with, or at risk for, venous disease. It is a division of the Vascular Disease Foundation (http://www. vdf. org), a national, not-for-profit section 501(c)(3) organization and is supported by the following national sponsors: Eisai Inc., BSN Jobst, AngioDynamics, BioMedix, Cook Medical and Juzo.


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Vortechnics Launches Redesigned Web Site to Enable Customers to Better Manage their Stormwater Treatment Projects

Vortechnics Launches Redesigned Web Site to Enable Customers to Better Manage their Stormwater Treatment Projects

Vortechnics. com offers comprehensive stormwater information and practical product tools for civil engineers, contractors, site owners, developers, and municipal planners.

Scarborough, ME (PRWEB) February 11, 2005

Vortechnics (http://www. vortechnics. com), the leading provider in stormwater treatment, today introduced a redesigned web site to better serve its customers in both the private and public sectors. With technical support pages, and robust product tools, such as a sizing calculator and interactive animations, Vortechnics. com delivers on-demand access to an extensive library of information on stormwater and treatment solutions.

"The mission of our new web site is much like the mission of our company -- it's all about cleaning up stormwater to protect the health of our lakes, rivers and oceans. This site makes that mission practical. We have created a cutting-edge environment that enables engineers, contractors and site owners to better manage their stormwater treatment projects -- from the selection of the right solution to understanding the long-range maintenance requirements," said David Miley, CEO of Vortechnics.

Visitors to Vortechnics. com (http://www. vortechnics. com) have the option of choosing a pathway on the web site specific to a user's professional interest. For example, the "engineers" pathway guides the visitor to stormwater topics, tools and links that are typically most useful for specifying civil engineers. The company's new sizing calculator (http://www. vortechnics. com/product_resources/sizing_calculators. aspx), called http://www. vortechnics. com/product_resources/sizing_calculators. aspx (http://www. vortechnics. com/product_resources/sizing_calculators. aspx) VortSizer„· (http://www. vortechnics. com/product_resources/sizing_calculators. aspx), allows engineers to generate preliminary sizing specs for its VortSentry„· (http://www. vortechnics. com/products/vortsentry. aspx) and Vortechs„¥ (http://www. vortechnics. com/products/vortechs. aspx) System products. Specifiers will also benefit from the project and client features, which allow them to securely store, organize and edit multiple stormwater projects and systems.

The site's innovative navigation also provides direct access to all sections of stormwater information, while simultaneously ensuring that the user never feels "lost" in the various levels of content. Rather than using a pathway, a user can quickly locate the desired area of interest through one of the main navigation links, the site map, or the search feature.

"We had our customers in mind from the first moment we began designing this site. Like our engineered stormwater products, this site was specifically created to make our customers' jobs easier. We know how hard it is to research new products, and we are committed to making that common task -- along with many others -- as simple and straightforward as possible," Miley said.

The new web site was designed by HSR Business to Business in Cincinnati, Ohio.

About Vortechnics, Inc.

As the leading provider of engineered stormwater treatment solutions, Vortechnics has set the industry standard with its emphasis on technical customer service, research and development, customization, ease of installation and maintenance. The company's comprehensive suite of stormwater treatment products capture pollutants from runoff and protect waterways from damaging, contaminated stormwater flows. With the most comprehensive lab, field and third-party testing in the industry, Vortechnics delivers proven results and site-specific solutions for all applications and rainfall conditions. Founded in 1988 and based in Scarborough, Maine, Vortechnics, part of the Contech family of companies, has installed thousands of stormwater treatment systems throughout the U. S. and Canada, ensuring that millions of people are able to enjoy the benefits of cleaner, safer water.

For more information about Vortechnics and its products, visit the company's web site (http://www. vortechnics. com) at www. vortechnics. com or call 877-907-8676.

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POY Announces Website To Promote the Well-Being Of Youth Worldwide

POY Announces Website To Promote the Well-Being Of Youth Worldwide

-- Perspectives On Youth (POY) has premiered as a new Internet forum (http://www. perspectivesonyouth. org) for professionals in multiple disciplines serving young people to exchange information, research and experiences with one common goal: promoting the well-being of youth worldwide.

(PRWEB) October 2, 2002



Perspectives On Youth (POY) Announces Website To Promote the

Well-Being Of Youth Worldwide

MANHASSET, NY, Oct 3, 2002- Perspectives On Youth (POY)has premiered as a new Internet forum

(http://www. perspectivesonyouth. org (http://www. perspectivesonyouth. org)) for professionals in multiple disciplines serving young people to exchange information, research and experiences with one common goal: promoting the well-being of youth worldwide.

"There's never been a more crucial time to reach out to >oung people and to support those in professions that deal ith youth on a day to day basis," notes POY's founder Joi Kohlhagen. "The problems of child abuse, depression, poverty and aimlessness affecting young people today has reached epidemic

Proportions. POY's website and its changing content offers a wide variety of information and resources to help professionals in many different walks of life who work with youth -- attorneys, educators, mental health professionals, social workers -- get the support they need to promote the well-being of children of all ages."

The core of POY's website (http://www. perspectivesonyouth. org (http://www. perspectivesonyouth. org))

Is a "Perspectives" newsletter that changes bi-monthly and offers reports and reflections about issues affecting young people. The premiere issue features remarks from First Lady Laura Bush, a Perspective on the Effect of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on children; a report by the United States Department of Health and Human Services on Child Maltreatment; and a Perspectives on the Youth Movement from 1945 to the present. The next edition of "Perspectives" is slated for January 2003 and guest contributors are welcome

To submit ideas and articles.

The Perspectives On Youth website was designed to serve as an information clearinghouse and offers visitors numerous resources, all free of charge. These include a listing of National Resource Centers for Youth; information about pending legislation in the United States House and Senate affecting young people; links to other websites dealing with children and family issues; a directory of toll free resource numbers; and suggested Publications About Youth.

Kohlhagen adds, "Professionals who work with youth are the unsung heroes of our society. Many work for low pay and in high frustration atmospheres. The results of their efforts are often difficult to measure immediately. Yet these professionals often have lifelong impact on the children they serve. Our goal is to provide them with extensive resources and information that can help make their jobs easier."

To access POY, log onto http://www. perspectivesonyouth. org (http://www. perspectivesonyouth. org).

Joi Kohlhagen can be reached for media interviews

Poyemail@aol. com.

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No Place Like Home TV Presents "Beauty From Within: Haircare and Self-Esteem"

No Place Like Home TV Presents "Beauty From Within: Haircare and Self-Esteem"

No Place Like Home TV is proud to partner with Straight Arrow Products to bring you this informative television segment.

(PRWEB) May 15, 2005

Beautiful hair is often referred to as a woman’s crowning glory, but for many women it is a dream rather than a reality. While anyone can have beautiful hair, there are a number of factors that contribute regularly to the overall damage of one’s hair including daily obstacles such as environmental conditions, sun damage, exposure to chlorine and other chemicals, blow-drying and styling and product build-up. Tune into the next edition of No Place Like Home as we, with our special guest from Straight Arrow Products, discuss how Mane ‘n Tail products by Straight Arrow Products were originally developed for use on horses, but the products worked so well that groomers began using the products themselves to achieve the beautiful results they saw with their horses. The results spread by word of mouth, and the company introduced a line formulated for people in 1993. Everyone wants healthy, beautiful hair, and with proper care and the right hair products, it is possible. Interestingly, we can learn a lot about beautiful hair and hair care from horses and the products that are used to maintain and enrich their flowing manes and tails. We are often urged to use a little “horse sense,” and, with respect to hair care, this might be the best advice we will get.

No Place Like Home is an eclectic, fast paced, half-hour television series that addresses the most important topics facing families today. No Place Like Home offers ideas and solutions for families of every variety, working their way through some of the happiest, most exciting, and perhaps most challenging times of life.

There are thousands of interesting stories in the midst of our homes and No Place Like Home is committing its television resources to bringing the best of these stories to the American public. No Place Like Home covers a wide range of topics such as parenting issues, health and wellness, women's issues, home decor, home renovation and construction, cooking, nutrition, travel and leisure, automotive, financial, and technology.

Whether you're a family of one, or a house full of people of all ages, No Place Like Home will provide practical suggestions on how life can be lived more creatively and inclusively, regardless of age, health, or family budget.

Don't miss the next episode of No Place Like Home! To learn more about No Place Like Home prior to airing, visit us on the web at www. NoPlaceLikeHomeTV. com.

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Play Kitchens Teach Children To Eat Healthy From An Early Age

Play Kitchens Teach Children To Eat Healthy From An Early Age

Play kitchens now on sale to coincide with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Savings can exceed twenty percent.

East Hanover, NJ (Vocus) April 15, 2010

TopKidsFurniture. com, a website specializing in high-quality kids’ furniture, both play and practical, is offering reduced prices on play kitchens to coincide with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Available pieces range from single items, such as a brightly painted play microwave or side shelf, to entire play kitchen sets. Some items are marked by down more than twenty percent.

Brandon Fuhrmann, creator of TopKidsFurniture. com, states, “These play kitchens can serve a dual role as both educational tools and toys.” He clarifies, “Parents today are much more aware of the dangers of childhood obesity than ever before, and shows like Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution are emphasizing the importance of not only feeding kids quality foods, but teaching them to make good personal choices when it comes to diet. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that play kitchens are the perfect place to start teaching these decision-making skills. They also provide a place for our youngest future chefs to play in a safe and fun environment.”

TopKidsFurniture. com’s play kitchens have features such as opening and closing refrigerator, freezer, microwave or cabinet doors; removable sinks for easy cleaning; and sturdy construction. TopKidsFurniture. com also offers play kitchens in a variety of designs and color schemes, ranging from silver to pink to white accented with bright primary colors. “It’s all high-quality stuff,” says Fuhrmann. “When you buy a product from Topkidfurniture. com, you know you’re getting quality pieces that your children can enjoy for years.”

In addition to play kitchens, Topkidfurniture. com offers bedroom sets, mirrors, kids desks (http://www. topkidsfurniture. com/catalog/Desks-20-1.html), scooters, rocking horses and toy chests, along with numerous other items, all of which are sorted into clear and easily searched categories on the website. The site also offers sports-themed children’s furniture featuring MLB, NBA and NHL teams.

States Fuhrmann, “Every piece of kids furniture (http://www. topkidsfurniture. com) on our site, even the largest of our play kitchens, ships for free. We also offer a thirty-day money-back guarantee and twenty-four-hour customer service.”


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Coldwell Banker International Project Marketing Sales Team are Working with the Development Company 'Juniper' to Sell New Release High Rise Apartments

Coldwell Banker International Project Marketing Sales Team are Working with the Development Company 'Juniper' to Sell New Release High Rise Apartments

Coldwell Banker is now selling pre-release project marketing on the Gold Coast for the developer "Juniper" such as Soul for Investment and Residential Buyers looking for a new lifestyle nationally and internationally.

(PRWEB) May 22, 2006

We have entered a new era of inner city living and nowhere exhibits this more prominently than the Gold Coast in Australia. In May alone, there were over 1500 new Apartments available for sale on the Gold Coast with many new developments yet to be started.

Large Real estate companies such as “Coldwell Banker International Project Marketing” are now working closely with developers to market this great new product domestically and internationally, giving people from all walks of life the opportunity to buy into this apartment boom.

The Gold Coast is being forever changed by these luxurious high rise apartments which will double the current number of buildings already dotting the Surfers Paradise skyline. Each development reaches higher than the previous with proposed plans for a 100 story building in the near future.

Buildings flaunt there own Cinemas, Golfing Simulators, Full Resort Facilities, Retail Shops, Restaurants and Cafes, Health Spas, Beauty Salons, Medical Centres and Child Minding facilities, everything you need at your elevator door.

These developments are changing the way people view their lifestyle by making new mini precincts where aged run down buildings were perishing and forgoing the back yards and lawns of suburbia.

The lifestyle opportunities the Gold Coast offers this new breed of resident are the same reasons the Gold Coast is a major world class tourist destination. Its beaches, shopping, Theme parks, Hinterland and climate make this lifestyle transition a simple and desirable adventure.

Investors are also jumping on the High Rise bandwagon and reaping the financial rewards with capital growth on the Gold Coast ready for the next boom expected to transpire in 2008/09. For as little as AU $350K you can acquire a slice of the “High Rise Apartment” pie, but the sky is really the limit with the choice of styles and prices right up to 16 Million dollars for penthouses prizing multiple levels and private swimming pools.

The other huge plus for these apartments is that Buyers need only put down 10% Deposit with no more to pay till the property is completed and settled, which may be 1-4 years depending on the development.

A spin off of these developments is also the "5 star Holiday" rental market with new products such as the "Sea Temple" resorts in Port Douglas and Cairns, which give buyers an opportunity to own an apartment in a world class resort.

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Utah and Colorado Implant Dentists Offers Permanent Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth without the Wait

Utah and Colorado Implant Dentists Offers Permanent Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth without the Wait

One of the most revolutionary advances in dentistry is the dental implant. One practice offering dental implants in Salt Lake City, Clearfield, Utah, and Grand Junction, Colorado says new implant dentistry techniques provide healthier, permanent alternatives to dentures for replacing missing teeth. And Fresh Start Dental Center says… it can be done a lot faster than before.

Salt Lake City, UT (Vocus) February 3, 2010

Dental Implants have been available for years, and are considered to be healthier, more comfortable options than bridges or dentures to replace missing teeth. However, dental implants can often be overlooked as treatment options because it can sometimes take months or longer to provide treatment. Fresh Start Dental, a practice offering cosmetic and implant dentistry in Salt Lake City, Clearfield, and Grand Junction, Colorado has established a new model for treatment utilizing new technology and dental implant specialists which allows permanent tooth replacement via dental implants in as little as one day. The practice has opened four locations across Utah and Colorado, providing permanent dental implant options for patients that are missing teeth or are suffering from the discomfort and health issues associates with denture wear.

Tooth loss is a widespread health concern. In North America alone, more than 100 million people are missing one or more teeth, and as many as ten million may be missing all of their teeth. Most people are aware of some of the problems associated with dentures. Although there have certainly been improvements to dentures over the years, the basic concept has not changed for centuries. People who wear dentures often suffer from embarrassment and discomfort caused by the dentures slipping. Many are unable to eat the foods they would like, and are even embarrassed to smile. What may not be known to denture wearers is the impact that missing teeth may have on their health. Once the tooth (teeth) is removed there is a small area of the jawbone that no longer needs to provide support, and slowly begins to deteriorate. Although this bone deterioration happens slowly it can be significant, sometimes requiring a bone graft to replace the loss.

Dental implants are the modern solution to tooth restoration. At Fresh Start Dental Center’s practice offering dental implants in Grand Junction, Colorado, Salt Lake City, and Clearfield, Utah, this method of replacing missing teeth is a secure alternative to dentures due to how the implants are placed. They do not slip and look natural. People who have received dental implants are able to restore more than 90% functionality, including the ability to eat whatever they want. Because dental implants are created with a titanium post that functions in much the same way that the natural tooth’s root functions, bone loss is not a concern with dental implants.

Fresh Start Dental’s unique approach to dental implants provides patients access to all necessary aspects of the dental implant processes in one location. Specialists, including oral surgeons in Salt Lake City and our other Utah and Colorado locations, as well as prosthodontists, work together utilizing state-of –the –art equipment, such as their on-site CT imaging systems. This technology makes it possible for Fresh Start Dental’s implant dentistry team to get a more precise fit for the implant in order for it to look and function in the most effective way possible. Plus, Fresh Start Dental performs all care in one place, and can typically complete care in one office visit after the initial, free consultation. The practice also performs all treatment in its fully-equipped, on-site operatory suites.

Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah implant dentists at Fresh Start Dental say that many patients are able to take advantage of technology available at the practice that allows them to have permanent, beautiful replacements for missing teeth in just one day of treatment.

And that could be enough to make anyone smile.

Fresh Start Dental Center can be reached at any of its locations in Utah and Western Colorado, including Salt Lake Metro, Davis County, and Grand Junction, Colorado, at (888) 244-1110. The practice can also be contacted via website at http://www. freshstartdental. com.


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Diamond Capital Partners Joins 'The Alliance of International Corporate Advisors', Expanding The Investment Bank’s Global Reach

Diamond Capital Partners Joins 'The Alliance of International Corporate Advisors', Expanding The Investment Bank’s Global Reach

Diamond Capital Partners' New Member Alliance Benefits Clients Looking to Sell, Buy or Raise Capital, by Placing Deals in International Marketplace

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 24, 2010

Diamond Capital Partners (http://www. diamondcapitalpartners. com (http://www. diamondcapitalpartners. com)), a mid-market investment banking firm, is pleased to announce the formation of ‘Alliance of International Corporate Advisors’ (AICA; http://www. aoica. org (http://www. aoica. org)), a global network of merger and acquisition (M&A) advisory firms. Diamond Capital Partners attended the AICA inaugural meeting in Miami Beach, Florida, on May 7-8, 2010, bringing together investment banking firms from the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, to launch the organization.

The Miami meeting culminated a year-long global organizational effort, where an optimal mix of industry-specialist, middle-market M&A advisory firms from six continents, gathered to found AICA. The operational objective of AICA is to provide unparalleled origination and joint execution capability to its members around the globe. AICA has been established with 29 member firms in 20 countries, focusing on middle-market M&A, corporate advisory and capital raising transactions, across multiple industry specialties.

David Herman, a Diamond Capital co-founder and Managing Partner, says, “Membership in AICA significantly extends our firm’s reach into the major business markets; our clients will undoubtedly benefit from our relationship with AICA members. We are now able to call on over 100 senior investment bankers worldwide, to assist in our transaction mandates – which allows us to facilitate assignments worldwide while assuring our clients that the entire global market is covered.”

AICA currently has member firms in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the United States, France, Italy, Spain, the Czech and Slovak Republics, Romania, Serbia, Australia, Japan, China, Israel, India, Vietnam, and Egypt. The AICA membership represents a diversity of industry specialties, including emerging markets.

As a founding member of the AICA, Diamond Capital Partners’ will be able to increase their clients’ exposure in for-sale situations, by accessing AICA members on all six member continents, for an optimal pool of buyers. The firm will also be able to leverage their affiliate members’ relationships with local investment banking firms, and obtain international perspective and advice. This will, in effect, allow Diamond Capital to conduct a preliminary “international reality check”, and also allow them to obtain feedback about interest in their clients’ companies, in international markets.

Each of the AICA member bankers brings their unique contacts, expertise and market insights to the table, while providing other members with local market knowledge and buyer qualification. This also allows for the conduct of local due diligence, and assures that the local members know the right entry point into the market, for any given deal. This kind of market knowledge also allows Diamond Capital to better assist their clients looking to purchase companies overseas.

"We are pleased to welcome Diamond Capital Partners as a charter member of the AICA family," says Rachel Sargent, AICA’s President. “Diamond Capital brings their experience, track record of closing strategic transactions, and stellar reputation to our partners around the world. All of the founding members of this group have been closely screened and are the pre-eminent mid-market investment banks in their respective markets. This is truly an organization of entrepreneurs who have founded and built their own firms and understand the entrepreneurial experience, firsthand.”

This new affiliation with the AICA further demonstrates Diamond Capital Partners’ belief that providing their clients with real world, hands-on operational experience allows the firm to better understand their clients’ strengths and weaknesses, and to find creative ways to solve their funding or M&A dilemmas. The Diamond Capital Partners team has completed hundreds of successful transactions, ranging from $10 million to over $200 million in value.

About Diamond Capital Partners

Diamond Capital Partners is currently led by its five founding and managing members, David Herman, Bruce Kobritz, Mark R. Ross, Robert T. Smith and Robert K. Whyte, each of whom has extensive transactional and negotiating skills, along with significant, corporate operational expertise. Diamond Capital Partners is headquartered in Century City, Los Angeles, with additional operations in New York.

Diamond Capital’s goal is to maximize clients’ shareholder value by providing senior-level banking and corporate experience with an aggressive, precise auction process in mergers and acquisitions, and corporate finance. The firm focuses on privately held companies with revenues of up to $200 million, and serves transactional arenas such as advertising and media, food services, consumer products, business services, entertainment, manufacturing, healthcare, Internet and technology, real estate, medical devices, retail and distribution, and alternative energy.

The Diamond Capital team’s experience and expansive contact roster allows them to conduct high-end, efficient auctions, saving time and producing better-than-market valuations. Diamond Capital looks to take the most direct route in any given transaction situation; honing in on targeted opportunities, in order to present the best possible scenario to its clients, allowing the client to focus on, and attain, their most optimal deal results.

For further information and updates on Diamond Capital Partners, its individual management team members, completed transactions and services offered, please visit: http://www. diamondcapitalpartners. com (http://www. diamondcapitalpartners. com).

About Alliance of International Corporate Advisors (AICA)

AICA offers global independent and innovative advice from M&A boutiques that are committed to mid-market transactions ($5-500 million US). The alliance amplifies the depth of knowledge and expertise of individual members to the benefit of AICA clients. AICA members deliver independent, innovative advice and know-how; and provide deep sector knowledge, M&A technical excellence and key relationships rooted at local business level to the benefit of both domestic and international clients. For more information about AICA and its member firms, please visit: http://www. aoica. org (http://www. aoica. org).

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28 Days to a Healthier Heart -- Make a Commitment to Yourself During American Heart Month, says Fitness Expert David Berger

28 Days to a Healthier Heart -- Make a Commitment to Yourself During American Heart Month, says Fitness Expert David Berger

Fitness Expert David Berger provides weekly goals for American Heart Month that will help you meet the American Heart Association challenge of becoming more physically active and healthy. By making a commitment to yourself, you can become the "number one me" you have always wanted, Berger says.

Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) February 3, 2007

The numbers are scary. Heart disease and stroke kill one in every 3.7 men, and one in every 2.4 women, making cardiovascular disease the nation's number one killer and leading President Bush to declare February as American Heart Month.

The American Heart Association is challenging every American to create a culture of physical activity and health and there is no better time to get started than American Heart Month, says Fitness Expert and Performance Coach David Berger, who developed the Number One Me™ personal coaching fitness DVD (www. numberoneme. com).

"Every one of us has the opportunity to achieve a healthier heart, mind and body," Berger said. "You just need to make a commitment to yourself and you can start with just 10 minutes each day."

Focus on achieving just one heart-healthy goal per week during American Heart Month, Berger said, and by month's end you will be much closer to becoming the "number one me" you have always wanted. Berger offered the following suggestions for weekly heart-healthy goals:

Week 1: Focus on your "Po-TEN-Tial".

Po-TEN-Tial is your Power Of TEN To Increase Active Living! Your goal is to make each one of your days an opportunity for progress by committing to 10 Minutes of any full-body activity (walking, jogging, skipping, stair climbing, or calisthenics-like Number One ME). Make the simple goal of ten-minutes of activity as synonymous with your day as brushing your teeth. You Can Do 10!

Week 2: Hold The Cheese. 

One of the easiest ways to slash the artery clogging saturated fats in your diet is to Just Say No to Cheese! Omit the fatty stuff on all of your soups, salads, and sandwiches. Order your next pizza with only half the normal portion of cheese and at home use grated Parmesan only as needed.

Week 3: Pass on the Salt. 

Take the advice of the Surgeon General, the American Heart Association, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, and the more the half of Americans over age 60 affected with high blood-pressure or hypertension - Cut Back and Cut Out Salt in Your Diet! Make your own soups or buy lower sodium soups (soup makers tend to over-indulge us on the white stuff) and don't add salt to anything!

Week 4: LOL

Laugh-Out-Loud - The 80-muscles in your face are some of the most under-used muscles in the country. Laughing and smiling more often can be a part of your positive revolution. According to Steve Sultanoff, PhD, the president of the American Association of Therapeutic Humor, "Laughter can both change how you feel physically and affect your biochemistry." He says that you can not experience humor and feel depressed. This story is guaranteed to bring a smile: A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store, but couldn't find one big enough for her family. She asked the stock boy, "Do these turkeys get any bigger?" The stock boy answered, "No ma'am, they're dead."

About David Berger

At the age of 18, weighing over 250-pounds with a 40-inch waist and smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, David Berger struggled to climb a single flight of stairs. David's journey to better health began when he quit smoking. He also decided that he would immediately begin eating healthier and exercising, climbing a single flight of stairs a day and adding another flight each week. He also started performing calisthenic exercises. Through his commitment to his consistent and progressive approach, he lost over 88-pounds and 6-inches from his waist within one year! David went on to earn a degree in Kinesiology from West Chester University and launch Progressive Fitness Coaching and now the Number One Me! personal coaching DVD.

About NumberOneMe™ www. numberoneme. com

Increase your core, strength, balance, endurance and flexibility...Be Fit for Life! David Berger's NUMBER ONE ME - Personal Coaching for Personal Best! Learn to effectively use the single greatest piece of exercise equipment ever created... your body! Over 45-calisthenics exercises instructed for you in three levels of progression; Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced. Exercise at your convenience and in the comfort of your home with peak performance coach David Berger. No More Excuses.


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Defend Against Application-Level Attacks

Defend Against Application-Level Attacks

VigilarÂ’s CTO, Joseph Dell, to speak at ITEC Atlanta

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) November 4, 2004

Vigilar Inc., an information security consulting firm and security solution provider, announced today that Chief Technology Officer, Joseph Dell, will be a featured speaker at ITEC Atlanta. Dell will be presenting a section on defending computer networks against application-level attacks. ITEC Atlanta is a technology conference that is designed for both IT professionals who manage infrastructure and IT resources, and business executives that leverage technology for business operations.

Among the most prevalent and perilous hacks plaguing corporate IT today are those targeting security flaws in particular applications. These application-level attacks range from Cross-Site Scripting and SQL Injection, to new intrusion and disruption techniques that exploit as-yet-undiscovered vulnerabilities in your programs. Unfortunately, they are often too clever for your firewalls to block, and too dangerous to ignore. Learn about the use of dedicated application firewalls, intrusion-protection systems, vulnerability scanners, and other methods used to defend your business against application attacks.


Joseph Dell, Chief Technology Officer, Vigilar, Inc.


ITEC Atlanta


“Defend Against Application-Level Attacks”


November 4, 2004 from 11:30 a. m.-12:30 p. m.


AmericasMart - Candler Room, 3rd Floor Atlanta, GA

About the Expert

As Chief Technology Officer for Atlanta-based Vigilar, Joseph Dell is responsible for providing strategic technological direction for the company while directly managing a nationwide team of technical experts. Prior to joining Vigilar, he managed the VeriSign Professional Services Security Services division (formerly SecureIT). Joseph holds the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Certified Novell Engineer, Nokia Security Administrator and Certified Check Point Security Administrator (CCSA), Expert (CCSE) and Instructor (CCSI) certifications. He is currently authoring a technical book focused on Wireless LAN Security.

About Vigilar Inc.

Vigilar is a leading information security consulting firm and security solution provider assisting clients in protecting their company against internal and external threats focused on meeting the customer's budget and business requirements all while ensuring compliance to government regulations. With a sole focus on information security and a team of highly skilled industry experts, Vigilar partners with the leading security technology innovators ensuring that our clients stay ahead of the technology curve.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Vigilar offers end to end security expertise including regulatory compliance services, risk assessments, IT/security audits, SmartDefender™ managed services, security architecture design, product selection and delivery, implementation services, technical support and training. Our client list includes Fortune 500 corporations and small and emerging enterprises in industries such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, hospitality, financial services, telecom, utilities as well as well as federal state and local government agencies.


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Oakland Raiders Legendary Linebacker Coach Don "Wink" Martindale Speaks out About the Franchise's Recent Signing of star Lineman Ed Hartwell -- After Being Plagued with Injuries During his last Playing Season; he has Come back Stronger than ever to Solidify the Raiders' line

Oakland Raiders Legendary Linebacker Coach Don "Wink" Martindale Speaks out About the Franchise's Recent Signing of star Lineman Ed Hartwell -- After Being Plagued with Injuries During his last Playing Season; he has Come back Stronger than ever to Solidify the Raiders' line

Oakland Raiders legendary linebacker coach Don "Wink" Martindale speaks out about the franchise's recent signing of star lineman Ed Hartwell

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) July 29, 2008

SLB Ed Hartwell has regained his health and is set to solidify the Raider's LB position. He has played MLB and could get a shot there on the Raiders' squad moving Kirk Morrison to the SLB position. The 6'1" 250lbs. free agent has good lower-body strength, takes excellent pursuit angles and is known for reacting quickly.

With all these factors in place, Linebacker coach Don Martindale states; "Instinctively this guy has not lost a step. He has brought his toughness to the team; which has spread throughout our LB meeting room. This guy is everyday tough! A true veteran; who wants everyone around him to get better." He goes on to say; "In the National Football League or in College Football something that has always separated Ed from other Linebackers I have coached. You don't have to watch him play because you can hear him play!"

In Ed Hartwell's own words; "Becoming an Oakland Raider means more to me than just getting back on the field. It's a chance to play for the best franchise in football history. It has the best fans that any sport has to offer, a great cast of talented players & coaches, a legend as an owner, one of the best (attack style) defensive coordinators in the league in Rex Ryan, and most of all I get to be reunited with the best coach I have EVER played for Coach Don Martindale. I vow to do everything in my power to bring another Superbowl to Al Davis and the Raider Nation."

About Edgerton "Ed" Hartwell:

Started at Wisconsin before transferring to Western Illinois University. In 2000, as a Senior, Hartwell was an All-American First Team. Drafted by the Ravens in 2001 with their fourth round pick. In 2002 with Ray Lewis out, Hartwell was the first player other than Lewis to lead the team in tackles with 191. He joined the Atlanta Falcons in 2005.


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Energy for Electronic Health: EnBW Acquires Interest in eHealth Specialist ICW

Energy for Electronic Health: EnBW Acquires Interest in eHealth Specialist ICW

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG has acquired a minority interest in the eHealth specialist InterComponentWare AG (ICW). The additional capital is intended to accelerate the further development of the innovative ICW networking solutions, and to reinforce the international market presence of the company.

Walldorf / Karlsruhe (PRWEB) September 24, 2006

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG has acquired a minority interest in the eHealth specialist InterComponentWare AG (ICW). The additional capital is intended to accelerate the further development of the innovative ICW networking solutions, and to reinforce the international market presence of the company.

With its interest in ICW, EnBW secures preferred access to technologies that can also be used in its core business, for example, for the remote management of technical devices. Prior to the investment decision of the third largest German energy company, InterComponentWare AG was exclusively held by private investors: the main investor is SAP co-founder Dietmar Hopp, other shares are held by the management, the supervisory board and employees of the ICW, as well as other private individuals.

ICW has specialized in eHealth solutions since it was founded in 1998. Its software and hardware, as well as its services, improve the information flow in health care and thus enable a further increase in the quality of medical care. All ICW’s developments are internationally designed and can be adapted to national requirements with minimal effort.

Among other things, ICW develops components for electronic health card infrastructures. With its know-how acquired in this area, the company supported the introduction of the eCard in Austria and advised the German Ministry of Health in the context of the bIT4health consortium on the introduction of the German electronic health card. ICW’s electronic health card solution has already found practical application in an initial field test.

In as early as the year 2000, ICW introduced LifeSensor, the first electronic personal health record on the German market. Users of the LifeSensor record can securely archive copies of their medical data online and thus make them available to attending physicians in a clear structure at all times. Among other applications, LifeSensor is used by a Bavarian network of physicians with some 350 participating medical professionals, which was recently certified in a study of the University of Erlangen as being the most developed of all examined German and Swiss physicians' networks.

The ICW portfolio is rounded off by solutions for the secure networking of clinics and practicing doctors, as well as for the efficient control of disease management programs. All of these software components are compatible with the future electronic health card and can exchange data with the web-based LifeSensor health record, so that the flow of electronic data so urgently required in health care can finally gain momentum.

In the course of the investment, Dr. Peter Vest, group Executive Sales Manager of EnBW for private and commercial customers and Management Spokesman for Yello Strom, joined the supervisory board of ICW as a new member. With his long years of experience in marketing and business development, he will provide the company with valuable impulses. At the same time, Paul Wahl will supplement the control committee of ICW. Wahl is the former CEO of SAP America and former President and COO of Siebel Systems. He will contribute his profound knowledge of the international software sector to the supervisory board.


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New York Marriott East Side Hotel Offers Last Minute Summer Savings

New York Marriott East Side Hotel Offers Last Minute Summer Savings

Special Midtown hotel package offers complimentary breakfast, customizable guided tours and discounts on dining and shopping.

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 11, 2010

Everything moves fast in the Big Apple—including hotel specials. From now until September 6, 2010, the New York Marriott East Side hotel offers a special sightseeing package. This last minute deal is perfect for guests who want to explore the best of New York City with less strain on their wallets. With the Summer in the City deal, guests receive two NYC Explorer passes and guidebooks in addition to breakfast for two. This special Midtown Manhattan hotel offer is available to guests staying at least two nights and can be reserved online at http://www. marriott. com/hotels/travel/nycea-new-york-marriott-east-side/ (http://www. marriott. com/hotels/travel/nycea-new-york-marriott-east-side/).

While this deal might not be around for much longer, the sights of New York City remain. From the iconic Empire State Building to beautiful Central Park, Manhattan is truly one of the world’s most unique and exciting cities. The NYC Explorer pass offers the best way to see major New York landmarks. Guests pick three out of 40 attractions to tour, saving money without sacrificing fun. The passes also allow guests to skip lines, making this package the best way to see popular tourist attractions. In addition, the NYC Explorer passes provide discounts to shopping and dining experiences.

The New York Marriott East Side’s great Midtown location places sightseers in the center of Manhattan’s best sites and scenes. Nearby, guests can discover Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Gardens and Fifth Avenue shopping. Guests interested in this special package should act quickly, as the Summer in the City deal expires September 6, 2010. For more information about the package, including a list of available attractions, visit http://www. marriott. com/hotels/travel/nycea-new-york-marriott-east-side/ (http://www. marriott. com/hotels/travel/nycea-new-york-marriott-east-side/).

About the New York Marriott East Side

This Midtown Manhattan luxury hotel features 629 guest rooms, 17 suites with luxurious bed linens and 32 inch plasma-screen HDTVs. Guests delight in the state-of-the-art health club and an upgraded concierge lounge with an outdoor terrace. The convenient Midtown Manhattan location on Lexington Avenue puts guests within steps of Central Park, Times Square theatres, Fifth Avenue shopping and more. The New York Marriott East Side also offers over 21,000 sq ft of meeting and event space, perfect for wedding receptions or business meetings. For more information about the hotel, visit www. marriott. com/NYCEA (http://www. marriott. com/NYCEA).


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Multi Award-Winning Documentary Acquiring a Connection with the American Homeless Premieres as part of the NYIIFVF, March 2, 2008

Multi Award-Winning Documentary Acquiring a Connection with the American Homeless Premieres as part of the NYIIFVF, March 2, 2008

Award-winning filmmaker and humanitarian Louell Crowley in association with Rodger James from Pennington Palm Productions today announced that their documentary film, "Acquiring a Connection With The American Homeless" will screen as part of the upcoming New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (NYIIFVF). The inspirational documentary focuses on effective ways to help the homeless. The screening and afterparty will be hosted by model/actress Ellie Scully.

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 28, 2008

Award-winning filmmaker and humanitarian Louell Crowley in association with Rodger James from Pennington Palm Productions proudly announces that their documentary film, "Acquiring a Connection With The American Homeless" will screen as part of the upcoming New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (NYIIFVF). The inspirational documentary focuses on effective ways to help the homeless and will play at the ImaginAsian Theater on March 1 at 8pm. The documentary has already won a Telly Award and two NYIIFVF Jury awards for Best Achievement in Filmmaking and Best Directorial Debut for Crowley.

Produced, written, directed and edited by Crowley and executive produced by Rodger James, "Acquiring a Connection With The American Homeless" documents the plight of homeless population in Houston, Texas. The film, which is part of a true reality series, is designed as an instructional video for people interested in learning how to help. Hosted by Judy Denton, viewers get an opportunity to learn from volunteers such as Nova Noah as well as Margo Montgomery from Crossroads, a foundation dedicated to providing services to promote the health, hygiene and dignity of homeless persons in SE Houston. By gathering new and used items and by considering the feelings of the homeless, an enormous difference can be made. The documentary contains poignant interviews with homeless citizens, in which they reveal their emotional state and describe the hardships they face on a daily basis. The film also includes a moving original theme song entitled "The Invisible People," which was written and performed by Minister Dwayne Daigle.

The catalyst for the documentary series stemmed from the shockingly high homeless rate in Houston where over 14,000 citizens are living on the streets. An ambitious Crowley took a crash course in all facets of filmmaking in order to create an effective medium to expose the serious issues that beleaguer the homeless, such as declining physical health, extreme hunger, lack of clean clothes and bedding, poor hygiene, rough sleeping conditions as well as depression and feelings of isolation and despair. Another big-picture objective of the series is to secure funding to build shelters and to change perceptions of the homeless, many of whom are perceived as drug addicted or mentally ill, but are just as often simply citizens who have fallen on hard times.

In a recent interview for IFQ Magazine Crowley commented, "I feel compelled to help others in need. Actions speak louder than words. Seeing so many homeless, I decided to be a blessing to someone each and every day. Homelessness and desolation go hand in hand. I can't describe the feeling I get from offering someone genuine help and hope." Crowley adds, "Through our reality TV series, I want to share my experiences the world, change lives, pass the hope around to all our homeless citizens and motivate fellow human beings to also lend their support."

The documentary was funded by Rodger James, author of three screenplays and two novels. According to Mr. James, "This endeavor has grown beyond our expectations. I am proud to be a part of it. The title 'INVISIBLE PEOPLE' received its name upon watching the homeless on our streets, standing on corners and walking down the sidewalks, never to be noticed. I would watch the drivers of the cars totally oblivious to those who are less fortunate. There are so many, that we have grown accustom to them. No one person, no one company can do it all. It will take "US" as a nation to help our own."

According to NYIIFVF's Founder/Executive Producer Stuart Alson, "I am honored to be screening Acquiring a Connection With The American Homeless in our festival. This is a very important and powerful film. Homelessness is a very serious issue in the US with many living on the streets here in New York city. I admire Louell's creative and hands on approach. The film contains engaging performances from the homeless cast and I hope it will impact and motivate people of all ages." Alson goes on to say, "Louell Crowley is a unique and passionate individual."

Screening Details

Location: City Cinemas Village East (12th street and 2nd ave)

Time/Date: March 2nd at 6pm

Running Time: 47minutes

Genre: True Reality Documentary

*Full rights available

For all interview requests, please contact publicity manager Briege McGarrity at 917 783-4042. For further information about Acquiring a Connection with the American Homeless, please contact Louell Crowley at (805) 742 4311 or visit www. penningtonpalmproductions. com.

ABOUT PENNINGTON PALM PRODUCTIONS: Formed in 2001 and now headquartered in Lompoc, CA, Pennington Palm Productions is co-owned by Louell Crowley and Rodger James. Pennington Palm Productions is actively pursuing the issue of homelessness. Through the medium of films, reality shows and the media, the goal at Pennington Palm Productions is to transmit their message worldwide and help every country with this problem, beginning with the US. They are currently shooting a reality series featuring the homeless population in Santa Barbara, CA.


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Winn Technology Group Builds $1.6 Million Sales Pipeline for Client

Winn Technology Group Builds $1.6 Million Sales Pipeline for Client

Winn Technology Group has generated a $1.6 million sales pipeline for a client through a series of outsourced marketing campaigns.

Palm Harbor, FL (PRWEB) September 26, 2006

Winn Technology Group, a leading marketer of business-to-business technology products & services, announces that it has generated a $1.6 million sales pipeline for a client through its execution of a series of outsourced marketing campaigns in 2006.

This Winn Technology Group client manufactures and services business and industrial printers, and also provides related parts and supplies such as ink cartridges and ribbons. The company sells its products and services internationally with a focus on key vertical markets such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, and Transportation.

Winn Technology Group has successfully completed a variety of marketing programs on behalf of the client in 2006, including prospect lead generation, customer base marketing, and reseller recruitment. In total, nearly 350 qualified leads have been delivered to the client in a six month time period. The client estimates that it currently has $1.6 million in its sales pipeline as a direct result of these leads, yielding an ROI potential of 44 times the cost of the campaigns. Moreover, the company is engaged in high level discussions and contracts with several prospective customers, including a major grocery store chain with over 600 locations.

When reached for comment, the client company’s Vice President of Marketing stated, “Our sales team is very pleased with the quality of the leads, which indicates that Winn Technology Group’s suggested lead definitions and script development are both on target. I also met a number of the Business Development Specialists assigned to our programs during trainings, and I was impressed by their enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and passion to get the job done right. They know what they are doing, and they ask excellent questions.”

The client also spoke highly of Winn Technology Group’s Project Management team and asserted, “They have displayed a high level of competence and responsiveness during the course of our relationship. More importantly, they are proactive in letting us know when something is not working, and they provide excellent suggestions on how to ‘tweak’ the program to ensure its success.”

In closing, the client declared, “The biggest concern for me in engaging an outsourced marketing partner is how much time it’s going to take to get that company trained and on target. Winn Technology Group has really shined in this area as there was very short ‘ramp-up’ time. The thing that impresses me the most about Winn is their people, their flexibility, and their passion to help us succeed. You usually don’t get a lot of that out of outsourcing companies.”

About Winn Technology Group, Inc.

Winn Technology Group Inc. is a privately-held marketing solutions company headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida. Focusing exclusively on the technology marketplace, Winn has earned the respect of major technology corporations who continually subscribe to its B2B marketing services including Lead Management, Database Solutions, Event Management, and Primary Market Research. For more information, visit www. winntech. net


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