Air pollution still causing health problems in Europe

Air pollution still causing health problems in Europe

GreenFacts releases World Health Organization findings that show improvements and continued cause for concern.

(PRWEB) September 9, 2005

Air quality has improved in most European countries over the last few decades. Yet, even at current levels, air pollution may aggravate respiratory diseases, shorten life expectancy by up to several months, and possibly increase infant mortality in highly polluted areas.

In October 2005 the World Health Organization (WHO) will reconsider current air quality guidelines. Does the latest research warrant new standards to better protect our health? To answer this key question, WHO experts closely examined three air pollutants that are known to be harmful: particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, and ozone.

GreenFacts now provides non specialists with easy access to these recent scientific findings at www. greenfacts. org/air-pollution/ (http://www. greenfacts. org/air-pollution/), in a reader-friendly structure.

Particulate matter: small is harmful

Air can be contaminated by a range of very different particles such as dust, pollen, soot, smoke, and liquid droplets. Many of them can harm our health, especially smaller particles that may enter deeper into the lungs. Particularly vulnerable people, such as children or asthmatics, may be affected even at very low levels. MoreÂ

Nitrogen dioxide: mainly traffic related

In Europe, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollutes the air mainly as a result of road traffic and energy production. People living near busy roads are thus particularly affected. Apart from giving rise to acid rain and other air pollutants, current levels of NO2 can increase respiratory problems, particularly in children. MoreÂ

Ground level ozone: the effect of the sun

Unlike the ozone layer which shields us from UV rays, ground level ozone is considered an air pollutant. It becomes particularly prevalent on sunny summer days when other pollutants react under the action of sunlight. Exposure to ozone mainly affects the lungs, but it can also affect the eyes, and worsen respiratory allergies. MoreÂ

The combined effects of different urban air pollutants remain uncertain. However, recent research regarding human health impacts of particulates, ozone and nitrogen oxide suggests a need to further reduce pollution levels in EuropeÂ’s atmosphere.

Access GreenFacts, the one-stop source for scientific information on air pollutants and other health and environment issues.

GreenFacts Air Pollution Study

Source documents of this study by the WHO Regional Office for Europe

“Health Aspects of Air Pollution” (2003) & “Answers to follow-up questions from CAFE” (2004)

GreenFacts asbl is an independent non-advocacy non-profit organization based in Brussels that publishes faithful on-line summaries of authoritative scientific consensus documents on environment and health matters. GreenFacts was created in 2001 by individuals from scientific institutions, environment and health organizations, and businesses, who called for wider access to impartial information on environment and health issues.

Studies published include: aspartame, arsenic, boron, climate change, dioxins, ecosystem change, endocrine disruptors, etc.

If you would like more information about GreenFacts, or to schedule an interview with Mr Jacques de Selliers, its General Manager, please contact:

Manuel Carmona Yebra

Communications Manager

Tel: +32 (0) 2 211 34 25

Mobile: +32 (0) 486 57 22 74


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Cuban Biotechnology: A CDIÂ’s first-hand report

Cuban Biotechnology: A CDIÂ’s first-hand report

A report from the Center for Defense Information (CDI) gives enough insights to arrive to a rational conclusion on the actual mission of the Cuban Biotechnology.

(PRWEB) July 31, 2003

Havana, July 29 - A report from the Center for Defense Information (CDI) gives enough insights to arrive to a rational conclusion on the actual mission of the Cuban Biotechnology. Five top-level experts from the CDI, International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), Harvard University (HU) and University of Maryland (UM) performed the research in the Western Havana Bio-Cluster. The team traveled to Havana in 2002 looking for evidences on the implication of major Cuban research institutions in activities different from improving human health and agriculture productivity. After visiting Cuban research institutions, taking photos and videos, talking with scientists and analyzing the information, experts concluded that there were neither evidences of research, development nor manufacture of devices to frighten the humankind.

Terence Taylor (IISS) concluded: “… it would be very unlikely that there is any work on biological weapons…” Gen. Charles Wilhelm’s (CDI) wrote: “… nothing that we saw or heard led us to the conclusion that they are proceeding on this path.” According to the report, Dr. John Steinbruner (UM), Lorena Barbería (HU) and The Hon. Philip Coyle III (CDI) arrived to similar conclusions from different reasoning. The report can be downloaded surfing at the web site http://gndp. cigb. edu. cu (http://gndp. cigb. edu. cu) or from the CDI’s web site.

For information: http://gndp. cigb. edu. cu (http://gndp. cigb. edu. cu) or http://www. cigb. edu. cu (http://www. cigb. edu. cu)

Contact: ernesto. lopez@cigb. edu. cu

Phone : (53-7) 2712397.

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Blogs Make Debut on AOP Awards Shortlist

Blogs Make Debut on AOP Awards Shortlist

For the first time, publishersÂ’ use of blogs and user-generated content has made it onto the shortlist of the Association of Online PublishersÂ’ (AOP) annual Awards

LONDON (PRWEB) September 9, 2005

Q4Music. comÂ’s blog (www. Q4music. com/blog (http://www. Q4music. com/blog)) published by Emap Performance Interactive, The Guardian blogs (http://blogs. Guardian. co. uk (http://blogs. Guardian. co. uk)), the BBCÂ’s London bombs amateur video footage on its BBC News Player (www. BBC. co. uk/news (http://www. BBC. co. uk/news)), and VNU Business PublicationsÂ’ Newsgator aggregation tool (www. VNUNet. com/Newsgator (http://www. VNUNet. com/Newsgator)) have all been shortlisted in the Innovation category of the AOP Online Publishing Awards 2005.

Alexandra White, director of AOP, commented: “The sheer breadth and diversity of the 2005 shortlist is testament to the degree of editorial - and commercial - innovation and creativity, which is happening in the UK online publishing industry at the moment.”

The inclusion of blogs and user generated content to this yearÂ’s shortlist is a reflection of a growing acceptance by the UKÂ’s premier publishers towards harnessing more user-generated and community-driven content within their online propositions.

Also shortlisted in the category were Blinkx. tv, AdGenie on AutoExpress. co. uk by Dennis Interactive, the Sun Online TV Video News on TheSun. co. uk, and The ScotsmanÂ’s online archive (www. archive. scotsman. com).

The AOP Awards, now in its fourth year, has been established as a showcase of the most innovative and high-quality online content in the UK. Some 220 entries were received for the prestigious Awards, which will be presented at a celebratory dinner on 7 October at the London Hilton Park Lane, following the AOP Online Publishing Conference 2005, themed Content Matters.

The 2005 shortlist also features some of the best UK event-led websites from the past year, such as UKRadioAid (www. UKRadioaid. com), the BBCÂ’s Olympics (www. BBC. co. uk/Olympics (http://www. BBC. co. uk/Olympics)) and Proms (www. BBC. co. uk/proms (http://www. BBC. co. uk/proms)) websites, and ReutersÂ’ Interactive TV Channel, all featuring substantial video coverage, as well as several products aimed at the mobile market, such as DennisÂ’ Maxim Mobile and The Wall Street Journal for Blackberry.

AOP is holding a forum for publishers on blogs and user-generated content on the afternoon of 21 September, featuring case studies from Associated New Media, the BBC, Caspian Publishing and Menshealth.

About AOP

For more information about the AOP Conference, Awards or forums in 2005, visit www. ukaop. org. uk/awards (http://www. ukaop. org. uk/awards) call Lisa Quinlan Rahman at 020 7400 7532.

The UK Association of Online Publishers (AOP) is an industry body representing online publishing companies that create original, branded, quality content. AOP champions the interests of approximately 160 publishing companies from diverse backgrounds including newspaper and magazine publishing, TV and radio broadcasting, and pure online media. Together they publish around 1,150 products and attract more than five billion page impressions per month.

AOP presents a unified voice to industry and Government, specifically to address issues and concerns relating to all areas of online publishing. AOP publishes original research, hosts forums, conferences and events, covering a range of topics from paid-for-content, subscription models and data protection, through to copyright, content management, new technologies and audience measurement.

AOP recently investigated the importance of B2B websites in the lives of business decision makers, in research titled 'The role of B2B websites'. Last year AOP produced the highly acclaimed consumer research ‘Reaching the Online Elite’ and every year it delivers the annual member benchmarking study, the ‘AOP Census’.

The AOP autumn Online Publishing Conference & Awards is its annual industry event. It attracts the biggest names in online publishing to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the industry and celebrate outstanding achievement. The 2005 event will be held on 7 October at the London Hilton, Park Lane.

Members include Associated New Media, BBC, BSkyB, Capital Radio Group, CNET Networks, Channel 4, Dennis Interactive, The Economist Group, Emap, FT. com, Future Publishing, Guardian Unlimited, Haymarket Publishing, Independent Digital, IPC Media, ITV Online, News International, Reed Business Information, Reuters, Telegraph Group Limited and Which?. In addition, PPAi (Periodical Publishers Association Interactive) retains a corporate seat on AOP board: representing the interests of magazine publishers online. www. ukaop. org. uk


Matthew Leach

Immediate future Ltd.

0845 408 2031


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OpticsPlanet, Inc. Launches a Scientific and Laboratory Equipment and Consumables Online Store at LabPlanet. com

OpticsPlanet, Inc. Launches a Scientific and Laboratory Equipment and Consumables Online Store at LabPlanet. com

Scientific supply and lab equipment superstore carries over 300,000 high quality, hard-to-find and specialized products for Life Science, University, Industrial and Forensic laboratories

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) October 30, 2009

OpticsPlanet, Inc., the largest specialized retailer of scientific optics, microscopes, telescopes, sport optics, flashlights, and prescription and protective eyewear, announced the launch of its latest venture, LabPlanet. com.

LabPlanet. com, with over 300,000 products and 1000 brands available will be one of the largest providers of laboratory equipment, chemicals, and supplies used in healthcare, scientific research, safety and education. LabPlanet. com will be a one stop shop for laboratory and medical equipment, laboratory supplies and laboratory consumables. The store offers private institutions, government and university laboratories the easiest way to shop for their lab equipment and consumables. By offering popular and quality brands of laboratory products, a full time staff of laboratory product specialists, no hassle returns, live chat, readily available stock, and direct shipping to international locations the company plans to make the buying process as easy as possible. Additionally, the new website allows customers the ease and flexibility of placing orders online and paying by credit card, Paypal or Google Checkout or by using purchase orders and establishing easy Net 30 terms.

"LabPlanet now offers our scientific, laboratory, and medical customers the ability to purchase their equipment and consumables from a single and easily accessible source," OpticsPlanet CEO Mark Levitin said. "We have technical support staff available to answer product and application questions and our website makes it easy to find any specific product that one is looking for."

LabPlanet. com will offer the same expert product knowledge, superior customer service and outstanding product selection that have made OpticsPlanet one of the top internet retailers in the world. In addition to competitive pricing, LabPlanet. com will set itself apart from its competitors by also offering free UPS ground shipping on most orders over $49.95. For US Military hospitals and laboratories the company will also ship free of charge via USPS on most orders over $49.95 to Military APO/FPO addresses.

About OpticsPlanet, Inc.:

Founded in 1999, OpticsPlanet, Inc. had started from laboratory microscopes and astronomical telescopes, and quickly became one of the world's leading online retailers with targeted niche stores specializing in scientific products, sport optics, tactical and military gear, binoculars, microscopes, telescopes, rifle scopes, and sunglasses. Based outside of Chicago, in Northbrook Illinois, the company operates a network of multiple online stores: OpticsPlanet. com, Microscopes. com, LabPlanet. com, Shoptics. com, Tactical-Store. com, EyeWearPlanet. com, RadarGuns. com, Night-Optics. com and other online stores. Since the launch of OpticsPlanet. com the company has received numerous industry awards and has been recognized by its customers and several major publications for its excellent service and stellar sales growth. Recently the company was recognized, for the third year in a row, by Internet Retailer Magazine as one of the top 500 e-retailers in the U. S. and by Inc. Magazine as one of the top 1000 fastest growing companies in the United States.


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It is Estimated that the UK Pharmaceutical Market Grew by 10.5% in 2004, to a Value of £12.32bn

It is Estimated that the UK Pharmaceutical Market Grew by 10.5% in 2004, to a Value of £12.32bn

Dublin (PRWEB) October 26, 2005

Research and Markets (http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/c26422 (http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/c26422)) has announced the addition of The Pharmaceuticals Industry Market Review 2005 to their offering.

It is estimated that the UK pharmaceutical market grew by 10.5% in 2004, to a value of £12.32bn. The UK market is ranked fifth in the developed world in terms of value, just above Italy but below France.

The market is composed of two major sectors: prescription-only medicines and over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals. Prescription-only medicines, the larger sector by far, are highly regulated and controlled. They are only available via a prescription from a qualified healthcare professional and can only be dispensed by a registered pharmacist operating on licensed premises. Pharmaceutical companies are not permitted to advertise these products directly to consumers, and there are strict rules on their promotion to healthcare professionals. Although pharmaceuticals are supplied to the private healthcare sector, the biggest customer by far in the UK is the NHS, which uses its immense buying power to negotiate regular discounts.

OTC pharmaceuticals are available to the public without a prescription and through a range of outlets, although some products can only be sold under the supervision of a pharmacist. The Government has been actively fostering the OTC market for a number of years and new areas are being opened up. However, it has been difficult for self-medication to achieve its full potential in a market where around half the population is exempt from prescription charges. In addition, the market has become increasingly price-sensitive following the entry of supermarkets and the abolition of Resale Price Maintenance (RPM). Annual growth can be significantly affected by product launches accompanied by sizeable advertising campaigns.

The trend towards consolidation in the industry is continuing unabated. Most of the global market leaders are the products of two or even three mega-mergers, and these companies are increasingly forming partnerships with biotechnology companies and research groups in order to enrich their product pipelines. However, there are fears that consolidation may affect the scope of research and development (R&D) activities and also that increasingly militant animal-rights activists will drive more companies abroad.

This report forecasts that the UK market for pharmaceuticals will continue to expand as the population ages, increasing the intrinsic demand for healthcare services. Growing competition and price-sensitivity will bolster the trend towards generic prescribing. However, sales of prescription-only medicines will continue to grow more rapidly than sales of OTC products.

For more information visit http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/c26422 (http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/c26422)

Laura Wood

Senior Manager

Research and Markets

Press@researchandmarkets. com

Fax: +353 1 4100 980

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New Book Release -- Attack Your Giants; Using King David's Perspective To Overcome Any Goliath You Face

New Book Release -- Attack Your Giants; Using King David's Perspective To Overcome Any Goliath You Face

King David of Israel faced Giants in his life, most notably a giant by the name of Goliath. At the time, Goliath threatened and intimidated the people of Israel, much like the financial, political, unemployment, layoffs, bailouts, health issues, corporate greed and mismanagement "Giants" seem to threaten and intimidate the lives and well being of many people today. The power is available to anyone who wants to develop giant slaying insight to win in the fight against the Giants that threatens the survival and growth of many families, businesses and communities today.

Germantown, MD (PRWEB) April 28, 2010

New book, Attack Your Giants, takes a reader through the mindset, motivation, methods and miracle David used to defeat his Giant and gain the victory for his family and nation.

These are unprecedented times many are living in, the likes of which few have ever seen before. Reports of record job layoffs, unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcies, budget deficits and worldwide financial collapse seem to dominate the twenty four hour news feeds. Or perhaps a troubled marriage, divorce, strained family tensions, unruly children, an addiction, habit or vice have some operating at a fraction of what is possible. Regardless of what the challenge can be conquered and overcome. The key is having a strategy. Attack Your Giants gives many the strategy needed for victory.

In the study of business and the Bible, one thing that can be said with a certainty is; "There is nothing new under the sun," noted independent author Donnye D. Collins Sr. The major concerns human beings face today whether it's financial, political, and emotional or spiritual have been faced by someone at some point in the Bible, namely David, king of Israel. David figured out a way to overcome whatever the adversity was and went on to have tremendous success. Learning from these examples of leadership and insight can lead to great success and happiness in many areas of life.

The old tried and true adage still applies stated billionaire Warren Buffet; "To be a success at anything, find someone who has had success in at area and follow them." Modern day business tycoons such as Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and Bill Gates, all of whom found it beneficial and necessary to model and learn from the success of leaders they admired and respected for their accomplishments. In the quest to lead a successful family, business, church or civic organization and overcome the obstacles, challenges and pitfalls inherent in doing so, modeling someone skilled in the art of giant slaying like King David of Israel provides a great advantage? Get ready to win and win big!


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East Unites with West in Global Cellular Recycling Effort

East Unites with West in Global Cellular Recycling Effort

What do Canada, China and the United States have in common? These three countries are major consumers of wireless phones and are adopting them at a rapid pace, resulting in millions of used and discarded cell phones.

(PRWEB) March 23, 2003

What do Canada, China and the United States have in common? These three countries are major consumers of wireless phones and are adopting them at a rapid pace, resulting in millions of used and discarded cell phones. Although each country has it own unique challenges to this cellular phenomena, The Wireless Source has a forward-thinking approach to the end-of-life management issues that closes the "reuse, reduce, recycle loop" in a coordinated and integrated manner. The recovery and reuse of cell phones is positive for the environment while introducing millions of people to wireless communications for the first time.

Challenging the wireless industry to create a solution for the increasing volume of globally stockpiled cell phones is a high priority for governments and environmental groups. There are currently more than 1 billion phones in use worldwide. Cell phones contain highly toxic chemicals that persist in the environment. By the year 2005, it is estimated that there will be 500 million stockpiled cell phones in the U. S. Cell phones are used for 18 months on average in the US. By contrast, the growth rate of cell phones in Canada is increasing sharply, and by 2005 there is a potential for 60 million stockpiled handsets. Ultimately, China expects to surpass the combined number of stockpiled cell phones of U. S. and Canada by 2005.

 The Wireless Source (TWS), headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, MI has long been aware of re-use opportunities. TWS was formed in 1995 and is a high quality re-manufacturer and re-marketer of new and refurbished cellular phones. TWS provides a market driven solution to the worldwide e-waste challenge that continues to growing in scope. TWS has developed service offerings focusing on reuse, which includes collection program management such as trade-in and take-back initiatives and partnering with OEM manufacturers, network operators and end users to implement them. Bob Sullivan, CEO of The Wireless Source states, " since our inception, we have re-deployed millions of used wireless phones extending their economic and functional life while potentially diverting them from landfills."

 The Wireless Source China established its office in Shanghai last year. Both government and private business heralded its presence. TWS China provides a new business model for the OEMs, network operators and the government that was previously non-existent. By the end of 2002, China mobile users reached 200 million. The rapid growth in cell phone usage raises many environmental and health concerns about the end-of-life management of discarded cell phones. "Today's cellular waste in China seems small, but has the potential to become a big issue quickly," says Gary Shen, General Manager of TWS China. "I am proud to be associated with an initiative to recover, reuse and recycle used wireless handsets and equipment. This business model will help recapture the value of unused products and bring communications to rural areas who are in great need," adds Shen.

 The Wireless Source Canada opened its doors earlier this year. "The business model of TWS will help meet our recycling responsibilities in North America and elsewhere in the world," states Gordon Weis, General Manager of TWS Canada.

 A new collection approach recently emerged, called Charitable Recycling. It focuses on harvesting used cell phones for the benefit of charities and other organizations. Charitable Recycling is a joint initiative between government and industry. "The blend of the private and non-profit segment has created an economically sustainable program," states Bob Sullivan. The program is in partnership with REAP2, an Oakland County, MI based national environmental initiative designed to create a process to collect electronic waste that can be reused or recycled. "Charitable Recycling is a vertical solution within our REAP2 program," states Marty Seaman, REAP2 Program Director.

Charitable Recycling and Charitable Recycling Canada offers consumers and businesses a mechanism for disposing of their used cell phones while preserving the environment and helping charities. "The response to the program has been overwhelming," says Rhonda Linton, Charitable Recycling Program Manager. "We are now partnered with national organizations and environmental programs including The National Wildlife Foundation and Waste Free NYC (New York City)," adds Linton.

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Donna Stelzer Leads e-Focus™ Product Management at Ozburn-Hessey Logistics

Donna Stelzer Leads e-Focus™ Product Management at Ozburn-Hessey Logistics

Web-Based Tool Offers Global Supply Chain Visibility

Brentwood, Tenn. (Vocus) April 1, 2008

Ozburn-Hessey Logistics (OH Logistics) executives recently announced that Donna Stelzer will lead product management for the company’s global supply chain management tool, e-Focus™. In this role, Stelzer is responsible for continued development and implementation of the application, which provides clients with PO management and global visibility throughout the supply chain.

E-Focus (http://www. ohlogistics. com/global-supply-chain-visibility-stelzer. asp) offers logistics managers real-time, Web-based visibility for orders, and presents users with an organized tool to manage shipment bookings, product information, and status updates from trading partners. First launched in 2001, e-Focus now has 11,000 registered users.

“Donna is continuously working to refine e-Focus to better serve our customers,” stated Michael Burns, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. “e-Focus remains a critical element of our expanding international service group, and Donna is poised to respond to client needs by developing technological solutions to meet the challenges of the changing global supply chain.”

Stelzer has more than 20 years of logistics experience in the retail, apparel, chemical and warehouse management business areas. After serving as an Air Export customer service representative and then Vice President of Global Supply Chain Solutions at Barthco International, the International Division of OH Logistics, Stelzer began focusing on the use of technology in achieving flexibility in supply chain management.

“I look forward to growing the e-Focus tool to provide clients with flexible and adaptive supply chain solutions,” said Stelzer. “e-Focus has already accounted for significant improvements in operational efficiencies and end-to-end supply chain visibility. Combined with process improvements, e-Focus will continue to dramatically optimize our clients’ supply chain performance.”

Stelzer is an active supporter of WORLD, a global relief logistics charitable organization, and is also a member of the Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals, National Retail Federation and Retail Industry Leaders Association. Stelzer was awarded “Woman of the Year” in 2001 by the Woman’s International Trade Association.

Additional information on e-Focus and Donna Stelzer can be found at http://www. ohlogistics. com/global-supply-chain-visibility-stelzer. asp (http://www. ohlogistics. com/global-supply-chain-visibility-stelzer. asp).

About OH Logistics (www. ohlogistics. com)

Based in Tennessee, Ozburn-Hessey Logistics is one of the largest 3PLs in the world, providing supply chain management solutions including international and domestic transportation, warehousing, customs brokerage, freight forwarding, and import and export consulting services. The company offers fulfillment, e-commerce fulfillment, service parts management, return logistics, network optimization, cross docking, and pool distribution. OH Logistics consists of three divisions—International Services, Contract Logistics and Transportation Services. The company operates over 100 value-added distribution centers and offers complete transportation management services domestically and internationally. OH Logistics serves the food service consolidation; industrial; electronic and high-tech; health and beauty; consumer products; and many other industries and employs over 5,000.

OH Logistics can be reached at (877) 401-6400 or on the Web at www. ohlogistics. com.


Karen Hall

Director of Marketing and Communications

Ozburn-Hessey Logistics

(615) 524-3652

Khall @ ohlogistics. com

Sarah Nadler

Account Executive, Public Relations

Gish, Sherwood & Friends

(615) 385-1100

Snadler @ gish. com

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Dr. David Minkoff Finds Protein Myths Linked to AmericaÂ’s Obesity

Dr. David Minkoff Finds Protein Myths Linked to AmericaÂ’s Obesity

Dr. David Minkoff, M. D., alternative healthcare expert specializing in protein nutrition, says that even as Americans consume record levels of protein, on high protein diets like the Atkins and South Beach, many are still protein deficient. On beef alone, a high-protein food, Americans will spend $70 billion this year, eating it 77.8 million times a day across America, according to the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. Yet Dr. David Minkoff says lab tests often show many people are protein deficient. "Standard blood panels may not indicate deficiency, but in deeper tests of the serum, we do find that many are deficient," says Dr. David Minkoff.

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) November 12, 2004

Why aren't people getting the protein they need from their diet? Dr. Minkoff says that as individuals enter middle age, they lose about half of the hydrochloric acid in their stomachs. This hydrochloric acid is necessary to activate the digestive enzymes, such as pepsin, that initiate protein breakdown. "If you can't digest the protein you eat," says Dr. Minkoff, "it doesn't matter how much protein you're eating — your body won't absorb it."

"Atkins type dieters overload their body with protein and high levels of nitrogen waste products. But many of these people don't adequately digest the protein, and if so, they may be deficient too," says Dr. Minkoff.

"Additionally, anyone on medications that block gastric acid production — for example, Nexium, Prilosec, Tagamet, Zantac, Pepsid — will also have faulty protein digestion."

Besides the difficulty of digesting protein, Dr. Minkoff says there is another fact many don't know about protein. Even if you do have adequate hydrochloric acid levels, your body can only use about 20 to 50 percent of the protein in the foods you consume. For example, even though fish, poultry, and meat are high in protein, the body can only make use of about 28 to 32 percent of this protein. The rest is converted to nitrogen waste. This is called net Nitrogen Utilization (NNU). For more information on NNU and to see the chart of comparisons to other proteins, go to http://www. bodyhealth. com/html/biobuilde/about_understanding2.asp#j9 (http://www. bodyhealth. com/html/biobuilde/about_understanding2.asp#j9)

"The high nitrogen waste that results from protein metabolism can be very hard on the bodies of certain individuals, particularly those with kidney problems," says Dr. Minkoff.

The National Kidney Foundation says 20 million Americans have kidney disease, and another 20 million have reduced kidney function and don't even know it. One study at Brigham and Women's Hospital found that when individuals with reduced kidney function engaged in high protein diets, their kidneys declined even further.

"As the kidneys are taxed with excessive nitrogen waste, it can leave people feeling tired, achy, sore, and groggy," says Dr. Minkoff.

For decades scientists have sought to find a more efficient protein, one that would be more fully absorbed and utilized by the body, and which would not produce any nitrogen waste. Dr. Minkoff believes he has finally found this protein with BioBuilde, a protein supplement with a unique amino acid profile. Several years ago Dr. Minkoff began a nutrition company, BodyHealth. com, to make this supplement available to the public.

"What's really amazing about BioBuilde," says Dr. Minkoff, "is that it produces only 1% nitrogen waste. Other amino acid formulas typically produce about 82% nitrogen waste. So this makes BioBuilde a truly revolutionary protein."

BioBuilde contains a unique patented formula of the eight essential amino acids in a special proportion to maximize protein synthesis. Ten tablets of BioBuilde produce less than half a calorie, and almost no nitrogen waste, yet yield the equivalent of 25 grams of high biological value protein.

Because of this, individuals with insufficient protein intake, who want optimum protein nutrition with almost no calories or nitrogen waste, are recommended to supplement their diet with BioBuilde. For more information on BioBuilde visit www. bodyhealth. com.

Media Contact:

Jeannine Dowdell

Phone: 727-441-4954

Toll Free: 877-804-3258

E-mail: jeannine@bodyhealth. com

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ADI’s New EMS Division Offers a Complete Turnkey SMT and THT Production Solution

ADI’s New EMS Division Offers a Complete Turnkey SMT and THT Production Solution

ADI American Distributors Inc., an ISO-9002/AS9120 distributor of electronic and electromechanical components and assemblies, announced the formation of the EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) division.

Randolph, NJ (PRWEB) April 27, 2006

ADI American Distributors Inc., a single-source provider of manufacturing services for the high-technology electronics industry, and an ISO-9002/AS9120 distributor of electronic and electromechanical components and assemblies, announced the formation of the EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) division. Located in Randolph, NJ, the new AS9100-certified division is a fully integrated turnkey operation employing state-of-the-industry SMT (surface mount technology) and THT (through-hole technology) assembly techniques, along with complete manual capabilities. Specializing in high-complexity, high-reliability, and high-mix contracts for the aerospace and defense markets, ADI EMS’ manufacturing facility is equally able to meet the exacting requirements of such electronics industry sectors as industrial, commercial, healthcare, computer and test equipment.

In conjunction with the global resources of ADI, EMS provides such value-added services as PCB design, quick-turn prototyping, pre-production/pilot production, Beta production, box build, component procurement, in-circuit and functional testing, and burn-in calibration, together with fulfillment and deployment. Additional services offered include test engineering, quality engineering, and design for manufacturing (DFM), design for testability (DFT), manufacturing design optimization, and long-term repair.

ADI EMS, in association with its sister companies, also offers a proprietary In Service Management System exclusively to aerospace and defense customers. This service addresses electronics obsolescence throughout products’ lifecycle, and employs information technology tools and techniques developed to minimize obsolescence resolution costs. Moreover, ADI EMS’ skilled work force utilizes next-generation information and communication systems to supply real-time data.

About ADI American Distributors Inc.

Headquartered in Randolph, NJ, ADI was founded in 1983 as a value-added distributor of electronic and electromechanical components and assemblies. The ISO-9002 distributor serves the aerospace (commercial and military), medical, industrial, marine and varied electronics market segments. Boasting a global network of world-class suppliers, ADI offers state-of-the-art electronic component distribution capabilities. The company additionally provides manufacturing and assembly services, along with design and engineering, and material management and logistic services. ADI moreover maintains a military-approved assembly facility with a bonded warehouse (CAGE code OBR80), and has attained “preferred supplier” status among leading OEMs in the aviation sector.

Contact: David Beck, 800/877-0510

Web Site: www. Americandistr. com


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RemoteMDx, Through its SecureAlert Subsidiary, Expands With New State-of-the-Art Monitoring Center

RemoteMDx, Through its SecureAlert Subsidiary, Expands With New State-of-the-Art Monitoring Center

The new monitoring center will be able to service more than 100,000 customers worldwide.

SANDY, Utah (PRWEB) September 15, 2005

RemoteMDx, Inc. (OTC BB: RMDX), through its wholly owned subsidiary, SecureAlert, today announced the opening of its new state-of-the-art monitoring center.

SecureAlertÂ’s new monitoring center is located at 150 W. Civic Center Dr., Ste. 400 in Sandy across the street from Sandy City Hall, which is also the new location for SecureAlertÂ’s headquarters. The companyÂ’s headquarters were previously located in West Valley City, Utah, (where the company has had and will maintain a monitoring center).

SecureAlert specializes in monitoring individuals 24 hours per day 7 days per week through a process known as telematics. There are only a few telematics centers worldwide and the new SecureAlert center has incorporated the latest cutting edge proprietary technologies to make it one of the foremost in the world.

“The new monitoring center allows the company to incorporate newly developed patented and proprietary technologies to fill the demand of a growing market,” said Randy Olshen, president of SecureAlert. “The new facilities are perfectly suited for our growing needs. In addition to having improved security and emergency back-up that allows the center to function in the event of any emergency, it is equipped with digital technology that has automatic alerts and Web-based GIS (Geographical Information System) databases. The new PAL Monitoring Center™ will allow our PAL Operators™ to monitor individuals worldwide and support our customers even more effectively than before.”

The newly built PAL Monitoring Center will allow PAL Operators to monitor and track the locations of those using or wearing either MobilePAL™ or TrackerPAL™ devices with its state-of-the-art Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and its powerful GIS database. Additionally, there is a back-up Monitoring Center 20 miles from the new main center in Sandy that provides SecureAlert with built-in redundancy, enabling it to provide public safety and personal assistance around the clock to its customers.

“The demand for the proprietary technology we use in our MobilePAL and TrackerPAL devices has propelled our company forward and helped us expand into new markets,” Olshen said. “We are experiencing rapid growth and expect it to continue in the coming months and years ahead as more people are introduced to the benefits of using our MobilePAL and TrackerPAL devices. Our expansion will enable us to service all of these new users.”

SecureAlertÂ’s facilities can provide support and monitoring assistance for more than 100,000 customers worldwide using either the MobilePAL or TrackerPAL technologies.

The new headquarters in Sandy is at least four times the size of SecureAlertÂ’s space in West Valley City and is well equipped to meet its operational needs (data, phone, electronic, etc.). The new space was also chosen as an ideal location because of its ability to accommodate SecureAlertÂ’s future expansion.

SecureAlert will have an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony at its new location on Thursday, September 15, beginning at 3 p. m.

About SecureAlert

A wholly owned subsidiary of RemoteMDx, Inc. (OTC BB: RMDX), SecureAlert develops and utilizes cutting edge wireless technologies and systems to presently monitor people nationwide. SecureAlert solutions support several industries, including parolee/probationer/offender tracking/monitoring, senior citizen support services, personal security and health monitoring, among others.

SecureAlert, MobilePAL, PAL Monitoring Center, PAL Operators and TrackerPAL are trademarks of SecureAlert. RemoteMDx is a trademark of RemoteMDx, Inc.


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IQMax Teams Up With Microsoft to Present Innovative Mobile Technology Solutions at Prestigious Life Sciences and Healthcare Technology Summit

IQMax Teams Up With Microsoft to Present Innovative Mobile Technology Solutions at Prestigious Life Sciences and Healthcare Technology Summit

IQMax, a leading mobile healthcare technology company, has been invited to attend the Life Sciences and Healthcare Technology Summit sponsored by Verizon Wireless and Alcatel-Lucent to be held in Atlantic City on October 23-24. At the conference, IQMax will be teaming up with Microsoft to demonstrate to over 100 of the leading Healthcare and Life Sciences companies.

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) September 19, 2007

IQMax, a leading mobile healthcare technology company, has been invited to attend the Life Sciences and Healthcare Technology Summit sponsored by Verizon Wireless and Alcatel-Lucent to be held in Atlantic City on October 23-24. At the conference, IQMax will be teaming up with Microsoft to demonstrate to over 100 of the leading Healthcare and Life Sciences companies how IQChannels™, a powerful, contextual media rich solution built on Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform, can connect their mobile workforce with contextual content delivered in the form of audio, video/multimedia, images, text, and RSS feeds on smartphones leveraging the Verizon Wireless network.

IQChannels™ is an interactive, media rich application that leverages IQMax's robust enterprise mobile platform to securely manage and deliver content to mobile devices. Within healthcare, IQChannels™ can be used to deliver Continuing Medical Education (CME) content in the form of an interactive multimedia presentation to physicians on their mobile device. It can also be used as a decision support tool, delivering contextual media to help healthcare professionals render better patient care. Within the Life Sciences industry, IQChannels™ can be used by organizations to manage and deliver contextualized content and information to their mobile sales force, providing them with valuable tools to enhance and improve their sales, marketing, and customer service performance.

"Microsoft is pleased to work with IQMax to enable delivery of rich media content and RSS feeds to Windows Mobile devices. The availability of IQChannels on the Windows Mobile platform, coupled with the Microsoft portfolio of software and services, helps Healthcare companies of all sizes collaborate and communicate with their employees in a secure and reliable way," said Steve Aylward, general manager of Microsoft's U. S. Healthcare and Life Sciences Group.

"IQMax is pleased to work with Microsoft to provide the Healthcare and Life Sciences community with innovative mobile solutions that improve an organization's productivity and connect the mobile workforce with real time content and information," said Paul Adkison, CEO and Founder of IQMax. "Mobile technology is transforming the Healthcare and Life Sciences landscape. Companies require powerful tools that will connect their mobile workforce with the right information at the right time. IQMax is working with Microsoft to deliver such innovative solutions."

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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Parents of 5-Year Old With Autism Takes an Alternative Route Using Wild-Crafted Essential Oils

Parents of 5-Year Old With Autism Takes an Alternative Route Using Wild-Crafted Essential Oils

Using pure, wild crafted organic essential oils as an alternative treatment for autism is proving to be successful for autistic child.

Arvada, CO (Vocus) April 21, 2009

What could mold, mildew, fungus, worms, parasites and allergies have to do with autism? The parents of Ciaran, 5-year old boy, diagnosed with autism was approached by their therapist who suggested the boy have a hair analysis done to check for mold, mildew, fungus, worms, parasites and allergies.

The boy's family was somewhat skeptical, so to understand what was entailed they spoke to the Doctor that runs the hair analysis. After speaking with the Doctor, they felt good about going forward with the testing.

The software program the Doctor uses scans for stressors in the body and then balancers. In this case the balancers used are Be Young Essential oils (http://www. compassjourneys. com) as an alternative treatment for autism (http://www. compassjourneys. com).

When Ciaran’s results came back, it showed 7 types of fungus, molds, 19 species of round worm and allergies to 15 foods.

Within three weeks of his mother administrating the essential oils, Ciaran started to put sentences together and eating more food, he was a picky eater. His therapist reported that he was asking her questions and holding a conversation.

Eight weeks later Ciaran had another hair analysis and it showed that his stressors out of range went from 99 to 35. L-form bacteria were found and this is a significant finding.

Four weeks after he started his new program Ciaran’s mother reports, “his progress has been outstanding. He has been more emotional and sensitive, getting his feelings hurt more often. It shows that he is understanding more of his surroundings and in tune with what is being said and what is happening around him. He isn’t just in his own little world. He has become more sympathetic for others and picks up on expressions that people have and quickly responds to them. He started soccer this last weekend and scored the first goal in the first 5 minutes of the game.”

For an update on Ciarans’ progress or more information visit www. CompassJourneys. com

The information in this press release (or Website) is not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose disease or medical conditions, nor is it intended to prescribe forms of medical treatment. The author does not distribute medical advice and is not responsible for use or application of the information contained herein. Issues concerning health should be referred to qualified health care professionals. People who have health conditions, are pregnant, nursing, or have allergies, should consult a physician before beginning any health program.


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Marine Vet, Anti-War Candidate Sheeler Surpasses Brown in RI US Senate Race

Marine Vet, Anti-War Candidate Sheeler Surpasses Brown in RI US Senate Race

Says Sheeler about other leading candidate Sheldon Whitehouse, “Two Whitehouses in DC is one too many.”

Providence, RI (PRWEB) April 18, 2006 -–

Business owner, father of five, adjunct professor and Desert Storm Marine Veteran, Carl Sheeler, FEC reported funds now surpasses that of Rhode Island Secretary of State Matt Brown’s by a ratio of almost 6 to 1. Sheeler has $200,000 cash on hand compared to Brown’s $35,000. This is far short of Sheldon Whitehouse’s $1.2 million reported available for the Democratic primary on September 12, 2006.

“I am grateful and humbled by the level of grassroots support our 'Take Back Our Country' campaign has achieved from mostly working and middle class families. We’re proud that during this past quarter over 75% of our contributions ranged from $5 to $100 and are from every day Rhode Islanders – many who are veterans and single mothers.

We have connected with many folks through direct mail and the internet that support our anti-war and Bush Impeachment efforts and don’t have $1,000+ to contribute to federal candidates like Brown and Whitehouse. As the Providence Journal recently reported, over two-thirds of their contributions are from wealthy out of state people. Do voters expect to be represented after the election? The wealth tax cuts squeezing the middle class prove otherwise.

I believe part of our surge in contributions was from our “BE PATRIOTIC IMPEACH BUSH” billboard erected along I-95 in February. We’ll be replacing it in May. I think support has also come from our warnings that our presence in Iraq means we would not have adequate funds for domestic programs like healthcare and education. Matt Brown’s campaign finance and ethics issues may have redirected financial support to us as well.

The Minnesota Democrat icon, Senator Paul Wellstone, a political outsider and unknown, won a tough and much larger primary than the one we’ll have here. Rhode Islanders are not swayed by the flash of cash alone. I trust they’ll see substance when Sheldon and Matt agree to a debate. While our cash for the primary is one-sixth of Whitehouse’s campaign, we believe people know two Whitehouse’s in DC is one too many.”


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Three New Morgan Kaufmann Books Supply Keys to Unlocking Data’s Power

Three New Morgan Kaufmann Books Supply Keys to Unlocking Data’s Power

Explosion of Data Offers Challenge and Opportunity

Burlington, MA (Vocus) October 8, 2010

In our new economy, information is power. And the data captured by ever-more-sophisticated chips and computers provides the building blocks to business success. But harnessing this power remains a strategic challenge for many businesses. Three new Morgan Kaufmann books give readers the tools to get the most out of their data.

Managing Time in Relational Databases by Tom Johnston and Randall Weis shows how to make the rich information content of bi-temporal data available to business users, while simplifying the design, maintenance and retrieval of that data. Metadata declarations eliminate the need to directly model temporal data. Temporal data maintenance is isolated in code that can be invoked to update bi-temporal data in any database and from any application program, across the enterprise. Anyone who can write queries against conventional data will be able to write queries against the bi-temporal data structures described in this book.

The Practitioner's Guide to Data Quality Improvement by David Loshin shares the fundamentals for understanding the impacts of poor data quality, and guides practitioners and managers alike in socializing, gaining sponsorship for, planning, and establishing a data quality program. This book shares templates and processes for business impact analysis, defining data quality metrics, inspection and monitoring, remediation, and using data quality tools. Never shying away from the difficult topics or subjects, this is the seminal book that offers advice on how to actually get the job done.

SQL for Smarties, 4th Edition by Joe Celko was hailed as the first book devoted explicitly to the advanced techniques needed to transform an experienced SQL programmer into an expert. Now, 15 years later and in its fourth edition, this classic reference still reigns supreme as the only book written by a SQL master that teaches programmers and practitioners to become SQL masters themselves! These are not just tips and techniques; also offered are the best solutions to old and new challenges. Joe Celko conveys the way you need to think in order to get the most out of SQL programming efforts for both correctness and performance. New to the fourth edition, Joe features new examples to reflect the ANSI/ISO Standards so anyone can use it. He also updates data element names to meet new ISO-11179 rules and he expands coverage of SSD, parallel processors and how new hardware will change how SQL works, all with the same experience-based teaching style that made the previous editions the classics they are today.

About the Authors

Tom Johnston is an independent consultant specializing in enterprise data architecture, and in relational, object-oriented and data warehouse modeling in various industries, including telecommunications, health care, banking, retailing and transportation. He is also a regular columnist for DMReview and other industry-leading magazines and journals. His Web site is http://www. MindfulData. org.

Randall Weis is founder and CEO of InBase, Inc, and has more than 25 years of experience in IT and IT management, specializing in enterprise data architecture. Weis' technical expertise is in sophisticated, multi-tiered systems. He has designed logical and physical data models and implemented several high profile, very large database systems in the financial and insurance industries.

David Loshin is President of Knowledge Integrity, Inc., a company specializing in data management consulting. The author of numerous books on performance computing and data management, including Master Data Management (2008) and Business Intelligence – The Savvy Manager’s Guide (2003), and creator of courses and tutorials on all facets of data management best practices, David is often looked to for thought leadership in the information management industry.

Joe Celko served 10 years on ANSI/ISO SQL Standards Committee and contributed to the SQL-89 and SQL-92 Standards. He has written over 900 columns in the computer trade and academic press, mostly dealing with data and databases. Joe has authored eight books on SQL for Morgan Kaufmann.

New Releases

The Practitioner’s Guide to Data Quality Improvement

By David Loshin

ISBN: 9780123737175

Nov 2010 | Softcover | 440 pp

59.95 USD | 42.92 EUR | 36.99 GBP

Joe Celko’s SQL for Smarties, 4th Edition

Advanced SQL Programming

By Joe Celko

ISBN: 9780123820228

Nov 2010 | Softcover | 816 pp

64.95 USD | 46.95 EUR | 39.99 GBP

Recently Released

SQL Clearly Explained, 3rd Edition

By Jan L. Harrington

ISBN: 9780123756978

May 2010 | Softcover | 480 pp

54.95 USD | 39.95 EUR | 33.99 GBP

Managing Time in Relational Databases

How to Design, Update and Query Temporal Data

By Tom Johnston and Randall Weis

ISBN: 9780123750419

Aug 2010 | Hardcover | 512 pp

69.95 USD | 50.95 EUR | 42.99 GBP


Entity Resolution and Data Quality Improvement

By John R. Talburt

ISBN: 9780123819727

Jan 2011 | Softcover | 272 pp

49.95 USD | 35.95 EUR | 30.99 GBP

Developing High Quality Data Models

By Matthew West

ISBN: 9780123751065

Jan 2011 | Softcover | 408 pp

64.95 USD | 46.95 EUR | 39.99 GBP

Data Mining, 3rd Edition

Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques

By Ian H. Witten, Eibe Frank, and Mark A. Hall

ISBN: 9780123748560

Feb 2011 | Softcover | 650 pp

69.95 USD | 50.95 EUR | 42.99 GBP


Morgan Kaufmann has been bringing the knowledge of experts to the computing community since 1984. Our goal is to provide timely yet timeless content to research and development professionals, business leaders and IT managers, everyday practitioners, and academia. We publish textbooks and references in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networking, Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics & Game Development, Data Management & Business Intelligence, Software Engineering, and User Experience & Human Computer Interaction. For more information, visit http://mkp. com.


Elsevier Science & Technology Books has provided award-winning, leading-edge data and education resources to information professionals worldwide. By delivering world-class solutions both in print and online, Elsevier S&T Books is proud to play an essential role in some of the most distinguished scientific and technology communities in existence today. From economics and public health to microbiology and genetics, we have a wide variety of books and ebooks online for you to choose from.

Elsevier is a world-leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical information products and services. The company works in partnership with the global science and health communities to publish more than 2,000 journals, including The Lancet (thelancet. com) and Cell (cell. com), and close to 20,000 book titles, including major reference works from Mosby and Saunders. Elsevier’s online solutions include ScienceDirect (sciencedirect. com), Scopus (scopus. com), Reaxys (reaxys. com), MD Consult (mdconsult. com) and Nursing Consult (nursingconsult. com), which enhance the productivity of science and health professionals, and the SciVal suite (scival. com) and MEDai’s Pinpoint Review (medai. com), which help research and health care institutions deliver better outcomes more cost-effectively.


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Can you Spot the Next Enron?

Can you Spot the Next Enron?

Software tool can aid corporate watchdogs and investors alike seek out the next Enron.

(PRWEB) October 12, 2004

Investors made wary by recent corporate scandals now have one more tool to use in rooting out malfeasance by unethical corporate leaders.

Financial information in annual and quarterly reports and other financial disclosure is often presented to shareholders electronically in file formats that are difficult to use, including the highly secure and difficult to access PDF format. However, a new software tool allows this data to be unlocked quickly and easily for thorough-going examination and analysis. This new software tool is Able2Extract version 2.2.

Able2Extract software, with one click, instantly and directly converts numbers and data from PDF, HTML and Text into formatted Excel spreadsheets so that all of ExcelÂ’s powerful analysis capabilities and functions can be brought to bear in assessing the reliability of financial information provided by companies.

“Not very long ago, the best way to check on numbers and information delivered in PDF annual reports was to manually retype them number by number into Excel. This was frustrating, time consuming and expensive when dealing with all the data in an annual report,” said David Moon, President of Investintech. com.

Using Able2Extract, individual investors can quickly transform their data into Excel spreadsheet and proceed to evaluate the health of their investment by using the powerful tools of Excel to generate such analysis as financial ratios and models. No more having to rely on the financial analysis generated by third parties!

“Able2Extract was developed precisely to make the conversion simple, fast and accurate—and to permit the ready analysis of information provided. Users can now spend their time preparing financial ratios and models as opposed to manually re-typing data! Prior versions of our product have already been well received by individual investors and the financial services industry alike.”

Able2Extract is a bundle of 10 conversion utilities in all, with PDF to Excel being just one of the conversion options. For example, Able2Extract also instantly and reliably converts PDF into editable Word, HTML and Text as well.

The value in all these conversions is that material that previously would have had to be converted manually is transferred instantly into editable formats, ready for analysis and manipulation.

A full license of Able2Extract sells online for US$89.95, a 30-day license is also available for $19.95. A free download demo of Able2Extract is offered for a three day period.

To try or purchase Able2Extract go to www. investintech. com

About us: Investintech Inc. is a developer of innovative software technologies specializing in the conversion and manipulation of data into more useable formats. Investintech produces solutions that enhance the ability of professionals to do their job in a timely and cost effective manner.

For more information please contact:

Keith Bradbury

Www. investintech. com

Keith. Bradbury@investintech. com


# # #

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Three Capella University HR Specializations Acknowledged by SHRM

Three Capella University HR Specializations Acknowledged by SHRM

Capella is the only university to have three programs acknowledged as aligning with the Society for Human Resource Management's HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates.

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) March 23, 2008

Capella University (www. capella. edu), an accredited,* fully online university (http://www. capella. edu/online_university. aspx), announced today that the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has acknowledged that three Capella HR programs fully align with SHRM's HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates. They are Capella's Human Resource Management specializations in its MS in Organization and Management, MBA, and BS in Business online degree programs.

Worldwide, only 23 programs in 19 educational institutions have been acknowledged by SHRM as being in alignment with its suggested guides and templates. Capella is the first university to have three programs acknowledged, and is one of only three universities with online HR degree programs (http://www. capella. edu/schools_programs/business_technology/mba/health_care_management. aspx) to gain acknowledgement from SHRM.

The HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates were developed by SHRM to define the minimum HR content areas that should be studied by HR students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. They are part of SHRM's HR Education Initiative, created in 2006 to help the society define HR education standards taught in university business schools across the nation and help universities develop degree programs that follow these standards.

"With this acknowledgement from SHRM, our HR students can feel confident that Capella's management curricula align with HR education standards identified by the world's leading association for HR professionals," said Michael Williams, PhD, Capella's faculty chair for HR management. "It provides assurance that the courses they are taking are professionally relevant and reflect the most recent thinking in the HR field."

Capella's portfolio of human resource and training specializations includes more than a dozen options, enabling human resource professionals to choose the degree program and specialization that is right for them. They include a Human Resource Management specialization at the PhD level that reflects the competencies identified by SHRM in "The Competency Model for the New HR." SHRM's HR Education Initiative does not currently review PhD programs.

Capella is also a SHRM-approved provider of the SHRM Learning System, which helps prepare learners to take the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification examinations.

Review of the MBA, Human Resource Management specialization is pending in Ohio.

About Capella University:

Founded in 1993, Capella University is an accredited*, fully online university that offers graduate degree programs in business, information technology, education, human services, psychology, public health, and public safety, and bachelor's degree programs in business, information technology, and public safety. Within those areas, Capella currently offers 104 graduate and undergraduate specializations and 15 certificate programs. The online university currently serves more than 22,000 students from all 50 states and 45 countries. It is committed to providing high-caliber academic excellence and pursuing balanced business growth. Capella University is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Capella Education Company headquartered in Minneapolis. For more information, please visit http://www. capella. edu (http://www. capella. edu) or call 1-888-CAPELLA (227-3552).

*Capella University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA), http://www. ncahlc. org (http://www. ncahlc. org).

Capella University, 225 South Sixth Street, Ninth Floor, Minneapolis, MN 55402, 1.888.CAPELLA (227.3552), www. capella. edu.

About the Society for Human Resource Management:

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world's largest association devoted to human resource management. The Society serves the needs of HR professionals and advances the interests of the HR profession. Founded in 1948, SHRM has more than 235,000 members in over 130 countries, and more than 575 affiliated chapters. Visit www. shrm. org.


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RevolutionHealth. com Launches Heart Attack Recovery Center to Aid Recovery, Prevention of Further Heart Disease: Online resource covers nutrition, medication, exercise, relationships, more

RevolutionHealth. com Launches Heart Attack Recovery Center to Aid Recovery, Prevention of Further Heart Disease: Online resource covers nutrition, medication, exercise, relationships, more

Today, RevolutionHealth. com launches a new online Heart Attack Recovery Center to help the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are recovering from a heart attack or caring for someone who is. This year, an estimated 1.1 million Americans will have a heart attack and approximately half will survive the incident. With survival rates rising dramatically over the past 20 years, heart attack recovery is more critical than ever for patients and their families.

WASHINGTON (PRWEB) February 7, 2008

 RevolutionHealth. com is focusing attention on heart attack recovery during the month of February to mark American Heart Month. The free, online resource is particularly timely as a recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that only one-third of patients who survive a heart attack undergo cardiac rehabilitation, a series of lifestyle changes proven to reduce the risk of additional illness and death.

"What many people don't know is that cardiac rehabilitation can help prevent another heart attack and even turn back the clock on heart disease," said Val Jones, M. D., senior medical director of RevolutionHealth. com. "Our new online Heart Attack Recovery Center compiles key information, tools and expert guidelines, together with an active online community to help patients and their families meet and overcome this serious health challenge."

RevolutionHealth. com's new Heart Attack Center offers the following information and features:

-- Medications and supplements - Learn more about the different kinds of heart medicines, potential drug interactions and how supplements might help. Learn about approaches to missed doses and changes in medication.

-- Diet - Just as bad eating habits can contribute to heart disease, a heart-healthy diet can aid in recovery. RevolutionHealth. com's experts discuss commonly recommended diets and ingredient substitutions.

-- Exercise - How much exercise is enough? Can it ever be too soon to exercise after a heart attack? Read more about the phases of cardiac recovery and typical exercise levels for each one.

-- Stress reduction - Everyone knows that stress contributes to heart disease, but what's the best way to control, or even reduce, stress? Take an interactive assessment to measure stress levels and learn every day stress-busters and other ways to take it easy.

-- Emotional health - Depression can set in after a heart attack, so learn to recognize the signs. Take positive steps to live with heart disease and seek out group support.

-- Caregiving - Supporting your loved one who has just had a heart attack can be difficult. Educate yourself about the facts and the keys to a successful recovery.

-- Intimacy - How soon can you resume sex after a heart attack? And is it safe? Is heart medicine affecting sexual activity? Learn what's real, and what's myth.

-- Community - You are not alone. Heart attack confronts all too many American families each year. Share stories, information, recipes and more. Read about other people's experiences and share your support and strength with them.

"With all the focus on the event - the heart attack - sometimes the recovery gets lost, but the right path to recovery can make all the difference in a longer and healthier life," added Dr. Jones. "But remember, you should consult with your physician before undertaking any change in medications, diet or physical exertion."

About Revolution Health

Revolution Health Group LLC was created by AOL Co-Founder Steve Case to create products and services that empower people by putting them at the center of the health system. The flagship of the company is RevolutionHealth. com, which was recently named the Best Overall Internet Health Site by the eHealthcare Leadership Awards. The free consumer health and medical web site marries expert content and online tools with the power of social networking. RevolutionHealth. com is part of Revolution Health Network which also includes CarePages. com, SparkPeople. com, drugstore. com and HealthTalk. com. Revolution Health also offers premium services that enable companies to provide health content and customized online tools to their employees, including customized portals, employee wellness incentives and telephonic services.

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Tempe Trains for the 7th Annual P. F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon & 1/2 Marathon

Tempe Trains for the 7th Annual P. F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon & 1/2 Marathon

P. F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon & ½ Marathon Makes Perfect Harmony with Tempe Attractions and Entertainment

Tempe, Ariz. (Vocus) October 29, 2009

Runners and walkers from all levels and destinations are well into their training, preparing for the annual P. F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon & 1/2 Marathon, January 17, 2010. Recognized as one of the world’s most popular running and walking festivals, the P. F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon & 1/2 Marathon begins in downtown Phoenix, races through Scottsdale and finishes in Tempe (http://www. tempecvb. com) on the Arizona State University campus.

This musically inspired race is expected to draw more than 30,000 runners, walkers and junior racers from around the world to the finish line in Tempe. Hundreds of spectators join in on the excitement to route on their athlete and enjoy the music throughout the race.

This athletic event also doubles as a musical street party, featuring a variety of music genres from reggae and jazz to country and rock at every mile along both the 26.2 and 13.1-mile courses. Runners, walkers and spectators will keep the energy going as they groove to the beat during the post-race concert in Tempe, featuring a national headliner act.

The Health & Fitness Expo kicks off race week at the Phoenix Convention Center on Friday, January 15 and Saturday, January 16. At the expo, participants can pick up their race numbers and browse over 100 vendors from the running and fitness industry.

Sunny skies and mild temperatures abound in Tempe during the winter season, making it the perfect destination for a marathon. More than half of all race participants come from outside of Arizona in part to enjoy this ideal climate. After the race, many choose to extend their stay over the long weekend and make their trip into a vacation. Some of the most popular Tempe attractions and entertainment (http://www. tempecvb. com/things-to-do/Default. aspx) include hiking in the Sonoran Desert, seeing a Broadway show at the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed ASU Gammage, dining and nightlife in Tempe’s Mill Avenue District and shopping at Tempe Marketplace and Arizona Mills. Participants can also take day trips from Tempe and explore Sedona, the Grand Canyon or Tucson.

For more information about the P. F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon & 1/2 Marathon, visit www. RnRaz. com or contact the Competitor Group at 800-311-1255.

For more information about activities in Tempe, visit the Tempe Convention and Visitors Bureau Web site, www. RaceToTempe. com, or call 800-283-6734.

About Tempe Convention and Visitors Bureau:

The Tempe Convention and Visitors Bureau is a non-profit organization devoted to marketing Tempe, Arizona as a desirable visitor and group destination site. The Tempe Convention and Visitors Bureau’s mission is to also provide visitors, media professionals and meeting planners with information on Tempe hotels, Tempe restaurants, Tempe entertainment and local points of interest. To learn more about Tempe, Arizona please call 480-894-8158 or 800-283-6734 or visit us at http://www. tempecvb. com (http://www. tempecvb. com).


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Your HCG Announces Their Popular HCG Diet Programs To The Public

Your HCG Announces Their Popular HCG Diet Programs To The Public

Your HCG announces their popular HCG diet programs to the public. Your HCG offers 3 primary programs dedicated to the HCG diet and weight loss. Your HCG says, “While on the HCG diet customers have the option to be on the diet a minimum of 23 days all the way up to 60 days. Unlike other diets, the HCG diet does give you the flexibility to start when it will work best for you. You can plan to start after the holidays, between vacations, or when the kids go back to school.”

Salt Lake City, UT (Vocus/PRWEB) January 21, 2011

Your HCG announces their popular HCG diet programs to the public. Your HCG offers 3 primary programs dedicated to the HCG diet and weight loss. Your HCG says, “While on the HCG diet customers have the option to be on the diet a minimum of 23 days all the way up to 60 days. Unlike other diets, the HCG diet does give you the flexibility to start when it will work best for you. You can plan to start after the holidays, between vacations, or when the kids go back to school.”

Depending on how much weight a customer wants to lose, they offer 3 hcg diet weight loss programs.

30 Day Program - This program is usually recommended if you are hesitant about the diet or don’t have much weight to lose. This is a great option if you want to try out the program before investing in a 45 or 60-day program. The average weight loss for 30 days is 30-40lbs for men and 20-30lbs for women.

45 Day Program - The next program that YourHCG. com is a 45-day program. This is one of the more common packages. Most clients find this program to be the best for them. Dedicating 45 days to a diet program comes easy to most clients as well. The average weight loss for 45 days is 40-60lbs for men and 30-45lbs for women.

60 Day Program - The last program that YourHCG. com offers is a 60-day program. While Your HCG does have some clients that will go for a full 60 days, most people will split this into two (2) 30-day programs. They also have some clients that will use the 60-day program for 45 days, and then go to maintenance. Once done with maintenance, clients will start the remaining 15 days, and then reorder to complete another round. The average weight loss in 60 days is 60-80lbs for men and 40-60lbs for women.

YourHCG. com also has over 54,000 facebook likes and 12,000 twitter followers that participate in lively discussions, contests, and get support and encouragement from the YourHCG. com health coaches.

About Your HCG: YourHCG. com utilizes the highest standards to compliance protocols as well as manufacturing Kosher and Organic products.

In addition, they provide homeopathic remedies that are made with individual care using traditional methods complying with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). They implement high quality standards for the manufacturing of the remedies in strict accordance with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). Utilizing a time tested process; YourHCG. com rely on over 20 years of experience in the nutritional supplements to produce top quality products.

Visit YourHCG. com or call 877-748-2709 for more information.


Jesse Semchuck

Jesse (at) yourhcg (dot) com

YourHCG. com


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The Tennis Channel Re-Launches Web Site

The Tennis Channel Re-Launches Web Site

New-look www. TheTennisChannel. com adds tennis lifestyle component, broadband video content, and greater advertising opportunities.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 27, 2006

The Tennis Channel, the only 24-hour, television-based multimedia destination dedicated to tennis and the healthy, active lifestyle that surrounds it, has re-launched its Web site to provide viewers with an online destination that is easier to navigate and offers significant upgrades. The new look of www. TheTennisChannel. com features a clean, sophisticated design and includes a comprehensive tennis travel section, extensive original broadband video content and expanded advertising space.

Beyond reorganizing along more user-friendly lines, the site introduces passionate lifestyle content that complements similar programming found on The Tennis Channel. Visitors can find local hitting partners, select instructors who best fit their needs and search for tennis courts in both their areas and around the world, among a vast array of other choices.

“This is literally a second network launch for The Tennis Channel,” said Ken Solomon, chairman and CEO, The Tennis Channel. “TheTennisChannel. com gives everyone in the world access to valuable sports and lifestyle information they’re not going to find anywhere else on TV or the Web. At the same time, it demonstrates the wide range of broadband and new media applications for this sport. Tennis, perhaps more than any other sport because of the year-round season, number of players, and simultaneous matches and tournaments, is tailor-made for wide-bandwidth media platforms that can house and facilitate volumes of up-to-the-minute data.”

The site’s unique travel section offers far-reaching tennis-destination material, with advice and contact information on adult tennis and fantasy camps, and more than 50 resort listings. Additionally, a new city guide section gives tennis aficionados details on the finest hotels, restaurants, spas and public courts in some of the best tennis towns on the planet. Paris, Los Angeles and Las Vegas are the segment’s first installments, with guides for London and New York in the works. The travel section also gives visitors the ability to book tournament vacations.

The revamped site also uses Flash video technology, a first for www. TheTennisChannel. com The Tennis Channel created and produced all of the exclusive short-form content in the new video section, programming that focuses on tennis instruction, news, players, tournaments, and health and fitness. Visitors, for instance, can get tips on sun protection while on the court, view demonstrations on how to improve a one-handed backhand or watch news updates on American star Andy Roddick in Rome or Spanish sensation Rafael Nadal after winning his second consecutive French Open.

“We wanted to offer our visitors a site that adds value to their tennis lifestyle experience,” said Lynn Forbes, vice president, Web and new media, The Tennis Channel, who oversaw the site re-launch. “At the same time, we’re driving toward utilizing its tremendous potential as both a community-creating and revenue-generating resource. This re-launch represents the first of many improvements we’re bringing to TheTennisChannel. com and, hopefully, to the tennis world overall.”

Increased advertising opportunities on the re-launched www. TheTennisChannel. com include a wide leaderboard at the top of the site and the ability to run broadband ads.

The site continues to offer in-depth tennis information, with player news and rankings, tournament updates, live scores, rules of the game, and the history of the sport and its events. This is in addition to television programming information that includes The Tennis Channel’s on-air schedule, tournament details, and background on the network’s series, specials and documentary films. Visitors can also enter sweepstakes and sign up for the channel’s electronic newsletter.

The Tennis Channel worked on the re-launch with interactive design agency Digital Media Graphix.

About The Tennis Channel

The Tennis Channel (www. TheTennisChannel. com) is the only 24-hour, television-based multimedia destination dedicated to tennis and the healthy, active lifestyle that surrounds it. As the most concentrated single-sport network on television, the brand combines comprehensive sports coverage with health, fitness, pop culture, lifestyle and travel programming. Fifty-two week tournament telecast rights include the US Open Series, ATP Masters Series, top-tier WTA Tour championship competitions, Davis Cup by BNP Paribas, Fed Cup and Hyundai Hopman Cup, offering compelling coverage of the game’s most dramatic rivalries and energetic personalities.

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West Virginia's Children Bear Brunt of Medicaid Redesign

West Virginia's Children Bear Brunt of Medicaid Redesign

More than 93% of West Virginia's children participating in Medicaid have faced health care benefit restrictions as a result of Medicaid Redesign, a policy intended to promote healthy behaviors. "Even newborns are facing health coverage restrictions under this punitive policy," said Joan Alker, Executive Director of the Center for Children and Families at Georgetown University's Health Policy Institute.

Washington D. C. (PRWEB) August 7, 2008

More than 93% of West Virginia children participating in Medicaid (http://ccf. georgetown. edu) have faced health benefit restrictions as a result of the state's penalty-based "Medicaid Redesign" plan according to a study released today by the Center for Children and Families at Georgetown University's Health Policy Institute. West Virginia received federal approval two years ago to start restricting access to certain health care benefits if Medicaid beneficiaries did not sign or comply with a "Member Agreement".

"More than nine in ten of those affected by the change so far are children - even though children cannot themselves sign an agreement," said Joan Alker, Deputy Executive Director of the Georgetown Center for Children and Families. "Even newborns are facing health care coverage restrictions under this punitive policy change."

Beneficiaries who complete and return a Member Agreement are eligible to receive enhanced benefits while those who do not are automatically enrolled in the scaled-back basic plan that provides less coverage than was available prior to the policy change. The basic plan restricts prescription drugs to four per month, imposes restrictions on mental health services, and limits access to physical and speech therapy. The enhanced plan does not impose those limits and adds benefits designed to encourage wellness, such as weight management and nutritional education.

The stated goal of West Virginia's Medicaid Redesign was to improve health and promote healthy behaviors (http://ccf. georgetown. edu) such as smoking cessation, regular doctor visits and weight loss. Parents of children who receive health care coverage under Medicaid, even if they aren't eligible themselves, must sign an agreement or their children will automatically be assigned to the basic plan with reduced benefits. Because so few families have successfully executed the agreement, West Virginia's changes have resulted in limiting benefits, primarily for children, with no real impact on improving health or promoting healthy behavior, according to the report.

"Improving health and promoting healthy behaviors are laudable goals but restricting health care coverage for infants and children is not the way to achieve them," said Alker.

The report also uncovered problems with implementation of the program. Beneficiaries receive a mailing saying that their benefits will change to the basic plan within 90 days of their eligibility redetermination date unless they sign the Member Agreement but are not told where and how to send the completed agreement. The information also fails to clearly state that their child is at risk of losing benefits.

"At this point, all children whose benefits have been restricted have lost them as a result of shortcomings in the system," said Alker. "This unprecedented and far-reaching change to West Virginia's Medicaid program was approved by the federal government in just eight business days despite serious questions about whether children would continue to receive needed health services. Two years later, these findings raise serious questions about whether children's health (http://ccf. georgetown. edu) needs are being fully met."

Copies of the report "West Virginia's Medicaid Redesign: What is the Impact on Children?" are available from http://ccf. georgetown. edu (http://ccf. georgetown. edu)].

CCF is an independent, nonpartisan research and policy center based at Georgetown University's Health Policy Institute whose mission is to expand and improve health coverage for America's children and families. For more information visit http://ccf. georgetown. edu (http://ccf. georgetown. edu) or call (202) 687-0880.


Joan Alker


Jca25@georgetown. edu

Cathy Hope


Childhealthmedia@georgetown. edu


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ImTypeFree Announces ImTypeFree Diabetes Recipe Contest 1st Place Winner

ImTypeFree Announces ImTypeFree Diabetes Recipe Contest 1st Place Winner

ImTypeFree Diabetes Recipe Contest winner makes every meal a diabetic one.

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) July 11, 2007

Donna Noel, the 1st place winner of the ImTypeFree Diabetes Recipe Contest (www. ImTypeFree. com) has been following a diabetic diet since 1977…here's the catch…she's not diabetic.

"Years ago, I attended an intense lifestyle change educational session with my husband who was diagnosed with juvenile onset diabetes," Noel said. "I was so impressed with the doctor who educated us. He said that although his family wasn't diabetic, they follow a diabetic diet by choice and noted that if everyone ate diabetic meals, they could eliminate scores of other health problems," she added.

Thousands of families across the country are choosing to prepare diabetic meals. A choice that is made easier by the fact that diabetic meals are prepared with health prioritized as first on the menu.

"Diabetic meals are healthy, balanced and nutritional. The meals prepared to manage diabetes not only help diabetics manage their illness; but is beneficial to all those trying to have healthier lives," said Ann-Marie Stephens, the co-founder of ImTypeFree. com.

Noel's "White Bean Basil Chicken Salad" recipe was chosen for its combination of protein, flavor and texture, all in one deliciously simple salad.

White Bean Basil Chicken Salad Recipe:

2 cups of cooked chicken, cut into strips or cubes

1 clove of garlic, minced

1 19oz can of cannelloni beans, drained and rinsed

3/4 c. lightly packed fresh basil leaves, torn or sliced into ribbons

2 Tbsp of fresh lemon juice

½ tsp Tabasco sauce

½ tsp black pepper

8 butter lettuce leaves

Mix all ingredients together, except lettuce, and serve salad in curled butter lettuce leaf cups.

Noel is grateful for the doctors and dieticians who have given her the knowledge to prepare meals that enhance her family's and friends' health.

"We're so much luckier with today's knowledge," she said. "With that, I say…exercise, eat, drink and be merry; but watch your food choices so you can feel good again tomorrow."

Visit www. ImTypeFree. com to view the recipes of all the ImTypeFree Recipe Contest winners and prepare them for your next meal. Also signup for the ImTypeFree newsletter to receive up-to-date Diabetes information and news.

About ImTypeFree

ImTypeFree. com is a Diabetes information resource that addresses all aspects of life affected by Diabetes; diet, nutrition, fitness, medication, prevention and treatment.

ImTypeFree founders, Ann-Marie and Ed Stephens have had many close family members affected by Diabetes. They began development of the site in 2006 in response to their family members' remarks that obtaining easily accessible, yet comprehensive, information about the disease is difficult. Ann-Marie is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business and has worked as a Senior Executive at Circuit City Stores, Frito-Lay and Procter and Gamble. Ed has a background in scientific research and product development for companies such as Procter and Gamble, Avon Products, The Drackett Company, and Frito-Lay. The couple lives in Richmond, VA with their two sons.


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DotWORLDS is Better Than Triple Viagra, Claims Dr Zilli Nillqvist, Renowned Swedish Psychologist

DotWORLDS is Better Than Triple Viagra, Claims Dr Zilli Nillqvist, Renowned Swedish Psychologist.

Hanselngretal Clinic, Stockholm: Staff are buzzing today with the incredible news that at last something can be cured without the need for tremendously expensive pills. However, elsewhere in the world, it seems that others are not quite so happy!

London, England (PRWEB) March 12, 2004

The Phamaceutical world is aghast today with the latest Report from Sweden that medical conditions may no longer need any prescriptions. Neither Glaxo nor ICI were available for comment, but rumours abound that many want to kill the Report's author, Dr Nillqvist, really slowly and without any anaesthetic. There is great concern here that soon many thousands of patients could be restored to health without any tablets, and that Christmas Bonuses for the medical industry will become a thing of the past.

It all started, says Dr Nillqvist, when a Mr Yolly, 57 from Trondheim, came to see me in a most distressed state. He told me that his latest wife had been complaining about his performance (or rather lack of it) and wanted a divorce. It transpired that this was Mr YollyÂ’s fifth wife and that all the other four had left him for exactly the same reason. In desperation, he had been taking every product under the sun (both internally and externally) but unfortunately without success. Mr Yolly was indeed in a critical condition.

Says Dr Nillqvist, I felt that something had to be done immediately. It was clear to me that Mr Yolly was running out of money (due to his many divorce settlements) and in grave danger of not being able to pay my bill. Obviously his condition had psychological overtones and it was indeed fortunate that I had recently heard about dotWORLDS domain names (www. dotworlds. net). I knew that dotWORLDS provide unlimited possibilities for all those wanting personalisation and easy-to-remember options, including domain names that you can create yourself. The cure was simple and without further delay, I gave Mr Yolly a brand new domain name www. incredible. lover. Straight away this had a soothing and calming effect on him, so I told him to go home to his wife and report back to me in seven days.

Of course, I was quietly confident of the outcome, says Dr Nillquvist, but nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. Mr Yolly returned to my surgery the following week with tears of joy in his eyes. He told me that his wife was now happily suffering from complete exhaustion and required hospitalisation. Not only this, but shortly thereafter, all his other wives had returned home and were voluntarily depositing all their divorce settlements back in his bank account. All of them were now living together.

Unfortunately though, as with many new hi-tech treatments, Mr Yolly suffered from some uncomfortable side effects. After all the excitement, Mr Yolly is looking a lot older and more recently has had some difficulty walking around. Still, this does not matter, as Dr Zilli Nillqvist will find a dotWORLDS cure for that too.

So, get with the programme and you too could be the most popular and attractive person you know. Get the excting new domain names at www. dotworlds. net. Join the growing band of converts, and get there FIRST!

DotWORLDS (www. dotworlds. net) building on the success of their Internet Communities is now giving away all their "Personality" domain names completely free to encourage more users to come aboard. Some of the totally free domain names currently on offer are ".cool", ".sexy", .genius and many more. To get these free domain names, simply visit www. dotworlds. net and select the "Personality" Radio Button for the complete list.

DotWORLDS Ltd is a UK company based in London that specializes in providing fully personalized internet domains and email addresses, offering the widest range, both free and paid, through its global infrastructure. Please see website for full details.


Press Office


+44 (0) 870 749 4178

Www. dotworlds. net

Previous exciting dotWORLDS news stories below:

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Http://www. prweb. com/releases/2004/3/prweb108481.htm (http://www. prweb. com/releases/2004/3/prweb108481.htm)

Http://www. prweb. com/releases/2004/3/prweb109200.php (http://www. prweb. com/releases/2004/3/prweb109200.php)

If YOU have a dotWORLDS story and we can use it, send it NOW to support@dotworlds. net and if we print it, we will give you the domain name of your choice COMPLETELY FREE for up to 2 years (subject to availability, ie there was no other lucky person who had the forsight to have reserved it earlier)

Note: If you are a registered charity, you may also be able to obtain dotWORLDS free and paid domains without charge. Contact dotWORLDS for further details

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TriCore Deploys Rhodes GroupÂ’s Proprietary Business Intelligence and Decision Support Platform to Optimize Revenue and Improve Financial Performance

TriCore Deploys Rhodes GroupÂ’s Proprietary Business Intelligence and Decision Support Platform to Optimize Revenue and Improve Financial Performance

TriCore Reference Laboratories, New MexicoÂ’s largest medical laboratory, and Rhodes Group, Inc., a leading Connecticut-based healthcare management & IT consulting firm, announce the implementation of the Rhodes Scholar Platform, Rhodes GroupÂ’s proprietary business intelligence and decision support solution for optimizing revenue and improving financial performance of medical laboratory outreach business lines.

Albuquerque & Hartford (PRWEB) August 1, 2003

TriCore Reference Laboratories, New MexicoÂ’s largest medical laboratory, and Rhodes Group, Inc., a leading Connecticut-based healthcare management & IT consulting firm, announce the implementation of the Rhodes Scholar Platform, Rhodes GroupÂ’s proprietary business intelligence and decision support solution for optimizing revenue and improving financial performance of medical laboratory outreach business lines.

"We chose the Rhodes Scholar decision support system because it allows TriCore to go beyond standard data analysis to meet our unique information needs,” said Stella Saindon, TriCore Reference Laboratories’ chief financial officer. “We love being able to query the database to answer specific questions. A major benefit has been seen from quick, ‘on-the-fly’ analyses of data from our accounts receivables and billing system. Rhodes Scholar gives us the power to generate current, comprehensive reports in minutes that meet all our criteria without having to wait for an end-of-month ‘accumulation’ as with other systems. This lets us change priorities quickly, which is critical.”

“TriCore is an innovative organization strategically positioning itself to compete, increase market share and enhance profitability in the laboratory services industry of the future,” said Sam Merkouriou, Rhodes Group’s chief executive officer. “Rhodes Scholar consistently delivers accurate and timely information on TriCore’s financial and operational performance, empowering the laboratory with the intelligence and metrics it needs to take corrective actions, optimize revenue, and deliver significant results to the bottom line.”

“We’re enjoying our relationship with Rhodes,” said Saindon. “There’s a comfort level there. We trust their abilities, and we’ve been impressed by their knowledge of Misys’ healthcare information products.”

About Rhodes Group, Inc.

Rhodes Group, Inc. is a leading, Connecticut based, healthcare management and IT consulting firm, dedicated to delivering results-oriented services and solutions to the healthcare industry. Rhodes Group provides unparalleled consulting expertise, enhanced implementation services, and the effective utilization of innovative information technology solutions to maximize ROI and optimize revenue streams for healthcare providers across outreach business lines.

About TriCore Reference Laboratories

TriCore Reference Laboratories is New MexicoÂ’s largest medical laboratory. Sponsored by the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, Presbyterian Healthcare Services and St. Vincent Hospital, TriCore serves clients throughout New Mexico and in parts of Texas, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada.

Contact Information:

Sebastian J. Leonardi, Director of Business Development

SJLeonardi@RhodesGroup. org

(860) 296-1972, ext.304

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