Stress Causing Spike in Long Beach Face Lift Procedures

Stress Causing Spike in Long Beach Face Lift Procedures

Long work hours and high stress levels cause facial tissues to degenerate quickly, but for many Long Beach face lift patients the "old," "worn-out" look has found its match in a range of cosmetic surgery procedures designed for fast, focused adjustments and shorter, more comfortable recovery times.

Long Beach, CA (PRWEB) April 22, 2009

It's no secret that stress makes people look older and more tired, but many women and men are finding a new way to reverse the effect of stress on their features through cosmetic surgery procedures like brow lift and face lift. Board-certified Long Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Spenler of the Association of South Bay Plastic Surgeons (http://www. plasticsurgerysource. com (http://www. plasticsurgerysource. com)) says that many more people are turning to endoscopic and minimal-downtime options to reverse stress-related facial aging.

"High stress levels cause facial tissues to age faster, and in the long run this creates a worn-out appearance that can be frustrating and damaging for a person's self-esteem," explains Dr. Spenler. "As a cosmetic surgeon in Long Beach, I am seeing a dramatic rise in the number of patients who want to reverse this process early on, especially through the less-invasive procedures like endoscopic browlift and face lift."

Endoscopic cosmetic surgery utilizes a tiny camera, which allows the plastic surgeon in Long Beach to perform precise procedures such as face lift through very small incisions, helping not only to prevent scars, but also to minimize the time the patient has to spend recovering from surgery.

Like traditional face lift and brow lift, the endoscopic version allows the surgeon to adjust the position of deeper facial tissues, repositioning them at a more youthful angle so that they better support the natural shape of the face. While patients may need up to a month to recover from traditional face lift procedures, most of Dr. Spenler's endoscopic face lift patients feel comfortable showing off their results within the first week.

"Most of my Long Beach face lift or brow lift patients will need only a single surgery to achieve their cosmetic goals," notes Dr. Michael Newman, another board-certified plastic surgeon at the practice. "However, because stress also has a chemically damaging effect on facial tissues, some patients also opt for treatments to promote better skin health. Chemical peels, for example, stimulate the body to rebuild skin cells, and even injectable treatments like Radiesse® seem to have some effect on collagen, which helps keep skin firmer and smoother-looking."

Despite the wide availability of many of these smaller-scale treatments, Dr. Spenler urges women and men who are considering these procedures to take the time to choose the surgeon and

Surgical facility wisely.

"Patients who are extremely busy sometimes look for ways to cut corners and save time, but this is a mistake," adds Dr. Lisa Jewell, a board-certified plastic surgeon at the practice. "Choosing a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your face lift does take a little more time and effort, but ultimately gives increased peace of mind and in my opinion a better result."

The Association of South Bay Plastic Surgeons (http://www. plasticsurgerysource. com (http://www. plasticsurgerysource. com)) has 3 board-certified Long Beach plastic surgeons. Charles Spenler, M. D. has over 20 years of experience helping Long Beach plastic surgery patients achieve their goals through safe, effective procedures. Lisa Jewell, M. D. earned her degree in medicine from the University of Wisconsin Medical School in Madison and completed her internship and residency training in General Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Southern California. Michael Newman, M. D. completed medical school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has 7 years of advanced post-doctoral surgical training. The doctors perform cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for patients from the South Bay area including Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach.


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U. S. Weight Loss Market To Reach $58 Billion in 2007

U. S. Weight Loss Market To Reach $58 Billion in 2007

Dieters Seek Convenience, Good Value, Flexibility

Tampa FL (PRWEB) April 19, 2007

Marketdata Enterprises, Inc., (www. marketdataenterprises. com) a leading market research publisher of service industry studies, has released a new 393-page study entitled: “The U. S. Weight Loss & Diet Control Market (9th edition)”. This is a complete analysis of the ten major segments of the U. S. diet “industry”.

“With no end in sight for America’s obesity problem, demand remains strong for all kinds of weight loss programs, fueling a $55 billion U. S. industry. America’s estimated 72 million dieters—about 70% of whom try to lose weight by themselves, are fickle and shift from fad to fad diet, as evidenced by the Atkins low-carb mania of 2003-2005. These shifts in dieter preferences spells boom or bust for diet companies,” according to Research Director, John LaRosa.

2010 Forecast

Marketdata projects 6.0% annual growth for the total U. S. weight loss market, to $68.7 billion by 2010, with growth rates for individual market segments ranging from zero to 16% per year. Marketdata sees somewhat lower growth overall due to the strong probability of a recession by 2009, if not sooner. This will hurt discretionary income and enrollments in structured programs, and dieters will shift to less costly retail and do-it-yourself options such as: meal replacements, OTC diet pills, mail order plans, diet websites, and fad diet books. In addition, there WILL be competition from at least one and probably several new prescription diet drugs that are likely to be approved for sale in the U. S.

Major Findings

1) Marketdata estimates that the total U. S. weight loss market was worth $55.4 billion in 2006. The market should reach $58.7 billion this year and $68.7 bill. by 2010 (see attachment, table).

2) Retail meal replacements… were hit hard by the low-carb craze, but have shown signs of growing once again. We estimate that sales were $1.17 billion in 2006.

3) OTC diet pills market… is in turmoil as the FTC fines marketers $25 million and many brands fight for market share and tinker with non-ephedra ingredients.

4) In 2006, 68% of dieters preferred a diet program they could access from home/online/by phone, and 56% want a plan based on regular (not diet) food.

5) Bariatric surgeries… reached record levels of 177,000 in 2006, representing a $4.4 billion market. However, major insurers still don’t cover these surgeries and growth slowed to only 4%. More obese Americans are having the procedure done in Latin America, where the cost is substantially less.

6) Diet food home delivery… grows into an $800 million market segment, fueled by NutriSystem, Jenny Direct, Medifast and a few dozen others. Not all companies provide national delivery. Many only cater to local markets in Los Angeles, Chicago or New York, delivering premium priced gourmet fresh food. The average monthly cost for consumers is $725.

7) Diet soft drinks… Diet sodas’ share of all soft drinks has risen to 29.5%, almost the historical peak, and this is forecast to rise to 31%. This segment was worth $19 billion in 2006.

8) Diet drugs… The prescription $459 million diet drugs market did grow somewhat in 2006, but still awaits the FDA’s approval of Rimonabant (Acomplia).

9) Market leaders… Weight Watchers ($1.2 bill.), NutriSystem ($568 mill.), LA Weight Loss ($500 mill.), Jenny Craig ($462 mill.), Slim-Fast ($310 mill.), Herbalife ($271 mill. – U. S. diet prods. sales).

“Americans are still patronizing scam artists and rip-off weight loss companies as much as they ever have, as they desperately search for the magic formula or plan that makes weight loss effortless,” according to Mr. LaRosa.

About The Study

The U. S. Weight Loss & Diet Control Market is a 393-page market research study that costs $2,495 (also sold by single chapters). The study contains 152 tables and in-depth outlooks for: diet soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, commercial chains, hospital, RD and MD-based programs, diet drugs, meal replacements & diet pills, health clubs, bariatric surgeries, diet websites, kid’s weight loss camps, diet books & exercise videos, and diet dinner entrees. Receipts for each from the 1980s to 2010F. Study also examines dieter demographics, franchising, and has profiles all major competitors.

About Marketdata Enterprises

Marketdata Enterprises is a leading independent market research publisher of “off-the-shelf” studies since 1979. It has specialized in tracking the weight loss market since 1989. Consulting and custom research services are available. Marketdata also operates a leading weight loss portal named BestDietForMe. com, and publishes quarterly online dieter reports.

Contact Information:

John LaRosa, Research Director

Marketdata Enterprises, Inc.

Phone: 813-931-3900

Www. marketdataenterprises. com


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Relief For Holiday Shopping Moms - a Back Pack Carrier for Their Toddlers

Relief For Holiday Shopping Moms - a Back Pack Carrier for Their Toddlers

Holiday shopping with a toddler can turn into a nightmare for moms. Toddlers run off, hide among the racks, and just won't stay in their strollers. The Ergo Back Pack carrier is a real solution - it keeps your child close and can make shopping with a toddler fun again.

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) November 27, 2005

Holiday shopping with a toddler can be a real challenge. Toddlers just love to run off in all directions and play hide and seek among the clothing racks. And strollers aren’t much help in trying to corral a toddler; they are difficult to navigate around a stores’ sales racks and also many toddlers just won’t stay put in a stroller for any lengthy period of time. Add in the huge influx of people into the malls during the holidays, and you can see why many a mom with a toddler just won’t go near the malls during the busy holiday season.

But there is a solution that really works to make shopping with a toddler easy – a lightweight Back Pack carrier. One of the most thoughtfully designed lightweight carriers is the Ergo Carrier – it is lightweight, ergonomically designed to be very comfortable, easy to use, and works for toddlers up to 60 lbs. Jane Rosenberg, founder of My Favorite Baby Carrier, enjoys shopping using the Ergo carrier because “Using the Ergo Carrier while shopping has made such a difference. Before coming across the Ergo, I found myself constantly chasing or losing my toddler in stores and really didn’t look forward to shopping. Now that I use the Ergo, shopping isn’t a chore. My daughter is always right where I know where she is (on my back) and the Ergo is so comfortable that I can shop with her in the Ergo carrier for an hour or two easily. And my daughter loves being in the Ergo carrier while we shop. So shopping with my toddler is now something we both enjoy – what a wonderful change from our earlier chaotic and unpleasant shopping experiences.”

For more information on the Ergo carrier see www. myfavoritebabycarrier. com or call their toll free number at 800 485 5228. My Favorite Baby Carrier offers a 90 day money back trial on all their carriers.

For additional information, contact:

Include a short corporate backgrounder.


Shawn Ryan

Healthy Foundations


Http://www. myfavoritebabycarrier. com (http://www. myfavoritebabycarrier. com)

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Physicians to Converge on Dallas to Study New Medical Technologies for Body Shaping and Weight Loss

Physicians to Converge on Dallas to Study New Medical Technologies for Body Shaping and Weight Loss

MedSpa leader MedSurge Advances introduces futureperfect™, an exciting new concept in health and fitness for women. MedSurge Advances will conduct an educational workshop in Dallas to introduce doctors to futureperfect™.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) April 26, 2007

MedSurge Advances, the nation's largest independent provider of aesthetic medicine products and services to physicians, will conduct an educational workshop in Dallas on May 12-13, 2007 to introduce doctors to a wholly new concept in health and fitness - the futureperfect Total Body Management Center.

Utilizing breakthrough technologies from Europe and Japan, together with nutritional guidance and physician oversight, futureperfect Total Body Management Centers enable women to lose weight and shape their bodies without the need for strenuous workouts. The first futureperfect center will open at LakeSide Market in Plano, Tex., in May 2007, with a nationwide rollout to follow.

"futureperfect is not a gym. It's not a fad diet. It's a clinically tested, patent-pending medical concept offering women an alternative method for getting and staying in shape," said Scott Day, founder and chairman of MedSurge Advances. "Physicians across the country will soon be opening futureperfect centers."

The workshop's faculty is led by Serge Mordon, Ph. D., research director for Inserm, the French public body for the study of human health. In 2007, Mordon received the prestigious Caroline and William Mark Memorial Award from the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery in recognition of his outstanding contributions to laser technology and patient care.

Other faculty members at the workshop include Scie Siems, M. D., Switzerland; Jason Holbrook, M. D., Atlanta, Ga.; and Pascal Servell, B. Sc., clinical director for MedSurge Advances.

Topics to be covered include:

 The physiology of fat and cellulite and how physicians can impact it  Slimdome™, a heat-based therapy to help women shed fat without surgery  Acoustic Wave Therapy™, a new treatment for smoothing dimpled skin  Vybe™, a biodynamic technology for targeted fat loss  MesoMassage™, a no-needle mesotherapy for contouring specific areas of the body  The role of nutrition in optimizing patient results  Steps to launching a futureperfect Total Body Management Center  Tour of the futureperfect center

MedSurge Advances offered a sneak preview of futureperfect technology in 2006 with the introduction of Acoustic Wave Therapy™ (AWT™), a new treatment program to smooth and firm dimpled skin. Since AWT's introduction last September, more than 200 physicians nationwide have provided the therapy on a standalone basis to more than 1,800 patients.

AWT is only one of several new body-shaping and fat-burning technologies that will be part of futureperfect Total Body Management Centers.

Physicians who are interested in attending the workshop may register by calling 866.566.7097 or online at www. medsurgeadvances. com/fpworkshop/125594 (http://www. medsurgeadvances. com/fpworkshop/125594).

About MedSurge Advances

Based in Dallas, MedSurge Advances helps physicians across the United States build and manage their practices in aesthetic medicine, one of the fastest-growing healthcare segments. Since its founding in 2002, MedSurge Advances has provided technology and business resources for hundreds of physicians who have started stand-alone businesses or added aesthetic procedures to their existing practices. For more information, contact MedSurge Advances at 972.720.0425, or visit www. medsurgeadvances. com

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ItÂ’s True! Cheeseburgers Can Be Part Of A Healthy Diet!

ItÂ’s True! Cheeseburgers Can Be Part Of A Healthy Diet!

Healthy eating achieved with favorite comfort foods like cheeseburgers is deliciously possible according to the “NMP” philosophy detailed in Have Your Cheeseburger And Keep Your Health Too! from author Melanie R. Jordan.

(PRWEB) August 29, 2002


Contact: Melanie R. Jordan

Phone: (949) 716-4059

Healthyeatncoach@aol. com

Http://www. healthyeatingcoach. com (http://www. healthyeatingcoach. com)

ItÂ’s True! Cheeseburgers Can Be Part Of A Healthy Diet!

Healthy eating achieved with favorite comfort foods like cheeseburgers is deliciously possible according to the “NMP” philosophy detailed in "Have Your Cheeseburger And Keep Your Health Too!" from author Melanie R. Jordan.

Ms. Jordan coined the acronym “NMP” to describe her healthy eating style (it stands for “no meat or poultry”, but unlike vegetarian diets, includes fish), and its emphasis on converting favorite comfort foods we all grew up on and like to eat out, into more healthful meatless forms. “The problem with many healthy eating styles”, according to Ms. Jordan, “is that they feature foods and recipes that just aren’t the kinds of things most of us would normally look to eat. And when that’s the case, you don’t stick with them”.

Eating more of a plant-based diet, is being pointed to over and over by leading health authorities as a great way to lose weight, maintain good health or lessen the severity of disease when it does strike. Yet, many people refuse to consider reducing their consumption of meat and poultry on even a part-time basis. That’s because the image most of us have of someone who goes meatless usually does not include eating cheeseburgers, buffalo wings, chicken caesar salad, BLTs and chicken parmesan. With "Have Your Cheeseburger And Keep Your Health Too!" that mindset will change as people realize that “virtually anything you want to eat has a delicious, more healthful, non-meat/poultry version” says Ms. Jordan.

"Have Your Cheeseburger And Keep Your Health Too!" builds confidence by helping readers successfully deal with social situations, friends and family, eating out and how to grocery shop for their new “NMP” lifestyle—whether they go “NMP” full-time or from time-to-time. Included are 30 easy and delicious “NMP” recipes and the Fallback Methods (they even include “cheat” time) Ms. Jordan created and used in making this healthful transition herself. Also unique is the information which helps everyone best avoid hidden dangers in foods that seem healthy, but are not due to trans-fats, agricultural chemicals, GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and irradiation.

A free excerpt from "Have Your Cheeseburger And Keep Your Health Too!" and a subscription to MelanieÂ’s free monthly e-zine Have Your Cheeseburger And Keep Your Health Too! Update, is available to your readers by e-mail to healthycoach@aweber. com.

"Have Your Cheeseburger And Keep Your Health Too!" may be purchased for $14.95 through Melanie JordanÂ’s web site at http://www. healthyeatingcoach. com (http://www. healthyeatingcoach. com), major on-line booksellers and bookstores.

About The Author

Melanie has always been passionate about health, fitness and food safety topics based in part on her experience with diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer within her own family. She has spent the last 9+ years since she moved from her native New York to California, adopting a healthy lifestyle that gradually led her to eliminate meat and poultry from her diet--the "NMP" (no meat or poultry, yes to fish) eating style she has successfully maintained for over three years.

Melanie began writing "Have Your Cheeseburger And Keep Your Health Too!" while she was keeping her Dad company in the hospital during his open heart surgery. In sharing her healthy "NMP" eating style, Melanie hopes to help others enjoy their favorite foods, while avoiding deadly, diet-related diseases.

Book Statistics

Title: "Have Your Cheeseburger And Keep Your Health Too!"

Subtitle: A New Perspective On Healthy Eating With The Comfort Foods You Love

Publisher: Booklocker. com, Inc.

Author:  Melanie R. Jordan

ISBN: 1-59113-177-4

LCCN: 2002091730

Category:  Health/Diet/Fitness

Length:  160 pages

Retail Price:  $14.95

Binding:  6” x 9” trade paperback

Illustrations:  N/A

Additions:  index, web sites, helpful resource section


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IBWC To Host Panel Discussion On Beauty, Style, And Nutrition At Great Neck's Sterling Glen

IBWC To Host Panel Discussion On Beauty, Style, And Nutrition At Great Neck's Sterling Glen

Projecting an Attractive Image in the Workplace to be the Focus

Great Neck, NY (PRWEB) June 3, 2004 -

The Independent Business Women’s Circle (IBWC) will explore the topic of image projection in the workplace at their June 8th meeting. “Be Your Best Self: Beauty, Style, and Nutritional Advice For the Working Woman” will feature a panel of experts dedicated to providing women with invaluable information on the latest cosmetic surgery options, the newest techniques in skin rejuvenation, current style and grooming trends, and nutritional findings to look and feel healthy.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us to reach out and address the questions women have about improving their appearance to further their careers,” says Hospitality and Special Events Director Audrey Kaufman, who played a major role in forming the panel. “It has been proven time and again that an attractive, polished, more youthful image translates into a more successful individual. We want to make women aware of the choices that are available to them to project a more attractive image, and this panel is eminently qualified to present those choices.”

Headed by Dr. Lyle Leipziger, Chief of Plastic Surgery at North Shore/LIJ, the panel includes aesthetician Robin Tritto, image consultant Devora Lissack, and nutritionist and herbalist Llynn Newman.

The beautiful Sterling Glen of Great Neck, at 96 Cuttermill Road, will host the meeting and provide a complimentary buffet luncheon as well. There will be a question and answer period following the discussion. Admission is $20. for non-members of IBWC.

Reservations can be made by calling Audrey Kaufman at 516.496.0944.

The Independent Business Women’s Circle welcomes all women who are interested in enhancing their professional and personal lives through networking and relationship building. They meet monthly in midday to share ideas and resources in a comfortable, supportive environment where new ideas are expressed and nurtured and existing ones are further explored. Members are drawn from Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens. The group is non-profit, and a member of LIWA – Long Island Women’s Agenda.

To access their website, visit www. ibwc. org. For further information on upcoming events or membership, call Karen Bomzer at 631.754.6640.

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Faculty, Agenda, and Topic Updates for 3rd Annual Chair Summit, August 26-29, 2010, Chicago, IL

Faculty, Agenda, and Topic Updates for 3rd Annual Chair Summit, August 26-29, 2010, Chicago, IL

Register now to obtain early bird savings; attendance limited to first 300 participants

Rockville, MD (PRWEB) July 13, 2010

CME Outfitters, LLC, (CMEO) an accredited provider of multidisciplinary continuing education (CE), in co-sponsorship with USF Health, an ACCME-accredited provider of continuing medical education (CME), announces the topics and presenting faculty for the 3rd Annual Chair Summit - The Master Class for Neuroscience Professional Development.

This important initiative is generating well-deserved attention and interest, but space is limited to the first 300 registrants. For the most current information or to register online, please visit http://www. neuroscienceCME. com/PR461 (http://www. neuroscienceCME. com/PR461). Full disclosure of faculty relationships will be made available online prior to the premiere date of this activity.

Scheduled for August 26 through August 29, 2010, the 3rd Annual Chair Summit will take place at the Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile in Chicago, IL. The 3rd Annual Chair Summit is an intensive 3½-day master class in a variety of tracks related to the neurosciences. Each track features presentations delivered by department chairs from the United States' most renowned academic institutions.

Confirmed presenting faculty include:

Mark S. Gold, MD, University of Florida College of Medicine & McKnight Brain Institute Wayne K. Goodman, MD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine Ned H. Kalin, MD, University of Wisconsin - Madison W. Vaughn McCall, MD, MS, Wake Forest University Health Sciences Merry N. Miller, MD, East Tennessee State University Meera Narasimhan, MD, University of South Carolina School of Medicine Alan F. Schatzberg, MD, Stanford University School of Medicine Russell E. Scheffer, MD, University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita S. Charles Schulz, MD, University of Minnesota Medical School Stephen M. Strakowski, MD, UCCOM Center for Imaging Research, Brain Imaging Center at the Lindner Center of HOPE

Faculty Disclosure:

USF Health adheres to the ACCME Standards regarding commercial support of continuing medical education. It is the policy of USF Health that the faculty and planning committee disclose real or apparent conflicts of interest relating to the topics of this educational activity, that relevant conflict(s) of interest are resolved, and also that speakers will disclose any unlabeled/unapproved use of drug(s) or device(s) during their presentation. Detailed disclosure will be made in the course syllabus.


The topics selected for the conference represent educational gaps identified in a recent CMEO needs survey, data from recent literature reviews, the latest evidence on the advances in the field, and recent updates to treatment guidelines. Participants can choose educational tracks based on their identified educational needs and interests. Topics include Alzheimers Disease, Adolescent-Onset Schizophrenia, Managing Fibromyalgia, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Stigma in Severe Mental Illness, and Women's Health. A comprehensive list of topics can be found online.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

11:00–1:00 - Registration/Check-In

1:00–1:15 - 3rd Annual Chair Summit Welcome

1:30–5:30 - Plenary Sessions

5:30–7:00 - Reception/Presentation of 3rd Annual Chair Achievement Award

Friday, August 27, 2010

8:30–8:45 - Open/Recap

8:45–10:30 - Plenary Sessions

10:30–12:15 - Choice of "Ask the Chair" Breakout Sessions

12:15–1:30 - Lunch Symposium

1:30–3:15 - Plenary Sessions

3:15–5:00 - Choice of "Ask the Chair" Breakout Sessions

5:00–5:50 - Plenary Sessions

Saturday, August 28, 2010

8:30–8:45 - Open/Recap

8:45–10:30 - Plenary Sessions

10:30–12:05 - Choice of Chart Review Sessions

12:05–1:30 - Lunch: Recap of Chart Review Best Practices

1:30–6:00 - Plenary Sessions

Sunday, August 29, 2010

8:30–8:45 - Open/Recap

8:45–11:30 - Plenary Sessions

11:30 - Adjournment

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this CE activity, participants should be able to:

Analyze the latest research and clinical data regarding various psychiatric disorders. Evaluate the application of evidence-based data in your clinical practice. Translate evidence into improved clinical performance to improve outcomes of patients.

Target Audience:

Physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, certified case managers, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals with an interest in mental health.

Financial Support:

This continuing education activity is co-sponsored by USF Health and CME Outfitters, LLC, and supported by educational grants from various organizations. Disclosures of financial supporters will be posted online as they become available.

Credit Information:

This activity offers CE credit for:

Physicians (ACCME/AMA PRA Category 1™) Nurses (CNE) Pharmacists (ACPE) Social Workers (NASW) Certified Case Managers (CCMC) All other clinicians will either receive a CME Attendance Certificate or may choose any of the types of CE credit being offered.

Registration fees:

Early bird registration - $299

(available for one month after registration opens)

Standard registration - $349

(until capacity is reached; call for space availability)

Group registration - up to $25 off

Groups of 2 to 4: $10 off each registration

Groups of 5 or more: $25 off each registration

Previous Chair Summit participants - $249

Military personnel, medical students, residents - 50% off current rate

(proof of status required)

About CME Outfitters:

CME Outfitters, LLC, develops and distributes live, recorded, print, and web-based educational activities to thousands of clinicians each year and offers expert accreditation services for non-accredited organizations. For a complete catalog of certified activities, please visit http://www. cmeoutfitters. com (http://www. cmeoutfitters. com), http://www. neuroscienceCME. com (http://www. neuroscienceCME. com), or call 877.CME. PROS (877.263.7767).

About USF Health (University of South Florida):

USF Health produces educational activities that are scientifically valid, free of commercial bias, and based on the principles of adult learning. These activities are developed around specific needs related to gaps in competence, performance, and/or patient outcomes, and, whenever possible, offer education delivered in settings best suited to the intended results.

Contact: Jessica Primanzon

CME Outfitters, LLC

614.328.4508 direct

240.243.1033 fax


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National Coalition for the Advancement of Drug-Free Athletics, Inc. Invited to Participate in the Better Your Body 2006 Health & Fitness Expo

National Coalition for the Advancement of Drug-Free Athletics, Inc. Invited to Participate in the Better Your Body 2006 Health & Fitness Expo

Choose NOT to UseTM message to be heard by 100,000 health and fitness fans.

New Milford, NJ (PRWEB) April 1, 2006

The National Coalition for the Advancement of Drug-Free Athletics, Inc. (NCADFA) a NJ based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is proud to announce its participation in the Better Your Body 2006 Health & Fitness Expo, the nations foremost fitness expo. “The Expo’s mission is an important one; to promote “natural” health and fitness throughout the country.

According to the latest figures, NCADFA’s Founder & President, Dr. Victor N. Naumov, DC states,“5 million adults and nearly 1 million teenagers have admitted to using steroids. Through education and awareness, NCADFA’s goal is to empower people to be proactive, not reactive. NCADFA’s national steroid awareness campaign, Choose NOT to UseTM, (supported by the NCADFA’s black and yellow swirled wristband) encourages athletes of all ages and abilities to take a stand and make better choices.”

Please stop by The NCADFA booth and meet Dr. Vic Naumov. Also in attendance will be the NCADFA’s vice president, Dr. Tom Kersting. Dr. Tom is a weight-loss and fitness expert, licensed psychotherapist and author of the upcoming book FAT PROOF: Power Programming Your Bodies Weight Loss Computer (Harbor Press, Winter 2006) Dr. Vic will be presenting the much requested drug awareness seminar; Teens, Sports & Steroids…the Myths, the Magic and the Madness. This seminar will address today’s hottest and most controversial topic facing high school sports—anabolic steroid use. This cutting-edge seminar delivers the Choose NOT to UseTM message, along with a personal challenge of responsibility, consequence and leadership. If you're an athlete, or a parent of one, don't miss this seminar!

The Better Your Body 2006 Health & Fitness Expo ™ will take place on two consecutive weekends this summer: August 12-13 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey and August 19-20 at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum on Long Island. There will be more than 300 exhibitors featured in each show and more than 50,000 attendees expected. The event will showcase an array of fitness activities, including rock walls, a 2,000 square foot Boot Camp Obstacle Course, GRIDiron challenge, golf simulators, fitness tests, a spin cycle center, a Kids’ Fitness Zone and more. Classes and demonstrations on Karate, Jump Rope, Salsa dancing, Yoga, Pilates, Urban Rebounding, Aerobics, Boxing, and Healthy Cooking will also be available. Sports stars, personal trainers, celebrities and authors will all be in attendance. Don’t miss it.

For more information please visit the NCADFA website at www. NCADFA. org or www. BetterYourBody. com.


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New Jersey Foundation Floodvent Company, Smart VENT Inc. hires a Gulf Coast ManufacturerÂ’s Representative

New Jersey Foundation Floodvent Company, Smart VENT Inc. hires a Gulf Coast ManufacturerÂ’s Representative.

Smart VENT is dedicated to providing technical information and support for your Foundation Flood Venting needs and issues. Smart VENTÂ’s factory representatives can answer your questions on: Codes, NFIP Flood Insurance, liability, FEMA, ICC, installation and design.

Glassboro, NJ (PRWEB) August 21, 2003

New Jersey Foundation Floodvent Company, Smart VENT Inc. hires a Gulf Coast ManufacturerÂ’s Representative. Smart VENT is dedicated to providing technical information and support for your Foundation Flood Venting needs and issues. Smart VentÂ’s factory representatives can answer your questions on: Codes, NFIP Flood Insurance, liability, FEMA, ICC, installation and design.

Smart VENT Inc. is proud to announce direct factory technical representation for south Mississippi and south Louisiana. Mr. W. Darrel Mason, of Diamondhead, MS, has been assigned as the direct factory technical representative for southern Mississippi and southern Louisiana.

Darrel will be serving the Mississippi counties of; Amite, Davis, Franklin, George, Greene, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Jones, Lamar, Lincoln, Marion, Pearl River, Perry, Stone, Walthall, Wilkinson, and, the Louisiana Parishes of; East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Jefferson, Livingston, Orleans, St Bernard, St Helena, St James, St John the Baptist, St Tammany, Tangipahoa, and Washington.

Darrel is a Mortgage Loan Originator and will be responsible for assisting and educating Architects, Contractors, Surveyors and homeowners in the use and installation of our Foundation Flood Vents. Along with DarrelÂ’s vast mortgage experience, he is also a former Sales Manager for a Custom Home Builder and a retired Air Traffic Controller.

Darrel has just finished the Smart VENT In-house training program, preparing him to assist you with any questions you may have. The code officials along the Gulf are enforcing the new International Code Council Building codes. Darrel is ready to explain the differences as they relate to Foundation flood vents and looks forward to becoming a cooperating partner and asset to the building community.

Darrel is also certified to present our “Lunch and Learn” training session. The objective is to explain Foundation Flood vent codes and the rules that govern them. His AIA presentation is a free service, offering architects and professionals a one-hour Health Safety and Welfare Continuing Education Service (CES) credit. Call Darrel directly to schedule a Lunch and Learn session in your area..

As Flood Insurance premiums rise and FEMA pushes to enforce the codes and reduce flood damage claims, the solution that is certified to meet all of the FEMA and Building Codes is Smart VENT.

Three models in two sizes are available. Our Duel Function (Louvered) Model # 1540-510 is designed to Mitigate floodwater while providing ventilation that automatically opens and closes with temperature. This model would be used where both ventilation and flood mitigation is required, and where cold weather could freeze pipes.

The Insulated Flood Only Model # 1540-520 is also certified to mitigate floodwater, but is insulated to protect pipes from freezing temperatures. This model would be used in a conditioned space, a garage, vestibule, or office, where ventilation is not required.

The Overhead Door Model # 1540-530 is designed to install into a garage door. It can be supplied in the Insulated Flood Only or Duel Function model. This unit would be used where there is no room for vents on an exterior wall.

Sizes include 8” x 16” covering 200 Sq/Ft per unit and 16” x 16” that covers 400 Sq/Ft per unit.

You can reach Darrel at 228-255-0740 or Darrel@smartvent. com

Smart VENT Inc. 20 Warrick Ave. Glassboro, NJ. 08028.

For more information visit: www. smartvent. com

Call 888 628-4115 or Fax to 856 863-8408

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The New TPA ERISA Appeals Department Training Program Announced for Self-Insured Health Plan's Denial and Appeal Management To Compliantly Contain Administrative Costs

The New TPA ERISA Appeals Department Training Program Announced for Self-Insured Health Plan's Denial and Appeal Management To Compliantly Contain Administrative Costs

For The First Time In U. S. Health Care History, ERISAclaim. com Announced The Nation's First TPA ERISA Appeal Management Department Program To Provide TPA's and Self-Insured Health Plans With A Turn-Key Set-Up Training For The In-House ERISA Appeals Management Department To Process ERISA Appeals Compliantly to Contain Administrative Costs and Avoid Unnecessary Litigations, In Wake Of The New Pending Obama Health Reform Laws Mandating ERISA Compliance for All Group Health Plans Within Six Months of The Enactment

Hanover Park, IL (PRWEB) February 11, 2010

ERISAclaim. com announced nation's first ERISA Appeals Management Department Training Program to provide more than 6 million ERISA plans with comprehensive and systematic problem-oriented ERISA Compliant Appeal Program to combat more than 20% of the annual administrative costs for more than 150 - 170 million working Americans and their families with employment based health Insurance. More than 55% of people with employment based health insurance are covered from Self-Insured plans. Private sectors paid more than 50% of the $2.5 trillion U. S. healthcare expenditures.

ERISAclaim. com's TPA ERISA Appeals Management Training Program is a turn-key emergency resuscitation service for all self-insured health plans and TPA's to set up an ERISA fully compliant Appeals Processing Department, with on-site training of in-house Certified ERISA Claim Specialists, without any traveling for plan or TPA staff, enhanced with short and long term live support from ERISAclaim. com for all ERISA claims denials and appeals process. The ERISA Appeals Department Setup process can be started in weeks and completed in about 30 days, at a price of even one of correctly managed denied claims.

ERISA, Employee Retirement and Income Security Act of 1974, is a federal law, enacted by Congress in 1974. ERISA Denial and Appeals are statutory and regulatory for denied ERISA claims for 80-90% of non-Medicare and Medicaid claims for about 150 - 170 million Americans, governing both self-insured and fully-insured health plans, said Dr. Jin Zhou, the President of ERISAclaim. com, a national leading expert in ERISA Appeals.

ERISA is the only federal law for 35 years, governing claim processing, denial and appeals for employment based health claims, according to a unanimous U. S. Supreme Court in Aetna v. Davila. All state laws and managed care contracts are completely pre-empted by federal law ERISA if impermissibly connected ERISA plans. For more than 6 million ERISA plans, self-insured large employer health plans, such as GM with $5.6 billion health expenses, paid out most of the healthcare costs despite of managed care industry practice. More than 90% of ERISA plans are lack of ERISA compliance, with resulted double digit increase in premiums and sky-rocketing healthcare costs after the decades of failure for managed care model to contain the costs. With pending Obama Health Reform mandating ERISA compliance within six months and anti-trust exemption repeal after the enactment, ERISA compliance for all ERISA group health plans is inevitable and mandatory.

"It doesn't take a plan administrator or TPA to ask Albert Einstein if an ERISA plan should do ERISA appeals compliance and problem-oriented management, when ERISA appeals are mandatory under the federal laws for 35 years and every EOB of denied claims has informed every patient and provider of their ERISA Miranda's Right to appeal at bottom or back page of the EOB's", according to Dr. Zhou.

"If ERISA Appeal is statutory and regulatory, it is a mandate for any one who wanted to cut a plan wastes and costs by an ERISA plan, according to U. S. Supreme Court in Aetna v. Davila in 2004. No one needs to ask around if an ERISA plan should do ERISA as a personal choice when ERISA is a federal law mandate", as explained by Dr. Zhou.

Dr. Zhou also reiterated that ERISA claim regulation is only 7-page long in the Federal Register, for 35 years, while contained on every denial notice for ERISA appeals, more than 90% TPA's or plan administrators have no clue, for 35 years, on how to process ERISA appeals in accordance with ERISA claim regulations in an industry of $2.5 trillion healthcare costs annually.

In recent Obama Healthcare Reform legislation, both House and Senate Bills have adopted ERISA claim regulation, in its entirety, the 35 year old ERISA law and the "established process", for about 150 - 170 million Americans with employment based health insurance, as the new mandate for all group health plans for proposed new universal health care for additional 30 million uninsured Americans. Regardless of any passing of Healthcare Reform Bills, every existing ERISA plan must take immediate actions in established ERISA appeals process for 35 years to process ERISA appeals from providers and patients, as advised by Dr. Zhou.

Only when all ERISA plans and providers as well as patients are doing ERISA compliance in health care claim administration and processing, health care costs will be truly under control, as concluded by Dr. Jin Zhou.

ERISAclaim. com's TPA ERISA Appeals Department program starts at $50,000 for up to 5 ERISA Claim Specialists Certification training and 30-day live phone and Webinar supports. Each additional ERISA Claim Specialist costs additional $8,500. An additional six-month support starts at $50,000 and one-year support at $100,000 for ERISA Appeals Department with trained ERISA Claim Specialists.

ERISAclaim. com also provides ERISA Claim Specialist Certification Training Classes for non-institutional providers in major U. S. cities.

In the past 10 years in USA, ERISAclaim. com has been the only ERISA Specialized Company offering the most practical and comprehensive ERISA education, consulting and publishing services for healthcare providers in administrative ERISA appeals for real problem oriented denials under the most mysterious 35-year-old federal law, ERISA. Dr. Jin Zhou, the president of ERISAclaim. com has been referred to as "the Godfather of ERISA Claims" for providers in the healthcare industry.

ERISAclaim. com is dedicated to helping ERISA plans with compliant ERISA appeals to get paid legally, for what the working class Americans and their families are legally entitled to under federal law ERISA and health plan provisions, to eliminate billions of dollars in uncompensated care costs for ERISA plans and prevent working American family from bankruptcies as a result of unpaid medical bills, and to minimize revenue cycle outsourcing dilemmas for ERISA plans already in financial respiratory failures.

For more information, please visit http://www. erisaclaim. com/Appeal_Department. htm (http://www. erisaclaim. com/Appeal_Department. htm), or contact Dr. Jin Zhou, president of ERISAclaim. com, at 630-808-7237.


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Metro West, Boston Businessman Tom Meehan has Received Accreditation by the Institute for Independent Business (IIB)

Metro West, Boston Businessman Tom Meehan has Received Accreditation by the Institute for Independent Business (IIB)

Mr. Meehan’s mission will be expanding the Institute’s presence in Middlesex, Worcester, Norfolk and Suffolk counties.


Metro West, Boston businessman Tom Meehan has received accreditation by the Institute for Independent Business (IIB). Mr. Meehan’s mission will be expanding the Institute’s presence in Middlesex, Worcester, Norfolk and Suffolk counties.

“We are delighted to have an executive of Tom Meehan’s caliber joining our leadership team for the METRO WEST area. His accreditation is a key step in our initiatives,” said Eric Leaman, Managing Director at IIB’s USA headquarters in Parsippany, NJ. “Tom Meehan will be a particularly valuable advisor to the METRO WEST business people. For the last 25 years he has been working as a senior executive at some of the country’s most successful healthcare, accounting, and temporary help companies.”

“The Institute’s accreditation means a lot to my clients, “ said Mr. Meehan. “Besides the prestige, my relationship with the IIB will provide my clients with a depth of resources that other business advisers simply cannot offer. I now have access to top-level executives around the world. With resources like that I can assist my clients with any issue or challenge they may be facing.”

Established in 1984 in the UK, the Institute is an international, not-for-profit, business support organization. Its purpose is to bring timely and practical advice to independent business owners. It is the largest global organization of its type with over 3000 senior Executive Associates accredited to serve business owners. The IIB provides mentoring and business advice as well as access to a wide range of expertise and services, including angel and venture funding, banking/financing, human resources, sales and marketing, organization and management, quality and ISO 9000, business valuations, mergers and acquisitions, succession planning and exit strategies.

Business owners may take advantage of a free meeting with one of the Institute’s Executive Associates. To discuss anything to do with business, or to get a free executive assessment, contact Tom Meehan at (508) 380-0353.

Editors Note: The Institute for Independent Business is an international not-for-profit research and educational organization chartered in the United Kingdom, which provides services to small and medium size businesses. The IIB is available to provide in-depth background material, research and professional commentary or opinion for feature articles.


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Minnesota Bass Federation Launches New Associate Membership Program

Minnesota Bass Federation Launches New Associate Membership Program

New program focuses on expanding awareness of Conservation & Youth activities on both a State and National level. It’s a budget-minded way to support the great work the MNBF does to protect our fisheries and outdoors.

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) March 26, 2006

There is now a new program for those in support of sportsmanship and conservation. The Minnesota Bass Federation (MNBF) recently launched a new and innovative Associate Membership program that allows anyone to support the MNBF’s political, conservation and youth angling related efforts.

Associate membership adds additional voices to Minnesota bass fishermen and anglers alike committed to preserving and enhancing our sport and to keeping Minnesota’s lakes and rivers healthy and available to every responsible angler.

Associate memberships will also bolster assistance to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MnDNR) to improve fishing opportunities, habitat, water quality and preservation of public access to Minnesota’s waterways. At the same time, it will aid workings with state and local government, lake associations and other outdoor organizations to protect our fishing heritage.

Beyond the conservation efforts, associate memberships help fund youth initiatives including education and on the water experiences to foster youth involvement and sustain interest in our sport. These youth activities provide alternatives to our youth above and beyond traditional sports and activities.

Summary Recent Activities Include:

 Supported Constitutional Amendment to preserve our rights to hunt and fish  Participate in the discussion on the US Fish and Wildlife Services Upper Mississippi Management Plan with a special focus on maintaining access to backwaters  Supported further research into the effects of lead tackle on our aquatic resources rather than banning it outright  Interceded when a metro lake association passed an ordinance restricting fishing within 100 feet of shore  Opposed a statewide “no cull”  Attend the annual MnDNR fisheries roundtable  Developed Internet creel survey collection tool to supply the DNR with fish population data  Annually, organize and participate in lake and ramp cleanups statewide  Sponsor Junior Bassmaster Clubs and Bassmaster CastingKids events  Annual fundraising for local charities and non-profit lobbying

There are benefits beyond supporting the MNBF’s activities. Below are some benefits for associate members.

Benefits to joining as an Associate Member:

 Annual subscription to BASS Times magazine  Discounts to Federation sponsor products  Paid AD&D Insurance  Free Internet classifieds  Open invitation to attend Federation meetings and to network with other anglers  E-mail notification of special events and legislative alerts

"I joined the MNBF as an associate member to support tournament bass fishing in Minnesota," said Gregg Ripley, one of the inaugural members to the newly founded associate program. "We really designed this membership program for the casual anglers and sportsman that do not have the time to dedicate but still wan to contribute," said Stephanie Peterson, board member MNBF.

To find out more about membership opportunities, check out www. mnbf. org You can also get more information at the MNBF booth at the Northwest Sports Show in Minneapolis, MN; March 28 – April 2, 2006

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release (or for a sample, copy or demo), contact Rich Lindgren or visit www. mnbf. org.

About Minnesota Bass Federation Nation:

The Minnesota BASS Federation is committed to promoting fishing for all ages & skill levels. We offer our assistance to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to improve fishing opportunities, habitat, water quality & preservation of public access to Minnesota’s waterways. We work with state & local government, lake associations & other outdoor organizations to protect our fishing heritage. Through our youth initiatives, we provide education & on the water experiences to foster youth involvement & sustained interest in our sport. Please visit www. mnbf. org


Rich Lindgren, Marketing & Membership

Minnesota Bass Federation Nation


Http://www. mnbf. org (http://www. mnbf. org)

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Heroin Abuse is Growing Amongst Youth, Back 2 Basics Offers Long Term Treatment for Young Adults

Heroin Abuse is Growing Amongst Youth, Back 2 Basics Offers Long Term Treatment for Young Adults

In the past five years heroin, a powerful narcotic has seen an increase of distribution on the streets among younger generations. The purity of heroin has risen to 80% and is compromising more lives then ever. Back 2 Basics in Flagstaff, AZ is helping restore so many lives that has been affected by this horrific epidemic.

Flagstaff, AZ (PRWEB) July 18, 2010

Heroin. Opiates. Narcotics. (http://back2basics-soberliving. com) Not all of us may not be familiar with these terms, but on a daily basis, they compromise the lives of so many young Americans. Young addicts are switching from narcotics and other opiates to the stronger drug of heroin. The younger generation is smoking, snorting, or injecting this dangerous drug, and accidental overdose is a major concern for our youth in communities throughout America.

With some drugs, the addict eventually reaches a threshold and maximizes the effect of the drug. With heroin, there is no threshold. This means users need to use more and more and heroin in order to obtain the desired effect. Across the nation, younger individuals are using more potent heroin, nearly quadruple the potency, than was used just five years ago. This increase in potency means more people need long-term treatment care.

Back 2 Basics in Flagstaff, Arizona, (http://back2basics-soberliving. com) is just what the doctor ordered. This unusual, yet highly effective, program begins with a ten-week outdoor adventure component, allowing the participants a chance to reconnect with nature and themselves. In between each outdoor adventure, the participants reside at Back 2 Basics facility where they learn life skills, such as how to improve their future and be a proactive member of society. Back 2 Basics is a drug and alcohol treatment center for young adults ages 18-35.

Neighboring Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Mount Eldon, Sunset Crater, Walnut Canyon, Mogollon Rim, and dozens of other outdoor wonders, Back 2 Basics offers unique experiences found no where else in the world. Back 2 Basics centers around a 12-step recovery program: traditional therapy, continued education, life skills, green construction/sustainable living, community service, culinary arts, health promotions, mentorship, and therapies ranging from equine assisted therapy to Kung Fu all the way to cognitive behavioral therapy and EMD (http://back2basics-soberliving. com) R. While Back 2 Basics may sounds like a vacation, it really is the perfect approach to help struggling youths recover from their addictions before it’s too late.

If you know someone who is struggling from addiction or have questions about addiction please contact our staff at (877)339-4222 or (928)600-5488.

Http://www. back2basics-sober-living. com (http://www. back2basics-sober-living. com)

Http://www. flagstaffbusinessnews. com/new-flagstaff-business-employing-unique-approaches-to-help-recovering-addicts/ (http://www. flagstaffbusinessnews. com/new-flagstaff-business-employing-unique-approaches-to-help-recovering-addicts/)

Http://azdailysun. com/news/local/article_f7553512-7ce8-51f2-a132-ed64594bddf3.html (http://azdailysun. com/news/local/article_f7553512-7ce8-51f2-a132-ed64594bddf3.html)

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Birth of a Legend: Argyle Salon & Spa Opens in Los Angeles landmark Argyle Hotel

Birth of a Legend: Argyle Salon & Spa Opens in Los Angeles landmark Argyle Hotel

With the goal of perfecting the spa experience, Argyle Salon & Spa pampers guests with exclusive, lustrous beauty and wellness services bestowed in luxurious surroundings, including private suites.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 16, 2005

The evolution of “spa visit” to the perfect fusion of pampering and purpose is complete with the opening of the Argyle Salon & Spa within Los Angeles’ iconic Argyle Hotel.

It is fitting that Argyle Salon & Spa has found its home in one of the city’s most significant historical, architectural landmarks, as every facet of the enterprise has been seamlessly orchestrated in homage to an era of impeccable style and service. The 6,600 square-foot facility designed by Paul Fortune provides the latest advances in health, beauty and wellbeing and luxurious amenities in environs that are the epitome of grace, elegance and exclusivity.

Equally exceptional are the facility’s archetypes for superiority in personalized service, treatments and products. “We are committed to setting the standard for excellence at every turn,” Executive Director Britney Hinker explained. For Argyle Salon & Spa guests, it will begin the moment they cross the facility’s threshold. Guests will be personally greeted upon arrival, and totally indulged and pampered while there. “When a guest finally has to leave us, we want him or her to feel relaxed, replenished and gorgeous,” Hinker said.

Hinker has assembled an incredible team to help bring the vision to life. The Argyle Salon & Spa’s arbiters of wellness and beauty are some of the world’s finest stylists, aestheticians, therapists, and med-spa practitioners, including “Head Care” specialist Philip B, hair color specialist Rita Hazan, nail care pioneer Julia Palmer, skin visionary Cornelia Zicu, plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Mani, and massage therapist Christopher Warren.

On the facility’s lower level, guests can enjoy spa treatments in either their own outdoor treatment cabana or their own indoor private treatment suite. Each indoor treatment suite features a generous bathtub, shower, vanity, restroom, lounge area, mini-bar and plasma screen TV. The spa menu offers an extensive list of unique treatments and services that will indulge the senses, including “Head Care” pioneer Philip B’s decadent scrub wraps (exclusive to Argyle Salon & Spa) and massage therapist Christopher Warren’s one-of-a-kind “Four Hand Hot Stone” massage. Guests can also have access to Los Angeles’ only Turkish Bath.

Upstairs, hair, make up and nail services are integrated in the ten-chair salon. A cozy suite situated adjacent boasts a barber station to provide gentleman with consummate grooming. The nearby Med-Spa reflects the ultimate in technology, clinical expertise and luxury, and is designed to accommodate even the most hectic schedules by offering BOTOX, Restalyne, Microdermabrasion services, and the latest chair side smile enhancement options.

For additional information on Argyle Salon & Spa, its team and its services, please contact Jennifer Doll jdoll@londonmisherpr. com or Kate Olsen kolsen@londonmisherpr. com at London Misher PR at 310.271.0222.

Visit us at http://www. argylela. com (http://www. argylela. com)

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Educating the Public about the Benefits of Medication Compliance - FLAVORx Announces a Major Multi Million Dollar PR Campaign for 2005/2006

Educating the Public about the Benefits of Medication Compliance - FLAVORx Announces a Major Multi Million Dollar PR Campaign for 2005/2006

In an Oct 8, 2005 press conference held by FLAVORx founder and CEO Kenny Kramm, the leading Maryland bio tech award winning company that has safely flavored more than 50 million prescriptions worldwide announced an enormous public awareness campaign to educate the public about the importance of medication compliance through effective and appealing medication flavors.

(PRWEB) July 27, 2005

FLAVORx, the company that has helped physicians, pharmacists and veterinarians turn bitter-tasting medications into tasty, flavored liquids, announces plans to launch a major public awareness campaign.

This nationwide initiative is aimed at educating the public about flavoring services offered by pharmacists and veterinary hospitals.

This multi million-dollar program is part of FLAVORx's ongoing commitment to supporting pharmacists and veterinarians who use the FLAVORx system. The company's 24/7 customer support service is the model for the industry; FLAVORx professionsals answer questions from caregivers who seek to make an impossibly bitter, or just wretched-tasting, medicine appealing to a patient's taste buds.

The company views this level of support as critical to pharmacy/veterinary customers, but most importantly, to patients, whether that is a baby with seizures, a post-operative dog in pain or a geriatric patient. The FLAVORx mission is to increase medicinal compliance of physicians' orders to hasten wellness.

With over 50 million prescriptions already dispensed with this easy-to-swallow option, professionals acclaim increased compliance as critical for the effective delivery of health care.

Parents and pet owners appreciate the efforts of pharmacists and vets who, in answering their professional responsibilities, also serve the family in a practical sense: by making the medicine-giving process much easier and totally stress-free. Anyone who has struggled with a child knows all-too-well what a psychologically frustrating and physically draining effort it can be. However, when medicine tastes good, administering it is a relief for all those involved.

No other company providing flavoring solutions is able to offer the proven product safety record and professional support that is an integral part of the relationship between the pharmacist or veterinarian and FLAVORx's dedicated, professional staff.

As details of the year-long PR campaign are finalized, Kenny Kramm, FLAVORx President and CEO, reminds everyone that “pharmacies across the country are gearing up for what could be the worst flu season on record". When kids and pets don't want, or refuse to take, medications because they taste bad, parents and pet owners can rely on their pharmacists or vets, who can easily and safely turn these hard-to-take medications into moe palatable, easy-to-swallow liquids."

Liquid medication has an added benefit in cats and small dogs: pills, when swallowed 'dry' by small pets, move down the esophagus much slower than pharmacologically intended and may cause irritation or ulceration, dissolving before reaching the stomach.

There are more than 30,000 pharmacies and 2,500 veterinary hospitals currently using the proprietary FLAVORx formulary, and more join the ranks each day (one set sold every 6 hours) to make good-tasting, readily accepted medications for their customers. It is convenient for consumers to find a pharmacy that can turn prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vitamins into safe, flavorful liquids.

Patients can locate a pharmacy or veterinarian nearest to them by going to the FLAVORx website (www. flavorx. com), or by calling 1-800-884-5771.


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Are We Addicted to Finding Love through Online Dating?

Are We Addicted to Finding Love through Online Dating?

Theories of intimate relationships in the modern world view passionate love as a problem to be managed.

(PRWEB) April 1, 2006

How did people meet each other before the world got online? A survey by the dating service Parship. co. uk at the beginning of this year claimed that two-thirds of the single people using a dating service in 2005 turned to the internet. According to the Times (London), that's 3.6million Brits, making use of more than 100 independent online dating agencies chasing a market that is valued at about and#65533;12million and expected to rise to and#65533;47million by 2008 (1).

So internet dating is big business, and growing in credibility year on year. Parship claims that 50 per cent of single people believe they will meet a suitable partner this way, up from 35 per cent six months ago. A spokesman for the relationship counsellors Relate confirmed to the Times that 'the stigma from dating agencies seems to have gone', and that people are attracted by the advantages of internet dating: having the privacy to 'look around from the comfort of their own home', which means 'you don't have to meet a middleman or go to an actual dating agency office, which takes a lot of courage'.

Of course, there are many areas of life in which the internet seems to be taking over from classified ads and 'real world' agencies - selling cars, finding houses, planning holidays. But the boom in online dating is not simply a more efficient and flexible way of doing things that we would otherwise have done. It reflects a fundamental shift in how people are encouraged to think about their personal relationships and organise their personal lives, with intimacy acted out in public and subject to the contractual norms one might associate with buying a car, a house, a holiday.

The fashion for finding 'love online' represents a redefinition of what we mean by 'love'. No longer is love a spontaneous emotion, a transcendent state of being, a necessary evil on the path to self-fulfilment. Rather, it is recast as a therapeutic virtue - something to be planned and managed in the way one might plan and manage one's career, in the awareness that it might not last forever and moving on is no bad thing.

People seeking love online might not be looking to develop an emotional CV, but that is what the process sells them. And as with many developments online, internet dating indicates some wider social trends. Whether people start out as childhood sweethearts or just good friends, the discussion surrounding love today presents all intimate relationships as somehow virtual, a problematic consideration in the broader pursuit of 'being me'.

In this sense, it is worth trying to separate what has changed about people's experiences and expectations of love today from the sociological and political debate about love, and what it all means. Yes, people date, form relationships, marry (or not) and embark upon family life in some different ways to previous generations. But underpinning the discussions about love today is a powerful streak of bad faith, which assumes people to be less capable of loving, more at risk of harming themselves and other individuals, and more susceptible to dark and dangerous passions and excesses. Why has love come to be seen as a problem, and what does it say about our society that intimate relationships have come to be seen as addictive, and somehow bad for our health?

Latest update on online dating is prepared by Jannie Bristow and brought to you by http://www. datingservices-online. net (http://www. datingservices-online. net)

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Freedland Russo Announces $520 Million Settlement Against AstraZeneca

Freedland Russo Announces $520 Million Settlement Against AstraZeneca

Freedland Russo is pleased that Eric Holder, U. S. Attorney General, announced the $520 million dollar settlement of a lawsuit filed against AstraZeneca (Civil Action #04-3479; US District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania).

Weston, Fla. (PRWEB) April 27, 2010

Freedland Russo (http://www. westonlawyers. com) is pleased that Eric Holder, U. S. Attorney General, announced the $520 million dollar settlement of a lawsuit filed against AstraZeneca (Civil Action #04-3479; US District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania). The settlement announced today in Philadelphia indicates marketing practices for Seroquel included promotion of the drug by physicians participating in clinical studies and drug sales representatives encouraging doctors to prescribe for unapproved uses.

Only fifteen months since Eli Lilly agreed to pay $1.4 Billion to resolve claims relating to Zyprexa, the law firm of Freedland Russo has again proven to be tireless advocates in matters relating to the Pharmaceutical Industry (Civil Action #03943). The AstraZeneca complaint was filed in 2004 on behalf of a whistleblower by Freedland Russo and their co-counsel, Philadelphia attorney Stephen A. Sheller, Esq.

Seroquel is among the top-selling drugs in the world with 2009 sales of $4.9 billion; 15% of AstraZeneca’s $33.2 billion in revenue is for schizophrenia and specific types of bipolar mania. AstraZeneca was charged with promoting Seroquel to physicians for use “off-label” in children and the elderly. Doctors are allowed to prescribe drugs for unapproved uses but FDA rules state that drug manufacturers may only promote their products for approved conditions and age groups.

“This is just another step in getting the attention of the entire pharmaceutical industry,” Partner Michael Freedland said. Attorney Daniel Harwin agrees that more action should be taken against pharmaceutical companies for illegally marketing their products. “This is a industry-wide problem and not limited to a few isolated companies. We have to keep pressing onward because the health, safety and well being of the public hangs in the balance,” Harwin said.

Whistleblowers are protected by the federal False Claims Act, where employees aware of their company knowingly defrauding the government may sue without threat of being fired, harassed, demoted, or discriminated against for cooperating in an investigation of their employer.

“Once again, a single brave person came to the forefront and held a big pharmaceutical company accountable,” said Freedland. “With each case that we pursue, we learn more about the internal workings of these companies and just how far they are willing to push the limits.”

Partner Anthony Russo added, “We are also thrilled that the majority of this settlement will go back to whom it belongs, the taxpayers and the states.” In that regard, the firm lauded the team in the U. S. Attorney’s office for their investigation, including Chief of the Civil Division Virginia Gibson and Assistant U. S. Attorney Colin Cherico. “As they did with Eli Lilly, the U. S. Attorney’s office in Philadelphia proved their commitment to recouping hundreds of millions for the government and its citizen taxpayers,” said Russo.

About Freedland Russo:

Freedland Russo is a law firm committed to assisting and fighting for consumers in the United States who have suffered social injustices at the hands of individuals, large corporations, and insurance companies. The firm lawyers are renowned for handling complex cases involving matters of medical malpractice, pharmaceutical liability, automobile liability, wrongful death, and whistleblower cases. Freedland Russo is based in Weston, Florida. For more information log on to www. westonlawyers. com or call 888.254.7066

Bob Sands

Sands Communications, Inc.

Direct: (954) 260-3826


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Bone Health Workshop for Osteoporosis Prevention in NYC

Bone Health Workshop for Osteoporosis Prevention in NYC

Pilates and osteoporosis expert presents workshop in NYC about bone loss and fracture prevention.

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 15, 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow reminded the world that bone issues are not just for the elderly when she announced this summer at age 37 that she has the precursor to osteoporosis. Bone health expert Rebekah Rotstein explains what this means for the rest of us when she brings her toolkit of osteoporosis prevention and treatment tips to a leading New York studio, Core Pilates NYC, Saturday, September 25th, for a two-part workshop for both the public and exercise professionals.

This important workshop demystifies the facts of bone health and could not come at a better time. Commercials for osteoporosis medications flood television advertising, leaving consumers wondering what to do to prevent the condition of bone fragility.

The workshop is split into two parts:

1- "Preventing and Addressing Osteoporosis" discusses bone health and offers exercises on how to protect the skeleton. This first hour is open to the general public.

2- "Bone-ing Up On Strength" continues the remainder of the afternoon for Pilates and exercise instructors and anyone looking for a deeper understanding of movement that targets bones. It will allow them to:

  Discover bone-building techniques   Identify exercises to avoid for clients with osteoporosis   Practice fracture-prevention methods

"Bone health is a vital matter for people of all ages -- this is not just a concern for your mother or grandmother," says Rebekah Rotstein, who teaches workshops around the country and overseas about osteoporosis and exercise. "People train their muscles -- it's time they learn to train their bones."

Part 1 lasts one hour (3:30 to 4:30pm) and costs $45.

The full five-hour workshop of Part 1 and 2 (3:30 - 8:30pm) costs $250.

To register, email info@corepilatesnyc. com

About Incorporating Movement

Rebekah Rotstein is the founder of Incorporating Movement and the creator of Pilates for Buff Bones™. She is a New York City-based Pilates instructor and movement educator who integrates functional anatomy and biomechanics principles into mind-body exercise, teaching seminars and guest presenting throughout the United States and internationally. Rebekah is a partner of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services in its Office of Women's Health to promote its Best Bones Forever!™ campaign, aimed at teaching bone health to young girls. She is a contributing expert for the Web site of Dr. Andrew Weil (www. drweil. com), for Pilates-Pro and for Hatherleigh Medical Education, and is frequently interviewed in various media including CNN, Vogue Magazine and Martha Stewart Living Radio. She was diagnosed with osteoporosis at only 28 and has since improved her bone density through diet and exercise alone.


Rebekah Rotstein



Kim Villanueva/Michelle Fama




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Harvard Pilgrim Awards Information Delivery Contract to STR Software

Harvard Pilgrim Awards Information Delivery Contract to STR Software

STR Software implemented AventX® MPE, an electronic information delivery software product for faxing using HP e3000 platforms, at the home office of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care in Wellesley, Mass. Harvard Pilgrim chose AventX® MPE due to its ability to interface with AMISYS, a managed health care software application.

(PRWEB) October 16, 2002

RICHMOND, VA – OCTOBER 16, 2002 – STR Software implemented AventX® MPE, an electronic information delivery software product for faxing using HP e3000 platforms, at the home office of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care in Wellesley, Mass. Due in part to its relationship with Biscom, an enterprise fax management company, STR Software was the natural choice for Harvard Pilgrim, which uses Biscom delivery servers at its headquarters. AventX® MPE is compatible with the servers, eliminating the need for investing in additional hardware. Harvard Pilgrim also chose AventX® MPE due to its ability to interface with AMISYS, a managed health care software application.

STR Software of Richmond, Va., develops, markets and supports software products in electronic information delivery for host ERP applications. The company provides information retrieval, report design and creation, and delivery via a variety of channels including server-based faxing, email, direct mail and outsourcing through an application service provider. For additional information, visit www. strsoftware. com.

Harvard Pilgrim provides managed health care for Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. The company offers its members HMO, preferred provider organization (PPO), point-of-service and Medicaid/Medicare plans through more than 120 affiliated hospitals in New England. For more information, visit www. harvardpilgrim. org.


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Wagner Design Builds Krieghoff-Lenawee Marketing Materials

Wagner Design Builds Krieghoff-Lenawee Marketing Materials

Krieghoff-Lenawee, an Adrian-based construction company, partners with Wagner Design Associates to construct their new website, capabilities brochure, and industry proposals.

Ann Arbor, Michigan (PRWEB) July 17, 2008

Wagner Design Associates, a marketing solutions provider, has recently completed a new website, capabilities brochure, and industry proposals for Krieghoff-Lenawee.

The new marketing materials highlight the wide range of services provided by the Adrian-based construction company and will be used to attract new clients in the municipal, health, industrial, commercial religious and educational sectors. Wagner Design created "portfolio-type" website (www. krieghofflenawee. com) and brochures which give viewers the ability to see Krieghoff projects by industry and by client.

Wagner Design Associates is an advertising and graphic design firm providing a full range of design and communication services including corporate identities, print collateral, advertising, and websites. The award-winning company provides marketing expertise to various regional and national industries in the high tech, health care, financial, retail and academic sectors.

A commercial construction company established in 1947. Krieghoff-Lenawee Company specializes in exceeding client expectations in the areas of general contracting, design/build, construction management, and preconstruction services.

# # #

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Discover Flow Chemistry and Continuous Process Development

Discover Flow Chemistry and Continuous Process Development

METTLER TOLEDO has announced that it will be attending the 1st RSC/SCI Symposium on Continuous Processing and Flow Chemistry being held in Stevenage, UK on November 3-4, 2010. METTLER TOLEDO offers real time reaction monitoring for faster reaction optimization and improved continuous process development. During the 1st RSC/SCI Symposium on Continuous Processing and Flow Chemistry, learn about the unique opportunities continuous flow chemistry presents for process development and optimization and the advantages over traditional batch processes.

Annapolis, MD (PRWEB) June 12, 2010

At the 1st RSC/SCI Symposium on Continuous Processing and Flow Chemistry (http://us. mt. com/us/en/home/events/fairs/flow-chemistry. html? crel=US_AC_ePR_RSCSCIFlowChem20100612), discover what flow chemistry (http://us. mt. com/us/en/home/supportive_content/specials. flow-chem. oneColEd. html? crel=US_AC_ePR_RSCSCIFlowChem20100612) is and how flow chemistry may benefit your organization. By attending the inaugural Symposium on Continuous Processing and Flow Chemistry, you will learn about microfluidic flow chemistry, meso flow chemistry, lab to plant scale applications and new directions in flow chemistry.

This Conference is an excellent opportunity to meet experts from industry and academia and see the latest technologies on display including METTLER TOLEDO DS Micro Flow Cell for continuous flow chemistry (http://us. mt. com/us/en/home/supportive_content/specials. flow-chem. oneColEd. html? crel=US_AC_ePR_RSCSCIFlowChem20100612), coupled with the NEW ReactIR™ 15 (http://us. mt. com/us/en/home/products/L1_AutochemProducts/L2_in-situSpectrocopy/ReactIR-15.html? crel=US_AC_ePR_RSCSCIFlowChem20100612) for improving chemistry understanding.

“The Symposium on Continuous Processing and Flow Chemistry features well renowned speakers and will provide attendees with knowledge that they can put to use right away.", says Brian Wittkamp, Market Manager for Reaction Analysis, "We are excited to be a part of this inaugural event”.

METTLER TOLEDO offers real time reaction monitoring (http://us. mt. com/us/en/home/supportive_content/specials. Reaction-progression-kinetics-mechanism-elucidation. oneColEd. html? crel=US_AC_ePR_RSCSCIFlowChem20100612) for faster reaction optimization and improved continuous process development in conjunction with flow reactor technology. The pairing of flow reactor equipment with the market leading reaction monitoring and analysis system, ReactIR™ allows chemists to observe what is happening with their reaction in real time and modify reaction parameters “on the fly” to improve yield and/ or selectivity within minutes. The combined systems are also ideal for reactions that are toxic/dangerous, contain energetic intermediates, etc. that pose potential human health issues. Inline reaction monitoring can notify the user whether all the intermediate has been reacted to make these reactions safer for chemists.

METTLER TOLEDO provides the enabling technology, software and people that can help build a seamless workflow to translate bench scale chemistry into a commercial process. For more than 20 years, our enabling tools and services have been a strategic resource providing critical information for thousands of development scientists and engineers. Companies have used that knowledge to accelerate the discovery, development and scale-up of new chemical processes spanning the chemical and biopharmaceutical industries.


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The Institute for Health Technology Transformation Announces Telehealth Webinar and White Paper with Honeywell HomMed

The Institute for Health Technology Transformation Announces Telehealth Webinar and White Paper with Honeywell HomMed

The Institute for Health Technology Transformation announced today a Telehealth Webinar and White Paper presentation by Honeywell HomMed entitled "Dynamic Issues in Telehealth: Reimbursement, Strategic Implementation & Technology" scheduled to take place August 19, 2009, at noon CST.

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 14, 2009

The Institute for Health Technology Transformation announced today a Telehealth Webinar and White Paper presentation by Honeywell HomMed entitled "Dynamic Issues in Telehealth: Reimbursement, Strategic Implementation & Technology" scheduled to take place August 19, 2009 at noon CST.

The webinar will focus on market and chronic disease trends that are changing the way we need to provide healthcare, as well as thoughts on patient population management and the "ecosystem" concept of remote patient care. The webinar will feature insights from Kristopher Crawford, MD, Terry Duesterhoeft and Cleo Cabuz of Honeywell.

Kristopher Crawford, MD, president of Physicians Preferred Monitoring, will begin the webinar with a discussion around the changing dynamics of healthcare and how a recent shift in Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) policy may impact hospitals and hospital systems with significant early rehospitalization rates for congestive heart failure (CHF) patients. Dr. Crawford will share his unique perspective on remote patient monitoring both as a physician and the president of a company actively expanding the use of this technology in the healthcare marketplace.

Terry Duesterhoeft, president of Honeywell HomMed, will offer insights to help executives from hospitals, hospital systems, integrated healthcare delivery networks, and managed care organizations better understand how to reap the clinical and economic benefits of safe, appropriate discharge through the implementation of a direct to monitor program as well as controlled readmissions.

Cleo Cabuz, Ph. D., vice president of engineering for Honeywell Life Safety will share information relative to the latest technologies that are being researched for future applications within home healthcare and remote patient management including non-invasive measurements, predictive diagnostics, and systemic enhancements to displaying large amounts of patient data.

In conjunction with the webinar, Honeywell HomMed, will release a white paper entitled "Telehealth for Chronic Care Management." The author, Eric Zalas, emerging segment marketing manager for Honeywell HomMed, examines the cost implications of congestive heart failure (CHF) with detailed statistics on average hospitalization charges per day and average length of stay (LOS). The paper discusses implications of CMS policy changes for hospitals and takes a close look at the implementation of a scalable telehealth program as a solution. Several customer case studies are examined in detail to support positive clinical outcomes and ROI for telehealth program implementation.

The paper concludes with an in-depth look at determining the return on investment (ROI) for a stand-alone hospital and an integrated healthcare delivery network (IDN) using Honeywell's HomMed's proprietary economic benefits model.

The white paper features insightful discussions by Michael Sherman, MD, medical director of Humana, and Kristopher Crawford, MD. As an added value Honeywell HomMed has announced that those participants who sign up for the Honeywell Webinar may access a free download of the white paper.

About Honeywell:

Honeywell International (www. honeywell. com) is a Fortune 100 diversified technology and manufacturing leader, serving customers worldwide with aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes and industry; automotive products; turbochargers; and specialty materials. Based in Morris Township, N. J., Honeywell's shares are traded on the New York, London, and Chicago Stock Exchange. For more news and information on Honeywell, please visit www. honeywellnow. com

Honeywell HomMed is part of the Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions business group, global leader in providing product and service solutions that improve efficiency and profitability, support regulatory compliance, and maintain safe, comfortable environments in homes, buildings and industry. As a leader in telehealth and remote patient monitoring, Honeywell HomMed is dedicated to improving the quality of patients' lives and reducing the cost of healthcare by providing the industry's most advanced and integrated solutions at home and beyond. Through state-of-the-art medical monitoring equipment, technological support, and industry expertise, Honeywell HomMed provides individuals and the clinicians treating them with easy-to-use, cost efficient monitoring solutions. Please visit www. HomMed. com

About the Institute for Health Technology Transformation:

The Institute for Health Technology Transformation is the leading organization committed to bringing together private and public sector leaders fostering the growth and meaningful use of technology across the healthcare industry. Through collaborative efforts the Institute provides programs that drive innovation, educate, and provide a critical understanding of how technology applications, solutions and devices can improve the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare.

Www. ihealthtran. com


Matthew Raynor

Institute for Health Technology Transformation


Http://ihealthtran. com/ (http://ihealthtran. com/)


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Minneapolis Saint Paul use Web 2.0 to Build Relationships with Current and Future Residents

Minneapolis Saint Paul use Web 2.0 to Build Relationships with Current and Future Residents

New web site LiveMSP. org promotes cities' neighborhoods, uses social-networking sites with the goal to sell homes and celebrate city living.

Minneapolis and Saint Paul, MN (PRWEB) April 23, 2009

An interactive web site featuring a video message from the cities' Mayors, links to Facebook and Twitter accounts, and detailed information about city living, is hoping to attract web-users who want to learn more about what Minneapolis and Saint Paul have to offer.

LiveMSP. org (http://www. livemsp. org/) is a comprehensive web site that provides users with in-depth neighborhood profiles, tools and information about purchasing a home, and links to the many things going on in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Visitors to LiveMSP. org can search real estate listings through the "Find a Neighborhood" feature on Realtor. com (http://neighborhoods. realtor. com/Minneapolis/1065/Metro) and OwnaHomeMN. org (http://www. ownahomemn. org/), a website created by the Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers featuring quality, affordable homes. It is also a destination for current residents to share their enthusiasm for city living, find home renovation loan and grant programs, and stay current on local events and entertainment.

According to the "2008 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers" published by the National Association of REALTORS®, 94% of home buyers aged 25-44 years (representing 61% of the home buyer market) used the Internet to search for homes. The report also found that one in five buyers in the same age bracket use social networking sites every day.

The web site is being funded by the Family Housing Fund (http://www. fhfund. org/), a non-profit with a mission to provide safe, affordable, sustainable homes to families and children in the Twin Cities metropolitan area through ongoing partnerships with the public and private sectors. "We see Live MSP and its celebration of city living as a platform to showcase the many opportunities available in Minneapolis and Saint Paul," said Elizabeth Ryan, Vice President of Regional Housing Initiatives at the Family Housing Fund. "LiveMSP. org is a one-stop resource where residents and prospective home buyers can go to explore all of the cities' neighborhoods, learn about the dozens of incentive programs available, and finds ways to get more engaged in city and neighborhood life."

Minneapolis and Saint Paul are joined at their borders, connected by major thoroughfares and a reliable and growing transit system. Both cities are known for their world-class natural, recreational, and cultural amenities. The cities' hope is that this partnership will reduce residential vacancy rates, increase the cities' resource base, overall vitality, and improve environmental outcomes by encouraging home ownership in existing, compact, walkable, neighborhoods.

"Saint Paul and Minneapolis are rich in culture and diversity and defined by their historic, strong neighborhoods. LiveMSP. org brings that strength and livability to light, showing why our two cities are the foundation for a prosperous and healthy region," Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman said.

"With the help of the Family Housing Fund, we are better able to showcase our two cities and celebrate city living," said Minneapolis Mayor R. T. Rybak. "This incredible and useful web site enables users to explore all of our neighborhoods as well as check out the many incentive programs now available for home buyers and current homeowners."


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Funny Videos Compiled By “Get Er Done” Attitude

Funny Videos Compiled By “Get Er Done” Attitude

Southern webmaster spearheads funny video compilation project.

Little Rock, AR (PRWEB) March 1, 2006

The internet very often is neither funny nor pleasant. It’s rife with viruses, spam, credit card fraud, identity theft and the unwelcome invasion of offensive images. But now, thanks to the “get er done” attitude of Funny Web Videos. com (http://www. funnywebvideos. com/), the internet is a little nicer, a bit warmer and a lot funnier.

FunnyWeb Videos. com allows anyone to watch a wonderfully wide array of funny videos (http://www. funnywebvideos. com/) simply by getting on the internet. Founder and President Jack Somers believes this is just the natural evolution of goofy antics.

“There’s an amazing supply of this stuff,” says Somers, “It’s good, innocent entertainment, and for the typical individual to be able to easily access it for free, something had to be done. I decided to be the guy to ‘get er done’.” Somers, 24, says he drew inspiration from Larry The Cable Guy (http://www. larrythecableguy. com).

If there’s one thing we know about the North American viewing audience, it’s that there is an unquenchable thirst for hilarious and outrageous videos. The long running success of America’s Funniest Home Videos and the immense popularity of Jackass the TV Show, The Movie and The DVD prove that people never get tired of watching other people act silly, risk their necks or simply make ridiculous fools of themselves.

Funny Web Videos (http://www. funnywebvideos. com) has been online since January 23rd of this year and Somers is still improving and adding to the content. Right now there are around 400 videos with 25 or more being added every week. Somers says that the emergence of contextual based advertising from companies such as Google and Yahoo have allowed him to offer this service for free, without annoying his visitors with popup ads or something similar.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to vote for the clip they consider the funniest. In the top eight right now is a gut-busting assemblage of boisterously funny videos. Topping the list recently was a submitted piece of tape, titled "He Kicked Him," beautiful in its simplicity, devastatingly funny in its charm: A young child (5 or 6-years old) describes a fight he’s seen in which one unfortunate man receives a foot to an unprotected part of his anatomy. We’re not giving away the punch line here, but when you see it, you will definitely want to refer it to your friends.

This site promises that it will not carry tape of any event in which a person or animal is seriously injured. But if the video is funny and the participants are just slightly bruised, it’s a candidate for the site. Incident With a Razor Scooter fits in that category. Somers says all the videos on his site are work safe and encourages visitors to report any offensive or undesirable material.

Traditionally, the unpredictable relationship between man and animal has provided volumes of irresistible video and this site is no exception. "Baby Playing With Cat," one of the funny baby videos (http://www. funnywebvideos. com/type/funny-baby-videos/) is worth at least a couple of plays, especially for the tot’s unforgettable reaction. A similar video, entitled "Baby and Cat" proves that you can lead a cat to water but you can’t… well you’ll just have to see for yourself!

No self-respecting website specializing in funny videos could consider itself viable without a healthy collection of funny stuff involving dogs. Appropriately, this site is very canine friendly. Check out the brilliant commercial for Bridgestone Tires, one of the many funny commercials (http://www. funnywebvideos/com/type/funny-commercials/) on the site. Who would have thought a dog was capable of such a wide range of acting skills? The funny commercials section is probably the most popular on the site.

This will be the site to which people will direct their friends to see the TV spot that everyone is raving about. Take "Hank", for example. This is a commercial from Starbucks. The coffee company wants you to know what a brilliant start to the day you can have just by sipping some of their product. It’s hilarious!

And if most of us on the western side of the planet get certain pleasure watching recorded images of strangers pushing the envelope on their normally constrained lives, it’s also true that we like to see ourselves replayed in our own moments of infamy. http://www. FunnyWebVideos. com (http://www. FunnyWebVideos. com) reaps its images from a wide variety of sources. Recordings are collected from Google Video, You Tube, Revver and other video upload services. Somers encourages anyone to send in their own favorite embarrassing or side splitting pieces of footage.

"If you want to have your video put on the site, there are a number of ways to do that,” says Somers, “The easiest is to go to video. google. com, upload your video, and then send us the link to where your video is located. We’ll do our best to ‘get er done’ from there, and put it up on the site.”

The internet, like our newspapers, radio and television, is too often filled with all the bad stuff from our world. Somers hopes to change all that with FunnyWebVideos. com. With a little ‘get er done’ attitude and a lot of courage, he hopes to bring some positive entertainment to the masses.

Mr. Somers would be pleased to provide any further information on his website. He can be reached at 501-247-6536.


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UCKG Supports National Alcohol Awareness Campaign

UCKG Supports National Alcohol Awareness Campaign

In the face of the current British alcohol crisis, UCKG HelpCentres in Finsbury Park and across London (in Luton, Birmingham, Manchester and London) are proud to be part of a nation-wide initiative to discourage excessive drinking, especially among the young.

(PRWEB) February 10, 2006

Bishop Renato Cardoso, who heads UCKG is the UK, has wholeheartedly thrown the church behind ‘thirst for life', which aims to get people thinking about their drinking habits and the impact this has on their lives. “The immediate challenge is to sign up to go alcohol free for 40 days, starting on 1 March. The long term benefit is to help wean people off destructive binge drinking and drink-driving which all too frequently ruin lives,” he said.

‘thirst for life' is the brain child of two long-established Christian organisations. Hope UK is a national charity which provides drugs education and prevention for children and young people. Share Jesus International, where 26-year old Andy Frost who came up with the idea works, is passionate about reconnecting the church with society and culture.

As a fast-growing Pentecostal church with young and growing congregations UCKG's stance on alcohol UCKG is that addiction and substance abuse of any type is to be strongly discouraged. Like the ‘thirst for life' team it recognises that alcohol is inextricably bound up with modern lifestyles; yet pleasant as it often is, it is a major contributor to ill-health, domestic violence and other forms of crime.

In linking up with ‘thirst for life' UCKG is promoting the initiative widely. An hour-long radio programme with George Ruston, executive director of Hope UK was aired on Friday February 3 on the church's Liberty Radio (www. libertyradio. co. uk) and Sky guide 936 (Sky guide 0186 from 28th February).

There will be articles in the church's publications and website, posters in UCKG HelpCentres and some 2,000 ‘thirst for life' leaflets have been distributed across the church's Victory Youth Group. “We would encourage everyone - UCKG members or not - to prove for themselves that drinking isn't essential for having fun, concluded Bishop Renato.

“I'd suggest a visit to the ‘thirst for life' website at www. thirstforlife. org and to sign up. Some of the case studies on our own website, www. uckg. org illustrate the destructive impact of excessive drinking and show how a Christian response can make all the difference when alcohol is doing great damage.”


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