ErgoSlide From ErgoSafe Products - A Caregivers “No Lift” Solution

ErgoSlide From ErgoSafe Products - A Caregivers “No Lift” Solution

ErgoSafe introduces their new Ergoslide to assist Caregivers in repositioning and sliding patients up in bed.

(PRWEB) November 29, 2004

The ErgoSlide from ErgoSafe Products offer a “No Lift” solution to manual patient handling. Caregiver can easily slide a patient, reposition a patient, or turn a patient in bed using the ErgoSlide without pulling the patient's body, arms or legs, and without the caregiver having to lift. It is made from a strong nylon material sewn into a long roller band and is wide enough for a patient to lie on. Webbing handles are on both sides of the sheet around the full length, which are used to turn or slide the patient. Both regular and Bariatric models of the ErgoSlide are available (to learn more, visit http://www. ergosafe-products. com/bed-positioning-products. html (http://www. ergosafe-products. com/bed-positioning-products. html)).

ErgoSafe Products is dedicated to offering ergonomic product solutions for safe patient handling and to promoting the use of injury reduction aids for caregivers. The ErgoSafe product line was “Designed for Caregivers by Caregivers”; in an effort to lessen the daily strains that manual patient handling can place upon the body. ErgoSafe Products works closely with healthcare facilities to recommend sound patient handling practices. Through our product offerings, ErgoSafe promotes safety for caregivers in an effort to reduce on the job injury, such as musculoskeletal disorder.

Visit us today at www. ergosafeusa. com.

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