SalsaCrazy Announces its Newest DVD — Pilates For Dancers

SalsaCrazy Announces its Newest DVD — Pilates For Dancers

SalsaCrazy's newest offering, Pilates for Dancers, a DVD that unlocks the secrets to achieving a dancer's body is soon to be released.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 20, 2006

Close on the heels of the tremendous success of SalsaCrazy’s five-part DVD series, Learn to Salsa Dance, comes Pilates for Dancers. While the five-part series is still getting rave reviews as is evident on Amazon. com, this DVD is bound to become a hit as soon as it’s released, which is very soon.

Evan Margolin, internationally recognized salsa dance instructor and founder of Salsa Crazy and the “Learn to Salsa Dance” DVD series is a keen observer. He noticed that people almost always feel better, lose weight, look better, and become flexible, coordinated, and stronger after having attended dancing sessions at the school. That led him to brainstorm the creation of Pilates for Dancers, which enables aspiring dancers to take a proactive approach in readying their bodies for the task of learning to dance and already knowledgeable dancers to perfect their bodies even further.

Pilates for Dancers provides step by step instructions on how every man and woman, no matter how old, or in what shape, can work out in order to achieve core body strength, get fit, lose weight, and achieve the sleek, sinuous, and streamlined body that every dancer craves.

The DVD will captivate enthusiasts everywhere by the simplicity and ease of execution at every step. Learning Pilates and using the proper techniques is emphasized, with more emphasis being on fun while learning. This DVD will show learners how to achieve the most amazing results with the least effort.

Pilates for Dancers appeals to dancers the world over—not only salsa dancers. And, with guaranteed appeal for both dancers and non-dancers, Pilates for Dancers is set to take to the hearts of all those keen on improving their health and fitness. Why strain at grueling workouts at crowded gyms when this DVD allows viewers everywhere to fine-tune and tone their body the fun way-- in privacy and in the comfort of the home.

Given the ongoing registrations at Evan Margolin’s DanceSF schools and the fact that not many people can afford the time or the money to invest in one-on-one classes for extras, especially when time is of the essence, this DVD is destined to sell like hot cakes.

For more information and to pre-register for this soon-to-be-released sensational DVD, visit http://www. pilatesfordancers. com (http://www. pilatesfordancers. com)

About Pilates for Dancers

Evan Margolin, internationally recognized salsa dance instructor and founder of Salsa Crazy and the “Learn to Salsa Dance” DVD series is expanding his repertoire in the field, which is as essential to him as his breath—salsa dancing. This is evident in the creation of Pilates for Dancers, the newest DVD offering from SalsaCrazy.

What was once just a passion for Evan Margolin has turned into a very popular dance school, DVD series, and web site fueling the worldwide salsa dance craze.

With a goal of helping beginner dancers learn the joy of salsa dancing, Margolin has created a suite of fantastic opportunities to get people out on the dance floor. DanceSF is the premiere salsa dance school in the San Francisco Bay area, which is staffed by internationally recognized salsa instructors. Learn to Salsa is a 3-set DVD collection with over six hours of dance instruction that’s guaranteed to turn any beginner into a dance aficionado in just minutes. See http://www. SalsaDanceDVD. com (http://www. SalsaDanceDVD. com). And, www. SalsaCrazy. com is a one-stop online destination for comprehensive Bay area salsa events and nightlife information.


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