Atlanta Snoring Institute Physician Howard Herman, M. D. Participates in Live Webcast featuring New Oral Surgery Technology

Atlanta Snoring Institute Physician Howard Herman, M. D. Participates in Live Webcast featuring New Oral Surgery Technology

Atlanta Snoring Institute is excited to announce that Dr. Howard Herman, M. D., an expert in oral and sinus surgery, recently participated in a live web cast that explored new advances in oral surgical procedures, such as tonsillectomies. The web cast, presented by Johnson and Johnson and the Medical University of South Carolina, features Dr. Herman both and demonstrating the advantages of the new harmonic scalpel during oral surgery.

Stockbridge, GA (Vocus) January 30, 2010

The skilled Ear, Nose, and Throat Physicians of the Atlanta Snoring Institute pay close attention to any new advances in medical technology that enable them to perform more effective, faster, and less painful treatments for their patients. Taking advantage of the latest knowledge and equipment allows the ASI team to focus on providing for the individual patient's needs in the best way possible. However, the doctors of the Atlanta Snoring Institute strive not only to learn about advances in snoring treatment (http://www. atlantasnoring. com/snoring. html), but also consider it their responsibility to share this knowledge with their colleagues and patients.

Dr. Howard Herman, M. D. was given the opportunity to talk about an excellent advance in performing oral procedures during a live web cast that was viewed by many in the snoring and sleep apnea treatment (http://www. atlantasnoring. com/surgical-procedures-for-sleep-apnea. html) community in this past month. Sponsored by Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc., a division of Johnson and Johnson, Dr. Herman joined with other doctors to talk about the future of oral treatments like the tonsillectomy and the Pillar Procedure (http://www. atlantasnoring. com/pillar-procedure-treatment. html).

The main point of discussion during the web cast was the use of the new harmonic scalpel. This new advance can make surgery easier for doctors and less painful for patients. "The HK 105 blade is a vibration instrument," Dr. Herman explains. "It is a vibrating blade that vibrates at 55,500 beats per second, so something called the cavitation effect is created. This high speed movement causes a low-pressure zone at the end of the blade." These properties allow for more precise incisions and faster healing.

As a result, clinical studies have shown that patients who have complained formerly of very severe pain, have less pain and return faster to their regular diet and other activities. "The difference is, with the harmonic instrument, is that it allows you to do a better dissection," notes Dr. Herman. This improvement greatly reduces the level of discomfort experienced after the tonsil surgery (http://www. atlantasnoring. com/tonsillar-reductions. html).

Want to Learn More? View the Atlanta Snoring Webcast (http://www. orlive. com/ethiconendo-surgery/oralcavitysurgery)

The co-host of the web cast, Dr. Lucinda Halstead, M. D., Associate Professor, Medical University of South Carolina, echoed Dr. Herman's thoughts about the many benefits of the new procedures and instruments. She points out, "The difference with this technique versus electrocautery and cold surgery is the diminution of pain. Of course, for children and the persons caring for those children, this can be very important. This particular technique offers quite a few advantages to my patients."

The web cast was a great success, with wide participation from other medical professionals located all over the country. The Atlanta Snoring Institute looks forward to taking part in more high-tech educational events in the future. By staying informed about the latest advances in medicine, ASI can accomplish its goal of providing patients with the very best information, service, and treatment.

Atlanta Snoring Institute is dedicated to the treatment of snoring, sleep apnea, and sinus problems. The physicians are some of Atlanta's finest Board-Certified Otolaryngologists (Ear, Nose & Throat specialists) and Atlanta sleep apnea (http://www. atlantasnoring. com/sleep-apnea. html) doctors, with expertise in the treatment and management of snoring, sleep disorders, sinusitis and other related conditions.

The expert physicians of ASI offer a full range of medical, minimally invasive and surgical treatments. ASI is dedicated to your health and will work with you to provide the best treatment options to effectively manage your condition with a full range of medical services including the Pillar Procedure (http://www. atlantasnoring. com/), coblation, turbinate reduction, septoplasty, and sinus surgery.


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