Health & Fitness Expert Debbie Siebers Debuts Bestselling Cookbooks at Her Official Web Site

Health & Fitness Expert Debbie Siebers Debuts Bestselling Cookbooks at Her Official Web Site

After a successful launch of her fashion collections, Debbie Siebers extends the brand to include both of her bestselling books, “Nutritional Makeover” & “Energy Boost”.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 3, 2005

Debbie Siebers, the health and fitness industry’s leading lady, today announced the addition of her bestselling cookbooks, “Nutritional Makeover” and “Energy Boost” to the product offerings at her official website, www. DebbieSiebers. com.

In “Nutritional Makeover” Siebers teaches her readers the importance of discovering the right balance of healthy eating, nutrient intake, and exercise. Unlike traditional health-conscious cookbooks that feature bland and flavorless recipes, this book exhibits delicious entries, such as vegetable tempura, spicy beef & avocado stir-fry, and fresh plum dumplings which are guaranteed to impress at any dinner party.

“I know how hard it can be to want to lose weight and still cook delicious foods,” Siebers symphonizes. “With this book, you’ll find great healthy recipes, nutritional information, eating plans, and more.”

With “Energy Boost” Siebers shows her readers that by eating nutritionally balanced meals, they will find that their energy and motivation levels will skyrocket. Additionally, Siebers demonstrates how the proper intact of vitamins & minerals benefits her readers’ beauty concerns.

“The basic elements of beauty—blemish-free skin, strong nails, and healthy hair—are all affected by your diet,” Siebers explains. The recipes included in this book, while decadent & scrumptious, are consistently mindful of readers’ concerns about carbohydrates, fat, and calories. Some of the mouth-watering entries in the book include: a kiwi-grapefruit drink with mint, gnocchi with oyster mushrooms, and spicy chicken with fresh mango sauce.

While many readers will relate to satisfying the all-too-familiar hunger cravings most dieters experience with a chocolate bar or a bag of chips, “Energy Boost” offers easy to prepare recipes to avoid that trap.

“These books are a wonderful companion to any type of workout program,” Siebers summarizes.

Both “Nutritional Makeover” & “Energy Boost” are published by Silverback Books and are sold through Siebers’ official website, www. DebbieSiebers. com, at the easy to swallow price of $19.95.

For over twenty years, Siebers has inspired people to achieve physical fitness through her associations with Body-By-Jake, BeachBody, and Slim in 6. During the previous season of FOX Television’s hit reality show, “The Swan,” she starred as its health & fitness expert.

For more information contact:

Jeffery “Julien” Price

Marketing Director

Romar Studios, Inc.

(213) 621-4409

Www. DebbieSiebers. com

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