MetaCarta and Qbase Strengthen Offerings Through Acquisition

MetaCarta and Qbase Strengthen Offerings Through Acquisition

Geographic Search Solution Now Offered by Actionable Intelligence Provider

Reston, VA (PRWEB) November 1, 2010

MetaCarta, Inc., the leading provider of geographic search solutions, today announced that it has been acquired by Qbase, LLC in a deal that took place in July. Each company brings complementary client bases that play into the core competencies of the combined entity presenting opportunities for further growth in the business and geospatial intelligence market.

An estimated 80% of documents are unstructured or semi structured, meaning they contain data that is hard to extract. The ability to accurately identify places in these documents and give them geographic coordinates is MetaCarta’s strength, and is critical to the work Qbase does.

As a data solutions provider with the technical expertise to effectively deal with massive amounts of data, Qbase saw a unique integration opportunity with MetaCarta’s geospatial specific applications, technology and entity recognition solutions. The combined company has strengthened their offerings by providing IT and data services to MetaCarta’s customers and by providing geointelligence solutions to Qbase’s customers. Ultimately, Qbase sought out MetaCarta for:

 The scale of their Geographic Data Modules – With over 225 million place names in MetaCarta’s Geographic Data Modules (GDMs), their Geographic Search and Referencing Platform can identify geographic references and assign latitude/longitude coordinates to more places than any other product on the market. Customers can use combinations of GDMs based on their needs to provide the breadth of information or detail required.  The quality of disambiguation – Advanced natural language processing algorithms allow for distinction between proper names and place names as well as distinguishing between locations of the same name. These algorithms actually train the software to understand how people write and where to find influencing factors within the text.  The speed of the system – The technology can parse a large amount of structured and semi-structured data at record speeds.

“The addition of MetaCarta’s geointelligence portfolio to Qbase’s data mining platform results in delivery of actionable information that customers can use to make real-time decisions,” said Steve Baldwin, president and CEO of Qbase. “Our technologies are specifically designed to help government agencies better mine data and make critical decisions that enable them to meet their ultimate goal of protecting US citizens.”

The combined entity will continue to focus on the public sector and commercial enterprise markets, including the oil and gas industry.

With the geospatial industry growing beyond the traditional mapping function to any domain where location is of critical interest, the recently combined company will initially focus on:

 Integrating MetaCarta and Qbase data tools – Qbase sees early opportunities to enhance MetaCarta’s products by incorporating its data tools technology.  Geographic data analytics – Traditionally, Qbase has delivered custom and automated analytics on a number of topics. With the acquisition of MetaCarta they will look to add a host of geospatial analytics as both products and services. These will range from simple reporting to predicting behavior based on location.  Situational awareness – Qbase will focus on the addition of unstructured and semi-structured text documents to its current situational awareness offerings. Qbase fuses multiple data types (including video, images, structured and unstructured) both geospatially and temporally.

With the addition of MetaCarta, Qbase is now better positioned to deliver high-value decision support and consulting services to its customers. The company will continue to develop and bring enhanced business intelligence capabilities and geospatial technologies to the forefront enabling organizations to efficiently solve their mission-critical challenges.

About Qbase

Qbase is an innovative data solutions provider, delivering unique concepts and tools in the areas of business intelligence, data analytics, data fusion, modeling and visualization, and platforms for sensor data exploitation and geospatial information as well as high throughput computing. Qbase solutions facilitate improved access and delivery of actionable data content for commercial and military healthcare, federal, civilian, defense, homeland security and national information services agencies by applying innovative technology and demonstrated deployment methodologies. We meet challenges to improve the effectiveness of our client’s data however, whenever and wherever it is needed. Qbase has offices in Reston, Virginia, and Dayton and Springfield, Ohio. For more information on Qbase please visit http://www.4qbase. com.

About MetaCarta Inc.

MetaCarta Inc. provides powerful technology for finding anything written about any place. MetaCarta’s unique technology combines geosearch and geotagging capabilities allowing users to find content about a location in internal and external data stores. MetaCarta’s products make data and unstructured content "location-aware" and geographically relevant for easier organization and quicker action. Learn more about MetaCarta at http://www. metacarta. com.


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