Growth Hormones Direct Releases Summary of Available HGH Products

Growth Hormones Direct Releases Summary of Available HGH Products

Growth Hormones Direct (GHD) releases summary of available HGH (human growth hormone) products.

Mesa, AZ (Vocus) July 29, 2010

Growth Hormones Direct (http://www. growthhormonesdirect. com) (GHD) releases summary of available HGH (human growth hormone) products (http://www. growthhormonesdirect. com/growth-hormone/growth-hormones-news/available-hgh-products/). The availability of several versions of human growth hormone leaves many unsure which will offer the best results. Individuals look to buy growth hormone to help with: weight loss, anti-aging, immune system boosts, increased healing ability after an injury/illness, etc.

Growth Hormones Direct suggests that consumers looking to buy growth hormone (HGH) should be aware of what they are looking at when they browse HGH products:

1. HGH Injections: A synthetic version of human growth hormone is injected directly into the individual’s body. Injections are often administered 2-3 times per day. Many see injections as being an expensive alternative (up to $25/shot). Injections require a prescription, but are not typically covered by insurance.

2. Oral HGH sprays/drops: Oral sprays/drops are based on the science of homeopathy. Precise formulation is vital when using a homeopathic spray or drop. Individuals considering a purchase should verify that they are working with a reputable company. HGH sprays/drops are available at varying price levels, but are available at a drastically decreased cost in comparison to injections.

3. Natural HGH Releasers: This method increases the body’s release of HGH. They are taken in tablet form like a vitamin. The pills are typically an herbal combination with no synthetic substances. They are said to activate the pituitary gland and stimulate production of HGH.

Dr. J. Ronald Willis of Growth Hormones Direct responds, “Many individuals who are prescribed HGH injections due to deficiencies are even turning to homeopathic versions of the hormone in order to eliminate the stress on the body that occurs due to the rigorous injection schedule (not to mention the expense). We see people benefitting just as positively from the homeopathic HGH formula (http://www. growthhormonesdirect. com/buy-growth-hormone-hgh/index. php) as they did when they were on an intensive injection schedule.”

Growth Hormones Direct urges consumers to watch “Science...Meet Nature” as they reap the benefits of optimizing their hormone levels through proper use of the homeopathic growth hormone formula. Optimal hormone levels allow individuals to enjoy increased general health. Growth Hormones Direct is an Arizona based distributor of quality health foods, supplements, pharmaceuticals and neutraceuticals.

To get further information on Growth Hormones Direct or the benefits of the homeopathic growth hormone formula contact:

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