Fitness Expert Shares Advice for Reaching Long-Term Weight-Loss Goals

Fitness Expert Shares Advice for Reaching Long-Term Weight-Loss Goals

Founder and CEO of Physique Transformation offers advice for maintaining a successful fitness program.

Colorado Springs, Colo. (PRWEB) March 13, 2007

Starting and maintaining a new fitness and diet routine can be tough. Even for those who actually do it, weight loss (http://www. physiquetransformation. com/ChangeYourShape. php) is still not guaranteed. Without the proper education and guidance, dieters can even end up hurting themselves in the long run.

A professional caliber fat-loss program must have three elements to be successful on a long-term basis: education, structure and accountability. Physique Transformation, a comprehensive online program, offers tools that provide these three key components to create and maintain a successful weight loss and fitness plan.

"Most diets fail because they teach the user nothing about how to play the weight loss game," said Ric Rooney, chief executive officer of Physique Transformation.

"I believe that's intentional," said Rooney. "The commercial weight loss companies know the odds are very high that as soon as the client leaves the unsustainable routine of low calories and excessive cardio, the weight will come right back -- and so will the client."

With a traditional program of reduced calories and high cardiovascular activity, a dieter can lose as much muscle as fat. Their overall shape doesn't change significantly. "If the client was a pear shape to begin with, they're just a slightly smaller pear shape at the end of a traditional diet program," said Rooney. "The Physique Transformation process is all about shape, beauty and symmetry. It's about what the mirror reflects back to the dieter, rather then a number on a scale."

Physique Transformation's program is specially geared to maintain muscle mass over the long term while continuing to metabolize body fat. "Only the right combination of cardiovascular activity and resistance training, combined with the right diet, will jumpstart the weight loss process," Rooney said.

In a healthy weight loss program (http://www. physiquetransformation. com/ChangeYourShape. php), a man should expect to lose about two pounds of body fat every week, and a woman about one and a half pounds, according to Rooney. While this may seem slower than a crash diet, the reality is that a short-term weight-loss diets are often difficult to maintain over a long period of time. "In the long run, they are more likely to leave a person heavier than when the dieting started," said Rooney.

The Physique Transformation Web site, www. physiquetransformation. com, offers many tools and resources that dieters can use to achieve and sustain their long-term results. One of the tools that is ideal for long-term use is the Personal Food Analyst, which offers customizable dieting software that allows users to track their diets and guide their food and exercise choices.

About Physique Transformation

Physique Transformation is a professional caliber process used and refined over generations by fitness athletes and contestants whose only criteria for success is the quality of their physique. Through the use of the company's various, unique offerings, Physique Transformation (http://www. physiquetransformation. com/ChangeYourShape. php) gives complete instruction and guidance on how to transform one's physique, achieve desired results and do it within a specific timeframe.

Physique Transformation is first and foremost about telling it like it is when it comes to getting in shape. It's about accepting the reality that there is no glory without effort. The primary focus is on diet as the primary tool to get its users fit.

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