Total Care Pharmacy Receives IMPAC Accreditation

Total Care Pharmacy Receives IMPAC Accreditation

Total Care Pharmacy, Ltd. joins elite group of IMPAC Accredited Mailorder Pharmacies. The IMPAC™ Standards focused on the key factors including drug integrity, safety for the consumer, and protection of the consumer health information. Total Care Pharmacy and www. crossborderpharmacy. com are in full compliance with the 89 international quality and safety standards for mailorder pharmacies.

Calgary, (PRWEB) March 17, 2005

Total Care Pharmacy once again proves itself as a leader in the mail order pharmacy industry, by receiving IMPAC Accreditation.

The Internet Mailorder Pharmacy Accreditation Commission (IMPAC) recently audited Total Care Pharmacy and awarded them with Accreditation for meeting all of their standards. The standards aim at ensuring that the pharmacy is organized and functions to assure drug integrity and safety for the consumer as well as maintains the privacy and protection of consumer health information. IMPAC has eight (8) standards for Accreditation (Quality Assurance; Pharmacy Management; Consumer Safety; Customer Satisfaction; Health Information Technology; Content; Shipping and Handling; and Customer Call Center) and there are a number of different requirements within each standard. In addition to meeting all eight standards, each department within the mail order pharmacy is required to have a Quality Plan which is a Performance Improvement Plan for the pharmacy to continually look for opportunities on how it can improve upon its current level of service. Only those mail order pharmacies that are able to successfully meet and achieve all of the required standards are granted this Accreditation.

“We have been inspected by a number of different groups in the past. We have regular inspections and visits by Health Canada and the Alberta College of Pharmacy to ensure that we are following both federal and provincial standards of pharmacy practice. We’ve been inspected by a few different states and cities from the U. S., and we have always passed their inspections. In fact in each and every case we have been selected as being a provider to these states and cities, and in one case we were selected from among seven other bidders as the sole provider for that City’s employees and retirees,” stated Dave Robertson, President of Total Care Pharmacy.

“But this inspection was truly voluntarily. This was an Accreditation that we wanted to achieve as a means of indicating to our patients that we take the processing of their prescriptions very seriously. The IMPAC Accreditation process involves a 2-day audited survey of our processes which is performed by independent third party experts in the field of pharmacy and health care. What better way to prove to our customers, that we uphold the best ethical standards and quality control of our process for filling a prescription than by voluntarily being audited by an outside organization that upholds these standards,” Mr. Robertson stated.

“We have always been an industry leader in the mail order pharmacy business. Since only 4 other pharmacies have achieved this Accreditation, we believe it proves that we are and continue to be an industry leader whose primary concern is with the quality and integrity of the drugs we dispense, the safety of our consumers, and that we uphold the highest ethical standards for pharmacy practices in this industry”, Mr. Robertson stated.

When Mr. Robertson was asked why Total Care Pharmacy would want to become IMPAC Accredited with the current pressures facing the industry from governments on both side of the border and threats by big pharmaceutical companies to shut down the industry of providing safe and affordable prescription medications to U. S. citizens from Canada, Mr. Robertson stated: “We have always faced these types of threats. That is one of the reasons why we have been establishing relationships with licensed pharmacies overseas for the past year and a half. We currently have established overseas options in the U. K., Israel, Australia, Chile and the European Union. Thousands of our www. crossborderpharmacy. com customers are already using the overseas licensed pharmacies to fill their prescriptions and have been for over a year. These customers have realized the benefits and advantages of purchasing a wider range of safe drugs from overseas, and in some cases the drugs cost even less from overseas than in Canada. Now that Crossborderpharmacy. com has become a global pharmaceutical provider, we plan on taking what we have learned from the IMPAC process and sharing it with our licensed pharmacies overseas. We believe that we are the best positioned mail order pharmacy in Canada to assist U. S. customers in getting safe and affordable medications from Canada and we believe that our partnerships with licensed pharmacies around the world will allow us to continue to provide safe and affordable options to the American patient. 

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Total Care Pharmacy Ltd., is one of the largest mail order pharmacies in Canada and is noted for their superiority in providing prescription services to American citizens. Total Care Pharmacy Ltd. is associated with many different cities and states in the U. S., and can be reached via their website www. crossborderpharmacy. com or toll free at 1-888-626-0696.

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