Learn to Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle with New Age Alternate Healing Techniques - Reiki and Chakra

Learn to Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle with New Age Alternate Healing Techniques - Reiki and Chakra

Stress, depression, hypertension, are arguably the worst enemies facing mankind today. Unfortunately, medical science today has not been able to adequately fight and cure such problems. However, Alternate Healing methods such as Reiki and Chakra have proved to be increasingly beneficial… and are today steadily gaining worldwide acceptance.

(PRWEB) April 27, 2007

Today's highly competitive, performance oriented and hi-tech world is demanding every ounce of resource known and available to mankind. Stress, depression and hypertension are leading human beings to the brink of self-destruction which was previously unknown.

Recent reports and findings show that companies around the world have been losing billions of dollars to stress and hypertension. And it has also been widely reported that companies are increasingly employing alternate healing techniques such as Reiki, chakra healing, yoga and meditation at work places to effectively fight these illnesses.

MysticBoard. com is happy to announce the official introduction of alternate healing forums on Reiki (http://www. mysticboard. com/reiki (http://www. mysticboard. com/reiki)) and Chakra (http://www. mysticboard. com/chakra (http://www. mysticboard. com/chakra)) on its popular forum website.

MysticBoard. com is also happy to launch a very cool and handy software tool to effectively measure your ever changing chakra energy - MB Free Chakras Software (http://www. mysticboard. com/mb-free-chakras-software/ (http://www. mysticboard. com/mb-free-chakras-software/)) - along with the forums.

CEO of MysticBoard. com said, "The thought of introducing these forums had been on my mind for a long time as I have personally experienced the awesome healing effects of Reiki. I have been a chronic patient with a history of severe bronchitis. Once when a friend suggested trying Reiki to cure my condition, I was very hesitant in the beginning. But when I actually asked the same friend to treat me, the results were amazing! I got immediate relief and was cured forever and have never faced this problem again." She also adds "I thought it was good idea to share my experience and let others also benefit from Reiki. Another reason for starting these forums was that I have come across many people who are interested in Reiki and Chakra healing as an alternative therapy to heal themselves. But in most cases they keep away due to the fact that a professional therapist may charge somewhere between 100 to 200 dollars per sitting. This gave me the idea of starting a free online forum where people could learn how to open their chakras, receive and give attunements and benefit from each other."

Speaking about the Chakras software and its features, Swetha said, "It is a free, easy to use and an accurate way of getting your self closer to your spiritual soul. Chakras are the energy centers of human body and each chakra has its own importance in our lives." Swetha adds further, "It is very necessary to balance all the Chakras for our healthy living. The Chakra software is a great tool for examining your inner behavioral nature and the level of activeness of all seven chakras."

Chakra or the "wheel" are the seven energy centers present in our body which keep a person's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health in balance by drawing the energy that flows between the seven centers.

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing technique which uses the energy that flows through the palms of your hands to heal diseases of the mind and body successfully.

The energy healing methods of Reiki and Chakra are beneficial and good for everyone. Reiki and Chakra healing methods are effective irrespective of someone's age. This includes adults, children, babies and even animals. This is all about creating balance and harmony within your own body as well as helping people feel better. It helps in stress reduction, relaxation and energy stabilization thus inducing increased productivity.

The Reiki and Chakra Forums on Mystic Board have been introduced with the aim of making it a place where members can post their personal queries related to alternative energy healing and learn how to use these highly successful techniques for their own well being.

Life today has become too stressful. Stress - emotional as well as physical, is something which can effect the fittest of people. It can also lead to other illnesses. With Alternate Healing methods and techniques becoming more acceptable everyday, it cannot do any harm to try it yourself.

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