UK LifeLeague says: Sexperts Rebuked

UK LifeLeague says: Sexperts Rebuked


(PRWEB) December 14, 2002

On the 9th December 2002 the conspirators behind the corruption of the children of Scotland met in secret in Edinburgh. For them this was their “Wanasee”-- their search for the Final Solution to the problems of teenage sexuality. The title of the conference was “Teenage Sexuality: Promising Practice and Future Opportunities” and the High Command of the self appointed “sexperts” was in attendance. The Scottish Executive Health Department, Health Education Board for Scotland (HEBS), the infamous einstatzgruppen –“Healthy Respect” and the Public Health Institute of Scotland. Their track record consists of inciting young children to have sex earlier, with more partners and all carried out in a total moral vacuum -- at the tax payers expense. This Conference would explore more immoral opportunities to corrupt the young and further institutionalize state sponsored child abuse. These Conference delegates are in the business of abusing children; they draw their salary cheque on the back of child abuse.

It came as quite a shock for the delegates to be confronted by angry Parent Truth campaigners as they arrived at the Apex Hotel for their secret conference. They were met with a barrage of noise through loud hailers -- which continued throughout the Conference welcome from HEBS Chair, Lesley Hinds. A group of committed parents exposed this conspiracy. Once again the Parent Truth Campaign was in the forefront of the battle for the minds, bodies and souls of our children. We cannot allow these deviants to continue their campaign of corruption.

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