The Orchid Recovery Center Celebrates Five Years of Pioneering Drug Rehab for Women

The Orchid Recovery Center Celebrates Five Years of Pioneering Drug Rehab for Women

For the past 5 years, The Orchid Recovery Center has been helping women break the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction through ground breaking gender-specific treatment. This luxurious residential rehab center is located in South Florida and offers cutting-edge treatment for women of all ages.

Palm Springs, Fla. (PRWEB) December 8, 2009

Located in the heart of South Florida, Palm Springs, The Orchid Recovery Center is proud to celebrate five years of providing gender-specific addiction treatment for women suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. One of only a few rehab programs of it's kind in the United States, The Orchid Recovery Center has, for the past half-decade, been hailed as a trend-setter and a leader in the field of addiction treatment for women.

A Strong Support Network to Treat Women's Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Utilizing the groundbreaking work of Dr. Karen Dodge, The Orchid has helped countless women address both the physical and psychological components of their addiction. Dr. Dodge's research has found that women respond more favorably to treatment when engaged exclusively with other women in a strong community setting. Through group counseling and day-to-day interaction with one another, the women who seek treatment at The Orchid are able to form support networks that greatly enhance the recovery process.

Thanks to The Orchid Recovery Center, the importance of women's rehab is finally being recognized by the addiction treatment community as an important advancement in healthcare.

The Orchid is leading the way in this movement by recognizing the unique needs of women who are suffering from addiction to alcohol and drugs. The treatment staff at The Orchid is dedicated to finding the most-groundbreaking ways to help women break the cycle of addiction and return to happy, fulfilling lives.

The Orchid Understands the Root Causes of Addiction in Women

At The Orchid Recovery Center, there is a special emphasis placed on the reasons why women develop alcoholism and drug addiction problems, including: co-dependent relationships, self-image problems, past sexual abuse and physical abuse. Of all the ways that The Orchid Recovery Center has made advancements in women's rehab, none are as significant as their continued study of why women develop their dependence on drugs and alcohol. By emphasizing these areas in counseling, The Orchid is able to provide more pinpoint treatment and relevant solutions.

The Orchid is a Safe Place for Addicted Women to Heal

The Orchid has found time and again that being in an addiction recovery program with other women can have a remarkable effect on the recovery of that individual. Part of the reason why is the sense of safety and security The Orchid provides. Not having to worry about the presence of the opposite sex allows women to focus all of their energy on recovery - and returning to their families and careers.

To Contact The Orchid

For more information about admissions - or for press inquiries, contact Julie Queler at (561) 433-2336.


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