EePulse, Inc. Leadership Pulse Study Shows Leaders Less Energetic and Less Confident

EePulse, Inc. Leadership Pulse Study Shows Leaders Less Energetic and Less Confident

Study conducted by eePulse, Inc. indicates leaders are less energetic and confident than one year ago.

Ann Arbor, MI (PRWEB) July 21, 2005 -

Today, eePulse, Inc., www. eepulse. com, announced the results of the most recent Leadership Pulse, which continued to trend leadership energy and confidence. The Leadership Pulse research comes from a sample of over 4,000 executives who participate in short, real-time, eePulse Surveys conducted every two months.


A total of 369 worldwide executives (31% C-level, 23% VP-level and 25% Directors) responded to questions about their energy and business-confidence levels. Results below show change in scores since July, 2004.

(The numbers appear below in this order:


Score in May, 2005*

Score in Summer, 2004-July)

Energy (mean or average)



Energy (% in high energy zone)



Energy (% in low energy zone)



Confidence in the overall leadership team of their firms (% saying they are confident)



Confidence in economic climate of their business



Confidence that they have the right people and skills.



Confidence in their ability to execute on their companyÂ’s vision



Confidence in their firmÂ’s ability to change as needed.



Confidence in their own personal leadership and management skills.



All changes from 2004 to 2005 are statistically significant at the.05 probability level or less.

In addition, when asked what key factors influence their confidence in their firmÂ’s ability to grow, comments from respondents indicated:

18% Sales 18% Leadership/Management 18% People 16% Culture 14% Financial 16% Other

What the results mean:

EePulse’s long-term, predictive research (using regression analysis and control variables) shows that energy and confidence at time one predict firm performance at time two. “When we see confidence in all aspects of business go down, with the highest drop in the degree to which these leaders think their firms can change, we should begin to worry,” states Theresa Welbourne, Ph. D., eePulse, Inc. President and CEO. “Many respondents indicated that leadership, culture and high-quality employees make them succeed, and they were concerned about people leaving. After years of not worrying about turnover, organizations are starting see good people leave. With the job market picking up, it will be difficult to retain best talent, and that may be why confidence is lagging.”

Potential solution:

To avoid future problems, Welbourne suggests that organizations monitor the indicators of leadership health. “Continuous adjustments should be made to keep leadership energy and confidence in line with organizational needs,” she states. “Firm performance is maximized when leaders are working in their productivity zone and confident that they can both execute their vision and change as needed.” To view the entire report, please visit http://www. eepulse. com/leadership_reports. html (http://www. eepulse. com/leadership_reports. html). To participate in the study, please see www. eepulse. com.

About eePulse, Inc.

EePulse, Inc. delivers technology and research-consulting services that support Data and Dialogue Driven Leadership™ processes. Using eePulse’s proprietary, web-based enterprise-wide software suite called Measurecom™ (measurement and communication), organizations and leaders immediately improve their performance. Productivity enhancement comes from action taken in response to real-time stakeholder information. Using Pulse Survey and Pulse Reporting engines, data are provided as frequently as weekly so that immediate action can be taken to act on “breaking news.” Managers solve problems and pursue opportunities today, improving quality, enhancing customer service, realigning strategy, and improving organizational agility, learning and performance at all levels. The complete Measurecom product suite includes Pulse surveys, Pulse Reports, Communicate-back tools, Issue tracking, Action planning, Learning modules, Proprietary metrics such as Energy Pulse, Suggestion Pulse, and ChangeStep Pulse, in addition to ROI analysis and reporting. For additional information, please call 877-377-8573 or visit www. eepulse. com.

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