Sade It's Not So Bad
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Overall, it's not so bad lah :) but guys don't quite like it. lol.
... well i m pretty sure it s not so cool anymore but i did something bad
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Vegan Panda: Make sushi at home. Don't be scared, it's not so bad.
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Super easy to do vegetarian nachos and not so bad for you :-)
... Sade Giliberti: ''Disappointment in myself for not making it all the
feels bad so bad life is very simple we are a bit complicated
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Munchies De Sade: January 2011
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Hi lovelies! Ok, so i finished college early today, and decided to pay ...
Sincerely, Your LeaderтДв тАв Heres another post. This post features a ...
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Not so bad, isnt it ?
Sincerely, Your LeaderтДв тАв Heres another post. This post features a ...
... not safe, but better. тАЬItтАЩs all rightтАЭ we whisper, тАЬIтАЩm here
Sincerely, Your LeaderтДв тАв Heres another post. This post features a ...
not grew up there, but my life revolves around it almost everyday. So ...
... so IтАЩm going to post it to remind myself that I am not that bad. Off
LuvFemaleAsshole тАФ Holy shit!! I want to lick her so bad!!
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... it has left us in a rainy state of mind. I guess its not all bad
... not important, and more importantly, the past is not us. ItтАЩs a
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