NBC's "Breakthrough with Tony Robbins" Show Features Mom Corps and Maid Brigade Who Help Mother of Struggling Family Find a Job

NBC's "Breakthrough with Tony Robbins" Show Features Mom Corps and Maid Brigade Who Help Mother of Struggling Family Find a Job

Thanks to Mom Corps, Marie Stengler is Now Working as a Consumer Health Advocate for Maid Brigade Balancing Work and Family While Contributing to her Household Bottom Line

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 5, 2010

NBC’s new reality series, Breakthrough with Tony Robbins, aired its second of six series shows on Tuesday, August 3rd, featuring a struggling couple on the verge of foreclosure and divorce after investing their life savings in a start up company that never got off the ground. Faced with extreme financial challenges and personal stress, Tony Robbins invited the couple to be part of his show and coached them into getting their life back on track, including finding new jobs for the couple. Through a series of challenges, Ron and Marie Stegner regained their confidence and, after eight years at-home, Marie was able to find a flexible job with Maid Brigade as a Consumer Health Advocate, thanks to help from Allison O’Kelly, CEO and Founder of Mom Corps. Today, the Stegners have recharged their lives, and Marie is helping contribute to her family finances while balancing work, home life and her three children.

“Going back to work after you have been out of the workforce for some time can seem daunting for so many people,” says Mom Corps CEO Allison O'Kelly. "And the recession hasn’t made it any easier, putting extra pressure on at-home moms like Marie Stegner to help contribute financially. As a national staffing company that finds challenging jobs for professionals looking for alternative work schedules, Mom Corps provides candidates like Marie expert resume advice and the tools they need to regain confidence in themselves and find meaningful work.”

Last year, Mom Corps joined forces with Maid Brigade, a national cleaning company and pioneer of the green house cleaning movement, to help its members achieve a better sense of balance while juggling career, family and household management. When the Tony Robbins Show called Mom Corps, O’Kelly immediately reached out to Maid Brigade knowing the new Consumer Health Advocate position they were creating would be a great fit for Stegner, who was already one of their candidates. Stegner’s previous professional experience included working as a licensed practical nurse and corporate health and wellness manager.

“When we interviewed Marie, her previous work and at-home mom experience lined up beautifully with our job description,” says Cloud Conrad, Vice President of Brand Strategies at Maid Brigade. “We hired Marie to educate families on the impact of common household chemicals on our health and the environment and advocate for increased awareness and the use of green cleaning alternatives. Today, Marie is flourishing in her virtual job and has exceeded our expectations. She blogs daily for Maid Brigade daily, writes articles, creates educational videos, and appears at local events – all geared toward helping busy women lead healthier lives and create healthier homes.”

For other professionals out there who need to go back to work or recharge their careers, Mom Corps (momcorps. com (http://www. momcorps. com)) finds challenging work arrangements for those who are looking for alternative work schedules. Headquartered in Atlanta and with 12 new franchises opened in major metropolitan markets around the country, Mom Corps is growing, despite the recession. As more and more companies are using part-time, contractual and interim employees to meet their fluctuating business needs, Mom Corps provides companies with on-demand access to over 50,000 experienced candidates, not available through traditional employment channels. Studies show that professionals who have flexibility in their jobs are more productive, creative, loyal and happy with their lives.

Maid Brigade (maidbrigade. com (http://www. maidbrigade. com)) facilitates work/life balance for working women by giving them back what is arguably their most precious commodity – time. For over 25 years the cleaning company has provided reliable, consistent housecleaning services that help to maintain a clean and healthy indoor environment. With over 400 service areas located in 38 states, Maid Brigade is the first national house cleaning service to develop its own green cleaning system, patterned on Green Seal’s standard for the commercial cleaning industry wherever applicable. Maid Brigade’s consumer advocacy web site, GreenCleanCertified. com contains numerous articles and videos, and even an interactive quiz on green living.

Mom Corps partnered with Maid Brigade last year recognizing how reducing housework for working parents can be elemental in creating time for family and promoting a stronger work-life balance. According to a survey of 1,337 participants, the two organizations conducted together last year, 72% of the respondents (women between 25-54) felt they work a "second shift" trying to keep up with household chores, almost 75% responded they did not feel they could manage all the cleaning details and maintain proper balance, and 98% said that the use outside household cleaning providers gave them better balance.

For Mom Corps media inquiries, contact Kristi Perry at kperrypr (at) gmail (dot) com or Caroline Evans at caroline (at) momcorps (dot) com and for Maid Brigade media inquiries, contact Cloud Conrad at CConrad (at) maidbrigade (dot) net.


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