Angry Prayer Project Launched by Minneapolis Ordained Deacon

Angry Prayer Project Launched by Minneapolis Ordained Deacon

Radio Host and Deacon Ian Punnett Creates Space for Angry Prayers at www. prayersoftruth. com

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) October 31, 2008

The political atmosphere of recent months has infuriated and frustrated many citizens. Many have taken to the web to rant for or against the candidates and the general political atmosphere. Radio host and Rev. Ian Punnett has created the Angry Prayer Project (www. prayersortruth. com), a website that allows visitors to post and view angry prayers from across the nation. The website acts as a medium for angry voters to process their anger through prayer.

"Got Hope?" - A popular bumper sticker for presidential candidate Barack Obama

"Hope is driving me insane." - An anonymous poster on the Angry Prayer Project website

Another angry prayer post is directed against campaign commercials and the politicians who hide behind these ads:

"Hey, you so-called representatives of the people! Are you doing God's work? No, in your heart you devise injustice; your hands mete out violence on the earth and hide your selfish deeds in slick TV packaging!"

Visitors to the site will find each post infused with a healthy sense of honesty and reality that some claim is missing in the current political climate.

In addition to angry prayers centered on politics, the site features prayers for somebody losing their neighborhood to crime, for the parent of a fallen soldier, for somebody being lied about, from somebody suffering depression during the holidays, for somebody with a terminal illness, and more.

According to Rev. Punnett, "Because of the way we are raised up, even the most faithful find it difficult to pray truthfully during times of anger, frustration and stress. Angry prayers may seem ugly and foreign, perhaps even blasphemous. In truth, I believe, there is nothing so blasphemous as trying to fool God by just paying lip service in prayer." In fact, the angry prayer is a little recognized biblical tradition.

The Angry Prayer Project and its creator aim to encourage people of faith to pray truthfully even if they are mad at God, to raise awareness of the healing potential of angry prayers in the Bible, and to encourage people to write their own prayers and share them with others as a way of transitioning through anger toward peace.

Rev. Ian Punnett is the weekend host of the nationally syndicated Coast to Coast AM with Ian Punnett and the daily co-host of the popular Twin Cities drive-time program A Balanced Breakfast with Ian and Margery, (5 a. m.-9 a. m.) in Minneapolis-St. Paul on WFMP/FM 107. The latter is co-hosted by his wife, Margery, a former television producer with experience at CNN and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Rev. Punnett has a Masters of Divinity degree from Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta and has been ordained a Deacon in the Episcopal Church (USA).

For more information on the Angry Prayer Project or to set up an interview with Ian Punnett please contact Alexis Walsko with Lola Red PR at alexis@lolaredpr. com or 612.333.1723


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