Balanced Nutrition - A New Approach

Balanced Nutrition - A New Approach

A website breaks away from the current trend of fad diets and miracle pills to help individuals plan complete balanced meals using their favorite foods.

(PRWEB) December 1, 2004

It seems that people will sacrifice anything to look and feel better. Consumers pour billions of dollars each year into the latest fad diets and miracle pills. Most of us know personal horror stories of friends that tried the latest fad, only to end up with some kind of health problem, and only temporary success. Most of us know the true path to success. Unfortunately, planning and following a balanced diet seems to be so difficult to achieve in "real life".

Vitabot claims to make that path easier to follow. Most of us can't afford a private nutritionist to personally plan meals each day that supply balanced nutrition at the correct level of calories, and most of us find it difficult to follow a published list of foods that forces us to radically change our eating habits. The website, http://www. vitabot. com (http://www. vitabot. com) works with its members from day to day, planning balanced meals from lists of its members' favorite foods.

Users of Vitabot create lists of foods that they enjoy eating. Vitabot then works like their own private nutritionist, helping them combine those favorite foods together into meals that provide balanced nutrition at the correct level of calories. By helping its members plan balanced meals using foods that they enjoy eating, its members can succeed by changing only certain aspects of their diet, not completely changing everything. By acting as a personal guide, Vitabot makes the path to success easier to follow.

Vitabot stays clear of fad diets, instead holding its users to nutritional standards backed by the vast majority of scientific research. The nutritional requirements applied by Vitabot are defined in standards published by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science.

The focus on balanced nutrition from real foods has prompted health clubs throughout the United States and Canada to add this meal planning service to their websites to help their members eat better and achieve results. The service also allows the health clubs to appeal to a wider market and distinguish themselves from their competition. (http://www. vitabot. com/web/page_health_clubs. html (http://www. vitabot. com/web/page_health_clubs. html)) The focus on balanced nutrition has also found appeal within corporate wellness programs trying to reduce costs resulting from poor employee eating habits.

The service is offered to individuals by monthly subscription. Health clubs pay a fixed monthly fee to provide the service to all members as a part of their standard membership.

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