Hot Peppers Could Be The Cure For Springtime Allergy Woes

Hot Peppers Could Be The Cure For Springtime Allergy Woes

Just as people everywhere are opening their windows in search of fresh spring air, Mother Nature is brewing up her annual cocktail of pollen, dust and mold that can be downright hazardous. Welcome to yet another allergy season, but this year science may hold a true breakthrough using an age old remedy.

Albany, NY (PRWEB) April 11, 2005

Just on the heels of another long drawn out winter, April kicks off the highly anticipated springtime warm up, but this hopeful month also ushers in the official start of allergy season for most of the country. Just as people everywhere are opening their windows in search of fresh spring air, Mother Nature is brewing up her annual cocktail of pollen, dust and mold that can be downright hazardous.

“I can’t breath once we get into the last week of April and it usually lasts right through June. I get itchy watery eyes and swollen sinuses, and as the weather gets warmer I sometimes get headaches too. My doctor has tested me for certain allergies, but it seems we cannot pin it down. I’m just plain allergic to the combination of whatever is floating around in the air. I really missed being able to open my windows in spring and early summer and enjoy the fresh air, but I just couldn’t deal with the allergies. I was on all kinds of medicines for years, but mostly they just covered up the worst of my symptoms without relieving me of the entire problem. Then last year I found something that finally worked on my allergies and I mean it really worked. Of all things it hot pepper. At first I started drinking tea with cayenne pepper that I read about on the web and it definitely helped alot. Then I found an actual hot pepper nasal spray at a local health food store, and it totally worked on my allergies. Now I can't live without the stuff,” says Tammy Kraft of Baltimore, Maryland.

Tammy is referring to a commercial nasal spray known as Sinus Buster. Billed as the “World’s first & only” hot pepper nasal spray, Sinus Buster has become a lifesaver for thousands of allergy sufferers in the know. The secret is a natural substance found in hot peppers called Capsaicin. This natural chemical is the ingredient that puts the “Hot” in hot peppers. Though clinical studies concerning the effects of capsaicin on allergies are still somewhat obscure, there have been dozens of studies showing this natural heat generator to be highly effective against a wide variety of chronic sinus ailments and most types of headaches. Nonetheless, thousands of allergy sufferers are claiming unequalled relief from capsaicin.

Anecdotal evidence for the allergy fighting effectiveness of capsaicin is everywhere, and many doctors are reporting incredible results for their patients. As word of this success spreads, hot peppers are fast becoming recognized by the media as a true breakthrough in allergy relief. The new issue of “First For Women” magazine features an article about a woman who used cayenne pepper in tea to beat her chronic allergies, and Sinus Buster hot pepper nasal spray was even featured in the Wall Street Journal as a potential allergy cure.

A spokesperson for SiCap Industries, makers of Sinus Buster points out that this unusual hot pepper nasal spray has peaked the interest of physicians and researchers throughout the world. The company is presently beginning preliminary stages for their first allergy related clinical trials in partnership with researchers from a “well known” American medical university.

Although Sinus Buster is presently involved with two clinical trials in Europe, both of those concern general non-allergic sinus conditions and headaches. This "American" clinical trial will deal with allergic varieties of Rhinitis in one group and nasal polyps in another.

"We’re particularly excited about the allergic group, but we also have lots of anecdotal testimony from doctors and their patients concerning polyps. There’s no doubt capsaicin is a potential miracle drug when used properly. The real key for allergies is to use only the water soluble resins extracted directly from the plants. The amount of heat units is also a factor as are the differences in the capsicanoids and other compounds found in specific varieties of peppers. We spent years working out the right all around formula and our success rate against chronic allergies is quite incredible,” says Wayne Perry, founder of SiCap Industries.

Perry also points out that merely using cayenne powder in a tea, or even a few drops of pepper extract could help allergies, but they will never approach the effectiveness of pure hot pepper resins formulated with natural carriers and anti-oxidants as those in the Sinus Buster formula.

“The other important thing is you have to deliver the capsaicin through the nose to make it reach its’ full medicinal potential. A couple squirts of Buster three times a day will absolutely relieve most allergy symptoms, but you can also use it to combat and prevent allergy triggers altogether. That’s why it’s tough to do a good clinical trial using Sinus Buster because many sufferers have to take it as needed to reap the full benefits. The best clinical trial for us would also include a group of subjects who follow a daily dosage, but also use the spray as needed to combat their symptoms," Perry adds.

Either way it appears that hot peppers are becoming the doctorÂ’s choice for allergy sufferers as more than 1,000 physicians now recommend Sinus Buster to their patients. Folk medicine has long advised eating hot peppers to help with chronic nasal congestion and many other conditions. Modern physicians know capsaicin relieves most chronic headaches, and Cardiologists regularly recommend a diet high in capsaicin to prevent the build up of dangerous blood clots that can lead to heart attack and stroke. Moreover, any idiot could tell you that eating hot peppers will clear your sinuses -- so just imagine what snorting them could do!

Just in time for allergy season, SiCap has launched a brand new retail box aimed at putting Sinus Buster hot pepper nasal spray on every cough and cold shelf in America. Sinus Buster is presently selling in more than 50 small retailers throughout the United States with additional outlets in Europe and Canada.

“Next month we’ll be in a bunch of stores throughout Canada thanks to a new distribution arrangement, and we’re about to premier in several large store chains here in the states. Of course you can always get Sinus Buster on our website. You can even buy it on Ebay from some of our retailers. The stuff is everywhere if you know where to look and it sells like crazy,” says Perry.

To find out more about Sinus Buster All Natural Hot Pepper nasal spray and allergies, visit (www. sinusbuster. com). Samples and information kits are available for qualified medical and media personnel upon request. Information about local Sinus Buster retailers is also available on the companyÂ’s website along with other relevant information.

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