Earth Sustainable Consumerism Grows Yearly as “Green” Businesses Attract Media Attention

Earth Sustainable Consumerism Grows Yearly as “Green” Businesses Attract Media Attention.

Mass market environmental consumerism boost small cottage industries sales and media attention.

Lumbus, Oh (PRWEB) July 31, 2005

Earth sustainable buying option gain widespread momentum. A steady increase in sales is developing among health and earth conscious consumers at a steady yearly rate. Americans are becoming more interested in a healthy lifestyle. Earth sustainable options are becoming more assessable and convenient to purchase as natural cottage industries gain mass media attention.

Green Girl Basics, an environmental and cruelty free cottage industry received New York Times coverage in an article published July 28, 2005. This "Green" business manufactures handmade toiletries such as soap, lotions, and lip balms which are made from earth sustainable resources. As green products and services become more visible in the media, eco-friendly businesses receive increasing growth and acceptance.

The recent New York Times article, The Mouse That Saved the Planet, explores an ever increasing trend in the eco-friendly market. There is no exempt category from natural alternatives. From organic foods to general home, pet and personal care products, you will find socially conscious versions. Fairly traded, handmade, organic and cruelty free products create a feel - good component to shopping. Last year 62 million United States households used organic products. According to the Natural Marketing Institute, organic sales increased 18 percent over the previous year to 10.9 billion.

Virtuous green options have raised question to the safety of opposing commercial products. This trend towards health is opening doors for businesses such as Green Girl Basics who is on an environmental mission along with profit. Buying green is a Proactive vote with oneÂ’s dollar which is becoming more convenient, broad scale, and politically correct. In effect, earth conscious businesses are gaining more media attentions and increased sales.

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