Windless "Human Windchime” Reduces Stress and Relaxes Nervous System

Windless "Human Windchime” Reduces Stress and Relaxes Nervous System

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Windless “Human Windchime” Reduces Stress and Relaxes Nervous System

MAUI, HI - August 23 2000,

Liamselwyn. com is pleased to announce the release of the “Human Windchime”. The “Human Windchime” is a windchime in the form of an audio CD that can be installed anywhere there is a CD player and provides the benefits of a windchime without the breeze and without the hardware.

What started out as an artistic experiment has unexpectedly turned into a boon for healthcare providers, teachers, massage therapists, and yoga practitioners. “Human Windchime” is a translation of the wind into nine notes on a Yamaha DC7 Concert Grand Piano and takes place over the course of an hour. The unusual recording was made on the slopes of the Hawaiian volcano “Haleakala” in a small jungle studio with all the doors and windows open allowing the true sound of the wind and the environment to mix with the randomly flowing piano notes. The result is a pianistic impression of a windchime that has a universally calming effect.

Selwyn, a Gemini nominated film and television composer originally conceived of the piece as an element of a wind-powered player piano exhibit intended to be the worldÂ’s most elaborate windchime. A wind generator would provide the power to the Disclavier Player piano so that when the wind blows, the piano would make sound - A showcase intended to increase awareness about clean and renewable energy sources. Worldwide demand for this recording has resulted in orders from stores in Canada, The United States and Brazil.

“Human Windchime” can be ordered directly from http://www. liamselwyn. com (http://www. liamselwyn. com)

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