Miami Success Coach and Author, Kevin K. Ross, Says, "There Are No Victims, Only Volunteers" In His New Book: Tough Talk for Living the Designer Life

Miami Success Coach and Author, Kevin K. Ross, Says, "There Are No Victims, Only Volunteers" In His New Book: Tough Talk for Living the Designer Life

This no-nonsense new book is like having Kevin Ross in your face, one-to-one, coaching you on what's possible for your life, when you own your power. If you're ready to breakthrough excuses, whining, complaining, and crying and want to start living, laughing and flying, the let the real life examples in this book toughen you up and get you in shape to face your fears with faith. Kevin will challenge you to be solid as oak and prepare you to weather life's fiercest storms in business, finances, romance, health, home and even with God. Learn the vocabulary of leaders that will equip you to master the winds of change and live above your circumstances as the designer of your life.

Hollywood, FL (PRWEB) September 8, 2005

Everyday people are faced with the only consistency in life -- change. The problem is not that things are changing, but how people are responding to change. People often perceive change as a threat. Yet, our basic survival in life and in business is determined by how well we adapt to and address change. Many authors have written on the subject of change, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. Kevin Ross in his new book, TOUGH Talk for Living the Designer Life, uses change as the springboard to introduce his readers to his 5 point system for facing tough times with tough talk. T. O.U. G.H. is an acronym that gives time-tested wisdom for personal and business achievement.

"If a person can remember this simple acronym that spells T. O.U. G.H., when pressed by life's most daunting challenges, she can get through it stronger, richer, and clearer," says Ross in a recent interview.

This book was inspired by and written for my coaching clients and those who are ready for a coach who won't pull any punches and tell it like it is. Yet, it empowers you with the tools you need to have a TOUGH talk about money, in business, at work, in your relationships, on health, and even with God. Overall, this book helps a person to build mental muscle and spiritual strength and the endurance required to be victorious in life.

Already attracting rave reviews and early praise, here's what all time, bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and One Minute Millionaire, Mark Victor Hansen had to say about Kevin Ross. " I predict that Kevin Ross will become one of the all time great and inspiring communicators of our time. He is off to a brilliant start with enthusiasm, phenomenal mentoring, and a burning desire to serve greatly with love." The Miami Times had this to say, "Spend five minutes with Kevin and you'll come away knowing your purpose or committed to discovering it."

"Our world is facing the toughest times that we've ever seen. Never in history have we been so challenged as a human household. I am committed to teaching people a system we can use to rebuild our collective confidence, raise our collective consciousness, and win in the face of life's most challenging hurdles. When we learn to own our power, breakthrough our excuses, and take 100% responsibility for our lives, there can be no victims only volunteers ", says Ross."

A Chicago native, author of three books, international inspirational speaker, mentor, minister, coach, and creator of the Designer Life System, Kevin Ross is on a mission to inspire and empower millions of people to design and live the lives of their dreams. He has been the feature of news articles, television and radio shows, and has won numerous awards, and is respected by celebrities and non celebrities alike. He currently resides in Miami, FL.

Kevin Ross is currently accepting speaking invitations for his upcoming TOUGH TALK Designer Life Empowerment Tour. To check to see if Kevin will be touring in your city, or to have him come to address your group on his TOUGH talk system, call us at the Designer Life Institute at 954-436-4212.


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