Vernier Networks Locks Down Security at the Network Edge with New EdgeWall Security Appliance

Vernier Networks Locks Down Security at the Network Edge with New EdgeWall Security Appliance

Clientless Network Access Management solution stops internal threats at the network edge - not the defenseless desktop

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) February 1, 2005 -

Vernier Networks® today announced the EdgeWall line of security appliances, the industry’s only clientless network access management solution. Vernier's EdgeWall appliance allows organizations to screen devices and users, restrict network access to only authorized resources, inspect traffic once the user is on the network for worms, viruses or unusual behavior, and enforce remediation policies at the edge of the network – without disrupting network performance.

Deployed at the network edge, EdgeWall is a clientless solution that offers a new level of defense against desktop and wireless device intrusions. EdgeWall's comprehensive access management takes over where firewalls leave off, empowering corporations with the fine-grain control needed to ensure that devices allowed access to the network are healthy and users are only allowed to access authorized resources.

"After evaluating the Vernier Networks EdgeWall, we agree with their approach to access management, as it doesn't require us to modify software on the desktop," said Victor Mendez, director of computing services, University of California, Los Angeles School of Public Affairs. "EdgeWall offers us the solution to prevent vulnerable desktops from entering the network without having to rely on end-users. It provides control at a place we can enforce it -- in the network."

Enforcement at the Network Edge: Stopping the "Blame Microsoft Windows" game

Desktop security enforcement has proven insufficient as network intrusions and attacks increase. While it's true firewalls protect against external intruders, they don't address internal threats from those actually allowed to access the network. Enterprises need to protect themselves against these threats, as well as information leakage from within network. With Microsoft Windows a primary target for viruses, worms and other exploits, the network edge is the optimal point to prevent and mitigate threats, as well as unauthorized intrusions to the network.

"It may be fashionable to blame Microsoft Windows for vulnerable software, but the reality is the network is where enforcement needs to occur. It is time for the networking industry to share the security burden and offer the proper safeguarding for the defenseless desktop," said Simon Khalaf, president and CEO of Vernier Networks. "Our EdgeWall appliances offer the most advanced network-based security and access management and require no modifications to desktop software or network infrastructure".

Comprehensive Network Access Management - In a Box

"To fend off today's complex internal threats, enterprises must deploy a network access control architecture that covers managed and unmanaged devices and the entire scope of access solutions -- LANs, wireless LANs, virtual private networks, and dial-in via remote access servers," said Lawrence Orans, Principal Analyst at Gartner. "The ideal location to control access is at the edge of the network infrastructure. Network access control should leverage a companyÂ’s security configuration management, identification and access management, and remediation policies and technologies."

Key features of Vernier's EdgeWall appliance include:

1. Endpoint Screening - EdgeWall authenticates end-users and scans their devices for vulnerabilities upon admission to the network and block them from introducing worms and viruses to the network -- without requiring software on the desktop. Vernier Networks built-in vulnerability scanner supports more 3,000 signatures for known vulnerabilities and is fully compliant with NessusÂ’ NASL format. Signatures are available through subscriptions to Vernier Threat Labs.

2. Network Access Restriction - Based on the result of the screening process, EdgeWall restricts access to network resources through granular access control. Guest users are restricted from accessing sensitive corporate resources. Vulnerable and worm-infected devices are blocked until they go through proper remediation.

3. Traffic Inspection - Once admitted to the network, users and their devices are still monitored by the EdgeWall appliance. EdgeWall inspects network traffic generated by these endpoints for worms, viruses or unusual behavior, using both packet inspection and behavioral analysis. Inspection is selectively applied to traffic based on corporate defined policies and automatic action is taken upon detection of suspicious activity.

4. Remediation Policy Enforcement - Finally, EdgeWall enforces remediation policies for users and their devices if they abuse network usage rights, if they have non-compliant software or failed to deploy the latest software patches, or if their devices were infected by worms and viruses. EdgeWall supports a rich set of remediation policies including blocking, quarantining, or patch deployment through integration with PatchLink UPDATE patch management solution.

Vernier Networks EdgeWall appliances are centrally managed using VernierÂ’s Control Server, which dynamically generates security policies based on a user identity, location, patch-levels, vulnerabilities and overall threat levels. EdgeWall appliances also fit transparently within a network's switching fabric and existing VLAN and ACL configurations and dynamically enforce security policies without modifying VLANs and ACLs. This significantly reduces the overall management costs while guaranteeing the most granular level of security

Support for Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP)

EdgeWall appliances will be integrated with Microsoft's extensible, standards-based secure access solution and will be deployed by hundreds of enterprises around the world, to assure that only clean devices and authorized users are allowed on the network.

"IT staffs have told us that they want a security infrastructure that allows them to monitor and control device access to corporate networks and if desired can update non-compliant computers prior to admittance," said Steve Anderson, director in the Windows Server Group at Microsoft Corp. "EdgeWallÂ’s support for Microsoft Network Access Protection will help customers lower the cost of access management and complexity while simultaneously providing them with more granular control over who gets on the network and when."

Vernier offers four EdgeWall models that are available immediately from the company directly or an authorized reseller: EdgeWall 7030, EdgeWall 7060, EdgeWall 7100 and EdgeWall Express. EdgeWall pricing starts at $9,000 USD. Customers who purchase EdgeWall appliances will receive a one-year free subscription for Vernier Threat Labs services.

About Vernier Networks

Vernier Networks offers the industry's only clientless network access management products that enable enterprises to assure business continuity. Deployed at the network edge, Vernier's EdgeWall security appliance provides comprehensive network access management to defend against intrusions and attacks on the network by screening users and devices, restricting access, inspecting traffic for worms and viruses, and enforcing access policy. Vernier's proven security solutions operate today in thousands of networks for hundreds of customers worldwide, and have received numerous awards including InfoWorld's 2004 Technology of the Year Award and the 2003 Product of the Year Award from Network Magazine. Vernier is a privately held company headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. and can be found on the Web at www. verniernetworks. com.

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