Effective and Healthy Alternatives to Modern Medicine for Back Pain and More

Effective and Healthy Alternatives to Modern Medicine for Back Pain and More

More and more people are avoiding the harmful side effects of modern medicine in search of healthier long term remedies to back pain. Massage therapy has become one of the most popular and effective alternatives.

(PRWEB) May 25, 2005

Recent surveys show that many people are moving away from modern medicine. Rather than turning to doctors whenever they are ill, more and more people are seeking natural cures and preventative healing techniques, as an alternative to the unknown or harmful side effects of modern drugs. All too often doctors prescribe drugs that provide temporary relief from ailments but do not address the cause of the problem.

One of the fastest growing alternative healing methods is massage therapy. Massage therapy has been proven to be more than just a feel good relaxation technique. Studies have shown that regular massage can greatly improve peopleÂ’s health and reduce the likelihood of future complications. Massage therapy works to cure the bodyÂ’s imbalances and prepares the body to naturally fight disease and injury.

Massage therapy does have its draw backs. The average cost of a visit to a professional massage therapists is a 100$ per visit. Multiply this by once a week visits and massage therapy can be very costly. Luckily there are cheaper methods of receiving the benefits of massage. Companies such as Premier Massage Chairs. org www. premiermassagechairs. org offer massage chairs that deliver high quality shiatsu massages at a fraction of the professional price. PremierÂ’s latest chair, the PHP-2026 www. premiermassagechairs. org/massage-chair-php-2026.html (http://www. premiermassagechairs. org/massage-chair-php-2026.html) uses advanced body scanning to deliver a tailored deep tissue massage that provides all of the benefits of a professional massage for under one dollar a massage. Premier Health Products has also created the worlds first anti-gravity massage chair, the PHP-2022, designed to reduce cardio vascular strain. www. premiermassagechairs. org/massage-chair-php-2022.html (http://www. premiermassagechairs. org/massage-chair-php-2022.html )

Premier Massage Chair. org also offers free massage chair fitting advice to guarantee that you will get the best possible massage. www. premiermassagechairs. org/recommend-a-chair. html (http://www. premiermassagechairs. org/recommend-a-chair. html )

Studies show that 80-90% of health complications are stress related. Massage therapy has proven to be one of the best stress reduction techniques as well as a great way to improve the bodyÂ’s physical mechanisms. Massage greatly improves circulation which increases the flow of oxygen into joints and tissues.

Massage therapy also helps to stimulate the lymphatic system which is the bodyÂ’s mechanism for fighting and removing toxins and impurities. Massage therapy causes the release of pain relieving endorphins which are your bodyÂ’s natural substitution for pain reducing drugs. Regular massage has also been proven to shorten the recovery time of injured joints as well as loosen muscles and improve the bodyÂ’s range of motion.

Studies show that recovery times from injury, surgery and illness are greatly reduced with the help of regular massage. Improved circulation from massage increases the flow of vital nutrients to troubled areas and strengthens the immune system. Overall, regular massage reduces your bodyÂ’s risk of injury and illness and bounces back quicker when problems do occur.

To give your body the attention it deserves visit www. premiermassagechairs. org for the highest quality massage chairs available. Whether you purchase the top of the line PHP-2026 www. premiermassagechairs. org/massage-chair-php-2026.html (http://www. premiermassagechairs. org/massage-chair-php-2026.html) or the anti gravity PHP-2022 www. premiermassagechairs. org/massage-chair-php-2022.html (http://www. premiermassagechairs. org/massage-chair-php-2022.html) you will undoubtedly feel better in a hurry.

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