Vincera, Inc. Partners With ClearStar. net

Vincera, Inc. Partners With ClearStar. net

ClearStar. net to provide access to the Vincera Intelligent Protection™ service for retail screening firms to protect personally identifiable information (PII).

Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 20, 2006

Vincera, Inc., the business process improvement company whose software yields predictive analytics, behavioral monitoring, and information distribution technology to enable their clients to track and manage access to all content and products they provide over the Internet, today announced its partnership with ClearStar. net. ClearStar. net is the first 100% Internet based application service provider (ASP) of the retail screening industry, providing strategy, services, and technology infrastructure to retail screening firms. To fulfill the partnership, ClearStar. net will offer Vincera's VAM! Intelligent Protection service to their retail screening customers, enabling them to protect, monitor and manage their e-distributed content containing personally identifiable information (PII).

Stated Robert Vale, CEO of ClearStar. net, "ClearStar. net's customers require ready access to services that engender the smooth operation of their retail screening business, and we've been vigilant to include only the highest-caliber services for each business need. Increasingly, we find that retail screeners are aware of their obligations to protect the integrity of the personally identifiable information they distribute; they are asking ClearStar. net to point the way to their distribution and data integrity solution. We are pleased to meet this need by endorsing and providing access to Vincera's Intelligent Protection service."

VAM! Intelligent Protection (VIP) is an information distribution technology that greatly reduces the risk of inappropriate access inherent in the e-distribution and storage of sensitive data by enabling consumer reporting agencies (CRA) to set business-driven rules to secure, track and manage the distribution of content that contains PII. With VIP, the CRA can easily customize distribution according to the desired business rules of their customers. For instance, a CRA or an HR department may decide to track that the documents containing sensitive information are being distributed, and track the number of machines that the document is being accessed by (potentially identifying a “breached” document); or, with the click of a button, the VIP customer can protect sensitive information from being indefinitely available by setting expiration rules thereby ensuring document destruction meets legislative requirements and simultaneously preventing the further distribution of such data.

Concluded Dave Malmstedt, CEO of Vincera, "The e-channels so necessary for the distribution of personally identifiable information are also the likely nexus of PII alteration, theft, and illicit distribution. Background screeners are increasingly aware of their legal responsibilities for the prevention of these negative outcomes. We are excited to be at the forefront in offering CRA's in the retail space an easy to use and affordable way to protect and control access to documents containing personally identifiable information, and we are delighted to announce ClearStar. net as our Premium VIP ASP Partner as they offer our VAM! Intelligent Protection service to their clients."

About Vincera, Inc.

Vincera, Inc. is the business process improvement company, whose software monitors businesses' end-user web-based behavior, subsequently delivering predictive analytics that enable businesses to retain and upsell existing customers. Vincera's software also allows their clients to track and manage the distribution of intellectual property and content that contains personally identifiable information in a process Vincera labels "business friendly distribution," because businesses are in charge of how they use the resulting information. Based in Austin since its launch in 1999, Vincera's core team emerges from the information technology industry with extensive go-to-market expertise and has delivered a solution with more than 75 staff-years of development investment. Consequent to their expertise, Vincera combines three vital business process improvement services-- behavioral monitoring, predictive analytics, and information distribution technology--in one software tool.

Vincera's clients include research publications, background screeners, healthcare industries, and other businesses that use web-based technology. Vincera's clients share a need to track and predict how their own customers are using their licensed software products or other intellectual property, as a revenue-generating sales tool for acquiring, retaining, and upselling customers; and/or to guard intellectual property and personally identifiable information. Vincera is a member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. For more information, please visit:

Www. Vincera. com

About ClearStar. net

ClearStar. net is the retail screening industry’s first 100% Internet based system and serves as the worldwide leader in providing strategy, services, and technology infrastructure to retail screening firms. ClearStar. net empowers public record companies with the ability to gather information from sources of their choosing either manually or through the Internet. Each company can specify if a source is to have an account on their system. Ordered information is automatically routed to the desired source that can enter results directly, with the option for a quality control review prior to making the information available to your customers.

With offices just outside of Atlanta, ClearStar. net has provided service to some of the premier retail screening companies around the world since 1995. ClearStar. net is a founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). For more information, please visit:

Www. ClearStar. net

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