Lyme Disease Database Provides Cutting Edge Medical News for Lyme Symptom Sufferers

Lyme Disease Database Provides Cutting Edge Medical News for Lyme Symptom Sufferers

New research database offers instant access to articles on cutting edge protocol for the prevention and treatment of Lyme Disease. People get direct access to information about the latest scientific discoveries that can help them heal.

San Luis Obispo, CA (PRWEB) April 17, 2006

Health advocates have announced the http://www. lyme-disease-research-database. com (http://www. lyme-disease-research-database. com) (Lyme Disease Research Database) web site.

The site provides immediate access to dozens of articles aiming to educate sufferers of the disease, as well as anyone interested in learning how to cope with symptoms and treat Lyme disease. Readers receive up to the minute news and information about the latest cutting edge research on the treatment and healing of Lyme. Articles include Lyme experts' findings, including conventional pharmaceutical approaches and integrative therapies.

One reader emailed, “Lyme is a frightening disease. Doctors can mistake your symptoms for other auto-immune deficiency conditions, like Lupus or MS.” LDRD researchers say that experts in treating patients with Lyme disease understand that symptoms vary from person to person and can mimic over two hundred other diseases. Lyme literate doctors encourage their patients to get educated about their healing choices.

The LDRD provides:

A reference place to learn about Lyme literate doctors' newest research.

Immediate access to help patients broaden their treatment choices.

Interviews with wellness experts and medical doctors on healing from chronic Lyme.

Treatment choices for Lyme patients are often confusing. Healing from Lyme can be complicated by the fact that the disease is so frequently misdiagnosed, researchers say. Protocol that works well early on may not be appropriate for the patient who has been misdiagnosed for a number of months, or even years.

“Treatment and healing comes down to being the patient's responsibility,” said another Lyme patient. “LDRD helps me stay on top of the latest Lyme expert information, so I know what to ask my doctor.” The site also includes interviews with nationally known medical experts speaking about the role of diet, nutrition and lifestyle as they impact healing from chronic Lyme disease.

For additional information on the Lyme Disease Research Database, visit www. lyme-disease-research-database. com. Access to the cutting edge news from experts on Lyme disease is available immediately.

About LDRD (lyme-disease-research-database. com):

Private health and wellness advocates have been gathering information on conventional and integrative approaches to heal from Lyme disease since 2005.

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