Pet Expert Charlotte Reed Discusses How to Celebrate Doggie Style

Pet Expert Charlotte Reed Discusses How to Celebrate Doggie Style

Pet are expert, magazine columnist and radio and television pet care personality, Charlotte Reed offers pet owners advice on how to plan a bow wow bash for your dog

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 21, 2004

Pet care expert, magazine columnist and radio and television pet care personality, Charlotte Reed believes it is necessary for pet owners to practice their petiquette skills when planning the perfect party for their pet.

“Pet parties are a fairly new and exciting idea for devoted pet owners,” says Charlotte Reed. “Whether you are celebrating your pet’s birthday, having his Bark Mitzvah or having a Halloween costume party, take care so that your pet’s party won’t be ruined by your uncivilized, four-legged guests.

Charlotte Reed offers seven strategies on how to make your K-9 bash full of pet fun.

1. Size Matters: Canine guest need a sufficient amount of space and supervision. Either go for a backyard party or a catered affair at a doggy day care of training center. Package deals at such facilities include play space and staff assistance for an agreed-upon number of hours. The personnel can also help you set-up, monitor canine interaction and expedite clean-up.

2. Pick of the Litter: Consider the guest list. The key element to a successful human event is to invite a stimulating group of guests but at a canine event, the mix is in the interest of safety. Your party should be limited to dogs with compatible personalities and good manners. Dogs that are already familiar with each other from the dog run, neighborhood or doggy day care center will be most likely to play politely.

3. Bone fido Invitation: Every good hosts knows that the invitation sets the tone for the party. Consider breed stationery to match that of your guest of honor. For a truly special invitation, have a pet photographer take a special picture of you and your beautiful pet. Remember to include the date, time, location, RSVP information and the words “All canine guests must be accompanied by their owners.” Remember, invitations should be sent out at least three weeks before the day of the party.

4. Dogs Play: If you are the kind of host who loves to create an unforgettable event, consider hiring an obedience instruction who can teach party guest, old and new, some tricks. Agility exercises are an especially fun idea. Watching Harry, the Great Dane, jump over planks and barrel through tunnels is just as much fun as watching Sophie, a Toy Poodle, discover her athletic ability on a low hurdle.

5. Chow Hounds: Dogs might enjoy a cheese cake from Fidofoodfair. com ($18.00). Or if you prefer baking yourself, liver cupcakes topped with cream cheese and peanut butter icing are a bit hit with the kibble crowd. DonÂ’t forget the beverage of choice at these dogged affairs is cool, fresh water.

6. Pooper Scoop: Have plenty of plastic bags hand for cleaning up do's and don'ts. And if the party is indoors, make sure there are rolls of paper towels and spray cleaner as well.

7. Treats to Go: Once the party is over, send your guest home with doggy bags. Fill them with treats including Greenies. After all those snacks, you always want to look after those canines.

Charlotte Reed is a pet expert and columnist for several magazines, including Time Inc.Â’s All You, Fido Friendly, Good Housekeeping and The Resident. A former attorney, CharlotteÂ’s love for animals led her to switch careers and found Two Dogs & A Goat, a New York-based complete pet care service in 1996. Charlotte has shared her expertise on pets with millions of people through her Pet-Owning Made Easy series of booklets and her appearances on ABCÂ’s The View, CNN, Good Day New York, Fox Pet News and other TV and radio shows. She is currently writing two books on pet-related topics. She can speak about everything from pet health and insurance to pet etiquette. To learn more about Charlotte Reed, visit www. Charlottereed. com.

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