ZeeWise Announces New Software to Provide System-wide Insight Into Franchise Performance

ZeeWise Announces New Software to Provide System-wide Insight Into Franchise Performance

Web-Based Software Provides Powerful Business Intelligence Using QuickBooks and Other Line of Business Application Data

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 5, 2010

ZeeWise™ Inc. (http://www. zeewise. com (http://www. zeewise. com)), the leading provider of Franchise Business Intelligence (BI) software announced today the release of CARS Premier Edition (Collection And Reporting System) at the 50th Annual International Franchise Association (IFA) Convention in San Antonio, Texas. For the first time in franchising, the new ZeeWise software enables managers to gain operational insight similar to the reporting and BI capabilities available to the Fortune 500.

CARS Premier Edition (CARS PE) is a Web-based software tool designed for use with Intuit Inc.'s QuickBooks® to provide franchisors with insight into their franchisees, or "Zees", financial and operational performance.

"Utilizing our unique patent-pending Zpipe data collection tool, CARS PE automatically collects and consolidates individual Zees QuickBooks financial data as well as operational data from line of business applications. The CARS PE system then consolidates this data and presents it in a visual format using summary reports and dashboards to create an enterprise-wide model for benchmarking Zee performance," said Jerry Bell, CEO of ZeeWise.

ZeeWise, a certified QuickBooks Silver Developer, has created the only software tool that is able to combine both QuickBooks financial data with operational data from other sources and report from one consolidated system. This enhances the value of QuickBooks to the franchise business community by enabling the creation of unique management Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, to help owners, managers and franchise executives monitor sales, operational and marketing spending efficiencies.

Customers agree. "Particularly valuable are the benchmarks, rankings and peer group comparisons, which are available instantly from the ZeeWise Web-based system" said Peter Ross, CEO of Senior Helpers, a 300-unit homecare franchise chain in Baltimore, Md. that connects professional caregivers with seniors to improve their quality of life while allowing them to live independently at home. "This gives our field business consultants a powerful tool to work with our Zees to drive the growth and profits of not only their individual units but of our entire system."

The 2010 launch of ZeeWise CARS PE follows the 2008 launch of CARS at the 48th Annual IFA Convention in Orlando, Fla. The earlier version represented the first time that remote QuickBooks franchisee data could be automatically consolidated into an enterprise reporting model for an entire franchise system. Now CARS PE extends that ground breaking capability to include data collection from the many and various Line of Business, or LOB, software products in use across franchising to manage day to day operations. By combining both LOB operational data as well as QuickBooks financial data into a single enterprise data reporting system, ZeeWise has enabled franchisors to uniquely measure the health of their system.

ZeeWise CARS Premier Edition provides real time monitoring of business conditions including reports which identify both the top and bottom performing Zees as measured by critical system metrics. Utilizing CARS PE reports, franchise business consultants can quickly identify the top performers and investigate what drove their results in order to replicate best practices while still having time to identify and work with underperforming sites to improve essential business tasks. CARS PE increases overall franchise system productivity through automated monitoring of system operating results, including specific business performance measurements at the unit level, via real-time Web-based dashboards and reports.

About ZeeWise Inc.

Got Insight?™ ZeeWise is the leading provider of Franchise Business Intelligence (BI) software to the Franchising community by providing collection, consolidation and reporting on sales, operational and financial data at thousands of remote franchisee locations. Franchise system intelligence is delivered to franchisors and franchisees via a low cost, graphical KPI and scorecard reporting system utilizing a SaaS software delivery model. ZeeWise offers business owners and managers unique insight to improve profits using data collected from multiple sources including Intuit QuickBooks® and other leading Line of Business (LOB) software products in use today by the franchising world. In addition, ZeeWise provides flexible Web form tools to automate Franchisee royalty reporting. To learn more, contact Russ Gagnon, Vice President of Business Development, at 678-252-6845 or see www. ZeeWise. com (http://www. zeewise. com) for more information on how to gain insight into your franchise system.

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