A Second Chance At Life Inspires Woman To Save

A Second Chance At Life Inspires Woman To Save

A Sick and Abandoned German Shepherd Named “Chance, Whose Fate Was Bleak, Inspires Arizona Woman To Produce Line of Pet Products To Save His Life, While Helping Thousands Of Other Companion Animals

(PRWEB) December 1, 2004

Scottsdale, AZ December 1, 2004 – Faced with limited options to help a rescued German Shepherd a woman turns to doctors and veterinarians for help in producing a line of supplements to keep him alive. She ends up helping companion animals throughout the U. S.

“Sometimes in the face of suffering and desperation, a person’s will to make profound change is accomplished” says Swartz.

In December of 2001 Bobbi Swartz, of Scottsdale, AZ was called on by a fellow dog lover to rescue a large 3 year old German Shepherd who had been abandoned in an orchard in an agricultural area of Phoenix, AZ. He had been there for more than a week and was suspiciously not active, nor did he try to run away. The shelters and rescues were full, so the neighborhood women stepped in to help feed and provide water to him until Ms. Swartz arrived.

Within days the german shepherdÂ’s health problems became apparent. At his first vet visit two days his rescue, he was given a diagnosis - a serious heart defect and debilitating hip disease. The news was troubling but not enough to give up hope.

The options were limited. The veterinarian stated “he should be put to sleep”. “The connection I had with this beautiful dog was so profound that I knew in my heart euthanasia was not an option at this point…I had to give him a second chance.” says Swartz. In honor of her commitment to give him the life he deserved she named him “Chance”.

Chance as he struggled to lift himself and walk around. His tongue and gums were continuously blue from lack of oxygen, related to his heart condition. Conventional hip surgery was not an option for Chance as his heart was considered too weak to endure anesthesia, and yet he seemed to to want to give 100% despite his adversity. “He was so sweet and affectionate, and I felt he was unwilling to give up. Therefore, I would not” Swartz stated.

After months of trying every possible pain remedy and witnessing extremely uncomfortable side effects, Ms. Swartz embarked on a mission to save Chance from a life of suffering and to give him the freedom of living without pain. She and her best friend Steve began meeting with doctors and vets whose expertise would be crucial in developing an effective natural pain remedy to help Chance, without side effects which could worsen his already weakened heart.

The first breakthrough in the effort to help Chance was the formulation of Petaprin, a chewable, natural pain relief tablet for dogs. The positive results could be seen immediately. ”The very first day he took the Petaprin, Chance had a sparkle in his eye and you just could see how much better he felt” Swartz stated. Within months Chance was more mobile and active, and his once blue tongue had turned a healthier shade of pink. He was finally able to be active and playful, and enjoy life. Mission accomplished.

The experts attributed his amazing progress to the herbs and natural food sources within Petaprin. Among many ingredients in Petaprin, the herb White Willow Bark has been proven to reduce inflammation while the Green Lipped Mussel has been studied extensively for its benefits in rebuilding cartilage and joint fluid and blocking certain enyme pathways [COX2 5-LOX and 12-LOX] which cause inflammation. The ingredients in Petaprin are also gastro-protective, meaning they do not erode the stomach lining like many aspirins and prescription remedies.

Veterinarian Dr. Thom Myers who tested Petaprin in his veterinary clinic experienced the same amazing result with his own 14 year old Bassett, “Polka”, he is now the spokesperson for the company.

These days By Vets Only, Inc, www. byvetsonly. com, continues to expand their pet product line with the help of vets, chemists, and professional formulators. Currently the anti-anxiety product PetaCalm containing all natural herbs is available for dogs that are stressed or anxious. PetMulti Senior Formula is available for dogs that lack essential nutrients, an important part of healing and reducing premature aging.

The company plans to release 3 additional products by the end of 2004, they include a natural equine pain reliever in its final stage of testing, an herbal parasite product and PetaMint, a bad breath neutralizer for dogs, which is also currently in its final stages of testing. (Samples available to the press upon request).

By Vets Only happily delivers product to pet loving customers around the country. Each month Bobbi Jo and her partner receive testimonials from customers whose dogs have been given a new leash on life thanks to Petaprin. ”It’s amazing to be a part of something so wonderful and meaningful. Chance is a happy, healthy 5 year old dog and I’ve been able to provide others animals with the same quality of life. I’m living a dream.” Swartz says.

Ms. Swartz resides in Scottsdale, AZ with her best friend Steve, 3 rescued cats and 6 rescued dogs. When you call the home office you can often hear her “employees” barking in the background. “The customers appreciate the fact that I love making their pets healthier, and I appreciate the chance to do that for them.” says Swartz.

By Vets Only products are available online at www. byvetsonly. com

To schedule an interview with Ms. Swartz please call:

Toll free 1-800-805-1846

Email byvetsonly@msn. com

Product information, testimonials and other data is available on the website.

By Vets Only, Inc is changing the future for thousands of shelter animals nationwide. They have recently teamed up with Pets911, www. pets911.com, the largest and most reputable Animal Rescue Resource and Lost And Found Organization in the US. This partnership will provide one-of-a-kind affiliate donation program to 9,500 shelters and rescues throughout the country, whereas 25% of any By Vets Only order will be donated to participating rescues. This program launched Novemer 15th on the www. pets911.com website. A product and company endorsement can be seen on the website as well.

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