Chatterbean. com: Have Fun, Get Healthy

Chatterbean. com: Have Fun, Get Healthy

Numerous studies have confirmed what many people intuitively know -- that feeling good is good for their health. But researchers at Loma Linda University recently discovered something more -- that simply anticipating pleasurable events can lead to positive physiological changes within the human body. Web surfers can conduct their own pleasure-and-health experiment at lifestyle site Chatterbean. com. The trendy site has a brand new look and a brand new section devoted to healthy bodies and active minds. Based on the principle "It's fun being healthy," Chatterbean. com combines stress-reducing silliness with the latest tips for improving one's wellbeing.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 9, 2009

Many studies have documented the positive effects of pleasure on human health. A recent study at Loma Linda University went further -- concluding that just anticipating a positive event (such as seeing a funny movie) significantly increased the production of hormones that alleviate depression and improve immunity.

Newly redesigned Chatterbean. com is a resource created to both educate and entertain, helping online visitors improve their health with up-to-date tips and combat stress with features such as the following quizzes:

 Are You a Savvy Eater or a Health Cheater?  Are You a "Take Charge" Type?  Is Love All You Need? (Or Is It Sex?)  Valentine's Day: Love It or Hate It?

Visitors can also take advantage of new articles about parenting, beauty and style, personality, love and sex, health and more. Here the site concentrates on providing useful information to consumers in a fun-filled and engaging manner. Articles featured on Chatterbean. com include:

 Could You Be Hypnotized?  Back Pain May Be Caused by Low Vitamin D Levels  Do You Have Parental Burnout?

"Living a healthy lifestyle can be synonymous with having fun -- you can have fun, learning to be healthy," Chris Mancini, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Chatterbean. com said. "Too often, finding out 'how' to be healthy is not fun -- it's our mission to change that. Chatterbean is our fun and engaging interactive platform to make you smile with quizzes, tips and interesting facts."

Chatterbean. com also features recent medical news and hot health tips. For example, evening primrose oil can help alleviate inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema. And following the popular Mediterranean Diet may curb allergies during pregnancy.

Visitors can also check their horoscopes, create their own quizzes, test their IQ, get beauty and fashion tips, take goofy polls and even send free Valentine's Day cards to friends with the site's Facebook application.

Chatterbean. com is a popular resource for fun diversions and useful information. With articles, quizzes, trivia, and healthy tips, Chatterbean. com's primary mission is to enhance its visitors' health and make them smile.

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