Comprehensive Zodiac Astrology Resource Launched by MysticBoard. com

Comprehensive Zodiac Astrology Resource Launched by MysticBoard. com

A Leading Astrology website - MysticBoard. com has compiled a very comprehensive resource on the various zodiac signs which has been integrated into a very handy software for easy, fast and free access to a wealth of information in one single place.

(PRWEB) May 3, 2007

Like it or not, everyone is interested in star signs and zodiac signs. Everyone has read Linda Goodman's books on the zodiacs and its significance. But now, MysticBoard. com now makes it much easier to know things about zodiac signs which even Linda Goodman's books have not revealed.

MysticBoard. com is proud to announce the official launch of MB Free Zodiac Astrology Software (http://www. zodiacastrology. info (http://www. zodiacastrology. info)). This free zodiac software is extremely well made and comprehensive in nature.

MB Free Zodiac Signs Software (http://www. zodiacastrology. info (http://www. zodiacastrology. info)) has been designed to determine your zodiac sign based on your date of birth. It gives a person an insight of characteristic traits, personality, lucky day, number, color, element, the ruling planet, birthstone, compatibility with other signs, lucky charms, positive and negative traits, friendship traits, health concern, financial habits, fashion and much more. The software is a simple and user-friendly program where one can find answers to all the questions related to his / her zodiac sign.

Speaking on the occasion, Swetha Lodha of MysticBoard. com says, "People are usually curious and eager to know more about their zodiac signs, how they can get along with people, their likes and dislikes. We just wanted to make all this information freely available for people and there can't be a better way of doing it than by introducing this wonderful zodiac astrology software. The software has been designed to be informative, easy-to-use, extremely in-depth and comprehensive in scope and rich in its content. It helps you find out about your friends', your relatives and your Zodiac Signs based on the concept of Western Astrology." She further adds, "The online zodiac forums on Mystic Board complement the software where you can learn, discuss and share anything related to the realms of zodiac astrology."

Each Zodiac Sign has a story to tell. A true story. A story of each one of our lives. One can be careful of the illnesses which are related to one's zodiac sign and take precautions to avoid them, know their financial and travel habits and know which career suits the person best. Now a person can know and judge whom to be friendly with and whom to get into a business relationship with!

People interested in the subject of zodiac astrology can use the software to know about themselves and their characteristics based on their zodiac signs. Not only does it help in restructuring your life style, but it also acts as an excellent guide to find your soul mate and in building up new relationships. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn the secrets of the zodiac and the zodiacal star signs and much more about astrology with Mystic Board's MB Free Zodiac Astrology Software (http://www. zodiacastrology. info (http://www. zodiacastrology. info)).

About MysticBoard. com & ZodiacAstrology. info:

Mysticboard. com is an easy, user friendly, well defined and integrated Zodiacal forum and website on the Internet. Mystic Board has over 8300 members. It has something to offer to all its members - experts, amateurs, and the general public at large. The forum gives an opportunity for amateurs to interact with experts, to learn and perfect their skills. It also offers an excellent platform for professional exchange of ideas and new findings. The general people wanting to know anything related to Zodiac Signs and Astrology can seek advice from professionals.

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