The Millennium Painting Interactive Web Camera Goes Live December 5th 1999!

The Millennium Painting Interactive Web Camera Goes Live December 5th 1999!

(PRWEB) November 30, 1999

The Live Art Camera for the Millennium Painting web site begins broadcasting on Saturday, December 5th, 1999 at 12pm EST and will follow the progress of the Millennium Painting to its completion. The Millennium Painting Site, www. millenniumpainting. com, celebrates the arrival of the new millennium while exploring the art of Erik John Bertel. The site combines original art, virtual art galleries, music and live web camera feeds to provide the visitor with a true multimedia experience. On New YearÂ’s Eve the site will feature a live web camera, called the Art Cam, that will broadcast the completion of the Millennium Painting. Celebrate the arrival of the new millennium, 2000 at the Millennium Painting site. Truly a unique way to celebrate both art and the new millennium!

The Millennium Painting is a conceptual artwork celebrating the new millennium and the creative power of the Internet as an art medium. The Live Art Cam can be used to check the progress of the Millennium Painting from its inception to completion during the month of December. Finally, the Live Art Cam will broadcast the very last paint stroke that completes the painting exactly at the dawn of the new millennium. Conceptually, the paint stroke is an expression of manÂ’s passage through time, a journey that is comprised of a myriad of single moments, some that are significant, some that are not. The completed painting and web site is an ongoing exploration of art through time and the meaning of time to all of us.

The Millennium Painting Site also features many of the original paintings of Erik John Bertel. You can choose to view the standard galleries or for the adventuresome tour the Virtual Art Gallery. The three virtual art galleries feature the paintings of Erik John Bertel in a surreal VRML world. All galleries feature the modern artwork of Erik John Bertel and his unique, bold vision. New additions to the site will include original multimedia presentations designed specifically for the Internet.

The following is a brief word from the artist, Erik John Bertel:

"I hope that all who visit this site enjoy the experience of the Millennium Painting. We all travel through time but it's so much a part of who we are that we reduce it to the mundane. It's only when the calendar points to significant annual events do we take the time to measure ourselves, our cultures, our very passage through time. Without argument, the year 2000 is an arbitrary cultural event but it is as good time as any to be both introspective and to be celebratory."

"With this site I have tried hard to capture the power and creativity of the Internet while remaining true to my original art. I hope you find this site to be a meaningful experience as I try to explore what the Internet can mean to both artists and to those patrons interested in the visual arts. Remember the Millennium Painting site is a work in progress that will hold many surprises for all of us in the months ahead. When we turn the Art Cam on this site during the month of December it will change forever from being a simple painting gallery to a performance event. Thank you again for your precious time and interest. And most of all, I wish you a happy and healthy new millennium".

Contact Information:

Nancy Steffanie

Nsteffanie@millenniumpainting. com

Millennium Painting

PO Box 7

Centereach, NY 11720


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