(PRWEB) June 23, 2003

Jan S. Maizler, MSW, LCSW is the author of The Relationship Handbook. He has been in the private practice of individual, marital, group, and family therapy since 1980. He is the author of seven books and over eighty articles. Mr. Maizler is now focusing on the role between individual responsibility and human growth.

The Relationship Hanbook is written as an interactive resource for those desiring health, soundness, and realism in their relationships. The mission and goal of The Relationship Handbook is to offer people an education in relationship dynamics, management, and improvement that they never formally received in school. The insights and ideas that Mr. Maizler conveys is based on over twenty years of internsive work with couples and marriages of all ages.

Book Reviews

The Relationship Handbook

By Jan S. Maizler

What a moving book. THE RELATIONSHIP HANDBOOK by Jan S. Maizler

Review by Patti Pocsik

Green Meadows Reviews

What a moving book. Our author, Jan S. Maizler explores many regions of our existence, allows us to delve deep into our own fears, and find a great reason to be alive and confronting our problems. We should read this as youngsters, just like he remarks. Our mental and spiritual health depend on knowing who we are. But why do we spend so little time remembering, thinking, and knowing ourselves.

His premise is that the foundation on which we build relationships, friendships, and all we do in life, is that we have to know ourselves. Be a whole person before we can ask anything from anyone else is such a down-to-earth approach to all the self-help books out there that want you to shout that is all your fault and beat yourself up over the enabling and overloving.

Like a workbook, we can refer to this book and re-read it. And it is just not written for women, who may be the biggest audience for books like this; it is non-gender written. I have been reading it over and over again because it is a great tool to break on through to the other side. The author is no novice to counseling and giving advice. He has outstanding credentials and has a long-standing practice in Miami.

So many times you find yourself in a relationship that is less in touch with your reality than you want to believe. But you continue it because maybe for the moment, it makes you feel better than not having one.

Jan makes us take a different approach and allows the reader to believe in themselves. He doesn't make you feel bad because we are not perfect. This is the kind of book that makes me feel better and I hope that there are more readers like myself that want to find truth and happiness and realize that it is inner happiness that allows you to be a good person, walking on this planet.

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National Institutes Of Health Selects Openclinica For National Autism Research Program

National Institutes Of Health Selects Openclinica For National Autism Research Program

The NIH’s National Database for Autism Research program selects OpenClinica to provide research tools to autism researchers.

CAMBRIDGE, MA (PRWEB) June 3, 2006 —

Akaza Research has been selected to implement OpenClinica Enterprise as the clinical assessment component of The National Database for Autism Research (NDAR). NDAR is a collaborative biomedical informatics system being created by the National Institutes of Health to accelerate research in autism.

Clinical assessments are typically paper forms that are completed by hand for each subject. The NDAR OpenClinica system will feature an electronic catalogue of assessments that are most commonly used in autism research, and will enable researchers to develop protocols for clinical trials, and enter clinical assessment data electronically.

As a result it will be easier and faster for researchers to gather, evaluate, and share autism research data from a variety of sources. By giving researchers access to more data than they can collect on their own and making their own data collection efforts more efficient, the time to discovery can be reduced.

NDAR supports informatics across a range of autism research activities, including genomics, imaging, laboratory, clinical, and behavioral data sources. With OpenClinica, it will provide the core technology for a data warehouse, a data-entry system, and a centralized source for common measures and their documentation. It will support large-scale, multi-site projects as well as pilot studies and basic science investigations. For more information, see http://ndar. nih. gov/ (http://ndar. nih. gov/)

About OpenClinica

OpenClinica™ is an open source web-based software platform that enables sponsors and investigators to manage clinical research data in multi-site studies. It facilitates protocol configuration, design of case report forms, electronic data capture, and study/data management. OpenClinica supports HIPAA and 21 CRF Part 11 guidelines and is designed as a strictly standards-based, extensible, and modular platform. OpenClinica v1.0 was released in October 2005 under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). See www. OpenClinica. org. OpenClinica 2.0 is scheduled to be released to beta testers this summer.

About Akaza Research

Akaza Research, LLC, is the leading provider of open source clinical informatics software. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Akaza has developed and commercialized OpenClinica, the preeminent open source clinical trial data collection and management software platform. Akaza brings Open Source Software solutions into the mainstream of the clinical research enterprise by making high quality, standards-based systems accessible for private and public research. Akaza Research provides support, training, and consulting services to its customers worldwide. See www. akazaresearch. com.

# # #

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Innovative 18-Year-Old Entrepreneur Launches Massive “Online Supermarket”

Innovative 18-Year-Old Entrepreneur Launches Massive “Online Supermarket”

With a databank of over 10,000 products, How2Cool. com seems set to revolutionize the Digital Product industry and become one of the Internet’s top sites for informational products.

(PRWEB) September 12, 2007

How2Cool. com (www. how2cool. com), an informational products website that launched today, promises to become an Internet buyer’s dream – an online supermarket that specializes in high-quality, hard-to-find informational products. The site plans to debut with over 10,000 items. Gil-Ad Schwartz, its founder, is just 18 years old.

“We’ve tried to make it as easy to use as possible,” says Gil-Ad. “During my research into the market, I came across loads of really unhelpful, badly organized so-called “supermarkets”. I didn’t want that – I wanted it completely user-friendly so that every one of our customers is completely satisfied with the site, and I think that’s been achieved. The site is simple. I’m really happy with it.”

He has plenty of reason to be happy. With more than 10,000 items on sale, How2Cool. com is one of the biggest digital product databanks on the Internet. It has products in over 60 categories, covering everything from careers and business to health and fitness to sex and relationships to recreation and lifestyle. “The sheer enormity of the site is what makes it special,” says Gil-Ad. “You can browse hundreds of health products and find material on working from home at the same time, on the same site. And then you can look up material on improving your Spanish.”

“Not only that, but as all the information on all these different topics is grouped in the same place, searching for these sort of products has become incredibly easy. It’s turned into a whole new ball-game,” the teen says.

Impressive as How2Cool may be, Gil-Ad considers it “just a first step of many” in his journey in the world of enterprise. From a young age he was determined to succeed in the world of business, starting with an event management business at the age of 12. “I can’t see myself working for anyone else,” he says. “My goal is to slowly build up a number of successful companies, and I feel that the launch of How2Cool brings me one step closer to fulfilling this ambition.”

How2Cool. com is a digital products databank offering over 10,000 products in over 60 categories including business, family, relationships, health and lifestyle.

Http://www. how2cool. com (http://www. how2cool. com)

Media Contact:

Gil-Ad Schwartz

+44 (0)77 92476360

Gil-ad(at)how2cool. com


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Diabetes Discharge Planning is this the latest Topic in Focus at the Diabetes Best Practices Website

Diabetes Discharge Planning is this the latest Topic in Focus at the Diabetes Best Practices Website

Attention to the transition from in-patient to outpatient care for diabetes patients is a national priority, and a slide show and a BLOG discussion on the Diabetes Best Practices Website provide up-to-date information and guidelines for clinicians.

Somerville, NJ (PRWEB) May 6, 2009

"Diabetes Discharge planning is a national priority," says Dr. Curtiss Cook, in a newly published presentation on the Diabetes Best Practices Website (http://www. diabetesbestpractices. com).

Dr. Cook's observations and recommendations for clinicians are contained in a presentation on the website, along with a BLOG discussion area focused on the challenges of providing proper care to patients with diabetes once they leave a hospital.

"Early identification of diabetes and hyperglycemia is essential for beginning patient self-management education," says Dr. Cook. His observations and recommendations, summarized in the slide presentation, are drawn from a paper that will be published in an upcoming issue of Endocrine Practice by Dr. Cook and his colleagues.

Dr. Cook's presentation summarizes a number of other steps can be used by hospitals to facilitate effective diabetes discharge. They include an implementation of a clinical pathway, and clear instructions about medications, follow-up appointments made at the time of discharge, and communication with the outpatient healthcare provider. A downloadable version of Dr. Cook's postdischarge planning instructions is also available on the site.

Dr. Cook's review reminds us that "patients who receive structured and integrated outpatient diabetes care have better outcomes", thus making an effective transition from hospital to ambulatory care all the more important. According to Dr. Cook and his colleagues, there may be several factors that can prevent diabetes patients from following-up after a hospitalization. Assessment of these barriers and devising a plan to help the patient overcome them are integral to diabetes discharge planning.

The discharge planning strategies of Dr. Cook and his colleagues are based on their experience at an adult, non-obstetric, academic hospital with over 200 beds, located in the Southwest and staffed by resident physicians and midlevel practitioners including nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

"We describe some of the approaches used at our hospital to satisfy each component of our definition of an effective diabetes discharge," said Dr. Cook. "We hope that the publication of this review on the Diabetes Best Practices Website will stir discussion in this area and also encourage other clinicians to present their 'best practices' for Diabetes Discharge Planning and strategies," concluded Dr. Cook.

The Diabetes Best Practices website (http://www. diabetesbestpractices. com) is a collaborative project of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) and Embryon and is supported by an educational grant from sanofi-aventis U. S.

The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey is the nation's largest health sciences university. UMDNJ-Center for Continuing and Outreach Education (UMDNJ-CCOE) is the university's accrediting unit sponsoring national and international continuing medical education for a wide range of healthcare professionals.

Embryon is a medical communications provider to the pharmaceutical industry.


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Pluromed Announces Completion of Enrollment in LeGoo™ Cardiac Bypass Clinical Study

Pluromed Announces Completion of Enrollment in LeGoo™ Cardiac Bypass Clinical Study

Pluromed, Inc. has completed enrollment in its LeGoo™ off-pump coronary artery bypass clinical study, based on a protocol reviewed by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). When completed, the report of the study will be filed with the FDA as part of the company's submission for U. S. regulatory approval of LeGoo™.

Woburn, MA (PRWEB) February 5, 2010

Pluromed, Inc. today announced that it has completed enrollment in its LeGoo™ off-pump coronary artery bypass clinical study, which is evaluating the clinical efficacy of LeGoo™ as compared to a traditional vessel loop. This prospective, randomized trial commenced enrollment in 2008 and has reached its goal of 110 patients, enrolled at 9 hospitals in 4 countries. Principal investigators for the trial were Gerhard Wimmer-Greinecker, M. D., Ph. D., Ardawan Rastan, M. D., Ph. D., Volkmar Falk, M. D., PhD, Olivier Bouchot, M. D., Jan Gummert, M. D., Ph. D., Jean-Philippe Verhoye, M. D., Ph. D., Louis Perrault, M. D., Ph. D., Anno Diegeler, M. D., Ph. D. and Jos G. Maessen, M. D., Ph. D.; Dr. Valavanur A. Subramanian, Chairman of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at The Lenox Hill Heart and Vascular Institute of New-York, served as Chairman of the study’s Data Safety Monitoring Board.

Pluromed’s LeGoo™ is a polymer-based device which is comprised of a non-toxic and biocompatible gel that exists as a liquid at low temperatures and rapidly transitions to a solid at body temperature, forming a plug that can occlude blood vessels. LeGoo™ is injected into a blood vessel that is intended to be occluded, where it stays in a “plug” form for several minutes allowing the surgeon to work in a bloodless field. The gel dissolves with time (spontaneously) or can be reversed back to liquid instantly by cooling the site with ice or irrigating with cold saline. Once dissolved below a minimum concentration, the polymer cannot re-solidify.

The primary purpose of the study is to demonstrate the clinical safety and efficacy of LeGoo™ in comparison to a standard vessel occlusion method (i. e. vessel loops). Although LeGoo™ is also designed for use in other vascular surgeries where temporary vessel occlusion is desired, this study specifically focused on the use of LeGoo™ in off-pump coronary bypass (OPCAB), as a most sensitive model of adverse changes that may occur at any vascular site outside of the neurovascular system. The primary endpoint is the proportion of anastomoses (process of suturing the bypass graft to the coronary artery) in which satisfactory hemostasis is achieved.

Dr. William E Cohn, Director of Minimally Invasive Surgery Technology at Texas Heart Institute, is the medical director of the study. "With enrollment completed, our focus now turns to data monitoring, completion of follow up and preparation for filing with the U. S. Food and Drug Administration and for primary endpoint publication” said Dr. Cohn. "We are grateful to all the trial investigators who have worked so diligently to reach this milestone."

“This important trial is the latest example of the commitment of leading vascular and cardiovascular surgeons, who seek less traumatic methods to improve patient outcome”, said Jean-Marie Vogel, President and CEO of Pluromed. “We appreciate the participation of the 22 leading physicians and 13 research coordinators, whose efforts led to the successful completion of enrollment."

About Pluromed, Inc.

Pluromed, Inc., Woburn, Massachusetts, founded in 2003, is pioneering the use of atraumatic gel plugs to improve the safety, efficacy and economics of medical interventions. These products potentially address a broad surgery market that includes cardiac and vascular surgery, prostate, kidney and liver surgery, plastic/reconstructive surgery, trauma/battlefield applications and the treatment of kidney stones. They are based on the Company's patented rapid phase transition polymer technology; Pluromed Rapid Transition Polymers (RTP™) are liquid at low temperature and quickly transition to a high viscosity gel at body temperature. Pluromed’s BackStop™, a product used in the treatment of ureteral stones, is cleared for human use in Europe, Canada and the United States. LeGoo™ is approved for human use in Europe but is not currently cleared for human use in the USA. In April of 2009, Pluromed received an Accelerator Loan from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, a quasi-public agency tasked with implementing Massachusetts' ten-year, $1 billion Life Sciences Initiative. The Accelerator Loan Program seeks to expand life sciences-related employment opportunities, promote health-related innovations and stimulate research and development, manufacturing and commercialization in the life sciences by providing working capital to promising early-stage companies. For more information, please visit www. pluromed. com. For more information about the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, please visit www. masslifesciences. com.


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The first Sexual Awareness Fundraising Educational Roadshow (SAFER) 2002 by the SEXplained¡K Foundation in association with Choice FM London is launched

The first Sexual Awareness Fundraising Educational Roadshow (SAFER) 2002 by the SEXplained¡K Foundation in association with Choice FM London is launched

SAFER 2002 Sexual Awareness Fundraising Educational Roadshow Launched by the SEXplained¡K Foundation in association with Choice FM

(PRWEB) June 15, 2002

The first Sexual Awareness Fundraising Educational Roadshow (SAFER) 2002 by the SEXplained¡K Foundation in association with Choice FM London is launched.

The SEXplained¡K Foundation formed in 2001, is a not-for-profit organisation, working with commercial organisations to raise their profile for social responsibility, as well as with registered charities to support their work in the UK and overseas. Choice FM is the UK's premiere Black led radio station, and has live links to Jamaica, New York, The Bahamas and Miami as well as being audible 24/7 via the Internet.

A percentage of the funds raised by the SEXplained¡K Foundation in association with Choice FM will be donated to one or more registered charities working in the related fields of contraception and sexual health.

The SAFER 2002 Campaign aims to challenge and change the behaviours and perceptions of young people to contraception and sexual health and, therefore, reduce the numbers of:

„h Unwanted teenage pregnancies.

„h Teenage single mothers and children facing destitution, misery and social isolation.

„h Sexually transmitted diseases (STIs).

Gill Sampson, Director of the SEXplained¡K Foundation who is heading the SAFER 2002 Campaign comments: ¡¥Enough babies to fill the equivalent of 500 jumbo jets are born each day(1) and one person in 11 catches a sexually transmitted infection every day(2). HIV in pregnant women continues to rise and transmission amongst gay men shows no sign of diminishing(3) (4). Over a quarter of 14 to 15 year olds in the UK think that the contraceptive pill protects against infection (5).

¡¥You may well say, it¡¦s not my problem ¡V but the implications and consequences for society of the lack of informed contraception and professionally delivered sexual health education is everyone¡¦s problem ¡V parents, teachers, tutors, sexual health workers, employers and young people themselves, of course.¡¦

As the SAFER 2002 Campaign commences, schools and youth organisations in the UK or overseas who have registered with the SEXplained¡K Foundation will receive free Sex Education Packs.

The Sex Education Packs will contain SEXplained¡K The Uncensored Guide to Sexual Health and SEXplained¡K 2 For Young People together with condoms, branded pens and other appropriate educational and promotional material. A list of the companies supporting SAFER 2002 by donating money, items or prizes to enable the SEXplained¡K Foundation to continue its work will be provided in each pack. Currently, the SEXplained¡K Foundation has received requests for more than 20,000 Sex Education Packs. In addition to being listed in the Sex Education Packs, companies supporting SAFER 2002 will be featured on the www. sexplained. org website. The more they donate, the higher their profile on the website.

Choice FM will publicise the Foundation¡¦s events, attract advertising and plug participating companies. Companies already standing four square behind the SAFER 2002 Campaign include: Condomania Ltd (UK), one of Europe¡¦s largest condom suppliers; Cool, the condom brand of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, (IPPF) European Network; Mertec Computers PLC, the leading Swansea based computer system and network solutions company in the Southwest; Bridgend Rugby Football Club; National Ambulance Service, a dedicated Patient Transport Service provider to prestigious NHS Trusts in England; Mediaburst Ltd, a leading provider of business class messaging services incorporating broadcast electronic message and document distribution in the UK; and RingtoneZone. co. uk, a subsidiary of StealthNET Interactive.

Companies supporting SAFER 2002 and the SEXplained¡K Foundation through sponsorship and advertising on Choice FM qualify for 100% tax relief for the nett cost to them of their involvement.

To help raise funds, the SEXplained¡K Foundation is holding an It¡¦s a Knockout competition and Fun Day provisionally booked for 14th/15th September in London. Schools and youth organisations are invited to send a representative and reserve player; fellow students will help them raise funds to support their school/organisation, which will then receive a number of Sex Education Packs equivalent to the amount they have raised. This will provide their school/organisation with a valuable resource to enhance their sexual health education programme benefiting even more students.

Local businesses will be invited to match fund these amounts and, by so doing, will be perceived as being socially responsible ¡¥good neighbours¡¦.

¡¥This truly is a win-win situation for all those getting involved,¡¦ says Patrick Berry, Managing Director, Choice FM. ¡¥As a leading voice in the Black community, we believe it¡¦s our duty to stand up and be counted and to play our part in proactive prevention. Therefore, we wholeheartedly commit ourselves to the SAFER 2002 Campaign. We urge others to do the same, in whatever way they can.¡¦

¡¥Together we can challenge young people's perceptions of contraception and sexual health - and really make that difference. This Campaign has been designed to help as many young people and businesses as possible. In addition to SEXplained... Foundation¡¦s publicity, we will be mentioning on air, all businesses supporting this Campaign. The more support a company provides, the more that company will be mentioned. No company considering itself to be socially responsible can afford to be left out, when all we are asking is for their support at nett cost, so that the SEXplained¡K Foundation can generate more Sex Education Packs to help young people here and overseas.¡¦

Although SAFER 2002 is being co-ordinated from London, individual campaigns will be run across the UK, commencing with Wales and Manchester. Substantial interest is being generated from other areas as diverse as Scotland, Tobago, Johannesburg and San Francisco. Raffles, auctions and other competitions are just some of the other events being planned.

This campaign is growing and we have just received support from Sir Richard Branson in the form of two tickets to New York on Virgin Atlantic to auction for fundraising.


Contact: Gill Sampson, SEXplained¡K Foundation, PO Box 6969, Chiswick, London W4 3WX - UK. Tel: +44 (0) 20 8742 3910

E-mail: sexplained. foundation@virgin. net

Website: www. sexplained. org


(1) Professor John Guillebaud ¡V Contraception ¡V Your Questions Answered ¡V ISBN 0-4430-6153-x ¡V p2

(2) World Health Organisation

(3)+(4) DOH ¡V Prevalence of HIV and Hepatitis Infections in the UK 2000 Report on the Unlinked Anonymous Surveys Steering Group DOH Dec 2001

(5) Health Education Authority ¡V Young People and Health, HEA 1999

Note to Editors:


Members of the Board of SEXplained... Foundation include:

Mr Archie Garbutt, retired; Ms Gill Sampson - Teacher and Healthcare Consultant; Ms Sarah Lennon, District Nursing Sister. Mr Garbutt and Ms Sampson formerly worked for Schering Health Care Ltd and have wide experience of the educational problems faced by SEXplained... Foundation. They each have a keen interest in promoting such education to the public, here and overseas. As a not-for-profit organisation, SEXplained... Foundation is set up to fundraise and work for the benefit of the community. It is not a registered charity and as such outright donations to the Foundation do not qualify for tax relief. The Foundation can, however, provide advertising and promotional services in order to raise funds for its purposes, e. g. showing a company logo and promoting a third party for their involvement with its fundraising activities.

These are legitimate business expenses and qualify for tax relief as a deduction against profits. No directors of SEXplained¡K Ltd are on the board of SEXplained... Foundation. SEXplained... Ltd is one of several corporate supporters of SEXplained... Foundation. All revenues generated from the Foundation's activities are used to promote the Foundation's activities. No salaries, commissions, or other payments are made to the members other than legitimate expenses.

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Dave Roush of Insurance. com to Speak at Thomas Weisel Partners Internet & Digital Media Conference

Dave Roush of Insurance. com to Speak at Thomas Weisel Partners Internet & Digital Media Conference

Insurance. com, the nation's leading online auto insurance agency, today announced that Dave Roush, CEO, will speak at Thomas Weisel Partners Internet & Digital Media Conference on Wednesday, March 7, 2007 at 1:30 P. M. Pacific Time at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco, California.

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) March 2, 2007

Insurance. com (http://www. insurance. com/) , the nation's leading online auto insurance agency, today announced that Dave Roush, CEO, will speak at Thomas Weisel Partners Internet & Digital Media Conference on Wednesday, March 7, 2007 at 1:30 P. M. Pacific Time at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco, California. Mr. Roush will present an overview of Insurance. com, the auto insurance market, and the way Insurance. com operates within the marketplace, outlining the unique comparison shopping model the company offers consumers.

"We're pleased and honored to be involved in this prestigious event. We're looking forward to illustrating the strength and effectiveness of the Insurance. com model, and how it truly empowers consumers by bringing leading auto insurance companies together to compete for the consumer's business," reported Roush.

About Insurance. com

Insurance. com, based in Solon, Ohio, is owned and operated by Insurance. com, Inc, a ComparisonMarket Company. Insurance. com enables consumers to instantly compare and buy competitive auto insurance quotes (http://www. insurance. com/quotes/Auto. aspx) directly from more than a dozen leading insurance companies. When ready to purchase, users have the option of completing the transaction online or talking directly to an unbiased licensed agent. Other products include life, health and home insurance as well as travel, dental and pet health insurance. Insurance. com also operates 4insurance. com (http://www.4insurance. com/).

In addition to Insurance. com, the company provides private labeled auto insurance solutions to financial institutions, affinity groups and online marketplaces to offer their customers real choice and savings opportunities on auto insurance.


Http://www. insurance. com/ (http://www. insurance. com/)

Http://www. insurance. com/quotes/Auto. aspx (http://www. insurance. com/quotes/Auto. aspx)

Http://www.4insurance. com/ (http://www.4insurance. com/)


Dave Roush, CEO

Insurance. com



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Clarity Group, Inc. Announces Launch of Portal 2.0, the Next Generation of the Healthcare SafetyZone® Portal

Clarity Group, Inc. Announces Launch of Portal 2.0, the Next Generation of the Healthcare SafetyZone® Portal

Clarity Group, Inc. has released its new version of the Healthcare SafetyZone® Portal. Portal 2.0.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 22, 2010

Clarity Group, Inc., a leading provider of healthcare risk, quality and patient safety software and consulting services, announced today that it has launched its new 2.0 version of the Healthcare SafetyZone® Portal ("Portal")

The Portal is Clarity's web-based solution to electronic event reporting and data management, which have become necessities in all healthcare systems/provider organizations focused on patient safety. The Portal, which was created in 2003 by Clarity's development team, provides its users with a streamlined data collection system that is populated by user-defined fields so that users know they are collecting and reporting on the information that is of value to them. Also built into the Portal is a powerful notification engine that allows for a real-time access to the data for immediate follow-up and consultation. The system is HIPAA compliant and is set up to your exact specifications, from the questions being asked to what information is seen by those doing follow-up. Kim Reed, IT Manager for Clarity Group and lead developer of Portal 2.0 says, "The Portal gives our clients the ability to collect not only patient safety events of falls and medication errors, but is used broadly to manage such areas as patient complaints, infection control events, equipment failures and security events. The Portal enables each client to determine the events it wants to collect and how it wants to collect and follow-up on the information provided."

Since 2003, Clarity has worked with its Portal clients to enhance and to ensure that the Portal has adapted to the needs of the users. Kim Reed says, "The Portal 2.0 was a complete rework of the original system. While the main functionality and user friendly interface has stayed very much intact, we have rebuilt the inner workings of the system to provide the end user with a more advanced analysis and graphing features as well as a more refined look and feel."

Built on the latest development platform, Portal 2.0 also offers a much more comprehensive set of administrative level capabilities that allow the administrators at the individual facilities to truly control what data is being collected, who is being notified of that data and how it gets reported back out from the system.

With an ever growing list of hospitals/facilities using the Portal, Clarity has a rich pool of resources to assist in development. "We really work with our clients to ask them what features they would like to see in Portal 2.0. From the beginning, the Portal has been designed with the users in mind. With all the feedback we received during the development stage, Portal 2.0 genuinely is a system that was built by the users to work the way they want to work," states Craig Russell, Vice President of Information Services and Products at Clarity.

Since its introduction in 2003, there has not been a single facility that has stopped using the Portal once they've started. Portal 2.0 is currently being rolled out into new healthcare systems across the nation and is being upgraded in all of the existing users throughout the first two quarters of 2010.

To get more information on Portal 2.0 or Clarity Group, Inc. Please visit our website at www. claritygrp. com or contact Nick Hajek at 773.864.8280.

Clarity Group, Inc. is a Chicago-based specialist in innovative integrated risk/quality/safety/service systems and consulting products that enable healthcare organizations to execute on their vision for excellence. Core Clarity products include captive insurance company development and operations, risk-quality-safety consulting services and the web-based Healthcare SafetyZone® Portal that engages all staff in collaborative, data driven change to transform the organization into a Healthcare Safety Zone for patients, visitors and staff. Clarity PSO, a Division of Clarity Group, Inc., is federally listed as a Patient Safety Organization with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality of the Department of Health and Human Services.

# # #

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Non Profit Accounting Software

Non Profit Accounting Software

Athena Software (http://www. athenasoftware. net/features-billing. html) launched a new version of Penelope featuring new non profit accounting software reports using Athena’s web based integrated counseling software.

Guelph, ON (PRWEB) March 8, 2006

Athena Software (http://www. athenasoftware. net/features-billing. html (http://www. athenasoftware. net/features-billing. html)) launched a new version of Penelope featuring new non profit accounting software reports using Athena’s web based integrated counseling software. Dana Fox, Director of Business Development Athena Software mailto:dana@athenasoftware. net said, “Penelope Case Management and Counseling Software's powerful accounting system makes it easy to intelligently invoice and record payment for even the most difficult funding arrangements.” Fox went on to say, “Invoices, discounts, write-offs, and payments can be logged against the full range of funder types – EAP’s, private insurers, government payers, sliding scale or fee for service clients, public funders (eg. Medicaid), and group policies - and, if need be, all at once and in any combination!” Penelope Counseling / Case Management Software generates claims, invoices, CMS-1500s (formerly HCFA 1500) for individuals or insurers/funders. Penelope's new "shopping cart" model makes it easy to record relevant service item codes for a single activity.

Penelope Counseling/ Case Management Software automatically tracks billable services and provides for single and batch invoicing for the appropriate billable item. A large number of reports can be generated that summarize EAP / funder / payer statistical, account aging, utilization and accounting / financial data.

Athena’s world class case management software will provide the new non profit accounting software reports with the added functionality of fully integrated:

-worker /client scheduling

-client outcome evaluation

-clinical case and session note recording

-program service delivery details

-comprehensive reporting functions

-client self-intake kiosk mode

-internal communications and workflow management tools

-server, backup and operating system

About athena software. net

Athena software is one of the world's most powerful and fully integrated case management and client information solutions designed for counselling, sociology, mental health centers and EAP providers. Athena helps its customers reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and improve customer service by integrating human resources, notes, outcome evaluation and billing into one system. Athena solutions combine decades of combined experience with the power of server-based and open-source database technology. Athena Software, an IBM Business Partner and Server Certified, is listed by the United Way of America’s Outcome Measurement Resource Network (http://www. unitedway. org/outcomes (http://www. unitedway. org/outcomes)) and supports the United Way of America (UWA) new Standards of Excellence initiative.

Athena gives the power to innovate and customize the system back to the customer without the cost. We make systems integration easy and affordable for people helping others.

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Wyatt Matas & Associates Adds New Home Healthcare Partner

Wyatt Matas & Associates Adds New Home Healthcare Partner

Wyatt Matas & Associates' new partner will focus on the newly launched "Value Enhancing Strategies" for home healthcare and hospice companies.

WASHINGTON, DC. (PRWEB) December 20, 2006

Wyatt Matas & Associates (WMA), an investment banking firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions, announced today that Roland Cleneay, an authority in home health care with over 20 years of experience, is joining WMA as a partner and will lead the Advisory Services division.

Wyatt Matas & Associates' Advisory Services are designed for companies exploring a potential sale of their business, but have not yet decided when or how. Under the Advisory Services umbrella, Wyatt Matas & Associates' newly launched Value Enhancing Strategies will provide home health agencies a guide to determining their current value, a review of their marketing and operational strategies, as well as the development of strategic value initiatives that will maximize the ultimate market value of the agency when they do decide to sell the company.

"To have someone with credentials like Roland Cleneay leading our Advisory Services is a demonstration of our commitment to the home health care industry," Wyatt Matas & Associates Partner Chip Measells said, "His experience paired with our new Value Enhancing Strategies will allow our clients to plan for a successful exit whether they are considering selling now or in two to three years."

Cleneay provides expertise in finance, operations, mergers and acquisitions as well as information technology. Previously, Mr. Cleneay served as President of Total Senior Health Care, an integrated mobile physician/home healthcare company in Naples, FL. His executive experience also includes roles as Regional Vice President for AllianceCare, Vice President of Operations for Best Choice Home Care and Director of Reimbursement for Girling Healthcare. In addition, he has held positions with the Florida Department of Health as well as the Medicare Fiscal Intermediary (Aetna).

"For home health agencies now, more than ever before, it is especially crucial to develop marketing and operational strategies that will maximize value when they do decide to exit their business," Cleneay said, "Although some agencies may not be considering exiting for several years, knowing the worth of their company now and determining a step by step strategy to enhance the future value will provide a clear path to success. Wyatt Matas & Associates' focus on building long term relationships within the industries they serve provides me a platform to fully serve our clients with the dignity, professionalism and confidentiality they have come to expect."

For more information about Wyatt Matas & Associates, or their new Value Enhancing Strategies please contact Roland Cleneay at (202) 661-4691.


Wyatt Matas & Associates is an investment-banking firm specializing in representing small and mid-sized companies in niche sectors in home health care and staffing industries. Wyatt Matas & Associates understands that the key to successful merger and acquisition management lies in the relationships created. By fostering relationships built with foundations of integrity and credibility, Wyatt Matas & Associates' team of experts has developed a distinctive reputation for relationship-oriented deal making. For more information, visit www. wyattmatas. com.


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Leopardo Construction Completes 105,000-Square-Foot Build-Out of Komatsu's New North American Headquarters

Leopardo Construction Completes 105,000-Square-Foot Build-Out of Komatsu's New North American Headquarters

Leopardo Construction, a leading construction services firm, today announced the completion of the five-floor, 105,000-square-foot interior build-out of the North American headquarters for Komatsu America Corp., a leading manufacturer and supplier of construction and mining equipment.

Rolling Meadows, IL (PRWEB) November 21, 2006

Leopardo Construction, a leading construction services firm, today announced the completion of the five-floor, 105,000-square-foot interior build-out of the North American headquarters for Komatsu America Corp., a leading manufacturer and supplier of construction and mining equipment.

The new headquarters, located in the Continental Towers at 1701 West Golf Road in Rolling Meadows, Ill., is a consolidation of two suburban Chicago offices in Downers Grove and Vernon Hills, and provides office space for more than 300 Komatsu employees.

As general contractor, Leopardo built the space following an innovative and intricate design provided by the architect, Partners by Design. The first-floor reception area and elevator lobbies bear the stamp of Komatsu's corporate image with company history and product offerings displays.

The headquarters also includes a state-of-the-art training room, sophisticated computer server room, and an executive boardroom with high-end millwork, lighting and wall finishes. From an aerial perspective, circular and triangular-shaped rooms depict gears of construction equipment.

"With a great design in place, our team of interior construction experts worked extremely hard and ran all five floors simultaneously to deliver a high-class North American headquarters in less than four months," said Richard Underriner, senior project manager in Leopardo Construction's interiors group.

Continental Towers is a three-building, 923,000-square-foot office complex interconnected by a retail concourse that includes Magnum's Steakhouse, Metro Deli, Fifth Third Bank, a floral shop, dry cleaner, print shop, salon and travel agency.

About Leopardo Construction

Leopardo Construction is a leading construction firm providing pre-construction, general contracting, construction management, design-build and development services. In 2006, Leopardo Construction was recognized by Engineering News-Record magazine as one of the nation's largest 250 contractors. The company's team of 500 experts has specialized capabilities in interiors, healthcare, senior housing, retail, office, industrial, residential condominiums, aviation, hospitality and community-related projects such as libraries, churches and educational institutions.

For more than a quarter century, Leopardo's family of employees has been committed to quality construction, superior client service and tremendous value. In addition to its corporate headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, Leopardo Construction has offices in Chicago and Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, as well as job sites across the nation. For more information, please visit Leopardo Construction (http://www. leopardo. com).

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Health Podcast by World-Renowned Health Educator Celebrates 100th Episode and Continues to Offer Life-Changing Advice

Health Podcast by World-Renowned Health Educator Celebrates 100th Episode and Continues to Offer Life-Changing Advice

Clinical Nutritionist Byron J. Richards has dedicated his life to educate and inform the world on the benefits of natural health. His popular health podcast aired its 100th episode June 17, 2010.

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) June 29, 2010

World-renowned health educator and clinical nutritionist, Byron J. Richards, celebrated the 100th episode of his popular health podcast June 17, 2010. Richards’ health podcast has captured audiences with engaging, easy-to-understand health topics since 2008.

Richards is a leading authority on nutritional supplements and their uses and benefits. His informative health podcast, The Weekly Wellness Update, offers nutritional advice that can make a big difference in a person’s health and quality of life.

Each health podcast covers the latest health news and natural solutions for topics such as thyroid health, weight loss, women’s health, cardiovascular support, sleep, blood sugar and bone health to name a few.

“The purpose of my health podcast is to educate people as well as to entertain them. It is important that people get the real facts on nutrients and how these nutrients can truly improve their health and life,” Richards said.

Listeners are encouraged to submit questions about their toughest health issues at http://www. wellnessresources. com/health_podcast/ (http://www. wellnessresources. com/health_podcast/) to be discussed during the weekly health podcast. The life-changing nutritional advice keeps listeners coming back for more each week. Richards said he enjoys the e-mails of gratitude that pour in.

“I love listening to your health podcast,” wrote one listener. “I come away from them feeling that I’ve gained so much knowledge. I do appreciate what you are sharing with the world. People like you are the true teachers of health.”

The most recent health podcast (http://www. wellnessresources. com/health_podcast/) can be downloaded from the Wellness Resources, Inc.™ natural health supplement (http://www. wellnessresources. com/) website.

About Wellness Resources, Inc.™

Wellness Resources is a family owned nutritional supplement company based in Minneapolis, MN. For 25 years Wellness Resources, Inc.™ has been helping thousands world-wide to achieve and maintain excellent health with therapeutic supplements. The Wellness Resources® supplement line, formulated by Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist Byron J. Richards, is based on scientific studies and clinical experience. It is Wellness Resources, Inc.™ mission is to help individuals attain optimum health with the highest quality nutritional supplements in the world.


Nyssa Dahlberg

Wellness Resources, Inc

(800) 717-9355

Http://www. wellnessresources. com/ (http://www. wellnessresources. com/)

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Zynergy celebrates the launching of Celebrationliving. com

Zynergy celebrates the launching of Celebrationliving. com

Want to Know What the Latest is in Celebration? . . . Be Looking for www. celebrationliving. com!

(PRWEB) August 18, 2001

Soon the world will know what makes Celebration such a wonderful community in which to live, work, and play. Celebration Living is a worldwide broadcast service which provides updated information about the people and happenings in Celebration.

A beautiful website, www. celebrationliving. com, and newsletter will keep readers up-to-date as to the latest events and stories about the residents, businesses and others who make Celebration such a special place. Readers will receive information on:

  *Architectural Styles and Amenities of 

 Homes and Business Property Available in


  *Community Events and Special Happenings

  *Inside Looks at Residents and Community

 Leaders Who Have Helped Shape Celebration

  *Celebration Business Profiles

  *Cornerstone Updates on Education, Health

 and Fitness Services, Youth Programs, and

 much, much more!

While there has been much written about Celebration, this is the first publication that lets the world see the positive impact that Celebration has had on its residents and on the rest of the Central Florida community.

The World Wants to Know About Celebration Living!

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Ozburn-Hessey Logistics Hires Mark Holmes as Vice President, Global Integrated Solutions

Ozburn-Hessey Logistics Hires Mark Holmes as Vice President, Global Integrated Solutions

Global 3PL Adds Industry Veteran to Lead International Expansion Strategy

Brentwood, TN (Vocus) March 14, 2008

Ozburn-Hessey Logistics (OH Logistics) recently hired Mark Holmes as Vice President, Global Integrated Solutions. Holmes will develop integrated solutions for international clients for the global supply chain management company.

“Mark’s vast experience in overseas logistics operations and his ability to implement strategic plans will strengthen our business as we continue to expand our international presence,” said Scott McWilliams, CEO of OH Logistics. “His consulting experience provides keen insight into what potential clients are seeking in a supply chain partner and is helping us evaluate our operations as ‘an outsider looking in’.”

Holmes is joining a new department at OH Logistics that focuses on integrating multiple services to provide the most comprehensive logistics solutions. Fred Loeffel, SVP Global Account Management and leader of the new department commented, “Holmes is responsible for developing a retail product that will utilize our overseas network, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, transportation, and value added warehousing capabilities, effectively bringing together various services to provide enhanced solutions.”

Most recently, Holmes was an independent consultant in the supply chain industry and had previously served as National Supply Chain Practice Director for Collaborative Consulting in Burlington, Mass., where he was responsible for optimizing business and technology capabilities for international clients. Prior to this role, Holmes provided supply chain event management and procurement application solutions for pharmaceutical, retail, and 3PL/4PL markets as Director of Logistics Solutions for Tilion, Inc.

“I am delighted by the opportunity to join OH Logistics and to work with a fast-growing, international company that is focused on building and strengthening globally integrated solutions,” commented Holmes. “It’s exciting to be part of a company that is fully committed to implementing best business practices from the point of international origin through all supply chain handoffs to the end customer and provide complete visibility throughout the supply chain.”

Holmes holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Indiana University and a master’s degree in business administration from Bentley College. He is the New England President and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for the American Society of Transportation and Logistics. He is a member of the Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards organization and of the DC Bypass Committee. Holmes is actively involved in helping University of Rhode Island students enter the supply chain management profession, and enjoys coaching soccer, softball, and baseball.

Additional information on Mark Holmes can be found at

Http://www. ohlogistics. com/global-integrated-supply-chain-vp-oh-logistics. asp (http://www. ohlogistics. com/global-integrated-supply-chain-vp-oh-logistics. asp).

About OH Logistics (www. ohlogistics. com)

Based in Tennessee, Ozburn-Hessey Logistics is one of the largest 3PLs in the world, providing supply chain management solutions including international and domestic transportation, warehousing, customs brokerage, freight forwarding, and import and export consulting services. The company offers fulfillment, e-commerce fulfillment, service parts management, return logistics, network optimization, cross docking, and pool distribution. OH Logistics consists of three divisions—International Services, Contract Logistics and Transportation Services. The company operates over 100 value-added distribution centers and offers complete transportation management services domestically and internationally. OH Logistics serves the food service consolidation; industrial; electronic and high-tech; health and beauty; consumer products; and many other industries and employs over 5,000.

OH Logistics can be reached at (877) 401-6400 or on the Web at www. ohlogistics. com.


Karen Hall

Director of Marketing and Communications

Ozburn-Hessey Logistics

(615) 524-3652

Khall@ohlogistics. com

Sarah Nadler

Account Executive, Public Relations

Gish, Sherwood & Friends

(615) 385-1100

Snadler@gish. com


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US Senate Resolution Recognizes National Nurse-Managed Health Clinic Week October 3-9, 2010 -- “Community Health Care Models for the 21st Century”

US Senate Resolution Recognizes National Nurse-Managed Health Clinic Week October 3-9, 2010 -- “Community Health Care Models for the 21st Century”

Nurse practitioners, advanced practice nurses and registered nurses from across the United States will celebrate National Nurse-Managed Health Clinic Week, October 3-9, 2010.

Washington, DC (Vocus) October 5, 2010

Nurse practitioners, advanced practice nurses and registered nurses from across the United States will celebrate National Nurse-Managed Health Clinic Week, October 3-9, 2010. Senate Resolution 643, co-sponsored by Senator Daniel K. Inouye (D), and Senator Lamar Alexander (R) officially designates the week beginning October 3rd as National Nurse-Managed Health Clinic Week.

Nurse-managed health clinics serve as crucial health care access points for vulnerable and underserved patients in rural, urban and suburban communities throughout the country. This designated week will provide a national forum to promote the services offered by the 250 nurse-managed health clinics in the United States and recognize the contributions of nurse-managed health clinics throughout the nation.

“National Nurse Managed Health Clinic Week celebrates the work of nurse-managed health clinics operating in the United States. It also highlights the need for policymakers to appropriate $50 million to the new nurse-managed health clinic funding program that was authorized by the Affordable Care Act,” said Tine Hansen-Turton, chief executive officer of National Nursing Centers Consortium (NNCC).

Earlier this week, the US Department of Health and Human Services announced $14.8 million in new funding for nurse-managed health clinics as part of its ongoing efforts to increase primary care access and develop the health care workforce. This funding, provided by the Prevention and Public Health Fund of the Affordable Care Act, will support access to primary care for approximately 94,000 patients and training for more than 900 advanced practice nurses. However, a $50 million Affordable Care Act program for nurse-managed health clinics and authorized by Congress in March still needs appropriations.

“Nurses are ready, willing and able to step up and meet our country’s primary care needs. By authorizing investment in nurse-managed health clinics, Congress has shown that it understands the ability of nurse practitioners to provide cost-effective primary care. Nurse-managed health clinics will use this funding to provide health care to patients who are most in need, and to increase educational opportunities for the next generation of primary care providers,” said chair of NNCC board of directors Kenneth P. Miller, PhD, RN, CFNP, FAAN.

Nurse-managed health clinics are led by advanced practice nurses, most of whom are nurse practitioners who act as primary care providers for patients. They provide primary care, health promotion and disease prevention services to patients least likely to receive ongoing health care services. This population includes patients of all ages who are uninsured, underinsured, living in poverty or members of racial and ethnic minority groups. More than 85 of the nation’s leading nursing schools operate nurse-managed health clinics, enhancing learning and practice opportunities for nursing students and other health professions students.


The largest organization of nurse-managed health clinics in the United States, National Nursing Centers Consortium (NNCC) works to advance nurse-led health care through policy, consultation, programs and applied research to reduce health disparities and meet people’s primary care and wellness needs. The nation’s 250 nurse-managed health clinics reduce health disparities by providing high quality comprehensive primary health care, health promotion and disease prevention services to uninsured, underinsured and vulnerable patients in rural, urban and suburban communities.

NNCC members and nurse-managed care will be highlighted in the final report of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing, at the Institute of Medicine, to be released in Fall 2010.


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Healthx Synergy Solutions Partners with Innovative Process Administration (IPA) to Offer Enrollment Solutions to Payers and Employer Groups

Healthx Synergy Solutions Partners with Innovative Process Administration (IPA) to Offer Enrollment Solutions to Payers and Employer Groups

Healthx, a leading provider of healthcare technology and Innovative Process Administration, LLC, a leader in outsourced benefits enter partnership to provide state of the art Enrollment Solutions to Payers and Employer Groups.

Indianapolis IN, USA (PRWEB) November 20, 2005

Healthx technology solutions connect healthcare constituents (payers, providers, employers, members, brokers and trading partners) with services that make healthcare benefits more convenient and affordable. Synergy Solutions, a new division of Healthx, acts as a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) on behalf of over 220 Healthx clients; representing the largest network of independent payers in the nation. Synergy Solutions selects value added third party solutions and integrates those solutions

Into Healthx’s industry leading technology platform for seamless delivery into the market.

Healthx is pleased to announce its first Synergy Solutions Partner Innovative Process Administration, LLC (IPA). IPA is one of the most experienced, and successful, vendors in the outsource benefits administration arena. IPA is headquartered in Cleveland, OH and has focused exclusively on Enrollment Automation since 1994. IPA provides fully automated “employee self service” enrollment and related administration for employers and benefit administrators. Healthx Synergy Solutions represents over 220 payers across the United States, making the payers they serve the fourth largest provider of benefit plans in the country. According to Greg Bell, President and CEO of Healthx, “By integrating best-of-breed services into our technology platform, we can help our payers gain competitive advantages. By combining our size and working together with partners like IPA, we can spread the development costs of services we build and drive down the costs of integrated third party services we connect to on behalf of Healthx payer clients.

Jim Zedella, CEO and President of IPA, said “Healthx is clearly the leader in eHealth solutions for mid market payers and we are pleased to take our relationship with them to the next level.”

Healthx Synergy Solutions group buying power reduces the time and cost to exchange relevant healthcare research and analysis and brings newer more cost effective solutions to the market faster. Synergy Solutions leverages Healthx payer relationships to negotiate better prices with vendors who offer value added healthcare tools and technology.

The Deloitte Technology Fast 500 recognizes North America’s fastest growing technology companies in terms of percentage of revenue growth over five years. In 2005, Healthx was awarded the honor of appearing as number 49 on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500, and Healthx ranked 459th position on the Inc. 500, a ranking of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the country. Additional information about Healthx products and services can be found on www. healthx. com.

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Lack of Health Care Coverage Sends U. S. Weight Loss Surgery Patients to Mexico

Lack of Health Care Coverage Sends U. S. Weight Loss Surgery Patients to Mexico

Board Certified Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeons in Tijuana offer lower costs and realistic payment plans to make Weight Loss surgery affordable for U. S. citizens.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) January 11, 2010

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, weight loss surgery costs between $20,000 to $25,000 on average. While the debate rages on about the long term cost-saving health benefits of weight loss surgery, insurance companies are continuing to make the approval process difficult for a majority of patients seeking the surgery.

Medicare, for example will not cover any weight loss surgery for obese patients, unless they have one of the specific health related problems, even if a doctor has officially diagnosed the patient as being obese.

As a result, more obese Americans fall under the self-pay option for their weight loss surgery needs and are joining the 150,000+ Americans each year who look to medical tourism options to get their surgeries done. With most Americans still feeling the economy troubles, Mexico is becoming the most realistic travel option for these surgeries, as plastic surgery clinics such as CosMed Clinic in Tijuana are only 20 miles from the San Diego US/Mexico Border and is known for its Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who are licensed to practice in both the United States and Mexico.

“We’ve seen a big increase in the number of American patients who are coming to our clinic for weight loss surgery because their U. S. health insurance will not cover their needs," explained Dr. Alejandro Quiroz, M. D. CosMed’s Chief Surgeon who is Licensed in both the United States and Mexico and lives in Coronado, California. “Surgeries average about 20% less than those in the US, plus we offer realistic financing plans to help them pay for their care.”

About CosMed Clinic

CosMed Clinic features board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons who are licensed to practice in both the United States and Mexico. The clinic specializes in providing weight loss patients with the most advanced plastic surgery techniques and services. In addition to Post Bariatric / After Weight Loss Surgery, CosMed also offers face lifts, liposculpture, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, body lifts and more. The office is located 20 minutes south of San Diego. More information at http://www. cosmedclinic. com/ (http://www. cosmedclinic. com/)

Media Contacts

Holly Berkley

Media Relations

(619) 957 2593


Dr. Alejandro Quiroz, M. D.

CosMed’s founder and Chief Surgeon

Tel USA (619) 428-4803

Toll Free 1 877 4COSMED


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Clumsy Duck Publishing Captures USA Book News' National Best Books Award

Clumsy Duck Publishing Captures USA Book News' National Best Books Award

'My Angels Are Come,' a summer-released title from indie publisher Clumsy Ducks Publishing, has won the National Best Books 2008 Award in the Men's Health category.

South Bend, IN (PRWEB) December 31, 2008 -

'My Angels Are Come' is a powerful memoir of prostate cancer survival from author Art Stump. His moving account thoroughly examines every side of his encounter with cancer and is especially forthcoming about the extraordinary group of caregivers--his angels--who cared for him in a small Midwestern cancer treatment facility.

The book, the author's first, was spotlighted in the 'Publishers Weekly' August focus on health, quoting Donna Welch, the publisher's Consulting Editor: "This book is unique because of the remarkable detail and candor that the author uses in dealing with such a private subject. He explores and shares every intimate aspect of the disease and its treatment--physical, psychological, and emotional--as his cancer experience progresses."

One aspect critically singled out by the author is the matter of patient privacy rights, an issue that seems to have resonated with many readers. On the publisher's website, clumsyducks. com (http://www. clumsyducks. com), reader feedback applauds the bold frankness with which the author confronts the failures of his treatment hospital, the Memorial Hospital of South Bend, Indiana, to effectively protect his patient privacy rights.

In the end, that issue becomes an important secondary theme in the book's narrative, the author characterizing the Hospital's failures as 'far and away the most afflictive experience of my entire cancer ordeal.'

For further information, visit the Clumsy Ducks website.

Read Author Bio: Art Stump (http://www. clumsyducks. com/index. html#pab1_3)

Read Reviews: Highly Recommended -- Midwest Book Review (http://www. clumsyducks. com/index. html#pab1_4)

ISBN: 978-0-9793111-0-9

Price: $24.95 USD

Pages: 472; paperback

Distributors: Baker & Taylor / Ingram / Holt Jackson / Coutts / Spring Arbor / NACSCORP

Genre: Memoir / Health - Cancer Survival / Men's Health

Pub Date: July 2008

Contact: Donna Welch, Consulting Editor

Contact the publisher:

Clumsy Ducks Publishing

4600 S. Michigan St.

South Bend, IN 46614


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Inpro/Seal Conveyor Idler Bearing Isolator Increases Reliability And Safety In Mining Operations -- Now With MSHA Recognition

Inpro/Seal Conveyor Idler Bearing Isolator Increases Reliability And Safety In Mining Operations -- Now With MSHA Recognition

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has recognized Inpro/Seal's Belt Conveyor Idler/Roller Bearing Isolator, assigned it tag #AP2007-93304 and posted it on their website - www. msha. gov. Once installed it will protect idler bearings in mining operations and provide additional safety and reliability.

Rock Island, Illinois (PRWEB) February 8, 2007

Inpro/Seal Company, the Rock Island, IL, based manufacturer of bearing isolators has announced that the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has recognized their Belt Conveyor Idler/Roller Bearing Isolator, assigned it tag #AP2007-93304 and posted it on their website - www. msha. gov

The Mission Of The MSHA

Part of the U. S. Department of Labor, the Mine Safety and Health Administration administers the provisions of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977 and enforces compliance with mandatory safety and health standards as a means to eliminate fatal accidents; to reduce the frequency and severity of nonfatal accidents; to minimize health hazards; and to promote improved mine safety and health.

Accident Prevention Program

The MSHA's accident prevention program, which addresses safety and reliability, can be found on their website - www. msha. gov. This site provides safety tips, programs, and material that can be used to prevent mining accidents. It also identifies innovative products that can help reduce mine hazards. On January 31, 2007, the Inpro/Seal Belt Conveyor Idler/Roller Bearing Isolator was recognized by the MSHA for its safety and reliability issues it assigned it with their tag #AP2007-93304. Once at the website, information can be found in a number of locations, including: safety, non-sparking conveyor; safety; reliability; innovative products; conveyors and related search areas.

The Use Of Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are used extensively to transport bulk materials, such as coal and ores. Typically, their belts are supported by three conveyor rollers (or idlers), positioned at intervals as close as three linear feet. One roller is horizontal; the other two are located on either side, at an angle necessary to carry the burden.

In the mining industry it is estimated that each mine has 3-4 miles of conveyor with idlers strung out the entire length of the belt. Depending on the application, they operate above and under ground and may extend for many miles over mountainous terrain, roads and streams. There may be as many as 10,500 bearings on the conveyor rollers per mile of run.

Ineffective Sealing Methods

Before the advent of Inpro/Seal's Belt Conveyor Idler/Roller Bearing Isolator, end users had to deal with ineffective methods to protect idler bearings. Because they were cheap and nothing else was available, spring-loaded elastomeric seals were used. The problem was that, as a contact seal, these tiny plastic devices made contact with each other, rubbed on the exterior of the idler roll when operating and were prone to early failure, making the entire bearing protection system somewhat precarious.

Failure Is Not An Option

When an idler fails, it is most likely to be the result of bearing damage caused by contaminants entering the bearing environment where they condense and contaminate the lubricant and cause the bearings to fail. Chances are the plastic has worn out, grooved the shaft or burned to a crisp at the point of contact. The end result is a seized roll, belt damage or worse. The idler can burst open, and if it does, metal-on-metal contact can cause sparking. To counter, most mining operations employ greasers to try to keep idler bearings lubricated in an effort to make contact seals work. Because contact seals carry a 100% failure rate, eventually end users have to deal with catastrophic belt failure.

Enter The Belt Conveyor Idler Roller Bearing Isolator

To counter, Inpro/Seal took their bearing isolator, a compound labyrinth bearing protection device, that they invented (and patented) in 1977 and modified it for use mining and other bulk solid applications. A non-contacting, non-sparking bronze labyrinth type seal, it provides safe, permanent bearing protection that never wears out and requires only a negligible amount of energy to operate.

In September of 2006, based upon direct customer request, continuous R&D and extensive field testing, Inpro/Seal announced their Belt Conveyor Idler/Roller Bearing Isolator. Initially, it was developed for use in coal mining to help boost productivity, save energy and most importantly increase safety. It has additional applications in aggregate, concrete and related applications that use belt conveyors.

The MSHA Recommendation

In mid-October 2006, David C. Orlowski, President/CEO of Inpro/Seal and the inventor of the bearing isolator made initial contact with the MSHA. Over the next few months photography and operating detail was submitted to MSHA people who fully understood what this product could mean to mining people. On January 31, 2007, the Inpro/Seal Belt Conveyor Idler/Roller Bearing Isolator obtained MSHA recognition and assigned MSHA tag #AP2007-93304. This is significant for Inpro/Seal as this is their first product to carry a government agency stamp of recognition.

Www. msha. gov

According the to the MSHA website, "Belt conveyor roller bearings are subjected to severe duty service. They are constantly exposed to dust, dirt and moisture. Plastic end caps and rubber contact seals installed to protect the bearings quickly wear and deteriorate, resulting in seized bearings. When a bearing seizes, it throws off sparks, melts and eventually causes the roller to seize. In addition, the frictional drag on the belt creates a large amount of electrical energy consumption, worn or torn belts and downtime."

It goes on to state, "Bearings are typically designed to last 20 years or more, but very seldom do, mostly because they are not adequately protected. Bearing isolators made of bearing bronze, brass, other non-sparking metal or sintered materials last much longer than those of rubber or plastic and can act as emergency sleeve bearings for a short time. The main bearing meltdown is therefore delayed until temperature rise is detected. The use of a temperature gun during examination exponentially increases the detection of failing bearings. There are isolator replacements available for the plastic protectors that can be installed by mine maintenance personnel with a press or a soft hammer."

About Inpro/Seal

Inpro/Seal Company is the originator and the world's number one manufacturer of bearing isolators, used to protect motor and pump bearings, machine tool spindles, turbines, fans, gear boxes, paper machine rolls and many other types of rotating equipment. Of the almost three million bearing isolators delivered to date, most all continue to operate in process plants worldwide, where end users continue to report significantly reduced operating costs with increased productivity and reliability.

For more information on Inpro/Seal Bearing Belt Conveyor Idler Roller Bearing Isolators contact: Jason

Putnam at: Inpro/Seal Company, P. O. Box 3940, Rock Island, Illinois 61204. Phone numbers are: (800) 447-0524 or (309) 787-4971. Fax number is: (309) 787-6114. Website: www. inpro-seal. com or www. bearingisolators. com

Additional information may be found at: www. msha. gov or by contacting MSHA's Approval and Certification Center at 304-547-0400


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Holiday Feasts Don't Have to Add Pounds

Holiday Feasts Don't Have to Add Pounds

Wouldn't it be nice to forget about counting calories, eat what you want over the holidays and still remain thin? According to David Hariton - the thin, 40-something author of Survival of the Thinnest -- you can stay thin, and eat whatever you want. The solution? 30-minutes a day.

(PRWEB) November 26, 2004

The holidays are here again, which means that many of us are going to be packing on weight and then agonizing about losing it. When you sit down with your family to a holiday feast, the last thing you want to worry about is your low-fat or low-carb fad diet. Wouldn't it be nice to forget about counting calories, eat what you want over the holidays and still remain thin?

According to David Hariton - the thin, 40-something author of Survival of the Thinnest -- you don't need to make a crazy New Year's resolution in order to lose weight. His research led to a diagnostic breakthrough that provides motivational energy for sticking with a simple plan, and he reports that his 30-minutes a day prescription works to let you look good, feel great and stay thin while eating whatever you want.

Hariton's conclusion is that all diets are doomed, because they fight our genetic script. Over time, he explains, our genes have evolved, and now an "active, thin/sedentary, fat" gene directs our bodies to stay thin if we are active and store fat if we are sedentary. As a number of studies show, our bodies are not merely passive fat depositories; instead, they actively maintain the particular level of fat that suits a person's lifestyle - high levels of fat if you're a couch potato; low levels if you "make your body think you run for a living."

That's why the key to Hariton's approach is exercise. "By maintaining a 30-minute daily exercise regimen, you will stay thin for the rest of your life," he declares. "Once you get your 30 minutes out of the way, you won't have to be active again all day. You can spend the rest of your time lounging about in an easy chair and still be able to eat whatever you want without gaining weight."

In our diet-obsessed culture, Hariton has had the nerve to design a stay-thin plan that eliminates dieting and all its frustrations. His process works, he says, because it lets you take advantage of your genetic inheritance to make your body "change its mind" about how thin to let you be.

Bestselling author John E. Sarno, M. D., who is also Professor of Rehabilitation at the New York University School of Medicine, supports Hariton's position. "Mr. Hariton maintains that exercise is the key to being thin and that this is genetically determined," Sarno says. "He obviously has done his homework and is an excellent writer, so reading his book was both an instructional and pleasurable experience."

Hariton's research jibes with a recent report in Nature about a study conducted by Dr. Dennis M. Bramble of the University of Utah and Dr. Daniel E Lieberman of Harvard University. When our distant ancestors developed primitive running attributes, the study's authors concluded, they must have improved the odds for survival and reproduction.

According to Hariton, Survival of the Thinnest is about helping people realize that running (along with other kinds of exercise) is still crucial, and that being thin and healthy for life is well worth 30 minutes a day. "My plan is designed to get you lean and keep you that way permanently, as no fad diet, extreme exercise routine, or expensive and ineffective pills ever can," he notes. "What's more, the life you live will be happier, healthier, stronger, more energetic, and more fun."

Survival of the Thinnest is available through www. survivalofthethinnest. com, Amazon. com, and Barnes & Noble. com as well as at independent bookstores throughout the country, and the fact that booksellers are ordering more and more copies may mean that there will be lots of thin and happy hearty eaters as this holiday season progresses.


For more information, please contact Christopher Trela at 212-556-6777.

Photos and book available.

ISBN # 1-879384-54-X

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Scientists Announce Breakthrough Against Arthritis

Scientists Announce Breakthrough Against Arthritis

Scientists from the Institute of Health, Cambridge, UK have announced that when Glucosamine Sulfate and Omega3 fish oils are taken together that they alleviate arthritis. Free report reveals the facts.

(PRWEB) October 31, 2001

A report just published from the Institute of Health, Cambridge, UK reveals that when two supplements Glucosamine Sulfate and Omega-3 Fatty Acids, are taken in the correct proportion, that they alleviate the painful inflammation and stiffness associated with arthritis.

Two separate research trials were conducted with placebo groups in place over a 3-year period.

The Glucosamine Sulphate was used on Osteo-Arthritis sufferers. And the Omega-3 was used on Rheumatoid Arthritis.

In both trials there was a significant improvement in the participantsÂ’ arthritic problems.

 Researchers concluded that the ideal dosage for the best results would be a product containing 500mg of Glucosamine Sulfate. And 350mg of Fish Oils.

 Ariflex is the only product on the market which has the exact proportions recommended.

 For more information and a free copy of the Institute of Health report email mPocock@bigfoot. com

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Premier Health Products Introduces New Massage Chair Model for 2006

Premier Health Products Introduces New Massage Chair Model for 2006

After going global with PHP Norway Premier Health Products has come out with a new model of massage chair, the PHP 2025 stretch.

Evergreen, CO (PRWEB) January 12, 2006

Premier Health Products, makers of the PHP 2022, PHP 2026 and PHP 2027 massage chairs introduces a brand new model for 2006, the PHP 2025 stretch massage chair.

Doubling in growth every year for the last 4 years Premier Health has gone from a fledgling company to a major player in the massage chair market giving Panasonic and Human Touch models sold by Brookstone and Sharper Image a real run for their money. If Premier was an IPO, I would be investing.

Rather than competing in the mall market Premier Health has gone local with their models being carried by hundreds of Relax The Back Stores across the country. Just recently they have also gone global with the introduction of PHP Norway, selling a modified version of the incredibly popular PHP 2027 for the 230 volt European market.

New for 2006, the PHP 2025 offers a unique stretch feature. The compression technology leg massager actually grasps the user’s calves and pulls to give a feeling of elongation. It also employs the new BioFit technology where an individual user can customize the length of the rolling stroke to fit their specific height. The chair also carries the industry’s longest warranty of 5 years.

Premier Health Products plans to introduce several new massage chairs this year with the PHP 2025 being just the first. In the works is a new zero gravity micro fiber chair and a massage chair with the first ever 8 roller mechanical calf, leg and foot massage unit.

This chair, along with all of Premier Health’s massage chairs can be purchased online at one of these authorized Premier Health distributors.

Http://www. premiermassagechairs. com (http://www. premiermassagechairs. com)

Http://www. massage-chairs. com (http://www. massage-chairs. com)

Http://www. massagechairoutlet. com (http://www. massagechairoutlet. com)

Http://www. wholesalemassagechairs. com (http://www. wholesalemassagechairs. com)


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AP9 AtHomeRewards Offers Useful Tips on How to Poison-Proof Your Home

AP9 AtHomeRewards Offers Useful Tips on How to Poison-Proof Your Home

AP9 AtHomeRewards offers members great deals on home improvement supplies and services that can help them protect their loved ones.

Norwalk, CONN (PRWEB) July 8, 2006

It’s every parent’s nightmare: You turn your back for just a second, and your child swallows a mouthful of pesticide (or rubbing alcohol or oven cleaner or …). Poison is the second-leading cause of unintentional, injury-related deaths in the home, notes AP9 AtHomeRewards (http://www. athomerewards-program. com/), a leading membership discount program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC, but far too many families still fail to take the necessary steps to protect their loved ones from the toxic substances commonly found in most homes.

Threats to your family’s safety can come in a variety of guises. You have little or no control over many of them -- terrorism, bad drivers, natural catastrophes -- but when it comes to household risks, you can make a difference. AP9 AtHomeRewards members know that they can log on to DealPass (http://www. dealpass. com/) to save on a variety of items and services that can contribute to a more inviting, more relaxing -- and safer -- home.

To help you protect your family from the potential dangers of common household poisons, AP9 AtHomeRewards (http://www. athomerewards-program. com/) offers the following tips:

-- Lock it up high. Hazardous substances should be stored in their own cabinets, high above the potential grasp of any youngsters, and firmly secured behind locks, in case your youngster likes to climb chairs, counters and other aids to higher access.

-- Lock it down low. If you insist upon keeping your cleaning agents in the cabinet under the sink (as most people do), be sure to install childproof locks on the cabinet door. An easily-opened cabinet door is practically an invitation for infants and toddlers to go exploring.

-- Separate edibles from poisons. In addition to protecting late-night snack hunters from making the wrong choice in dim lighting and/or a fatigued state, storing toxic substances and food products in separate areas also eliminates the possibility of contamination through leakage.

-- Discard outdated medicines. Prescription and over-the-counter medications carry expiration dates for a reason: After a certain time, their chemical compositions can break down and cause more harm than good if used. Be sure to flush unused, expired prescription drugs and other outdated medicines down the toilet to avoid the potentially toxic problems that can arise from unapproved usage.

-- Keep relevant information on hand. Post the number for the National Poison Control Hotline (1-800-222-1222) next to every phone. Also, be sure to read the labels on containers of harmful substances; they usually offer important first-aid information.

In addition to convenient access to discounts on home improvement materials, AP9 AtHomeRewards also offers a wide variety of benefits that help members save money on home furnishings and decor, family entertainment and much more.

This article was brought to you by AP9 AtHomeRewards.

About AP9 AtHomeRewards

AP9 AtHomeRewards (http://www. athomerewards-program. com/) is a leading membership discount program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC (http://adaptivemarketing. com/). Headquartered in Norwalk, Conn., Adaptive Marketing is a category leader in both membership and loyalty programs, bringing value direct to consumers through an array of benefits in healthcare, discounts, security, personal property and personals. Members may access their benefits at DealPass. com, an online portal for Adaptive Marketing membership programs. With broad online and offline distribution capabilities, Adaptive Marketing offers its corporate client partners effective tools to enhance market presence, strengthen customer affinity and generate additional value through programs, such as AP9 AtHomeRewards.

# # #

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Little Company of Mary Hospital Foundation Selects Gary Hubbell Consulting for Campaign Counsel

Little Company of Mary Hospital Foundation Selects Gary Hubbell Consulting for Campaign Counsel

Little Company of Mary Hospital Foundation has retained the services of Gary Hubbell Consulting to provide campaign strategy and ongoing consulting services.

Milwaukee, WI (PRWEB) May 17, 2007

Little Company of Mary Hospital Foundation (LCMHF) adopted a $12.5 million fund raising goal in support of the Hospital's plan for a comprehensive Women's Center on the hospital campus. Hospital and Foundation leaders have engaged Gary Hubbell Consulting to provide ongoing campaign strategy and consulting services for this campaign, the largest in the Foundation's history.

Gary Hubbell Consulting recently conducted a fund raising feasibility study and campaign readiness assessment. Results and recommendations were reported to hospital and foundation leaders on April 19, 2007, resulting in a unanimous decision to proceed.

Mary Jo May, Executive Director of LCMHF stated, "Gary Hubbell has great insight into Little Company of Mary's mission and ministry and we look forward to working with him to make our dream of a Women's Center a reality. This is a challenging and exciting project with great benefits for women and their families in the communities that are served by Little Company of Mary."

As a strategic planning and resource development consultant with almost thirty years experience helping nonprofit organizations fulfill their missions, Hubbell is well positioned to assist LCMHF as it embarks on this campaign. With Hubbell Consulting's guidance LCMHF will be able to implement the campaign with confidence and direction.

In addition to Hubbell's work serving as counsel and coach to organizations across the country, he is an active author and speaker. His independent research resulted in the publication of his first book, Forces of Change: The Coming Challenges in Hospital Philanthropy (Association of Healthcare Philanthropy, 2005).

Gary Hubbell Consulting works with organizations on the cusp of doing great things - retooling business income and philanthropy strategies; engaging board members and community in unprecedented ways; raising more money than ever before. Clients contact us seeking help to develop strategies that foster organizational agility, setting a plan in place around which commitment runs deep, and determining how to generate philanthropy and other resources to fuel the resource engine of the future. For more information, contact us at 414-962-6696, or online at www. garyhubbellconsulting. com.


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Third Brigade Releases White Paper on the New Threat to Healthcare IT

Third Brigade Releases White Paper on the New Threat to Healthcare IT

White paper explores the impact of targeted attacks on Healthcare systems.

Ottawa, ON and Reston, VA (PRWEB) May 24, 2006

Third Brigade (www. thirdbrigade. com), a security software company that specializes in intrusion prevention systems (IPS), today released a white paper entitled, “The New Threat: Attackers That Target Healthcare Organizations”, authored by Mr. Blake Sutherland, CISSP and Vice President, Product Development.

“Now that most HCOs have strong perimeter defenses including network firewalls, user authentication, configuration management, and data encryption, attackers have set their sights on software applications,” said Wael Mohamed, President and CEO of Third Brigade. “These mission critical applications, including EHR/EMR systems, e-Prescribing, and physician and patient portals, require proactive protection that simply cannot be handled by traditional network or perimeter security approaches.”

Healthcare organizations are being targeted by financially motivated attackers that steal and sell valuable data – including identities – and computing resources. Armed with sophisticated tools, attackers exploit countless software vulnerabilities that exist in the many systems a provider relies upon, including web-based applications such as EHR/EMR systems. The consequences of an attack can include reductions in quality of care, service disruptions, reduced revenues, higher operating costs, and regulatory fines.

This white paper educates readers about the new threat and steps that can be taken to mitigate risks through vulnerability assessments of critical applications and the evaluation of intrusion prevention as a key compensating control to alleviate the growing risk.

The white paper is available immediately and can be downloaded for free at http://www. thirdbrigade. com/company. aspx? id=137 (http://www. thirdbrigade. com/company. aspx? id=137)

About Third Brigade

Third Brigade (www. thirdbrigade. com) specializes in providing intrusion prevention systems (IPS) to health care, government, telecommunications, financial services and other organizations that need to prevent attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in commercial and custom software, including web applications. It enables you to create and enforce comprehensive security policies that proactively protect critical applications, sensitive data, and hosts, ensure regulatory compliance, and maximize the performance of your people, processes and hosts. Unlike other intrusion prevention systems, Third Brigade’s is not intrusive. It has been architected from the ground-up for intrusion prevention, and is smaller, faster and simpler. Third Brigade. That’s control.

Media and Analyst inquiries only, contact:

Kathryn Schwab

Media & Analyst Relations

Third Brigade, Inc.

(T) 613-599-4505 x2238

(M) 613-858-4407

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Bridges to Recovery Meets Growing Demand for Holistic Psychiatric Services

Bridges to Recovery Meets Growing Demand for Holistic Psychiatric Services

Harvard Medical School Faculty member and Executive Medical Director at Bridges to Recovery, Dr. John Sharp acknowledges Bridges to Recovery as a pioneer in combining holistic and clinical approaches in treating the “whole person”.

Pacific Palisades, CA (PRWEB) October 26, 2010

Bridges to Recovery is a premier residential treatment program designed for people suffering from psychiatric disorders who are seeking an alternative to a hospital environment for their care. Located in Pacific Palisades, CA, Bridges to Recovery treats patients suffering with depression, anxiety, bipolar, trauma, life adjustment, OCD, and more.  At Bridges to Recovery, treatments focus on treating each patient uniquely at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  

The Bridges to Recovery interdisciplinary treatment staff is highly qualified, dedicated and focused on treating the whole person. The Bridges to Recovery treatment team recognizes that many individuals experience problems with substance abuse or dependence in addition to mental health issues. Unlike programs that emphasize treatment of chemical dependency, the focus of Bridges to Recovery is to address the primary underlying issues, while providing therapeutic and psychosocial support for healing and personal growth. Treatment is holistic, individualized, and nurturing. Integrated treatment programs prepare each patient to move forward to a new, productive phase of their life. The Bridges to Recovery commitment assists patients in developing carefully constructed "road maps" for healthier and more productive lives. Patients leave the program with a solid sense of their next goals and the resources to achieve them. 

“Bridges to Recovery facilitates healing by providing each person with a unique treatment plan that meets his/her specific needs and that diligently investigates resources for continued, competent, and appropriate clinical care after the individual leaves our care, says Executive Medical Director Dr. John Sharp.


The ultimate goal for each patient is to nourish their return to health. The programs are dedicated to empowering each person to become self reflective and mindful and able to provide for their own sense of emotional control and eventual wholeness. Bridges to Recovery believes that individuals experience greater resolution of their problems and enhanced personal growth when their treatment is customized to their particular needs and they progress at their own pace. This holistic collaborative process with an entire team of experts gives our patients a sense of empowerment in their treatment process and restored hope that they can continue on this plan after they leave the loving and supportive environment at Bridges to Recovery. If you or a loved one are suffering, please call Bridges to Recovery today for a free assessment. You’ve suffered long enough.

Bridges to Recovery Residential Treatment Center is licensed by the Department of Social Services in California. #198600073 and 198601269

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Doug and Jackie Christie's "Infinite Love Foundation" Spreads Some Love at a Seattle Youth Recognition Dinner

Doug and Jackie Christie's "Infinite Love Foundation" Spreads Some Love at a Seattle Youth Recognition Dinner

Doug and Jackie Christie will speak to youth and reward them for their accomplishments.

Redmond, WA (PRWEB) May 23, 2006

On Thursday May 25th at 6 p. m. at the New Holly Gathering Hall in Seattle Washington, a group of 21 kids from the Atlantic Street Center ages 3-19 will be honored for their accomplishments at a dinner in which Doug and Jackie Christie will be the featured keynote speakers.

The gathering of approximately 250 people will have the opportunity to hear words of wisdom, encouragement, appreciation and hope as well as the personal story of the Christies. The honored youth will meet the NBA star couple when they are each individually presented special gifts from the Infinite Love Foundation and awards from the Atlanta Street Center.

The Infinite Love Foundation is a non-profit organization created by Doug and Jackie Christie as an avenue to give back to their community and beyond by helping those in need. The foundation is funded solely by the Christies.

The Atlantic Street Center focuses on providing resources for underprivileged youth dealing with homelessness, poverty, drugs, gangs, crime and violence. Their mission is to help families and communities raise healthy, self-sufficient children and youth.

For more information regarding the Infinite Love Foundation or the Atlantic Street Center, please call 888-733-7105 or visit www. jackiechristie. com


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Prize-Winning Pout Sought For Softlips® Third Annual Search For America's Most "Picture Perfect Lips

Prize-Winning Pout Sought For Softlips® Third Annual Search For America's Most "Picture Perfect Lips

Lights, Cameras….Lips!

Orchard Park, NY (PRWEB) July 14, 2008

If you've been told you have great lips, don't "kiss off" the compliment. Instead, put your lips to work and enter the Softlips® Picture Perfect Lips (http://www. softlips. com/ppl/) national search, sponsored for the third year in a row by the popular Softlips® lip conditioning products. The 2008 winner will receive a cash prize of $2,500, the possibility to become a professional lip model and the prestige of having the prettiest pucker in America, which will be posted online for all to see at http://www. softlips. com (http://www. softlips. com).

"The Softlips® lip model search is a widely popular and fun competition, as women everywhere vie for this feature title," says Jennifer Hamberger, the Softlips® brand manager at The Mentholatum Company (http://us. mentholatum. com/). "We believe that well-cared for lips are a woman's best asset."

Over the past two years that the contest has run, more than 6,000 women of all ages have entered from all parts of the country. The two previous grand prize winners, Mireya Ramos (http://www. softlips. com/ppl/pastWinners/2006.aspx), 18, of El Paso, TX, and Ashton Shane (http://www. softlips. com/ppl/pastWinners/2007.aspx), 22, of Los Angeles, CA, represented the well-cared for, beautiful lips the judges were looking for.

The Softlips® Picture Perfect Lips search is open to legal female U. S. residents, age 13 or older, and entrants will be judged by a panel of expert judges, including Danielle Korwin, president of the Parts Models (http://www. partsmodels. com/) modeling agency in New York City, the only modeling firm in the U. S. that specializes in parts models only - lips, eyes, hands, feet, etc.

So, what makes lips picture perfect?

"The main things we look for when we're scouting lip models are the lips' shape, the symmetry between the top and bottom lip, the degree of fullness, the natural color of the lips and the texture," says Korwin.

According to Korwin, the shape of the lips should include a defined "bow" on the top lip, but no sharp angles; neither the top nor bottom lip should be much larger or smaller than the other; and lips should be full, but not overly exaggerated or "bee-stung." (only ladies with natural lips versus those with collagen augmentation need apply). Lips should also have a natural color along with a smooth, healthy texture with no flaking, cracks or chapping.

The grand prize winner will receive a $2,500 cash prize, a one-year supply of Softlips® products (http://www. softlips. com/products. php) and be nationally recognized as the woman with the perfect pucker. Ten runners-up will be awarded a year's supply of Softlips® products, including the new, USDA Certified Organic Softlips® PURE line, Softlips® Tints in rose, bronze and pearl, and the traditional Softlips® lip conditioning balms in Strawberry, Vanilla, Cherry and Raspberry with Green Tea Extract.

For a full set of rules and photo guidelines, as well as an official entry form, visit www. softlips. com. Contest entries will be accepted online (with digital image) or via U. S. mail at: Softlips® Picture Perfect Lips Search, P. O. Box 675, Mount Kisco, NY 10549, starting now, through December 31, 2008. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded in January 2009.

Softlips® is a trusted name in lip health and has been a product of choice among women, 13-plus, for more than a decade. For more information and lip conditioning tips, visit http://www. softlips. com (http://www. softlips. com).


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