Every Woman Has the Right To Be Beautiful

Every Woman Has the Right To Be Beautiful

Tonya Zavasta grew up believing that she was and never would be considered beautiful. Afflicted with hip problems that have required extensive surgeries, she nevertheless set out to find how to improve her appearance Â… and in the process improved her general health. Now this 45-year-old woman turns heads wherever she goes.

(PRWEB) January 22, 2004

In her book “Your Right to be Beautiful, How to Halt the Train of Aging & Meet the Most Beautiful You” she shares her philosophy about beauty and her methods for attaining the beauty that is every woman’s right, based on a diet of raw plant food. Tonya’s attitude to beauty is based on the acknowledgement that health is the internal beauty of the body, and that fostering inner beauty (i. e. health) will promote outward attractiveness too. Using the same determination and intelligence that allowed her to achieve advance degrees in engineering and mathematics she has spent the last 5 years researching the scientific data on health and nutrition. She became convinced that the solution to her lifelong quest for beauty and health was to be found in the raw food lifestyle or the Rawsome Diet as she calls it.

The Rawsome Diet eliminates the damaging waste that accumulates from eating foodstuffs that do not respect human physiology. It also restores the integrity of tissue at a cellular level and so facilitates the operation of all our organ systems. Some of the methods that Tonya recommends include:

• Make use of the blender and food processor: Tonya provides many innovative recipes based on raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds – but she also includes adaptations of traditional dishes.

• Acquire a juicer! As Tonya notes: “Juicing is a must. On any given day, the only option I allow myself is whether to juice once or twice, not whether to juice or not to juice.” • Prepare fermented foods (such as sauerkraut and fermented vegetables) to stimulate helpful colonic bacteria and promote digestion.

• Perform a 24-hour weekly fast to eliminate toxins (and dramatically improve your appearance immediately afterwards).

• Carry out a Meridian Facial massage every day: use acupressure and massage on specific meridian points over the face to relieve facial tension and improve functioning of internal organs related to those points.

In “Your Right to be Beautiful, How to Halt the Train of Aging& Meet the Most Beautiful You” Tonya has provided women everywhere with a resource to help them look biologically beautiful at any age through their own actions, and to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem from their improved appearance.

Your Right To Be Beautiful: How to Halt the Train of Aging & Meet the Most Beautiful

ISBN 097424340X

360 pages

Trade Paperback $19.95 plus shipping

Available online www. beautifulonraw. com

Media kits, review copies, and interviews available on request.

Contact: Tonya Zavasta 901-266-3358

E-mail: Tonyazavasta@hotmail. com

Visit: www. Beautifulonraw. com

Country: US

Company: BR Publishing

Http://www. BeautifulOnRaw. com (http://www. BeautifulOnRaw. com)

Phone: (901)266-3358


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US Congressman-elect John Hall and Native American Activist Buffy Saint-Marie Will Set the Tone as Keynote Speakers Opening the Folk Alliance's International Business Conference

US Congressman-elect John Hall and Native American Activist Buffy Saint-Marie Will Set the Tone as Keynote Speakers Opening the Folk Alliance's International Business Conference

US Congressman-elect John Hall and Activist Buffy Saint-Marie are the keynote speakers opening the 19th Annual International Folk Alliance Business Conference this February in Memphis, Tennessee. The List of Invited Showcase Artists Highlights Folk Music from Around the World. Discounted Registration is over January 5.

Memphis, TN (PRWEB) December 12, 2006

The 19th annual international convention of the North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance (Folk Alliance) will present US Congressman-elect John Hall and Native American songwriter Buffy Saint-Marie as keynote speakers. With more than 2,000 attendees, the conference offers a complete view of the world of traditional and contemporary folk music and dance through showcases, films, workshops, and a networking-rich tradeshow. The business conference will be held at the Memphis Convention Center and Memphis Marriott Downtown February 21 - 25, 2007.

Singer and guitarist John Hall, leader of the band Orleans was studying physics at Notre Dame University before he quit to pursue music full-time. Already having songwriting credits for Janis Joplin and session experience with Seals & Croft, Bonnie Raitt, and Little Feat, he formed Orleans in 1972 in Woodstock, New York. The rock group scored Top Ten singles with "Dance With Me" and "Still the One". A musician and small business owner John has worked tirelessly as a political and environmental activist. He became active in the anti-nuclear movement and co-founded Musicians United for Safe Energy (MUSE). John Hall's platform favors swift and orderly withdrawal of our troops from Iraq, universal healthcare, intensive alternative energy initiatives, and more complete funding of No Child Left Behind. His Folk Alliance address will come less than a month after he is sworn in as one of the newly-elected members of the U. S. House of Representatives.

Buffy Sainte-Marie has enjoyed a long career in music and activism. Her songs address the plight of the Native American, with "Now That the Buffalo's Gone" and "My Country 'Tis of Thy People You're Dying." She has skillfully addressed broader themes of war and justice with her song "Universal Soldier," which was one of Donovan's early hits and romance with "Until It's Time for You to Go". Sainte-Marie has been one of folk's most prominent stars since the '60s and was the only widely-heard performer articulating Native American viewpoints. Her song "Until It's Time for You to Go" became a big British hit for Elvis Presley in the early '70s. "Cod'ine," a '60s anthem addressing the dangers of drugs, was covered by Quicksilver Messenger Service. She has stayed active with a long-running stint on Sesame Street; organized and performed benefits on behalf of Native Americans; and composed for movies, winning an Oscar for the theme to An Officer and a Gentleman, co-written with her husband-producer Jack Nitzsche. In addition to her keynote address, the Folk Alliance will screen her documentary film Buffy Sainte-Marie: A Multimedia Life. The documentary chronicles the achievements of Sainte-Marie and her personal journey as a singer, songwriter, artist, teacher and activist. It features interviews with Joni Mitchell, Randy Bachman, Stepppenwolf's John Kay, Robbie Robertson, Bill Cosby and folk legend Eric Anderson. Sainte-Marie has remained one of the most influential artists in any genre through the past five decades.

2007 International Folk Alliance Conference invited showcase artists come from diverse countries and genres. As of December 5, 2006 invited artists are: (subject to change)

Adam Carroll (San Marcos, TX), Adolphus Bell (Birmingham, AL), Adrianne (Los Angeles, CA), Alecia Nugent (Nashville, TN), Alexcuba (Artemisa, AB), Ali Eskandarian (Dallas, TX), Alice Stuart & the Formerlys (Chelan, WA), Alicia Borisonik and The Argentinean Project (Gatineau, QC), Amilia K. Spicer (Los Angeles, CA), Amy Speace (Jersey City, NJ), Anais Mitchell (Montpelier, VT), Andrew Lipke (Philadelphia, PA), Andy Scisco (Paris, France), Ann Rabson (Hartwood, VA), Annar By (Elverum), Anne Hills (Bethlehem, PA), Annika Fehling (Visby, Sweden), Antje Duvekot (Heidelberg, Germany), Anthony da Costa (Pleasantville, NY), Aoife Clancy (Carrick-on-Sur Co. Tipperay, Ireland), April Verch Band (Pembroke, ON), Atoosa (New York City, NY), Ben Sures (Edmonton, AB), Beyond the Pale (Toronto, ON), Big Smith (Springfield, MO), Birdie Busch (Philadelphia, PA), Blair Combest (Memphis, TN), Bob Cheevers (Memphis, TN), Bob Frank (El Sobrante, CA), Bodega (Scotland), Boulder Acoustic Society (Boulder, CO), Brad Davis (Commerce, TX), Brazz Tree (New York City, NY), Brigitte DeMeyer (Burlingame, CA), Bruce Guthro (Syndey Mines, CB), Bruce Molsky (Beacon, NY), Buddy Mondlock (Nashville, TN), Buille (Cork, Ireland), Burns Sisters Band (Ithaca, NY), California Song Girls (Los Angeles, CA), Carolina Chocolate Drops (Durham, NC), Casey Abrams (Cambridge, MA), Chris Chandler & David Roe Show (New Orleans, LA), Chuck Brodsky (Asheville, NC), Chuck Pyle (Palmer Lake, CO), Claire Lynch Band (Hazel Green, AL), Claudia Russell and the Folk Unltd Orchestra (Berkeley, CA), Courtney Wing (Montreal, QC), Coyote Run (Williamsburg, VA), Cris Williamson (& Friends) (Seattle, WA), Dan Montgomery (Memphis, TN), Danny O'Keefe (Vaston, WA), Danny Schmidt (Austin, TX), Dave Crossland (Boston, MA), Dave Potts (Auburn, AL), David and Roselyn (New Orleans, LA), David Jacobs-Strain (Eugene, OR), David Olney (Nashville, TN), David Wilcox (Asheville, NC), Deborah Holland (Los Angeles, CA), Deidre McCalla (Riverdale, GA), Diana Jones (Nashville, TN), Digging Roots (Barrie, ON), divineMAGgees (Asheville, NC), Dominique Dupuis (Moncton, NS), Eileen Rose (Boston, MA), Ellis (Minneapolis, MN), Elvor Palsdottir (Gota), Emily Smith (Thornhill, Scotland), Emily White (Memphis, TN), Enoch Kent (Toronto, ON), Eric Schwartz (Los Angeles, CA), Erik Brandt (St. Paul, MN), Erika & Cecilia (Stockholm, Sweden), Ernie Hawkins (Pittsburgh, PA), Eva Hillered (Stockholm, Swenden), Farmer Jason Ringenberg (Nashville, TN), Fayo (Dieppe, QC), Folk Band Lyra (Bulgaria), Freebo & Photoglo (Los Angeles/Nashville), Gary Allegretto / Rich DelGrosso (Los Angeles, CA), Giant Bear (Memphis, TN), Glen Phillips (Santa Barbara, CA), Gordy Quist (Austin, Tx), Greg Horne (Knoxville, TN), Gretchen Peters (Nashville, TN), Guy Clark (Nashville, TN), Guy Forsyth (Austin, TX), Guy Mendilow (Jamaica Plain, MA), Hammell on Trail (New York City, NY), Holly Cole (Memphis, TN), Holmes Hooke (Toronto, ON), Hoots & Hellmouth (West Chester, PA), Houston Jones (San Francisco, CA), Jamie Laval & Ashley Broder (Asheville, NC), Jane Lui (San Diego, CA), Jason Freeman/ Bluff City Backsliders (Memphis, TN), Jed and Kelley (Memphis, TN), Jeff & Vida (New Orleans, LA), Jeff Black (Nashville, TN), Jeff Lang (Melbourne, Australia), Jeff Talmadge (Roswell, GA), Jenny Gillespie (Chicago, IL), Jeremy Kittel (Ann Arbor, MI), Jess Klein (Brooklyn, NY), Jesse Winchester (Memphis, TN), Jimmy LaFave (Austin, TX), Joaquin Diaz (Montreal, QC), Jodi Martin (Ceduna, Australia), Joe Jencks (Cincinnati, OH), Joel Plaskett (Halafax, NS), Joel Rafael (San Diego, CA), John Boutte (New Orleans, LA), John Brannen (Charleston, SC), John Flynn (Prospect Park, PA), John-Alex Mason (Colorado Springs, CO), Jon Dee Graham (Austin, TX), Johnsmith (Trempealeau, WI), Joy Kills Sorrow (Boston, MA), Joel Mabus (Kalamazoo, MI), Jonathan Byrd (Carroboro, NC), Jud Caswell (Brunswick, ME), Julie Clark (Norfolk, VA), K. C. Clifford (Oklahoma City, OK), Kane, Welch, Kaplin (Nashville, TN), Kara Grainger (Sydney, Australia), Karla Bonoff (Santa Barbara, CA), Kelley Hunt (Lawrence, KS), Kelztory (Montreal, QC), Ken Whiteley (Toronto, ON), Kenny White (New York City, NY), Kerry Crawford (Memphis, TN), Kevin So (Brooklyn, NY), Las Altenas (San Antonio, TX), Laura McGhee (Dundee, Scotland), Lehto & Wright (Minneapolis, MN), Les Amis Creole (Beaumont, TX), Lilly Drumeva (Sofia, Bulgaria), Limeliters (Denver, CO), Lisen Elwin (Stockhom, Sweden), Looweeze de'Ath (Perth, Australia), Los Texmaniacs (San Antonio, TX), Lovell Sisters Band (Calhoun, GA), Luminescent Orchestrii (Brooklyn, NY), Madrigaia (Winnipeg, MB), Malinky (Edinburgh, Scotland), Mando Saenz (Houston, TX), Markus Rill (Wuerzburg, Germany), Marshall Chapman (Nashville, TN), Martha Scanlan (Unicoi, TN), Matt & Shannon Heaton (Medford, MA), Matt Duke (Mt. Laurel, NJ), Meg Hutchinson (Great Barrington, MA), Michael Holland (Carrboro, NC), Michael Jerome Browne (Montreal, QC), Michael Smith (Chicago, IL), Michelle Shocked (Los Angeles, CA), Millish (Ann Arbor, MI), Misty River (Portland, OR), Moira Smiley & Voco (Los Angeles, CA), Mushfiq Ensemble (Ottawa, ON), Mustard's Retreat (Ann Arbor, MI), Nancy McCallion (Tucson, AZ), Nathan Rogers (Winnipeg, MB), Old Man Luedecke (Chester, NS), Ollabelle (New York City, NY), Oscar Reynolds & Chuscales (CA, NM), Pat Wictor (Brooklyn, NY), Paul Reisler & A Thousand Questions w/ Howard Levy (Washington, VA), Peggy Seeger (Washington, D. C.), Peter Case (USA), Peter Siegel Trio (Yonkers, NY), Phil Parlapiano (Los Angeles, CA), Pierce Pettis (Mentone, AL), Pine Leaf Boys (Lafayette, LA), Pipeline - Dermot Hyde & Tom Hake (Munich, Germany), Radim Zenkl (Opava), Raining Jane (Los Angeles, CA), Ralston (Grand Rapids, ND), Ray Bonneville (Montreal, QC), Red Molly (New York, NY), Rex Moroux (Austin, TX), Ridley Bent (Vancouver, BC), Rig The Jig (Roscommon, Ireland), Riley Baugus (Walkertown, NC), Robbie Schaeffer (Vienna, VA), Ron Franklin (Memphis, TN), Ron Hynes (St. John's, NFLD), Ronny Cox (Los Angeles, CA), S. J. Tucker (Memphis, TN), Samantha Robichaud (Riverview, NB), Scarlett Affection (Byron Bay, Australia), Scott Ainslie (Brattleboro, VT), Seth Walker (Austin, TX), Shannon McNally (Oxford, MS), Si Kahn (College Park, PA), Sidehill Gougers (Austin, TX), Siobhan Quinn & Michael Bowers (Alexandria, VA), SONiA (Baltimore, MD), Spirit Wing (Pottstown, PA), Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart (Nashville, TN), Steppin' In It (Lansing, MI), Steve Dawson (Chicago, IL), Steve Young (Nashville, TN), Susan Werner (Chicago, IL) Twilight Hotel (Winnipeg, MB), Taxi Chain (Toronto, ON), Terrance Simien & the Zydeco Experience (LaFayette, LA), The Alexandria Kleztet (Baltimore, MD), The Appalachian Songs of Jean Ritchie (Los Angeles, CA), The Boys of County Nashville (Nashville, TN), The Creaking Tree String Quartet (Toronto, ON), The Doug and Jess Band (Winnipeg, MB), The Flat Mountain Girls (Portland, OR), The Foghorn Stringband (Portland, OR), The Hudsons (Austin, TX), The Laws (Seeleys Bay, ON), The Quebe Sisters Band (Burleson, TX), The Roches (New York City, NY), The Sass! Trio (Chicago, IL), The Soul of John Black (Los Angeles, CA), The Undesirables (Toronto, ON), The Warrior Gospel Band (Austin, TX), The WIYOS (Brooklyn, NY), Tinsmith (Takoma Park, MD), Tom Freund (Venice, CA), Tom Kimmel (Nashville, TN), Tony Lee Thomas (Pittsfield, MA), Troy MacGillivray (Lanark, NS), Uncle Monk (Phoenicia, NY), Valerie June (Memphis, TN), Vardos (Melbourne, Australia), Vinx (McRae, GA), Vishten (Moncton, NB), Will Kimbrough (Nashville, TN), Zane Williams (Nashville, TN)

The last discounted registration will be offered until January 5, 2007. Go online to Folk. org or call (901)522-1170 to register.


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MFTExpress Offers New Features For Secure FTP Hosting Services

MFTExpress Offers New Features For Secure FTP Hosting Services

JSCAPE, leading provider of enterprise file transfer solutions, announces the addition of PGP encryption and phone authentication features to its popular secure FTP hosting service, MFTExpress. PGP encryption feature automatically encrypts files uploaded protecting valuable data while at rest. Tokenless two-factor phone authentication is an easy and cost-effective solution to meet HIPAA and PCI DSS regulatory requirements.

Miami, Florida (PRWEB) April 24, 2009

JSCAPE, a leading provider of enterprise file transfer solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of PGP encryption and phone authentication features to its popular secure FTP hosting service, MFTExpress.

The new PGP encryption feature automatically encrypts files uploaded to MFTExpress protecting valuable data while at rest. This extra level of security ensures that even in the unlikely event account credentials are compromised that data cannot be read.

MFTExpress users can now fortify logins with tokenless two-factor phone authentication. The new feature works by placing a confirmation call during login. Users simply answer their phone and press # to confirm the login. This easy and cost-effective solution can help organizations meet regulatory requirements such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Both features are available as a separate fee-based service to Professional and Enterprise subscriptions.

Learn more about MFT Express and it's other secure file transfer features at http://www. mftexpress. com/ (http://www. mftexpress. com/).

# # #

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Stop Smoking Cigarettes and Quitting

Stop Smoking Cigarettes and Quitting

The first obstacles to quitting smoking is to get rid of our excuses for not quitting. Learn Why people should stop smoking cigarettes and how they can quit forever.

(PRWEB) November 17, 2004

Although there is no benefits of smoking, taking a step towards living a smoke-free life is not easy. Excuses can be: weight gain, social thing or habit, using smoking to thinkÂ… But the facts are: Smoking can cause the death.

The ebook “Quit Smoking for Good” brings a new approach among quitting smoking programs. It provides a proven formula as a plan that any smoker can follow. In 13 steps, the formula is intended to reeducate your habits by helping you to quitting smoking gradually. Visit http://press. cyber-catalog. com/stop4good. html (http://press. cyber-catalog. com/stop4good. html)

The key points of the book are:

"You can change your behaviour and habits to stop smoking cigarettes"

"You can stop smoking without pills and become more active"

"You can make your health a little better if you find the right solution to really quit smokings"

“Quit Smoking for Good” is a real solution for real smokers who intend to quit their habits. For more information, visit http://press. cyber-catalog. com/stop4good. html (http://press. cyber-catalog. com/stop4good. html)


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Innovative Technologies And Heightened Awareness Of Benefits Put Advanced Wound Management Industry On Growth Path

Innovative Technologies And Heightened Awareness Of Benefits Put Advanced Wound Management Industry On Growth Path.

Frost & SullivanÂ’s Analysis Of The European Market For Advanced Wound Management

(PRWEB) August 30, 2003

August, 2003 -- Demand for advanced wound management is escalating with the introduction of increasingly innovative products and the growing realisation of the benefits associated with modern wound management technology amongst healthcare decision-makers.

More efficacious clinical results, combined with the prospect of substantial cost benefits, achieved through a reduction in the required treatment time, are shifting interest from traditional to premium-priced advanced wound care products.

Frost & Sullivan, the international market consultancy, has issued a bullish forecast for the European advanced wound management market, comprising moist wound dressings, silver dressings, as well as biomaterial dressings and skin substitutes. Revenues are set to climb from US$476 million in 2002 to US$1.1 billion in 2009.

Europe is the undisputed leader in the global advanced wound management market in terms of the penetration of new and innovative practices. Indeed, the US market is trailing behind with a current total sales volume nudging a mere US$300 million.

Immobility is the major cause of pressure sores, hence, EuropeÂ’s ageing population, accounting for a disproportionate number of chronic wounds, creates considerable momentum behind growth in the advanced wound management market.

“The improved survival of patients with long-term illness and weaker immune systems is another related factor prompting growth in the industry. Such patients, particularly after surgery or hospital treatment, are more likely to suffer hospital-acquired infections, which may result in chronic wounds,” reports Andrew Passey, Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

The market is seeing a growing acknowledgement of advanced wound management productsÂ’ capabilities, such as a minimisation of nursing time and an acceleration in recovery, resulting in great cost efficiencies.

Market participants are now up against the challenge of providing end-users with the necessary evidence to further uptake. Frost & Sullivan points to lingering resistance in the marketplace, with some focus remaining on the ‘price per piece’ mentality for advanced dressings.

“Fundamentally, the clinical benefits of advanced wound management over traditional wound care practices include faster wound healing and reduced scarring, thus resulting in a better outcome for patients. However, cost pressures in the European healthcare system are a major issue in this market, with governments seeking new approaches to tackle these cost constraints,” Mr Passey reports.

The lack of a regulatory framework in the EU has created problems in terms of companies obtaining reimbursement for their products and represents a further stumbling block to growth in the overall market. It has also led to trade barriers, as national requirements have been created to ‘fill the vacuum’, thus deterring potential investors. Indeed, at least two EU companies working on tissue-engineered products have collapsed after encountering cash flow difficulties.

The integration of materials such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and silver into moist wound healing products is clearly driving the market. However, the market is also experiencing a trend towards the combination of existing moist wound care technologies, as illustrated by Versiva, an adhesive dressing introduced by ConvaTec.

“This product essentially combines three technologies, foam-film, hydrofibre and hydrocolloid, with the objective of providing optimal moisture balance to support wound healing and provide better patient comfort.

Such developments create challenges for other companies, and also for ConvaTec itself in terms of positioning Versiva against other products on the market. However, it certainly appears that this will prompt further growth in the European advanced wound management market,” Mr Passey notes.

Meanwhile in the burn management sector, the emphasis is beginning to shift from mere survival to improved outcomes and better control of scarring. This is being aided by new developments in technology, such as skin substitutes, a logical step in the design of better burns treatment.

This is particularly the case for full thickness wounds, as this is where scarring is most prevalent. More clinical studies need to be undertaken, as this technology is not accepted into the mainstream at present. There is some way to go before it is widely used in the area of chronic wound care.

The biomaterial dressing and skin substitutes sector has received increasing attention in recent years. However, in the short to medium term, this market is not likely to reach the level of market revenues that many had originally hoped for. Currently, the pricing level in this product market is prohibitively high, hampering efforts to achieve widespread reimbursement.

The competitor name on everyoneÂ’s lips is Smith & Nephew, which has made continual gains in market share over the last five years to assume the top spot in the European market. A major driver of Smith & NephewÂ’s success has been its strength in the hugely influential UK market and its strong position in the all-important area of foam dressings.

Other prominent names in the European advanced wound management market include ConvaTec, Johnson & Johnson, Coloplast and Mölnlycke Healthcare.

A number of other players, fragmented across Europe and including new entrants such as Tyco Healthcare and B Braun, have witnessed robust growth in the buoyant market segments, such as foam dressings. Those areas displaying most lively demand at the moment are innovative new products such as antimicrobial and biomaterial dressings. This is one factor explaining Johnson & JohnsonÂ’s current powerful market performance.

Report Code: B153

Price for Report: EUR 5,000

Publication Date: August 2003


Frost & Sullivan is an international marketing consulting company that monitors a comprehensive spectrum of markets for trends, market measurements and strategies. This on-going research is utilised to complement a series of research publications to support industry participants with customised consulting needs. Interviews and free executive summaries are available to the press.

For unlimited access to constantly updated medical devices market news written exclusively by Frost & SullivanÂ’s team of industry experts visit http://medicaldevices. frost. com (http://medicaldevices. frost. com).

For more information contact:

Katja Feick

Public Relations Manager

Healthcare Group

Katja. feick@frost. com

T +44 (0) 20 7915 78 56

Http://frost. com (http://frost. com)

Http://pressroom. frost. com (http://pressroom. frost. com)

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Sharper Image Gift Cards Redeemable At Aerus

Sharper Image Gift Cards Redeemable At Aerus

Company formerly known as Electrolux is allowing holders of Sharper Image gift cards to redeem credit for healthy home products as part of a goodwill campaign for consumers.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) March 10, 2008

Aerus, formerly Electrolux, announced today that consumers holding unusable Shaper Image gift cards and gift certificates may redeem them at participating Aerus locations for 50% off any Aerus purchase.

Aerus, a franchise organization, with over 500 locations in North America, sells vacuum cleaners, air filtration systems, water purification systems and a range of other products all designed to create a healthier home environment.

Aerus made the decision to offer the discount after Sharper Image announced, in its Chapter 11 Bankruptcy proceedings, it was suspending the acceptance of Sharper Image gift cards, rewards cards, gift certificates and merchandising certificates.

"We did not want to see the customers holding gift-card credit to have to pay for the consequences of a company's misfortunes," explained Aerus Chairman and CEO Joseph P. Urso. "We are confident that customers will find terrific products and great value for their Sharper Image gift cards at Aerus, and we are happy to extend this offer to former Sharper Image customers." said Aerus Chairman and CEO, Joseph P. Urso. "Sharper Image customers are looking for creative, helpful technologies. Historically, through the Electrolux brand and today, through the Aerus brand, we offer extraordinary quality and believe that Sharper Image customers will be extremely pleased with the benefits and value found at Aerus. Many of our products create healthy living environments, which will appeal to most Sharper Image customers."

Richard Luisi, Executive V. P. of Sales in North America for Aerus said, "Our Aerus locations are ready and prepared to accept Sharper Image gift cards and we are excited about the opportunity to service these customers.

"I am sure they will be very pleased to see how they are able to convert the credit they are holding into Aerus products that help them create more healthy living environments," Luisi added. "We see it as a win-win situation where the customer gets to use the gift credit they were holding for a product of their choice while we at Aerus get to create a new customer relationship."

Customers can redeem their Sharper Image gift cards by visiting any participating Aerus location, where they will receive a one-time discount of 50% off their Aerus purchase - up to a maximum savings of $200 - regardless of the amount on the card. The offer is valid for in-store purchases and until May 31, 2008.

Aerus, formerly known as Electrolux and manufacturer of Electrolux Vacuums from 1924-2003, has been in business in North America for over 80 years and remains committed to providing affordable products and services that enhance the health, wellness and comfort of its customers and their families.

In addition to its legendary Lux floor care line, Aerus offers extraordinary new products to create a healthy home, such as a unique air purifier that is an FDA registered Class II Medical Device, and a popular new EPA approved solution to eliminate allergens in the home.

For more information on Aerus and this program, including additional terms or restrictions, or to find an Aerus location, please visit www. aerusonline. com or call Customer Service at 1.800.243.9078.

About Aerus LLC:

Aerus, formerly known as Electrolux and manufacturer of Electrolux Vacuums from 1924-2003, has been a leading supplier of products providing a healthy home experience for more than 80 years. Operating as a franchise organization, Aerus offers customers the convenience of over 500 locations in North America, each providing factory-authorized service and support for original Electrolux vacuums, Aerus vacuums and a variety of other products.


Bill Coyle, director of public relations

Aerus LLC


Www. aerusonline. com


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Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Existing Business Owners Are More Willing to Help Than You Might Think

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Existing Business Owners Are More Willing to Help Than You Might Think

SurePayroll's Main Street Insights Survey finds that 91% of small business owners are open to advising a recently laid-off individual on how to start a business.

Glenview, IL (PRWEB) January 21, 2009

In this down economy, hundreds of thousands of Americans are unemployed and looking for work, but many have decided it's time to start a business of their own, rather than seek another job.

While there are many sources of assistance for new entrepreneurs, a recent study by online payroll service SurePayroll has determined that new entrepreneurs ought to consider asking business owners of existing businesses for advice.

"The best advice an entrepreneur can get is from an entrepreneur who has been in business for a number of years," says Michael Alter, President of SurePayroll. "Books and consultants will only get you so far. New entrepreneurs who speak with existing business owners prior to starting a company have a much higher chance of avoiding common, and maybe not so common, pitfalls that may hinder success."

According to Alter, the results suggest that people are more willing to help each other out during hard times. SurePayroll's recent survey of nearly 300 small business owners found that approximately 91% of respondents would be open to potentially advising new entrepreneurs who are starting a business.

Empathy appears to be one factor driving entrepreneurs' willingness to offer free advice. Indeed, 8% of respondents indicated that a lay-off by another organization had previously played into their own decision to start a business. The idea of reciprocity and having had a mentor of their own was also a common thread among survey participants.

Comments from business owners willing to help included the following:

---"I truly believe that small business is the way to make money and help others out at the same time."

---"An individual starting out is likely to have some energy and perspective on accomplishing what they are setting out to do. If you help them they may succeed and you've established a solid network connection which may pay back later."

---"It's hard out there and giving back is important."

---"I like to support small businesses and local businesses, and would love to see more of them. So, I'm happy to help new entrepreneurs."

---"I have already been there and know that you need a strong network of people to help you succeed. I'm also in a small town and the more businesses that stay in the town the more it helps my business."

Business Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Small business owners who completed the SurePayroll Main Street Insights Survey offered these suggestions to new entrepreneurs:

---Do the research about your industry: "Read a lot of books and talk to others who are already successful at it."

"Have a back-up plan."

---Enhance your customer service: "Understand that independent business people do not always have customer service as their strong point. I think that is the reason for the high failure rate of most start-ups (as well as undercapitalization).

---Control your growth: "Get some accounts, get used to the work load, then get more accounts, get used to the work load, etc. Many companies that grow too fast go out of business because they can't handle the work load."

---Be frugal: "Think about what you are going to cut back on and what you need no matter what the economy is doing to help make your decision."

---Think about financing: "Make certain you have enough start-up cash to survive one year."

"Don't underestimate the cash flow needs of a new business. Make sure, especially in today's environment, that you have sources of capital available."

"Contact sources such as tax advisors and business start-up agencies who may know about different grants/loans."

---Distinguish yourself: "Make sure that you are providing a service that is unique amongst other competition."

---Get advice: "If possible, have a mentor who is level-headed and will be honest and frank with you; they will be a fantastic resource, especially if they are neutral and promise to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Get a CPA you trust!!!"

---Be passionate: "Consider whether your new venture is something you are extremely passionate about. You must take a few hits before success happens. This economy would be a real test of your perseverance."

---Negotiate: "Office space is relatively cheap at the moment, so negotiate very hard on the cost for your business location. That can save a lot of money as you try to grow your business."

---Hire carefully: "Hiring good staff people is the most important thing you can do. Then let other companies like SurePayroll take care of the things you are not best at to free you up to do the things you are good at."

---Obtain liability insurance: "In harsh economic times people look to cash in on ways they normally would not think about. Be sure you protect yourself with insurance."

About SurePayroll:

Voted Editor's Choice (http://www. surepayroll. com/spsite/press/releases/2007/release071107.asp) for best payroll service by PC Magazine, a Top 100 Product by Accounting Today and finalist in the Best Customer Care and Best Product categories of the 2008 American Business Awards, SurePayroll is America's largest full-service online payroll (http://www. surepayroll. com/) service and honoree of the of the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Businesses award two years in a row.

SurePayroll is passionate about small businesses and their payroll (http://www. surepayroll. com/product/payroll/). The company is dedicated to providing an extremely friendly and simple payroll experience - at a price small business owners can afford.

In addition to its payroll and ClickFREETM tax file and pay service - which allows a user to complete the entire payroll process in minutes - SurePayroll offers a suite of online services designed specifically for small business, including HR and compliance resources (http://www. surepayroll. com/product/compliance/), 401(k) (http://www. surepayroll. com/product/401k/) retirement solutions, health insurance and workers' compensation products.

SurePayroll also offers a private-label and co-branded payroll service to accountants (http://www. surepayroll. com/surechoice/) and banking partners to offer payroll processing to their small business clients.


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Global Gifts Participates in World Fair Trade Day on May 14

Global Gifts Participates in World Fair Trade Day on May 14

Global Gifts is pleased to join with fair trade retailers and artisan groups around the world in celebrating Fair Trade Day on Saturday May 14. The celebration will include drumming by Peace Warriors: Tribe of Amani, a Fair Trade Fashion Show featuring the clothing of MarketPlace Handwork of India, and a fair trade samplerÂ’s feast.

(PRWEB) May 6, 2005

Chance to win a sunshine yellow woven hammock with your purchase of $50 or more(Indianapolis, Indiana) Global Gifts is pleased to join with fair trade retailers and artisan groups around the world in celebrating Fair Trade Day on Saturday May 14.

Celebrations signify how buying fair trade foods and handcrafts provide employment, improved living conditions, dignity and justice to impoverished communities around the world. By offering a fair price, credit assistance, long-term working relationships, healthy working conditions, gender equality and environmental sustainability, fair trade significantly impacts families. Fair trade has proven to be an effective and efficient development strategy that works to counter exploitation of vulnerable workers, extreme poverty and lack of resources in developing countries. Fair trade enables developing world artisans and producers to send their children to school, provide adequate food and housing for their families, and receive improved health care.

Highlights of Global Gifts Fair Trade Day include:

·Drumming by Peace Warriors: Tribe of Amani beginning at 12:00

·A Fair Trade Fashion Show featuring the clothing of MarketPlace Handwork of India, a non-profit fair trade clothing company (starting time 2:00 PM). Representatives of MarketPlace will be on hand to tell artisan stories and answer questions.

·A fair trade sampler’s feast with fair trade coffee, chocolate, dried fruit, fair trade brownies and more.

·A chance to win a sunshine yellow woven hammock with your purchase of $50 or more.

·Resources that help you get more involved with fair trade.

Dona Maria Jesus a jeweler working with Union Progresista Artesnala in Mexico said, “We credit much of our success to the support of fair trade organizations who have not only paid better prices, but have provided us with grants, assistance, and perhaps most importantly, trading partners who treat us honorably.” Sam Carpenter, Manager of Global Gifts says, “We want people to know they can make a difference with their purchase. We hope people will join us in celebrating fair trade day.”

Global Gifts, Inc., located on the north side of Indianapolis, is a volunteer supported, not-for-profit store selling fair trade goods. It supports impoverished artisans and producers in the developing world by providing vital fair trade income and employment for people of limited opportunity, by marketing ethically produced and ethically obtained handmade products, by educating the public about the cultures and traditions associated with the items for sale, and by helping consumers in central Indiana spend their shopping dollars in ways that benefit disadvantaged people around the world.

Call 317-879-9090 for more information. Store hours are M, Tu, W, F 10-6, Th 10-7:30, Sat 10-5.


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Our Place to Paws Seeks Advertisers, Sponsors for "10% for Animals" Program

Our Place to Paws Seeks Advertisers, Sponsors for "10% for Animals" Program

Our Place to Paws, a new Web site by and for animal lovers, will donate 10% of any advertising dollars to non-profit animal welfare or rescue organization of the advertisers' choice.

Waltham, MA (PRWEB) August 20, 2007

Our Place to Paws, a Web site by and for animal lovers that debuted in March of this year, is seeking advertisers and sponsors for its "10% for Animals" program.

Our Place to Paws (www. ourplacetopaws. com) features informative, quirky and fun articles about pets and wildlife, from regular news stories to columns penned by "animal columnists" such as Daisy the Cat, Orson the Chow and Opus the Opossum. Also featured on the site and in the free monthly e-newsletter are simple animal art projects that kids can do at home, a monthly Reader Photo Spotlight contest with a $20 gift certificate prize and a Cats vs. Dogs essay contest for writers of all ages.

"Our Place to Paws is only five months old, and we're seeking advertisers to help keep our online community of animal lovers alive," said Faye Rapoport DesPres, editor of the Web site. "Our goal from the start has been to find ways to support non-profit animal rescue and welfare organizations, and we will donate 10% of any advertising dollars to the non-profit animal organization of the advertiser's choice."

Currently, the Our Place to Paws blog (www. ourplacetopaws. blogspot. com) is chronicling the health care journey of Hamilton, a cat who has been diagnosed with hyperthyroid condition and who will soon be treated with a radioactive iodine shot in Boston. The blog also features animal photographs, news and videos.

"I started Our Place to Paws simply because I love animals and am passionate about their welfare, and wanted to develop creative ways for people to read and write about animals online," Rapoport DesPres said. "Now I have a group of loyal readers who care just as much about animals as I do, and we want to find ways to help. Because we're so new, we are offering extremely low advertising rates on our site that won't even register on most companies' budget radars."

For more information about advertising on the Our Place to Paws Web site and in the free monthly e-newsletter, and taking part in the "10% for Animals" program, contact Faye Rapoport DesPres at 781-799-4739 or visit www. ourplacetopaws. com.


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Sano Spa Opens at the Historic Casa Munras Hotel In Monterey, California

Sano Spa Opens at the Historic Casa Munras Hotel In Monterey, California

Intimate Health and Wellness Spa Offers Personalized Treatments to Soothe the Mind and Spirit in the Heart of California's Central Coast

Monterey, CA (PRWEB) July 31, 2008

Nestled in the picturesque coastal town of Monterey, SANO Spa opens at the Casa Munras, a member of the Larkspur Collection premium brand, to offer the utmost in rest and revitalization, providing visitors and locals alike with a tranquil haven of charm and relaxation.

The spa takes inspiration from the word Sano, meaning "health", supporting each guest's personalized journey to greater wellness. Light and airy with a contemporary feel, the bamboo floors and hues of pale yellow and taupe are both calming and rejuvenating. Upon entering the spa, guests are greeted by the Spa Concierge before being escorted to the changing room where they are given a plush robe and comfortable sandals.

Prior to their treatment, guests are invited to relax with a pre-loaded iPod, a warm aromatherapy neck wrap and refreshments of their choice. Each of SANO Spa's four spacious treatment rooms offers a soft, candlelit environment along with soothing aromatherapy. In addition, four semi-private treatment alcoves provide space for manicure and pedicure treatments, each discreetly situated for optimum privacy.

SANO Spa features the Anakiri and Sonya Dakar product lines, both of which use organic and bio-energetic ingredients. SANO Spa also strives to use a diverse range of therapeutic products and ingredients from around the world such as green tea, ginger, Andean mineral salts and raw sugar.

Says Spa Director Trudy Stubblefield, "All of our therapists have extensive practice in the field of health and wellness. SANO Spa will create a truly exceptional experience for all of its guests."

One of the more unique spa experiences SANO Spa offers is the 50-minute Avocado Citrus Wrap. Here senses are indulged and parched skin is hydrated with a masque using pure essential oils of lavender, lemon, bergamot, orange and pine blended with avocado. After a dry brush exfoliation, warm sumptuous avocado butter is massaged into the body with a cool herbal mist, leaving skin radiant and refreshed. Additional treatments may include the Sano Signature Aromatherapy, a restorative massage that integrates the healing properties of aromatherapy, and the Andean Mineral Salt Scrub that leaves the skin rejuvenated. All products used at SANO Spa are available for purchase.

Before or following their treatment, guests may relax, meditate or read as they absorb the colorful sights and fragrant aromas in the SANO Spa Garden. The outdoor fire pit and whirlpool contribute to a relaxed mind and spirit. Estéban, the award-winning restaurant at the Casa Munras Hotel (http://www. hotelcasamunras. com/), offers guests a specialty spa menu to enjoy in the garden.

ABOUT SANO Spa (http://www. sanospamonterey. com/)

SANO Spa, a Larkspur Hotels & Restaurants property, is set in the premier coastal town of Monterey, California at the historic Casa Munras hotel. The hotel features 171 rooms, including 51 fireplace suite-style rooms and offers an intimate historic atmosphere in idyllic year-round weather. SANO Spa is open daily, Monday-Saturday from 9:00am to 9:00pm and Sundays from 10:00am to 6:00pm. For spa reservations, please call 831.372.1829. A 24-hour cancellation notice is required. For more information on the SANO Spa or Casa Munras, please visit http://www. sanospamonterey. com (http://www. sanospamonterey. com) or http://www. hotelcasamunras. com (http://www. hotelcasamunras. com).


Established in 1996, Larkspur Hotels & Restaurants is a rapidly growing company headquartered in Larkspur, California, just north of San Francisco. Larkspur boasts a portfolio of 23 hotels, including three distinct hotel brands: Larkspur Landing, Larkspur Hotels and The Larkspur Collection along with six exciting destination restaurants. All Larkspur hotels offer the signature FeatherBorne bed package, upgraded amenities, high-tech efficiencies and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Each Larkspur restaurant is designed to blend into its local setting, deliver creative culinary concepts, innovative design and exceptional culinary techniques. Larkspur Hotels & Restaurants is driven by its belief and commitment to Genuine Hospitality - delivering warm, friendly and personalized experiences to its guests.

The Larkspur Landing brand provides extended stay accommodations with a host of complimentary services and conveniences designed with today's business traveler in mind. Larkspur Hotels is a three-star brand which breaks the mold of large chain-hotels by offering

Charm and personality, while delivering great value, comfort and excellent service. The Larkspur Collection is a premium collection of hotels, each of which offers its own unique, individual experience, complementing the local flavor of the surrounding area. The Larkspur Collection focuses on delivering a sensorial guest experience, upscale amenities and exceptional service.


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RCN and The American Red Cross Team Up for Fall Rush Events in Boston

RCN and The American Red Cross Team Up for Fall Rush Events in Boston

Company hosts blood drives and events with appearances by the stars of the HBO® hit series True Blood®, Nelsan Ellis and Rutina Wesley

Lanham, MD (Vocus) August 30, 2009

BOSTON, August 28, 2009 -- RCN Corporation (NASDAQ: RCNI), a leading provider of all-digital (http://www. rcn. com/boston/digital-cable-tv) and high definition video (http://www. rcn. com/boston/digital-cable-tv/digital-extras/high-definition-expanded), high-speed internet, and premium voice services to residential and small-medium business customers, as well as high-capacity transport services to carrier and large enterprise customers, announced today it will partner with the American Red Cross (https://www. givelife. org/index_flash. cfm? thisHB=08/28/2009%2010:14:23) as part of its Fall Rush campaign. This year's promotion includes two blood drives and three "True Blood" themed events where guests will have an opportunity to enjoy music and refreshments as well as free tastings of Tru Blood, the highly anticipated real blood orange beverage from HBO.

The initial "True Blood" themed event will be at the Qdoba Mexican Grill in Kenmore Square on September 4. The Huntington Ave. Qdoba Mexican Grill on the Northeastern University campus will host the second event on September 5. Both events will be held from 12 noon - 3pm. At the third event, the promotion's biggest event, True Blood fans will have an opportunity to meet stars Nelsan Ellis and Rutina Wesley, who will make an appearance at the "Fangtasia" party to be held at King's Lounge on September 5 from 9pm - midnight. Ellis is known for his role as Lafayette Reynolds, the short-order cook at the show's popular hangout, Merlotte's. Wesley plays the character of Tara Thornton, Lafayette's cousin and the best friend of lead character, Sookie Stackhouse. Decorated to resemble Fangtasia, the show's popular vampire bar, the party will feature music, food and refreshments. The "Fangtasia" party is open to all fans, but requires an RSVP to www. rcn. com/bitten (http://www. rcn. com/bitten).

Continuing the theme, RCN will sponsor two blood drives that will be run by the Red Cross. The first will be held on September 2 from 1 - 6 pm at Somerville Baptist Church. A second blood drive will be later in the month at Boston University's Hillel House on September 17 from 11 am - 4 pm. Donors will receive giveaways as well as snacks and refreshments.

"By partnering with RCN, the American Red Cross is better able to fulfill its mission of providing blood to patients in need, and we are grateful to RCN for helping to raise awareness about the constant need for blood," said Donna M. Morrissey, Director of Public Relations and Corporate Affairs for the American Red Cross Blood Services-Northeast Division. "The college community is very supportive of the Red Cross, and these blood drives will help to ensure that blood is on hospital shelves when it's most needed."

"We look forward to our Fall Rush promotion every year as it is always a great opportunity to meet and interact with our customers," said Richard Wadman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of RCN Boston. "We are thrilled that this year's partnership with the Red Cross will help promote the importance of blood donation through sponsoring the campus blood drives. RCN is committed to its customers and to the community, and these events are a great way to give back."

RCN's Fall Rush promotion is aimed to connect with college students as they set up their television, internet and telephone service for the upcoming school year. In addition, RCN is offering three months of free HBO for new customers who sign up for its services now through October 31.

About RCN Boston

RCN in Boston serves the communities of Allston, Arlington, Boston, Brighton, Brookline, Burlington, Dedham, Dorchester, Framingham, Hyde Park, Lexington, Milton, Natick, Needham, Newton, Roslindale, Somerville, Stoneham, Wakefield, Waltham, Watertown, West Roxbury and Woburn.

About RCN Corporation

RCN Corporation (NASDAQ: RCNI), www. rcn. com, is a competitive broadband services provider delivering all-digital and high definition video, high-speed internet and premium voice services to residential and small-medium business customers under the brand names of RCN and RCN Business Services, respectively. In addition, through its RCN Metro Optical Networks business unit, RCN delivers fiber-based high-capacity data transport services to large commercial customers, primarily large enterprises and carriers, targeting the metropolitan central business districts in the company's geographic markets. RCN's primary service areas include Washington, D. C., Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley (PA), New York City, Boston and Chicago. (RCNI-G)

About The American Red Cross

The American Red Cross has been a primary supplier of lifesaving blood products in the United States for more than 50 years. The American Red Cross Blood Services -- Northeast Division supplies a wide range of blood components, plasma derivatives, and transfusion services to over 200 hospitals and other medical facilities throughout Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. It serves the blood needs of more than 9 million residents and many thousands more who travel to New England for care at many of the nation's top medical centers. Only five percent of those eligible to donate blood actually do so. To donate blood and platelets through the American Red Cross, individuals must be at least 17 years of age, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be in general good health. The states of Maine and Massachusetts allow those who are 16 years of age to donate blood with parental consent. For additional information regarding donor eligibility, please call 1-800-GIVE LIFE or visit givelife. org (https://www. givelife. org/index_flash. cfm? thisHB=08/28/2009%2003:22:04).

HBO® and related channels and service marks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc.


Ann Murphy 

W: 617-646-1031

C: 617-515-4060 

Amurphy (at) oneillandassoc(dot) com 

Lisa Barder

W: 215-355-7175

Lisa. barder (at) rcn (dot) net


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Body Vision Does it Again

Body Vision Does it Again

Body Vision Studio has been awarded "Atlanta's Best Pilates Studio" and "Atlanta's Best Yoga Studio" for the second year in a row by readers of Atlanta Sport and Fitness Magazine. Additionally, Body Vision ranked third in the Boot Camp category. Body Vision Studio was the first to bring the Pilates/Yoga Boot Camp concept to Atlanta in 2005.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 11, 2006

Body Vision Studio has been awarded "Atlanta's Best Pilates Studio" and "Atlanta's Best Yoga Studio" for the second year in a row by readers of Atlanta Sport and Fitness Magazine. Additionally, Body Vision ranked third in the Boot Camp category. Body Vision Studio was the first to bring the Pilates/Yoga Boot Camp concept to Atlanta in 2005.

"We are honored and excited to receive these awards, especially two years in a row. This is truly the achievement of our clientele. Their belief in both the studio's instructors as well as the methods of fitness has resulted in our receipt of these awards," said Marie Duginski, founder of Body Vision Studio.

To create the definitive list, Atlanta Sport and Fitness Magazine polled its readers to find the best of the best in fitness, nutrition, sports and outdoor recreation. Atlanta Sport and Fitness Magazine received an overwhelming response to the reader survey and revealed the readers' top choices around the city that are truly at the height of their game.

Body Vision Studio will celebrate this honor October 8, 2006 by hosting a cocktail reception, which will include a silent auction that will benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Three Day Walk. All are invited and encouraged to attend. "It is our way of expressing our gratitude to our clients, family and friends who believe in Body Vision, resulting in this achievement," said Ms. Duginski.

Body Vision Studio brings to Atlanta and the Brookhaven community a different approach to health and fitness. The studio’s Pilates and yoga methods are taught by inspiring instructors in a serene and peaceful environment where students can get a serious workout, build relationships and have fun in addition to looking and feeling better. Body Vision also offers massage, special occasion spa days and wellness seminars.

Located at 3927 Peachtree Road in Brookhaven, Body Vision Studio is open for classes and private training sessions Monday-Saturday. Classes range from $15 to $70 Membership and packages are also available. For more information call (404) 846-0048 or visit www. BodyVisionStudio. com.

# # #

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Halogen's User Conference Enables Human Resource Professionals to Strengthen Their Strategic Voice

Halogen's User Conference Enables Human Resource Professionals to Strengthen Their Strategic Voice

Nearly 200 customers share real-life strategies for maximizing the value of Halogen offerings and taking HR to the next level.

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) September 28, 2007

Halogen Software Inc., the leading provider of award-winning Web-based employee performance and talent management software today announced that its second annual User Conference was an overwhelming success with nearly 200 customers in attendance, double the attendance of its 2006 event. The Conference offered nearly twenty dynamic educational sessions featuring keynote speaker Mel Kleiman, an internationally recognized authority on attracting, selecting, and retaining employees.

The Conference sessions offered great value to all attendees from new to seasoned users, providing insight and practical how-to knowledge that will be taken back and used to immediately enhance the way organizations use Halogen’s software. Sessions ranged from how to increase HR’s strategic voice and gain greater credibility with executives, to adapting Halogen software to an organization’s changing needs.

"This has been a remarkable experience—unequaled by anything else I’ve attended in my 10-year career," said one Conference attendee. "I appreciate Halogen’s attention to detail and their efforts putting together such a well-rounded, practical and motivational conference."

The Halogen Software User Conference provided a forum for clients to share their perspectives on the challenges that face the HR community and how using Halogen solutions enables them to effectively address these challenges. As well, the Conference gave customers insight into Halogen’s product development road map for the immediate and longer term future.

"I can’t wait to be part of next year’s conference. As part of the client advisory board, I am impressed with how Halogen sincerely listens to its clients and actively integrates their suggestions into future versions of the software," said Tony Elliott, Ecology Manager with McStain Neighborhoods. "My input is valued by Halogen and being here at the Conference has allowed me to learn how to maximize the enterprise-class features that are part of the Halogen solution."

About Halogen Software:

With nearly 1000 customers worldwide, Halogen Software Inc. has established itself as the leading provider of employee performance and talent management solutions. Halogen offers powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable Web-based software that dramatically improves HR and line-manager productivity.

The company's award winning suite provides organizations with everything they need to develop and retain a high performance workforce: Halogen eAppraisal™ helps drive bottom-line success by making it quick and simple to deliver professional employee appraisals that align with organization goals. Halogen eCompensation™ automates the entire compensation adjustment process including budget distribution and approval. Halogen eSuccession™ makes it simple and affordable to get a best practices succession planning program underway - right away. And Halogen e360™ automates and simplifies formal 360-degree feedback procedures and offers sophisticated performance reporting.

Industry specific suites are provided for Healthcare, Financial and Professional Services. Halogen eAppraisal Healthcare™, exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association, helps healthcare organizations produce meaningful appraisals on time and allows them to always be in a "ready state" for accreditation surveyors from JCAHO®, OSHA, ACHA, and others. Halogen eAppraisal for Financial Services™ enables financial services organizations reduce the risk of non-compliance and ships with a comprehensive library of industry specific competencies and authoring aids. Halogen eAppraisal for Professional Services™ automates the entire employee review and engagement evaluation process, this solution makes it possible for evaluators to easily gather, compile and analyze employee and project data all with effortless, point-and-click ease.

Visit us online today: http://www. halogensoftware. com (http://www. halogensoftware. com)

Media contacts:

Donna Ronayne

VP, Marketing & Business Development

Halogen Software

T: 613-270-1011 x 320

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company listed above.


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"Beat the Strike, Get a Bike" says Evans Cycles

"Beat the Strike, Get a Bike" says Evans Cycles

48hr tube strike to take place from 9th - 11th June.

London (PRWEB) June 5, 2009

With the RMT union striking for 48 hours from the 9th until the 11th of June millions of Londoners can expect to see their daily commute go down the tube.

However, there is one group of commuters who won't be giving a moments thought to the latest industrial action - the legions of bicycle (http://www. evanscycles. com/) riding commuters who cycle to work in the capital.

"Ever since the strike has been in the news we've been hectic." said Tim Rees, manager of Evans Cycles largest store at Spitalfields. "Commuters are fed up with the reliability of London's transport and the sweltering conditions of the tube."

Beat the strike, get a bike - 10% discount

London's largest cycle retailer, Evans Cycles is helping people to convert to two wheels and avoid the stress and strain of the tube strike, offering customers a 10% discount on bikes.

To claim your 10% discount visit the Evans Cycles website: Tube Strike (http://www. evanscycles. com/news-and-events/tube-strike).

Ben Hart, Evans Cycles Marketing Manager says, '"We always see an increase of sales surrounding tube and rail strikes as Londoners try cycling to beat the strikes, realise how quick and easy it is and keep cycling instead of going back to the daily drudgery of the tube."

Strike busters

A popular choice amongst London commuters, folding bikes (http://www. evanscycles. com/categories/complete-bikes/folding-bikes) offer all the advantages of full size bikes but can be folded down and carried on public transport. Storing folding bikes is also much easier as they fit under your desk at work and take up less space at home.

The Pinnacle Journey 1.0 (£299.99) folding bike has 3 gears, mudguards and rack, and the same riding position as a full size bike.

Why not try something different and get yourself a single speed road bike (http://www. evanscycles. com/categories/complete-bikes/road-bikes). The current trend for fixed wheel bikes means there has never been so much choice from manufacturers. The Specialized Langster (http://www. evanscycles. com/products/specialized/langster-polish-2009-road-bike-ec016877) (£439.99) road bike boasts fixed and freewheel options but still has brakes for better control.

A great all rounder, the Scott Sportster P5 (£341.99) is packed with practical equipment with the option to fit mud guards and a bag carrying pannier rack. Larger wheels and slick tyres help riders stay agile and speedy on the streets.

For those looking for lashings of cool, Pashley Tube Rider (£444.99) is perfect for cruising around town and arriving at work chilled and relaxed.

Using a bicycle for your regular commute is not only an excellent way of beating the tube strike, but also a means to a happier, healthier lifestyle and certainly beats using overcrowded public transport!

Evans Cycles cycle to work scheme (http://www. evanscycles. com/ride2work), Ride2Work, has been developed to help businesses take advantage of the government's Green Transport Plan.

Benefitting from some unique tax incentives, the Evans Cycles Ride2Work programme can take care of everything; the bike, the accessories, the servicing, the advice and administration, allowing employees to save around 50% of the price of a new bike.

Notes to Editor:

   Evans Cycles are the UK's largest specialist cycle retailer currently operating 34 stores nationwide and the UK's largest cycling mail order & e-commerce service www. evanscycles. com. Evans Cycles product range spans every cycling discipline including mountain biking, road cycling, leisure riding, kids bikes, BMX, commuting and more.

 Evans Cycles are working with employers with their Ride2Work programme which takes advantage of the government's Green Transport Plan allowing all British employees to save around 50% of the price of a new bike.


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"A" List - Fall Season on Animal Radio&#174

"A" List - Fall Season on Animal Radio®

America's most-listened-to pet talk, Animal Radio®, kicks of the Fall Season with actress Jane Alexander (Feast of Love), actress Jane Lynch (Thank God You're Here), actress Glenn Close (Damages), author Robert Fulgham (Everything I Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten) and trainer Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer). They all share their bond with their pets and animals.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 12, 2007

Nationally syndicated Animal Radio® kicks-off fall sweeps with three "A" list animal-loving actresses, a best-selling author, and a household name in trainers. Jane Alexander, Jane Lynch, Glenn Close, Robert Fulgham and Cesar Millan are all guests on Animal Radio® - October through Thanksgiving.

Actress Jane Alexander talks about playing opposite Greg Kinnear in the freshly released "Feast of Love." She's also Honorary Co-Chair for the 2008 Indianapolis Prize, awarded to an individual who has accomplished a significant achievement in the conservation of an animal species.

Jane Lynch 's breakthrough film was Christopher Guest's 2000 mockumentary Best in Show. Jane is also the host of the 2nd Annual "Race for the Rescues" 5K Run and Adoption event.

Even though Glenn Close terrorizes puppies in 101 Dalmations, kills a rabbit in Fatal Attraction; and has a dog killed in Damages, she's nothing like the characters she plays, and in fact is a big animal lover and dog fanatic.

Best-selling author Robert Fulghum's new book begins with a question: "What on Earth have I done?" Often times it includes animals.

Cesar Millan returns for a fourth appearance on Animal Radio®. Even though Cesar has aided dogs with all types of problems, he candidly talks about the one he almost gave up on.

Animal Radio® airs on 95 multi-niche affiliates including Los Angeles mainstay KOST 103.5 FM. Animal Radio® is the "most-listened-to" animal programming in the U. S.; created to educate and reduce surrenders and the ultimate euthanasia of healthy animals. Internet savvy folks can listen online anytime by logging onto http://AnimalRadio. com (http://AnimalRadio. com). Animal Radio® is also available on any cell phone by text-ing "ANIMAL" to 27627.


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World Food Standard Setting Body Fails to Give Diet Its Due

World Food Standard Setting Body Fails to Give Diet Its Due

Codex Aliementarius Commission at its 29th Session in Geneva failed to move the vitally important, consumer protective "Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health" (GS) from last item on agenda. Following the precedent of the nutrition hostile Codex Committee on Nutrition and Food for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU, Bonn, Germany) last November, where discussion of how to implement GS was moved from item 2 to item 11 on the agenda so that no time remained for discussion, Codex, the world food standards body (which treats nutrients as if they were toxins)placed this consumer-friendly discussion last. None of the 180+ members chose to protect consumer's health by insuring adequate time for discussion of how to protect their well-being by implementing the GS. Codex meetings end promptly on schedule, a fact relied upon by Dr. Rolf Grossklaus, the CCNFSDU Chair who recently stated that "nutrition has no place in medicine (CCNFSDU, 2003).

Geneva, Switzerland (PRWEB) July 5, 2006

The world's food standards setting body is divided by a deepening conflict over the importance of protecting consumer's health and health freedoms vs. the importance of trade considerations and multinational corporate health. Although the disconnect between these agendas has been brewing since the founding of the Codex Alimentarius Commission as a Special Project of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) at the request of the United Nations. During its last session (July 4-9, 2005, Rome, Italy) the WHO and FAO chastised Codex for "failing to make a significant contribution to human health (Dr. Kirsten Leitner of WHO), suggested that Codex "determine whether it has a relationship to nutrition and, if so, what that relationship is [sic]." and, finally, find ways to implement the WHO GS. The Codex Committee on Nutrition and Food for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU) and Codex Committee on Food Labeling (CCFL) were mandated to provide full discussion during their meeting before the current Codex Commission meeting currently taking place.

Continuing Codex' 43 year history of focusing on trade support to the detriment of consumer protection, the 29th Session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission adopted an agenda which virtually guarantees that there will not be time to find ways to implement a health-friendly World Health Organization Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health since it has been placed as the last item on its agenda. The same tactic circumvented the mandated discussion of this consumer-protective WHO GS and allowed it to escape meaningful discussion at one of the two Codex committees, the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU) tasked with determining how Codex can implement consumer-friendly activities. CCNFSDU moved this important item from Agenda item #2 to #11 (last item) and allotted only 13 minutes to its discussion. Surprisingly, the German Secretariat of that committee forgot to pass out a joint letter on the topic by WHO and FAO, Codex parent organizations. After the letter was handed out (7 minutes), the 6 remaining minutes we divided into 3 minutes of discussion and 3 minutes of a slide show inviting attendees to view the pleasant surroundings of the 2006 CCNFSDU to be held the following year in Chaing Mai, Thailand. Three minutes were thereby allotted for this discussion. By guaranteeing inadequate time for discussion of the implementation of the health-friendly WHO GS, the CAC meeting in Geneva has just postponed, perhaps indefinitely, sweeping changes in its activities to include health as a meaningful focus in addition to the already well established trade considerations which drive Codex actions and decisions.

Codex official website, http://www. codexalimentarius. net/web/index_en. jsp (http://www. codexalimentarius. net/web/index_en. jsp), notes "The Codex Alimentarius Commission was created in 1963 by FAO and WHO to develop food standards, guidelines and related texts such as codes of practice under the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme. The main purposes of this Programme are protecting health of the consumers and ensuring fair trade practices in the food trade, and promoting coordination of all food standards work undertaken by international governmental and non-governmental organizations." Despite this articulation of the importance of consumer health, in practice Codex has taken decisions which serve the beneficiaries of the USD $400 Billion global annual food trade. According to health and health freedom advocates and watchdogs like the Natural Solutions Foundation, www. HealthFreedomUSA. org, international consumer health and health freedom are severely undermined by the strongly pro-trade, and non pro-health, actions of Codex Alimentarius through the actions of the global food standards body in the face of an increasingly globalized food supply.

Clinically ineffective level of nutrients which are treated as if they are toxins, highly profitable but dangerously high levels of pesticides and antibiotics, mandatory contamination of the global food supply by procedures such as irradiation and treatment of food animals (including dairy cattle) with growth/sex hormones, Genetically Modified foods, significant weakening of Organic Food standards and other decisions taken by Codex over the years are of grave concern to consumers and health advocates like the internationally active Natural Solutions Foundation, www. HealthFreedomUSA. org, world-wide. Until last year's Codex meeting, these concerns were largely unvoiced by countries because consumer voices were so poorly represented compared to corporate ones. Corporations routinely use their significant resources at Codex to sponsor delegates from developing nations, lobby lucratively for their agendas inside governments and agencies and form and fund Non Governmental Organizations designed to further their positions. Corporate success has been outstanding during the past 43 years.

With the mandated consideration of implementation of the GS by Codex parent organizations WHO and FAO at last year's Codex Commission meeting, a potentially audible voice for consumer concerns was generated. This voice depended upon the outcome of the deliberations of 1. A WHO electronic forum open to Codex member countries followed by 2. Deliberations on the GS implementation by CCNFSDU (November, 2005, Bonn, Germany) and CCFL (May, 2006, Ottawa, Canada) since these two committees were deemed to be the most suitable venues for nutrition-focused discussion and 3. Deliberations of the issue at the current Codex Alimentarius Commission meeting this week.

Giving voice to consumer interests, South Africa proposed 11 pro-health stragegies for this implementation, http://www. who. int/nutrition/comment_southafrica. pdf (http://www. who. int/nutrition/comment_southafrica. pdf), and reiterated them at the CCFL meeting, inserting them into the final report of that committee for Codex deliberation this week. This deliberation is now restricted to whatever time is left at the end of other deliberations of the Codex Commission on July. Whether the voice of the global consumer will be audible remains to be seen.

Dr. Claude Mosha, this year's Codex Alimentarius Commission Chairman, personally moved to silence that voice with a letter he took the unprecedented step of writing to prevent a highly vocal national delegate from attending this important Codex meeting under the sponsorship of the Natural Solutions Foundation (see "Codex Chairman Seeks to Thwart Natural Solutions Foundation Pro Health Codex Initiative", July 5 PR Web press release.) This action appears to have been undertaken in order to prevent vigorous discussion regarding the GS, assuming that any time is actually alloted to the GS by Codex.

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International Competitive Swimmer Announces His New Hoodia Gordonii Website, Hoodiagordonii1.com

International Competitive Swimmer Announces His New Hoodia Gordonii Website, Hoodiagordonii1.com

Paul Callis, international competitive swimmer ranked number 1 in the UK, announces his website, www. hoodiagordonii1.com.

(PRWEB) October 9, 2005

Paul Callis, international competitive swimmer ranked number 1 in the UK, announces his website, www. hoodiagordonii1.com

“In my time I have been an international competitive swimmer, ranked number 1 in the UK, in the top 20 worldwide, represented England, and won medals at World level. Having been in the environment of top class athletes, and everyday healthy people, I have become very knowledgeable in the area of nutrition and fitness. Still maintaining regular fitness and excellent nutritional levels, I regularly converse with many people of all types of fitness levels. The majority, at fitness centres, are obese and vastly over weight, constantly looking for ways to lose weight.

Spending years training in public, and seeing bodily changes on a day to day basis, I have become very familiar with Hoodia Gordonii, and have seen rapid improvements, that have in turn had life changing effects on people, and all for the better.

Many still wonder what Hoodia Gordonii is, and may have heard from the newspapers and television.

It is grown in the Kalahari Desert region of South Africa, Hoodia Gordonii is an all-natural appetite suppressant, derived from a cactus-like plant with prickly spikes. Scientists have been researching the Hoodia plant for almost a decade, and have found it to be completely free of harmful side effects.

The active ingredient in Hoodia Gordonii, the molecule known as P57, imitates the effects that glucose has on your brain, signaling that you are full. Your brain has what is called a Hypothalamus. This part of your brain controls your appetite. When you eat, the glucose levels in your body rise. As these levels go up, the hypothalamus sends off a signal to your cells to stop eating. This is when you start to feel full.

Hoodia Gordonii's molecule, P57, tells your brain the same exact thing, even if you haven't eaten a bite. By mimicking the effects of glucose on your brain, the hypothalamus starts to send messages to your cells which in turn, make you feel full.

Paul Callis is extremely knowledgeable in the field of sports and nutrition in the UK. Paul’s passion for swimming in his earlier years, helped him achieve world medals and gain great knowledge and understanding in all aspects of looking after the human body, eating correctly to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and discovering what does and does not help with weight loss.

You can visit Paul’s web site, and read his recommendations and advice at http://www. hoodiagordonii1.com (http://www. hoodiagordonii1.com).

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The Healthcare Scoop Encourages Sun Safety This Memorial Day Weekend And Into Summer

The Healthcare Scoop Encourages Sun Safety This Memorial Day Weekend And Into Summer

Individuals asked to share experiences with sun safety and skin cancer detection on The Healthcare Scoop

Minneapolis, Minn. (PRWEB) May 20, 2009

Summer has begun, and sunscreen is selling off the shelves as families prepare for Memorial Day. Going beyond sunscreen, individuals nationwide are talking to their doctors about keeping their families "sun safe."

In observance of National Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month in May and Sun Safety Week, June 1-7, 2009, The Healthcare Scoop (http://www. thehealthcarescoop. com/hcs/?utm_source=SunSafety&utm_medium=PRwire&utm_campaign=ssHCS_first_PR) is calling on people to share their personal experiences with skin cancer detection and prevention.

Consumer Story

A consumer from La Crescent, Minn. shared his experience (https://http://www. thehealthcarescoop. com/hcs/storyDetails. do? cmdField=readStory&storyId=1188&stories. currentItem=1&utm_source=SunSafety&utm_medium=PRwire&utm_campaign=ssReadStory1188_PR) with skin cancer treatment on The Healthcare Scoop: "I was diagnosed with two different types of skin cancer on my face. My local dermatologist stated that our hospital did not do the MOHS procedure yet. He recommended that I go to the Mayo Clinic and have the skin cancer removed there…I want to thank him and the Mayo Clinic. It is difficult to see where the skin cancer was removed from my face…He and the Mayo Clinic are wonderful!"

Physicians Speak Out

"It's important for individuals and families to ask their doctors how to minimize their melanoma and skin cancer risks," said Michael Ebertz, M. D., of Skin Care Doctors, P. A. in Edina, Minn. "The first step in prevention is awareness. By sharing experiences with skin cancer and sun safety during Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month, lives can be saved."

"Unfortunately, skin cancer prevention is widely misunderstood," said Charles Crutchfield, M. D., of Crutchfield Dermatology in Eagan, Minn. "For instance, even though a normal tee-shirt may protect against sunburns, it may not protect sufficiently against harmful UVB rays. Likewise, sunscreen can be very effective, but needs to be reapplied regularly throughout the day. For these reasons, it's important that people talk about sun safety and minimizing their risks both with their doctors and within their communities."

Share or view stories on The Healthcare Scoop

 Share a skin cancer treatment or prevention story (https://http://www. thehealthcarescoop. com/hcs/story/submit/details. do? utm_source=SunSafety&utm_medium=PRwire&utm_campaign=ssShareStory_PR)  View skin cancer treatment and prevention stories (https://http://www. thehealthcarescoop. com/hcs/globalSearch. do? cmdField=search&searchWords=melanoma+dermatology+skin&searchCriteriaId=1&utm_source=SunSafety&utm_medium=PRwire&utm_campaign=ssViewSearchResults_PR)

About The Healthcare Scoop

The Healthcare Scoop (https://http://www. thehealthcarescoop. com/hcs/staticNavigation. do? cmdField=ourPhilosophy&utm_source=SunSafety&utm_medium=PRwire&utm_campaign=ssAboutHCS_PR) is a free online forum for consumers to share real-life healthcare experiences with other consumers and medical professionals in an effort to help individuals make informed, "best-fit" healthcare decisions. Care Delivery Management, Inc., dba Consumer Aware (http://www. consumeraware. com/?utm_source=SunSafety&utm_medium=PRwire&utm_campaign=ssCA_PR), based in Eagan, Minn. sponsors The Healthcare Scoop.


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CME Outfitters Announces neuroscienceCME Medical Simulations

CME Outfitters Announces neuroscienceCME Medical Simulations

New interactive, case-based learning tool offers unique opportunity for clinicians to further develop their problem-solving skills, benefit from input and expertise of experienced faculty, and practice clinical skills to improve patient care

Rockville, MD (PRWEB) January 14, 2009

CME Outfitters, LLC, an independent accredited provider of multidisciplinary continuing medical education (CME), is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new online learning format at neuroscienceCME. com. The first three neuroscienceCME Medical Simulations were launched on December 22, 2008, followed by three more on January 8, 2009. The new case-based educational activities have received an overwhelmingly positive response from the clinical community.

NeuroscienceCME Medical Simulations are dynamic, interactive, patient management scenarios that walk the learner through differential diagnosis, treatment, and management strategies in a variety of clinical areas. These simulations combine video presentations, the latest evidence, and real-world challenges and questions to create a learning environment focused on improving patient care. Each question represents a decision point in the case where the learner, as the clinician, must choose how to proceed based on the available information. Just as in clinical practice, there are often several choices that may lead to an optimal outcome for each patient. When the answer or answers the learner chooses are correct, the rationale and evidence for each one will be displayed. If the learner chooses incorrectly, he or she will be offered a second opportunity to choose the correct answer, and again, the rationale and evidence for each choice will be displayed.

The inaugural series of neuroscienceCME Medical Simulations is on the topic of management and treatment of alcohol dependence. Parts 1-3 are combined into a single CE activity offering 1 credit hour; parts 4-6 are standalone CE activities offering 0.5 credit hours each.

Part 1: Management Strategies for Alcohol Dependence

Part 2: Improving Adherence: Treatment Strategies for Alcohol Dependence

Part 3: Alcohol Dependence: Talking with Patients About Treatment Options

Part 4: Differentiating Primary Mood Disorders from Affective Symptoms in Substance Abuse

Part 5: Identifying Polysubstance Abuse in the Elderly

Part 6: Clinician-Patient Communication: Addressing Barriers to Treatment

There is no fee to participate or receive CE credit for this series; however, registration is required. For more information, or to participate in this series, please visit any of the following links:

Parts 1-3: http://www. neuroscienceCME. com/PR366 (http://www. neuroscienceCME. com/PR366)

Part 4: http://www. neuroscienceCME. com/PR356 (http://www. neuroscienceCME. com/PR356)

Part 5: http://www. neuroscienceCME. com/PR357 (http://www. neuroscienceCME. com/PR357)

Part 6: http://www. neuroscienceCME. com/PR358 (http://www. neuroscienceCME. com/PR358)

The faculty author for this six-part series is Kyle M. Kampman, MD. Dr. Kampman is Associate Professor of the Department of Psychiatry for the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and Medical Director of the University of Pennsylvania Treatment Research Center. He is also Medical Director of the Charles O'Brien Center for the Treatment of Addictions in Philadelphia, PA.

Target Audience:

Physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals interested in management and treatment of patients with alcohol dependence.

Commercial Support:

CME Outfitters, LLC, gratefully acknowledges an independent educational grant from Cephalon, Inc., and Alkermes, Inc., in support of this CE series.

Credit Information:

This series offers CE credit for:

Physicians (ACCME/AMA PRA Category 1) Nurses (CNE) Pharmacists (ACPE) All other clinicians will either receive a CME Attendance Certificate or may choose any of the types of CE credit being offered.

Post-tests, credit request forms, and activity evaluations can be completed online at www. neuroscienceCME. com (click on the Testing/Certification link under the Activities tab - requires free account activation), and participants can print their certificate or statement of credit immediately.

About CME Outfitters:

CME Outfitters, LLC, develops and distributes live, recorded, print, and web-based educational activities to thousands of clinicians each year and offers expert accreditation services for non-accredited organizations. For a complete catalog of certified activities, please visit http://www. cmeoutfitters. com (http://www. cmeoutfitters. com), http://www. neuroscienceCME. com (http://www. neuroscienceCME. com), or call 877.CME. PROS (877.263.7767).

About neuroscienceCME:

NeuroscienceCME. com is the award-winning web portal serving clinicians, educators, and researchers in the neurosciences. Launched in October 2006, neuroscienceCME. com was custom designed to fill an identified gap in online resources for professionals around the world who are practicing in areas related to psychiatry, sleep disorders, addiction and substance abuse, ADHD, and other areas related to brain function. The site's primary mission is to be the professional's central forum for accessing, debating, synthesizing, and implementing the latest findings and best practices in the neurosciences.

To view all recent neuroscienceCME press releases, visit http://www. neuroscienceCME. com (http://www. neuroscienceCME. com) and click on the News Room link under the About tab.

Clinical Compass™, a bi-weekly e-newsletter published by CME Outfitters, is a convenient way to stay informed of all neuroscienceCME news and information. To subscribe, visit http://www. neuroscienceCME. com (http://www. neuroscienceCME. com) and click on the Subscribe to Clinical Compass™ link under the About tab.


Jessica Primanzon

CME Outfitters, LLC

240.243.1308 direct

240.243.1033 fax


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MarketingExperiments. com Will Host Web Clinic on How Marketer Intuition Often Fails to Identify Best Copy and Design

MarketingExperiments. com Will Host Web Clinic on How Marketer Intuition Often Fails to Identify Best Copy and Design

Marketing intuition can be wrong when it comes to which words and designs will perform best in emails, advertisements and on Web sites.

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) December 17, 2005

Marketers interested in improving Web site and email performance can attend MarketingExperiments. com’s upcoming free Web Clinic on the effectiveness of marketing intuition, Wednesday December 21 at 4:00 p. m. EST.

The clinic will show how MarketingExperiments. com (MEC) test results suggest that despite experience and intuition, marketers can be mistaken in determining which subject lines, Web page designs or headlines would perform best in emails, advertisements and on Web sites.

“Intuition may be a key skill for marketers when they are looking for the next big idea," said Nick Usborne, a senior analyst at MEC. "But relying on intuition or past experience to determine the exact text and design on a web page or email is a great deal less reliable. Unless marketers are willing to test their practices, they could be losing a significant amount of money."

Those interested in attending the conference can sign up at www. marketingexperiments. com.

MarketingExperiments. com, an online research laboratory, has been named one of 2005’s best online marketing sites by KnowThis. com and is dedicated to discovering “what really works” in Internet marketing. MarketingExperiments. com tests every conceivable methodology to determine which online strategies and tactics are the most successful to improve conversion, drive traffic and sell product. Results of its experiments are published online in the Marketing Experiments Journal.

About MarketingExperiments. com

MarketingExperiments. Com is an online marketing research laboratory dedicated to discovering “what really works” in Internet marketing. MEC engages in primary and secondary research and publishes results in the Marketing Experiments Journal. To conduct relevant, practical experiments, MEC partners with clients such as the New York Times, Reuters News Service LLC, and USA Health Care. MarketingExperiments. com is a member of the MEC Labs Group and a division of Digital Trust, Inc. For more information, please visit www. MarketingExperiments. com.

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Landlord-Law Online - Information and Resources for Residential Landlords and Tenants on the Internet

Landlord-Law Online - Information and Resources for Residential Landlords and Tenants on the Internet

An innovative new legal web-site providing information and legal services for residential landlords and tenants. Exceptional value for money, and witten in a clear and easy to understand style, this is the first time that a firm of solicitors has provided this type of service online for the general public.

(PRWEB) December 20, 2001



This innovative and exciting new service provides landlords and tenants with easy to understand advice, information, and support, for a very modest charge.

Written by solicitor Tessa Shepperson, who has specialised in this area of work for many years (she is the author of Do-it-Yourself Residential Lettings published by LawPack, and regularly lectures to fellow professionals on the law) this service will be of immense help to all residential landlord and tenants, and their advisors.

The service is well timed, as there are now many new landlords buying properties to let, both as a capital investment and for income (particularly in the aftermath of September 11th and increasing concerns about the security of investment in the stock market). Also many more people are renting, for example because they do not want the commitment of a mortgage or because they cannot afford to buy their own home.

Many of these new landlords and tenants are ignorant of their rights and obligations in this complex area of law. For example, on rent increases, repairing obligations, and harassment and the eviction of tenants. This is also an area which is heavily regulated, for example the Gas Safety Regulations and the Furniture Regulations (both of which can be accessed online at the site).

Few solicitors firms specialise in this area of work, or are able to offer such reasonably priced services as those on Landlord-Law Online. And once the subscription fee has been paid, you can go online and access the site at a time to suit yourself and in the comfort of your own home. This is a first for this type of service - modestly priced and aimed at consumers on the Internet, and is a totally new development in the provision of legal services online.

The service includes:-

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on residential landlord and tenant law

A 'Tenancy Trail' to help you find out what sort of tenancy you have

Documents you can complete on screen - e. g. letters and application forms for tenants to challenge the rent, and possession notices and notices to increase rent for landlords use.

A 'Glossary' of legal terms

Featured articles (the December featured article is on the Housing sector of the Environmental Health department - find out how tenants can get repairs notices served on their landlords!)

A 'questions and answer' section where solicitor Tessa Shepperson answers readers questions (with access to old questions and answers for members)

'Tips' for landlords and tenants on selected topics

A 'shop' where you can buy books and tenancy agreements online

A monthly newsletter to keep you up to date with the law

And information for landlords on how to evict those troublesome tenants!

Also you can instruct TJ Shepperson Solicitors to do legal work at fixed fees

And the whole site is on a secure server for added security

All this for a modest subscription fee of £20 for four months (£50 pa). If you are interested go :-

Www. landlordlaw. co. uk

For non subscribers there is still a lot of information which can be viewed for free.

For further information contact Tessa Shepperson on tessa@tjshepperson. co. uk - a temporary login and password for evaluation purposes can be provided to bona fide journalists.

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Array Health Now Offering its Private Exchange™ to Health Insurers

Array Health Now Offering its Private Exchange™ to Health Insurers

Using Array Health's Private Exchange™ platform, health insurers can now distribute and manage their individual health insurance plans and other ancillary products in an employer setting.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) December 21, 2010

Array Health, a software and services company specializing in health insurance Exchanges, is now selling its Private Exchange™ to health insurers.

The Array Health Private Exchange™ enables insurers to quickly deploy a custom-branded insurance Exchange. It marries an account-based employer benefits plan to a insurer’s individual health insurance plans and other ancillary products. Employers can use the Private Exchange™ to manage their benefits plan. Employees can use it to select, apply, and enroll in the individual health plan and ancillary products that best meet their needs. The Private Exchange™ allows insurers to preserve many advantages of the traditional group model, while retaining members, maintaining lower member acquisition costs, and building healthy risk pools.

“Health insurance insurers are seeking proven ways to prepare for and eventually compete with the state insurance Exchanges,” says Jonathan Rickert, CEO. “We are thrilled to be offering our Private Exchange™ to help insurers in this rapidly changing post-health-care-reform world.” The company had previously sold its Private Exchange™ exclusively to employers through insurance brokers.

Under health care reform, states are required to establish insurance Exchanges that support both consumers and employers. These Exchanges present two problems to insurers. First, there is a threat that the State Exchanges will erode existing fully insured membership. As employers shift to offering coverage through State insurance Exchanges, the incumbent insurer will lose members, since employees will be able to choose from competing insurers’ plans. Second, it will be hard for insurers to succeed in the state insurance Exchanges due to adverse selection, plan commoditization, and higher member acquisition costs.

“The insurer response to the Private Exchange™ has been tremendous. As a result of health care reform, our proven product and unique expertise are more relevant today than ever before. We’re very excited to be working with insurers on the opportunities created by health reform,” says Christopher Moneta, Director of Business Development.

About Array Health

Since 2006, Array Health has been managing Private Exchanges™ for employers ranging in size from 5 to 1,000 employees. From facilitating employee policy selection and application, to employer billing, census management, and administration, Array Health’s proprietary platform enables carriers to roll out and operate a Private Exchange™.


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