Nature's Treasure Noni Juice will soon be Available in The Middle East and India

Nature's Treasure Noni Juice will soon be Available in The Middle East and India

100% Pure, Authenticated, Certified and Traditionally Prepared Noni Juice from Tree of Health, Australia. No chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, additives or preservatives used whatsoever.

(PRWEB) February 21, 2004

Tree of Health, Australia already doing well in Pakistan through its Exclusive Distributor Pharma Business International, now plans to expand and introduce its products under the Asian / Middle East brand name "Nature's Treasure Noni" in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and India. Products include 100% Pure Noni Juice, Noni Capsules and Noni Tea. Other Noni related products will be added from time to time.

For over 2000 years, Pacific Islanders have used the juice of the Noni fruit to improve their health in a multitude of ways. Western researchers have begun to confirm this ancient wisdom, and now you too can share in the benefits as well.

At Tree of Health, we have commissioned several studies with the Centre of Phytochemistry at Southern Cross University (Lismore, NSW). Our aim is to be at the forefront of providing credible research to back the anecdotal evidence of Noni across a wide array of health conditions.

The traditional method to produce pure Noni juice starts with the Noni fruit being harvested when it is beginning to ripen. The fruit is allowed to become fully soft and ripe. At this point, the juice starts to seeps out of the fruit. The fruit is 'aged' in large food containers for up to 8 weeks. As is generally true, valid reasoning stands behind traditional methods, and in this case, the aging process allows the active polysaccharide compounds to be further synthesised and released into solution. In addition, a long aging process allows the transformation of sugars into organic acids, producing a stable, low pH product, which does not undergo fermentation or spoilage. The longer the fruit is aged the darker the juice becomes, and the more potent it becomes. At the same time, the taste becomes mellower. Some people refer to this type of pure juice as ‘fermented’ juice. This is not technically correct, as this process does not involve the addition of yeast or the production of carbon dioxide gases. Ageing for the full 8 weeks provides optimum potency and stability. The juice does not require any preservatives or additives. Juice aged for less than 8 weeks is lighter in colour, has a 'sharper' taste and has a shorter shelf life. Some brands on the market mix the pure Noni Juice with sweeter juices or flavour concentrates. Unless the percentage of sweeter juices added is shown on the label, as with all blended Noni Juices you can never be sure exactly how much Noni you are getting.

The method to produce a 'non-aged' Noni juice involves the mature noni fruit being pressed and the resulting juice becomes the finished product. The colour varies from white to light amber. This type of juice will not keep for any length of time, and requires refrigeration or the addition of food acids, preserving agents or stabilisers to maintain product stability.

A recently developed commercial processing method used involves reconstituting dried Noni fruit powder (either freeze-dried or sun-dried) into a juice with the addition of water, sweet juices, flavour concentrates, preserving agents, stabilisers etc.

Another recently developed commercial method involves pulping the mature fruit, which is then freeze-dried (the freeze drying process extracts the water), and it is then shipped to California where it is reconstituted to a juice with the addition of water, sweeter juices, flavours etc.

At Tree of Health we believe in the traditional method of processing Noni as it provides the most potent and stable form of Noni juice without any unnecessary processing, reconstituting or blending with other ingredients. Tree of Health Noni Juice is 100% pure Noni juice, so you know exactly how much Noni you are getting. For those who find the taste too strong, you are in control of what other juices you add and how much. The pure juice has a distinctive smell and taste, but really isn't that bad. Many people are now taking the juice straight with no problems. Some people even like the taste of the pure juice!!


There is no evidence to suggest that pasteurization of Noni juice destroys the active ingredients of the juice. In fact, pasteurization of the juice at the point of bottling is essential to reduce the high bacterial levels that can exist in the raw juice. The final processing of Tree of Health Noni juice is carried out in Sydney, in a certified facility (ISO9002, plus TGA licensed for packing and labeling of health products).


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