The Reason Most Wealth-building Books & Seminars Actually Keep You Broke

The Reason Most Wealth-building Books & Seminars Actually Keep You Broke

Best-selling author Randy Gage, affectionately called the “Jedi Master of Prosperity” by his fans, reveals why many wealth building books and seminars actually keep people broke or only allow them short-term success.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) April 15, 2004 -

– In this age of “no-money-down” real estate, “how-to-earn” millions online, “how-to” make money in the stock market, and other “how-to” books, audio albums and seminars, people are bombarded everyday with information on how to create easy wealth and success. And while it seems that everyone should be a millionaire without winning the lottery, best-selling prosperity author Randy Gage, says that most how-to-books, seminars and audio albums actually keep people broke.

According to Gage, the reason most books and how-to seminars fail is that they are missing the number one core component to wealth—the belief system of being worthy of riches and success.

In a recent interview with Mr. Gage, he tells a story about when he was poor and he wanted nothing more than to be wealthy. “I remember back in the day watching late-night infomercials on how to make millions, while sitting on my floor, because I had to sell all my furniture and I was eating macaroni and cheese 3 times a day. And I could have bought any of those programs, or I could have bought all of those programs. But I still would have been sick, broke, and stupid. Because I didn’t change my belief system. I didn’t understand that I hated rich people. I didn’t understand I was sabotaging my success. I didn’t understand that I didn’t believe I was worthy. So no matter what I would have bought, I still would have been broke or only reached short-term success.”

Randy, a former dishwasher and high school dropout, is now a self-made multi-millionaire who travels around the world, speaking to millions of people on how to break out of lack-programming about wealth and self-limiting beliefs that derail success. For more than 15 years, Randy Gage has been studying the mindset necessary to achieve and maintain great wealth. He applies the connection between thought and circumstance, and the spiritual laws of prosperity to help people transform their lives to achieve their dreams of a life of abundance. He is a recognized expert in the arena of success, prosperity and mind-body development and has authored over 40 works, including the "Prosperity Mind" and "Accept Your Abundance" books, and the best selling audio albums "The Midas Mentality" and "Prosperity."

Due to popular, Gage created a weekend program called the Prosperity Power Experience, so that people could learn the secret to building lasting wealth and living a happier more fulfilling life.

At GageÂ’s Prosperity Power Experience weekend event, he reveals to the participants:

•Five reasons they may unknowingly be sabotaging their own success and what to do about it;

•How childhood programming could be affecting them from becoming wealthy as a grownup;

•The reason many organized religions and the government want to keep people broke;

•The blockbuster movie they loved, which subconsciously programmed them that money is bad, rich people are evil, and it is spiritual to be poor;

•The difference between how poor people think and how wealthy people do;

•How to apply the circulation law of prosperity;

•How to use creativity to get all the bills paid;

•Why many success books and seminars actually cause people to stay sick, broke, and ignorant;

•Ways to identify and eliminate negative patterns that keep poor people poor;

•How he applied all of these principles to make an extra $250,000 in twenty minutes; and,

•How they can actually program their own mind to attain great wealth, better health, and lasting happiness in life!

Gage is a former Chamber of Commerce president, civic leader, 10 year member of the National Speakers Association, and has been featured on talk shows, radio shows, and interviewed by many print publications including Success magazine. Randy is currently conducting a nationwide tour with his Prosperity Power Experience weekend. Visit www. ProsperityPowerExperience. com for upcoming locations, more information about the event, and to purchase tickets. Or go online to take the “Prosperity IQ” quiz at www. ProsperityPowerInstitute. com/IQ (http://www. ProsperityPowerInstitute. com/IQ) to see you might have a negative association with money and success.

Randy Gage is available for media interviews, by arrangement. Please contact Alicia Gregg, Director of Media Relations, Prime Concepts Group, mailto:agregg@primeconcepts. com or 316-942-1111 to schedule an interview with one of the most prolific authors of our century.

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